Luke and the Magician

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Luke is a handsome modest young man who has been putting himself through college by taking up some modelling gigs. Surely taking a job as a magician's assistant can't be that bad right? Unfortunately for Luke, this magician has decided to make his show a little more 'entertaining' then Luke hoped for.

(Author's note: I do not own nor did I write this story. Credit for this tale goes to a user who goes under the name enmstorypic from another site. I really enjoyed this story so I received permission from the creator to re-post this. I wanted to share this all with you and I hope you enjoy.)

For the past three years, Luke had been putting himself through college by taking the odd modeling job. He certainly had the looks for it. Tall, with broad shoulders and a becomingly narrow waist, Luke was blessed with thick brown hair and a handsome face. A love of physical fitness led to a challenging work out every day and as a result, Luke was nicely muscled with a well-developed chest and strong arms. Despite his good looks and burgeoning modeling career, Luke had somehow managed to stay very modest. In fact, he was a little embarrassed by the attention he got from his peers at the college whenever his modeling career came up. So it was with some trepidation that Luke accepted a rather unusual job offer. According to the offer and its accompanying contract, he was to be a “lovely magician’s assistant” at an on-campus magic show on Friday night. Apparently, all that was needed was that Luke stand on stage with the magician - some guy unimaginatively named the Mysterious Marvel – and pass him various props while making appropriately amazed sounds after some lame trick or other. Luke didn’t have a very high opinion of so-called “magicians” and he certainly wasn’t eager to trot around onstage in front of his classmates, but the proposed money was simply too good to turn down.

The magician had supplied Luke with his costume for the evening, which consisted of a white dress shirt and black pants. Both the pants and shirt were tight and clung firmly to Luke’s well-shaped body. The pants in particular were made of some clingy fabric which molded especially well to the bulge of his ass and cock. As he surveyed himself in the mirror, Luke blushed a little, wishing that the costume was a little looser. With its form-fitting silhouette, there was no way Luke would be able to wear his regular baggy boxer shorts underneath. Instead, he opted for a pair of tight black boxer briefs.

Appropriately attired, Luke headed across campus to the Performing Arts Centre. Outside on a large billboard was a sign proclaiming tonight’s sold out show by “the Mysterious Marvel!” Its bold yellow lettering promised an evening of magical thrills and delights. The main stage where the show was being held could fit close to 500 people. From what Luke could tell, all 500 were eager for a show. Out front, there was a large queue of people already lining up to get in to the auditorium. Luke began to feel the first fluttering of nerves in his stomach. He hadn’t realized there would be so many of his classmates here!

Slipping around back to the performer’s entrance, Luke introduced himself to the security guard waiting at the door. Peering at him over the edges of her dark sunglasses, she gave him the once over, glancing appreciatively at the prominent bulge in the front of his pants. Blushing a fierce shade of red under her scrutiny, Luke shifted his stance and blocked her view with a hand. Unperturbed, the security guard snorted and ushered Luke down a long hallway into the wings of the theatre. Backstage, she introduced Luke to the Mysterious Marvel, who turned out to be a handsome guy in his mid-thirties with a well-muscled body and olive-colored skin.

“Luke, thank goodness you’re here!” the man said with a handshake. “We haven’t got any time to lose. The show is just about to start! Now, there’s nothing to worry about, my boy, this will be simple. Just do as I say and everything will be fine.” Licking his lips, Marvel took a moment to look Luke over appreciatively. “I see you got the costume I sent over. Excellent; everything seems to fit perfectly.” Marvel struggled to keep his composure. He couldn’t believe his luck! Standing in front of him was one of the most attractive men he had ever seen, just waiting to do whatever he said as his assistant. Marvel had never imagined such a sexy young guy would get the job and he immediately began mentally revising his act to take full advantage of this happy situation. Grinning from ear to ear, the magician grabbed Luke by a well-muscled arm and dragged the startled guy out under the bright lights of centre stage.

In the very brief time Luke had been backstage with Marvel, it seemed as though the auditorium had filled to bursting. Each and every seat was filled and there were even some people standing along the walls. The crowd thundered into applause as the Mysterious Marvel took the stage with his handsome assistant. Looking out into the theatre, Luke felt his stomach grow tight. The audience was huge - several hundred screaming people. Busy taking in the raucous crowd and trying to pay attention to the magician’s opening speech, Luke failed to notice that under the harsh glare of the spotlights his tight white dress shirt was nearly transparent. Through the flimsy material, the audience was treated to the sight of his shapely pecs, perky nipples, and washboard abs. Combined with the tightness of his pants and the prominence of his bulge, Luke was unknowingly causing quite a sensation. Unbeknownst to him, the audience tittered. The magician, still introducing his act to the crowd, took notice of the response and smiled.

