Kyle Earns an A Part One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Eighteen year old Kyle needs an A to graduate. What will he do to get it?

This is a fantasy. all characters are eighteen years of age or older. Check out my books on Amazon written under the name D.H. Gutzman. Thanks for reading.




KYLE PETERSON found himself totally naked on his knees in the

bathroom. The eighteen-year old senior at Wilmont High was dazed,

confused and scared out of his mind to say the least. Then the big,

fat, pink, uncut, naked dick slapped his face and his mind cleared. How

had he come to this? How had it happened? This wasn't his

own bathroom where he sometimes stripped naked and lay on the floor to

masturbate as most eighteen-year old boys did. Or where he would study himself

in a mirror and tug on his balls and rub his muscular jock ass cheeks. This

 wasn't the locker room, where he stripped and walked around naked, thick teen dick and bloated balls swinging as he joshed with the other senior

jocks on the varsity baseball team. This wasn't even the bathroom

of his girlfriend Cindy where he fucked her five times, and where she sucked his

dick in the shower a few times after they had skipped school and rutted in her

bed for most of the day. He didn’t love Cindy, but she was a good high school fuck.

He told her he loved her, of course. Once he’d gotten her to suck his dick in his

Car, it was a piece of cake. But this wasn’t then and this wasn’t there.


No, this was the bathroom of Mr. Hinkle, the dreaded school German teacher and

college counselor of Wilmont High. Kyle was naked, bare assed naked and

kneeling in Mr. Hinkle's bathtub. This was insane. He felt sick. He looked up, and the

huge fat, uncut dick slapped him in the face again, this time leaving a streak

of pre-fuck on the boy's cheek. Kyle almost puked.


"Fucking arrogant high school jocks! You think you got the world by the

tits don't you? Well, now I got you by the balls, and you are going to pay,

you little Shitface, you!" The voice was Mr. Hinkle's, no mistaking that

slight German accent and that gruff, unsentimental tone.


The students called him Herr Hitler instead of Hinkle behind his back.

Kyle's darting eyes traveled beyond the fat, smelly fucker slapping his face to

the bloated fat disgusting body behind it. The gross fat of Herr Hinkle's belly would have sagged over the dick, had the fucker not been so obscenely

large. It was the sickest, most disgusting thing that had ever happened to Kyle.


"Hold still you fucking Asswipe Cuntface, so I can slap your dirty little

teenage boy face with my Schwantz, you naughty jock boy cunt fucker!"

Mr. Hinkle held his thick dick at the base, over his fat, wrinkled, sweaty sack

 of low hanging balls, each nut the size of a walnut, and manipulated the root of the  thick dick so the leaking cockhead slapped Kyle's face. More and more streaks of foul,  really greasy pre-fuck crisscrossed the handsome boy's nose and cheeks, some of it getting on his full, young lips. Kyle felt he really would puke. He

prayed for this to be over.  His breathing grew labored and his muscular pecs

rose and fell, forcing his full teen boy nipples to stick out. He pulled his head back out of the way.


"Get your fucking face back where it belongs, Shithole! Do it, now!"


Kyle moved his face back in so the sloppy prick could continue to slap

It, leaving streaks of slime on the face that all the girls at school adored.


"Discipline, that is what Cunts like you need. You strut around school

like a fucking peacock, with your fucker bulging out in your jeans, every girl's

 pussy dripping for you. You spend your evenings and weekends fucking twat instead of studying as you should do. You think because you have a cute face, a big package and a hot ass, you own the world. Just because you are popular and a star jock, you

think your diploma will be handed to you on a silver platter! Well, Fuckface,

now you know this is not so!" WHAP WHAP! The swollen fuckmeat thumped

against the boy's sweet face once again. The foreskin had peeled back and the smell

was now over whelming. It was true, what Mr. Hinkle said. Kyle did love to fuck.