Raising his hand, the Mysterious Marvel quieted the crowd. Luke stood behind him, unsure of his role. Marvel introduced himself and his “handsome helper” to the crowd and Luke just tried to stay out of the way. Before he knew it, Marvel was ready to begin the act in earnest. He started with a classic – card tricks. Pulling a deck from his pocket, Marvel fanned them out with a snap of his wrist, presenting them to Luke. “Pick a card,” he said slyly. “Any card.” Luke plucked one out a random: the three of spades. Handing it back, Marvel shuffled it back into the deck without looking at it. Tossing the cards from hand to hand in a wave, the magician made sure the deck was well shuffled before drawing a card. “Is this your card?” he asked dramatically, revealing the 10 of hearts.

Luke hesitated. He knew it wasn’t his card but he didn’t want to offend the magician and lose his job. Considering carefully, he finally shook his head.

“No?” Marvel turned to the audience incredulously. “Never fear, I’m sure I’ll find it somewhere!” Drawing Luke closer, the magician reached into the surprised boy’s left trouser pocket, drawing out a card, much to Luke’s confusion. Again, Marvel presented this card with a flourish. “Is this your card?” Glancing at the two of hearts, Luke once again had to shake his head as the audience laughed.

After tossing the incorrect card over his shoulder, the magician stuck a hand in Luke’s right pocket. His hand seemed to go much further than should be possible given the relatively small size of the pocket. Seemingly up to his elbow, Marvel’s shoulder was turning and twisting as he apparently searched the depths for Luke’s card. With his hand hidden from the crowd’s view, Marvel took this opportunity to feel the firmness of Luke’s thigh and leg. With a satisfied grunt, the magician finally succeeded in fishing out another card.

“Is THIS your card?” he asked Luke triumphantly, brandishing the seven of diamonds. Beginning to feel concerned that something had gone wrong with the trick, Luke mutely shook his head. The audience tittered, unsure if this was all part of the act or not.

“A stubborn one, is it?” Marvel rolled his shirtsleeves up to his elbows and rubbed his palms together. “Never fear, I’m sure I know just where to look!” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at the audience and suddenly plunged a hand right down the front of his assistant’s pants. Luke yelped in surprise and tried to dance back but the magician’s arm in his pants kept him in place. Marvel’s hand roamed freely, lightly trailing over Luke’s bulge and discretely playing with the elastic waistband of his underwear.

“Yes! Yes, I think I feel it!” Marvel crowed to the audience. “I think I have it! Yes!” Tugging his arm out and raising his hand high over his head, Marvel had something clutched tightly in a fist. It certainly wasn’t a card, whatever it was. From the audience, it appeared to be some kind of black cloth… With a little bow and a satisfied smirk, the magician revealed Luke’s boxer briefs to the crowd. While the audience laughed and applauded, all the blood drained from Luke’s face and he gasped in shock.

The magician, feigning surprise, shook his head and made a clucking noise. “Dear me,” he said to the crowd. “That’s not right, is it? Best put those back!” For the second time that night he plunged his hands down Luke’s pants and rummaged around for what felt like ages to Luke. When the magician finally withdrew his hands, they were empty and Luke felt that his underwear was back in place.

Marvel was keen to keep the good times rolling. “For my next trick,” he announced in a loud, booming voice, “I will demonstrate for you all the power of telekinesis. That is, I will move an object with only the strength of my mind!” As the crowd murmured appreciatively, Marvel began his act in earnest. He waved his wand, scrunched up his face in a parody of concentration, and pointed at Luke. With a pop, all of the buttons on Luke’s shirt flew open, exposing his smooth chest to the audience. Startled, Luke stumbled back a few steps. How had the man done that?

As the audience applauded, the Mysterious Marvel grinned at Luke and decided to turn it up a notch. With another flick of his wrist and a wink, the man sent Luke’s pants sliding to the floor, once again revealing his black boxer briefs to the crowd. Luke immediately felt the heat come rushing to his face as he was completely embarrassed on stage. It had been embarrassing enough to have the Mysterious Marvel waving his shorts around in front of everyone but it was one hundred time worse to actually be seen in them! He consoled himself with the fact that his boxer briefs still covered quite a bit of skin. Another flick of the Mysterious Marvel’s wand sent Luke’s pants climbing back up his legs. Another three times the magician pulled Luke’s pants down and then back up as the audience laughed in delight. On the fourth try, when Luke’s pants were once again down at his ankles, he flicked his wrist, pointed… and nothing happened.

A frown on his face, the magician turned to the audience. “Dear me,” he said, “it seems as though the lad’s pants don’t want to come back up.” Luke bent down and tried to pull them up, but to no avail. His pants were stuck down at his ankles, held in place by some unseen force. Luke tugged frantically at the pants pooled around his ankles. They wouldn’t budge! He could hear the audience laughing at the show and felt himself growing more and more desperate. Marvel, however, was delighted. He was pleased to see what Luke had been hiding under his trousers and was thoroughly enjoying humiliating the poor stud in front of all these people.

“Please,” Luke cried out, turning to the magician. “Pull my pants back up! This is so embarrassing!”

Chuckling to himself, the Mysterious Marvel raised Luke’s pants with a flick of his fingers. “There you are, my boy,” he laughed, already planning his next trick. The audience had already picked up on a common theme behind each of the magician’s tricks and was eagerly awaiting his next move, keen to see how his gorgeous hunk of an assistant would be humiliated next.

Luke, for his part, was just so relieved to have his pants back up. He had already been embarrassed in front of a crowd twice now and his mind was reeling with the shock of it. He barely flinched when the Mysterious Marvel began his next trick by unfolding a large purple sheet. Decorated with silver stars and moons, it was large enough to cover a grown man from head to toe, as Marvel demonstrated by flinging it over Luke’s head. Completely covered by the sheet and in darkness, Luke could hear Marvel introduce this trick as “The Cloak of Invisibility”.

“When I say the magic words,” Marvel announced to the audience, “I will make my handsome assistant disappear right before your very eyes! Here we go!” Pulling out a wand from a pocket, the magician began reciting something in an unknown language. He finished the spell with a flourish, tapping his draped assistant on the head with wand to finish it off. “One, two, three!” The Mysterious Marvel counted down and grabbed the sheet, whirling it off Luke’s body.

The crowd was silent for a moment and then burst into laughter, cheers, and applause. Luke, momentarily stunned as his eyes readjusted to the bright lights on the stage, stood there blinking. The magician turned to the still cheering crowd and shrugged his shoulders. “Well,” he said slyly, “it wasn’t really what I had in mind but I suppose it will do. Something did vanish, after all!”

Confused, Luke glanced around from his place in centre stage. He had no idea what had happened. He could tell from the way every eye in the crowd was focused on him that he was still visible. He hadn’t vanished or been turned invisible, so what had the magician done? He turned towards Marvel, a question on his face. Marvel, with a smirk and an exaggerated gesture, simply pointed down. Following the magician’s finger, Luke finally noticed what had changed and screamed out loud.

He was naked. Stark naked. Completely naked, without a stitch of clothing on his body, and standing underneath a spotlight in front of hundreds of people. The magician’s trick hadn’t turned Luke invisible, but it had made his clothes disappear! Panicked, Luke’s blush burned his cheeks and his blood roared in his ears. It was almost loud enough to drown out the laughter. Almost. It could do nothing about the sight of a packed auditorium pointing and laughing at his naked body. Luke’s hands flew to cover his exposed cock and balls, shielding them from view.

Hunched over at the waist, Luke turned frantically to the magician. “Help me! Please! I’m naked! Oh God! Everyone can see me! Please!” A litany of pleas tumbled from his desperate lips. “Please!”

With a carefully nonchalant shrug of his shoulders, Marvel came unhurriedly to the poor boy’s rescue. He flung the cloth about Luke’s shoulders, said his magic words, and tugged the material away. When he as was done, Luke almost sagged in relief. His clothing was back and he was done living his naked nightmare.

“There, there, my boy,” Marvel said. “All in good fun. If you’re done showing off” – the audience laughed as Luke blushed again – “we’ll continue on with the show!”

Continue? Luke was stunned. How could he continue? Everyone had just seen him completely naked on stage… The magician must have seen the look on his assistant’s face. He frowned.

“Now, Luke,” Mysterious Marvel chided. “There’s no need to be so embarrassed. You’re a very handsome guy, you know. Let the people have a good look at you.” He once again waved his wand and suddenly Luke felt all his willpower drain away. Without hesitation, the muscled hunk stood upright, pushed his shoulders back, and stood at attention. “You see the power of magic?” Marvel hammed it up for the audience. “The boy is under my complete control. Watch as I demonstrate. Luke – remove your shirt.” Automatically, Luke’s hands rose and began undoing the button at his collar. One by one, he felt his fingers march their way down his chest, popping each button open on the way. The audience members laughed as they were again treated to the sight of Luke’s firm muscles and tanned skin. He shrugged the shirt from his broad shoulders and stood topless under the bright stage lights. Although his body gave no sign of it – it was impossible under the magician’s control – Luke squirmed inside. He didn’t like the way the audience laughed at him. He remembered all too well the feeling of being exposed in front of everyone. His heart pounded in his chest as the gravity of his situation sunk in. He was powerless and at the mercy of a man who had done nothing but embarrass him at every opportunity.