He fucked a lot. His current girl Cindy was a brand-new fuck, but he had fucked others. He had fucked lots of girls from his school, and from other

schools as well. He now had a supposedly steady girlfriend in Cindy who sucked

on his dick every day on the way to and from school in his car, but that didn't

stop the handsome young jock from fucking around. Shit,

after all, he was eighteen and needed to unload is big boy balls almost



But Mr. Hinkle had trapped him. He was flunking Kyle in German. Most of

the teachers cut the kid some slack because he was the captain of the

baseball team. He had also been a star swimmer. But Mr. Hinkle controlled

college recommendations, college meetings, and college acceptance, and he

made sure Kyle knew he was not going to graduate! If he didn't graduate, no

college would give him the sports scholarship he wanted Mr. Hinkle single

handedly was ruining Kyle's life. Well, it was really Kyle’s own fault. He never studied and thought he was hot shit, but now he would be ruined. Unless...

Unless Kyle was willing to put out for the old fat faggot teacher.


That's right. The hot young jock was expected to sexually service the

disgusting pervert. In return, Mr. Hinkle would not only pass Kyle, but get

him the scholarship he needed. What choice did Kyle have? Kyle hated faggots.

He had never had anything to do with them. He was one hundred percent straight

boy! He didn't even like it when a faggot student looked at him in the locker room.

He wanted to fucking punch the kid into oblivion. The idea that this queer boy got

a fucking teenage hard-on looking at Kyle's fine fat teenage fuckmeat, made the jock want to vomit. His fuckmeat was for twat. For pussy. For cunt! The cunts could look at it all they wanted to. They could fondle it and kiss it and suck on it...and did! He

had Cindy suck it every fucking day, even though she was not very fond of

cocksucking. Shit, it was part of a twat’s duty. That and ass sucking. Cindy

really hated that, but all the jocks at Willmont High made their girlfriends

lick and suck their asses. It was a kind of fad they had. If a girl wouldn't suck

 a senior jock's asshole, she was soon dumped and replaced. As far as Kyle was

concerned, there was nothing, absolutely nothing in the world like a good ass

sucking. It even beat fucking in his mind.


“WHAP, WHAP!” The fat German dick thumped against his face.


"Lift your head, Jockfuck! Look at me. Open your mouth!"


Kyle wanted to puke, but he didn't. If he puked, Mr. Hinkle might fail

him. He had to play this exactly right, no matter how horrible it was.

He lifted his face to look into the eyes of the ugly teacher, whose fat

jowls danced merrily as he dick slapped the boy.


"Open, Cuntface!" He barked. Kyle reluctantly opened his mouth, and Mr. Hinkle

lovingly coated the boy's lips with the pre-fuck bubbling out of his rank

pisshole. It was fucking gross."You be very nice to Mr. Hinkle, and perhaps you will

graduate and get that scholarship you need. What with your papa dead and

your mother an alcoholic and having no money, you need that scholarship badly,

 don't you, Twatteen Shithole? Well Mr. Hinkle will help you, but first

he is going to fuck your pretty little face until it is swollen from sucking dick,

 and fuck your tight, pink, jock asshole until you can't walk!"


Poor Kyle wanted to faint. He couldn't believe what was happening to

him. He was going to get his ass fucked. His straight, muscular, smooth-

cheeked, perfect jock ass, that the girls sucked. He was going to get a big,

fat,dirty dick shoved up it, and there was nothing he could do! He was

going to be used like a fucking faggot! His thoughts were brought back to

the present by the feel of the German teacher's dick knob rubbing across

his lips. They were sticky with fuck scum.


"Young athlete, do you know why I brought you in here,into the bathroom

to face-fuck you today? Do you know, huh? Because after I am finished

shooting my load of pasty sperm into your mouth and making you swallow it, I am

going to hold my big cock over your face and piss on you! I am going to piss

all over that arrogant, high school student face! I am going to piss on you

like you are nothing but a turd floating in the toilet!" He laughed.


Kyle almost lost it at that. He almost did puke. He had to swallow the puke

Back down, while the greasy cock knob rubbed his lips.  But what

could he do? The fucking Nazi teacher was right. His life was hell here. His

mother did drink, and they were poor, and his only hope was that

scholarship. The dick knob bobbed at his lips. Strings of pre-fuck

slop connected the boy's face to the bloated fucker.