Grinning from ear to ear, the Mysterious Marvel proved that Luke was right to worry. “Take off your shoes and socks, Luke.” Luke felt his body bend at the waist as it complied. The stage floor was slightly warm under his bare feet. Luke trembled inside his mind. He was terrified he knew what was coming next… but the magician wouldn’t do that, would he? He wouldn’t go that far again? Luke had already been publicly humiliated enough, surely…

“Pants, Luke.” For the first time that night, the entire audience was deadly quiet. No one could believe it was happening as Luke’s hands rose to his waist, unbuckling his belt and tugging it from his hips. He let it fall it to the floor with a metallic clang. Under the harsh spot light, Luke’s muscles gleamed as his hands worked at the button on his form-fitting black trousers and slowly undid the zipper. Luke desperately tried to stop but it was no use. He was completely helpless to prevent this next step in his public humiliation. He felt his hands tug lightly at the sides of his pants, causing the front to gape open. The audience’s giggles returned as it was obvious that the magician’s spell had done more than hypnotize the muscular stud.

It had also transformed Luke’s underwear. Whereas he had previously been sporting a pair of black boxer briefs, Luke was horrified to find himself now wearing the tiniest pair of black briefs he had ever seen. A shake of the mortified hunk’s hips had the pants sliding down to pool at his ankles and the true extent of the magician’s modifications became startling apparent to everyone. The briefs were really closer to a thong, with tiny strips of fabric running along the sides and down the back. Luke’s glorious ass was basically completely exposed. In the front, his enviable cock and balls were only barely contained by a tiny pouch. Luke could feel that the slightest movement could have him spilling out. To make matters even worse, the pouch was made of some form of semi-transparent mesh. Although unclear, it was obvious to the entire audience that they were seeing the outline of this gorgeous young stud’s manhood.

Inwardly screaming in humiliation, Luke was unable to move. He frantically tried to cover himself with his hands but his arms remained at his sides, leaving his bulging pouch in full view of the enraptured audience. He was powerless to disobey. Inside, the poor hunk was screaming. He desperately tried to move his muscles, to cover his nearly naked body from the ravenous eyes of the hundreds of people in the crowd. It was pointless. He was completely under the magician’s spell, forced to stand on stage with his pants around his ankles and his cock straining against a tiny mesh pouch.

Another shouted command from the magician had Luke stepping out of his pants entirely. With a twirl of a finger, the magician had Luke turn around so his back was facing the audience for the first time, revealing the glorious mounds of his ass. The material was stretched dangerously thin over Luke’s muscular ass, almost completely disappearing in between his golden buttocks. With the powerful stage lighting focused entirely on Luke’s glistening body the audience could see every detail of each perfect cheek.

Although unable to control his movements, Luke was still painfully aware of what was happening. He was blushing uncontrollably at this point and could barely stand the humiliation. He could feel the weight of almost 500 peoples’ eyes on his nearly naked his body. Powerless, he could only stand there on display in the bulging briefs. With all his might, Luke tried to cover himself without success.

The Mysterious Marvel, however, was loving every moment of this muscled hunk’s embarrassment. “Luke,” he cried out gleefully, “the audience loves you, my boy! Why don’t you go and say hello to them? I’m sure everyone would love to meet you!”

Luke felt his body turn back around to face the crowd and was once again stunned at the number of people in attendance. There must have been several hundred in all, and all of them were seeing him practically naked in his little briefs. Luke desperately tried to cover himself with his hands, but to no avail. Instead, he felt himself take one step and then another, heading towards the stairs at the corner of the stage. Unwillingly, his body was taking him out into the laughing audience.

Once they realized what was happening, the entire crowd began hooting and hollering, calling for the handsome stud to come and see them. Everyone wanted to see Luke Smith up close and in person in just his skimpy briefs. Guys as sexy as Luke were rare, after all. Luke was also well-known on campus and no one wanted to miss the chance to see the handsome hunk nearly naked. He made his way out into the crowd with the stage spotlight following him all the while and walked straight up to a group of college-age guys in the front row, all of whom were hysterically pointing and laughing at Luke’s humiliating display.