"Don't just kneel there like a fucking praying nun, kiss and lick my

beautiful big dick. Make love to my dick with your mouth!" The fat belly

 wobbled as the teacher pushed more prick at the teenage jock. If the man

 wasn't so fucking gross, it might not have been as bad. Kyle let out a sob,

 which made him suddenly sound very young and innocent, and he started to kiss the cock. Jesus, that was so easy to say...kiss the cock… but so fucking hard to do. The hardest thing Kyle had ever had to do in his whole life. He felt somehow stained, filthy forever. He was kissing a man's dick!


"That's right my snotty little Pukeface, smooch Mr.Hinkle's beautiful big

 German prick. Smooch it and kiss it and get your lips coated with my nice



Kyle kissed the fuckmeat. He did gag twice and Mr. Hinkle warned him that

he had better not make the teacher angry. Kyle kissed the dick stalk up and

down the knotted veins and then kissed the fat pink pricknob. He could smell

the rancid smell of whatever was imbedded in the folds of the foreskin which

had pulled back over the head of the German dick.


"Here, let me help you!" Mr. Hinkle said, chuckling. He pulled his belly back like it was a clothes sack and looked down at his dick. Then he let gobs

 of spit fall from his mouth onto the thick pink pulsing prick. Gobs of

thick, yellowish spit covered the cockstalk. "There, you are, that should taste good. Now, go on… go back to your licking. Lick all my spit off the big cock!"


It was so horrible that Kyle actually feared he might pass out. He put his

tongue on the spit slick prick and had to swallow the vomit that coursed up

into his throat. Mr. Hinkle uttered a warning grunt. Kyle licked the spit

from the dick shaft. He scooped the foultasting spit up onto his

teenage tongue.


"Yeah, just like when you tongue kiss your girlfriend, huh? I bet you swap

spit with her every day, yeah? Nice teenage spit going from mouth to mouth.

Now Mr. Hinkle's spit goes form his dick into your mouth! Oh, my dear boy,

some of the spit is running down onto my balls. Better lick down there too.

Better lick my ball sack real good for me!" Mr. Hinkle had waited a long time for Kyle Peterson to lick his balls. He had watched the boy on the sports field and in the locker room. Mr. Hinkle often strolled through the boys locker room when the senior varsity boys were changing, so he could see the fine teenage fuckmeat and beautiful boyasses. Mr. Hinkle had had many boys over the years. He had placed many boys in

poor Kyle's position, but none was more delicious than the boycunt he

now had on his kneels before him, licking the spit from his testicles.


"Yeah, lick that salty, wrinkled sack all over, you motherfucking Jock

faggot! I bet you would like to fuck your alcoholic mother, wouldn't you? I

bet you would like to stick your teen dick up her cobwebbed covered cunt. She

would love it too, the nice thick dick of her handsome son, splitting her

womb. Yeah, that would be so nice. I bet she dreams about your dick at



Kyle couldn't help it. He did gag at the thought of having sex with his own

mother. He had fucked the mother of one of his buddies, but she was still

pretty hot, even though she was older. But his own mom? It was true that the

way all the moms of his team mates flattered him and flirted with him and

praised him, it did seem like most of them were hungry forhis fat teen

pecker. He knew that frustrated middle aged moms of his buddies did probably

dream about thick teen dick stuffing their twats, but did they dream about

the dicks of their own sons?


"Lick, Swinecunt!" Kyle licked the balls. They tasted sour and sweaty and

salty and a bit of piss. Kyle had never been so miserable in his entire

life. ON Mr. Hinkle's orders, he lifted each big nut with his tongue and

bathed it in spit.


"Yeah, now you see what a man's nuts are like. See how full of fuckcream

they are. How heavy and full!" It was warm in the bathroom, but Kyle was shivering.

Shivering with fear and disgust. "Play with your dick. Play with your dick while you lick my balls. Show me how much you love it."


Homosexual sex. Kyle was having homosexual sex! He could not believe it.

He was licking a man's balls. A gross, fat man's bloatedballs, while the leaking dick slapped his face, and even got cock scum in his hair.


"Now suck the dick. Suck my big German meat! Make sloppy,sucking, pig

sounds when you suck, I like that. Make sure you get all the filth out from

under the foreskin when you suck! Use your lips and your tongue. I  have not cleaned it or week, just for you!  Then, I will shove it down into your throat! I will turn you into a better cocksucker than your girlfriend. Is she a good cocksucker? Does

Cindy, that is her name, right, stupid cunt, does Cindy suck your big jock

cock every day? Do you fuck her face, like I am fucking yours? Yeah, how does

it feel to be the pussy? How does it feel to be the facecunt? You high school

boys dump your cum into the faces of the girls, as if they were nothing but

toilet drains.


“Well, that is exactly how I am going to treat you. Suck my

dick, toilet drain!  Suck my dick you fucked up faggot!"

Kyle wanted to scream that he was not a faggot. That he was totally

straight, but how could he with a big leaking dick in his mouth? He was

sucking dick. He was sucking dick to get an A. He needed to

get into college. He was sucking dick for his future, and the prefuck

was running down his throat and coating his tongue and clotting in his

teeth. A man's foul prick juices were soaking his insides, filling his

belly. A big, fucking, gross, disgusting, turd of a man.


"Make love to my dick! Worship my dick! Pray to my dick! My dick is

saving you. My dick is giving you a future. Respect and thank my dick!"

Mr. Hinkle grabbed the boy's head by the ears and stared

to roughly face-fuck him. He fucked Kyle's young face like it was a

cunthole. The dick made its way down the boy's throat, causing him to gag, but Mr.

Hinkle no longer cared. His fat balls slapped the boy's chin as the dick

wedged itself in the teen's throat, stretching it, hurting it. Mr. Hinkle wheezed

and chortled. Holy Fuck, this was living! Fucking a teenage boy's face

was Heaven. Mr. Hinkle didn't think of himself as a molester. No, he

thought of himself as an enabler. He was helping this boy get into

college. It was a trade-off.


Just before he shot his filthy load, Mr. Hinkle pulled out. He let his

prick pulse for a moment, and then it shot its stream of fucksnot all over

the boy's handsome face. Cum sprayed the boy, filling his

nostrils and coating his lips. It stung his eyes and dripped from his



"Look at me Shiestcunt!" Kyle looked up at the gloating man. Mr.

Hinkle's glasses had fogged up with his orgasm, and he looked like some kind

of Alien. He laughed and sprayed the boy's face with the last spurts of his

jizz. "Next time you will swallow it!" He announced.


" time? Next time? You said..."


"You will meet with me every Saturday and Sunday until

the end of the term. Until graduation day. I will fuck your face and fuck

your ass. I will shoot my load up your asshole and then spoon it out and feed it

to you. You will lick and suck on my ass! I may even use your tongue as

toilet paper! You will do everything I say, and I will help you. Otherwise I

will ruin you. Is that clear?"


Kyle sat there in the bathtub sobbing. He could no longer hold back the

tears. He became a little boy again. He felt so weak and helpless. And that

is how Mr. Hinkle like his teen boys. The kid’s body shook with sobs. Mr. Hinkle



"And oh yes, this afternoon, you will break up with your girlfriend. I

don't like to share my cunt! You will not date girls any more until you

graduate. You will not even speak to girls in the halls or on the phone. In

fact, I will take away your smart phone. All you need to think about until

you graduate is my cock. In addition to weekends, you will

visit me in my office each day at school to suck my dick or be ass fucked.

But think, Kyle, it is barely three months until the end of term. A strong

boy like you can handle that. Also from now on, I will tell you how to

dress. I like my boys in very tight tee shirts so their nipples show. No loose

shirts, and also I like very tight trousers so we can all see the nice big

teenage dick lump. And no underwear, ever. You will tell your shitfaced mother

that you will be working with me privately to try to get you through school

and into college. After all, that is what we are doing. Oh, and you will not

be driving your car either. I will pick you up in the morning and bring you

home. That way, you can suck my dick in the car." Kyle could not believe what he was hearing. But he could believe the torrent of strong yellow piss that cascaded down onto his head.

"Lift your face, and open your mouth!"

Submitted: March 23, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Wed, March 23rd, 2022 11:57am

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