One guy had his cellphone in his hand and called out, “Yo, dude! I need a pic of this! Come here!” Luke felt his body automatically respond. He nodded and smiled, posing as the man took photo after photo of his nearly naked body. Luke couldn’t believe it. It was bad enough to be practically naked in front of all these people, but having his picture taken was too much. Who knew where they would end up or who would see them?

Once the audience, who knew nothing of the poor hunk’s embarrassment, saw Luke’s apparent willingness to be photographed they were relentless. They asked Luke to pose for hundreds of photos and to take many different positions. He did whatever was asked of him. He bent over to let people view he contours of his perfect ass. He flexed his muscles and spread his legs. He let dozens of people take close-ups of his epic bulge, still partly visible through the tight mesh pouch. A great many people took full-body selfies for use on social media. All the while, Luke kept on smiling. That was the worst part. Whenever anyone saw one of these photos, it would appear as though Luke had willing decided to strut through a packed crowd in just these little briefs. He knew that from this close and with the bright flash of the cameras, his pouch was more than just a little see-through. The very thought of all these people seeing even the outline of his dick made Luke cringe inside.

As he made his way through the rows, Luke couldn’t help but note that the bulge of his cock was perfectly at eye level for those in the seats. About halfway through the crowd, Luke suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. There, sitting closest to the aisle, was a group of students from his English class. Ryan, Cole, Josh, and Danielle were all pointing and laughing at their sexy classmate’s nearly naked display.

“Oh, my God!” Cole could barely speak through his laughter. “What the fuck are you doing, man? Those briefs don’t leave much to the imagination, bud.” Luke knew it was true. Every bulge and contour of his body was on display to the crowd and the little briefs were stretched almost to their limit by the weight of his cock and the thrust of his ass.

“You can totally see the outline of his dick!” Danielle shrieked.

They all laughed hysterically as Luke approached and each one of them had their cellphone out. They were particularly demanding of the blushing stud and had him pose in many humiliating positions. The worst one was Josh. Josh had always envied Luke’s well-muscled body and was eager to make the most of his one chance to humiliate him. He was quick to take command of the nearly naked stud, barking out orders as quickly as he could.

Spying a group of cute girls, Josh sent Luke strutting over to give them each a lap dance. Climbing onto their laps, Luke thrust his bulge in their faces and wiggled his shapely ass. He put on such a show that he began to work up a sweat, highlighting the intense muscularity of his chest and abs. Unfortunately for Luke, when combined with the harsh spotlight, this also meant that his briefs began to become even more transparent.

The laughing girls were delighted and took every opportunity to run their hands over Luke’s glistening body. One particularly brave girl pulled the waistband of the briefs away from Luke’ body and peered inside at his prodigious manhood. Her friend cupped Luke’s balls in her hand and gave them a gentle squeeze, causing the poor boy to develop the beginnings of an erection, which Josh noticed immediately.

“Hey,” he called out. “He’s loving this! Look at his boner!” Luke wanted to die. All of these people were seeing him pop a woody in his revealing little briefs and there was nothing he could do to stop them. After Josh’s comments, the flash of cameras only intensified.

Walking through the laughing crowd, Luke’s erection jutted out in front of him, leading to many catcalls and jeers. More than one person gave him a stroke, keeping him rock hard and denying him an end to that particular torment.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Luke managed to make it to the back of the audience. Every single person in a crowd of over five hundred had just seen him up close and personal with an obvious erection tenting out the front of his almost see-through briefs. Thousands of photos had been taken and Luke, still trapped in a spell, could only stand and wait for the Mysterious Marvel’s order.

Back on the stage, the magician was beside himself with mirth. He couldn’t believe how much fun this was! Way at the back of the auditorium, Marvel could see the red of Luke’s blushing cheeks and knew it was time to bring this portion of the event to its conclusion. Clapping his hands, he commanded Luke to “take the position!” and Luke immediately stepped out into the middle of the aisle in full view of everyone. He spread his legs and linked his hands behind his head. Every muscle in the humiliated stud’s body was pulled tight, accentuating the eroticism of the scene. In the bright spotlight, Luke’s pose only served to highlight the bulge in his briefs. With slow deliberation, the magician walked down through the aisle towards the nearly naked hunk. When he reached him, Marvel slowly walked around him, trailing his fingers lovingly over those washboard abs until he stood behind the poor boy.

With deliberate malice, the magician placed his hands on Luke’s hips and repeatedly pulled up on the waistband of the little briefs, causing Luke’s erection to bounce up and down inside the pouch. The audience waited with bated breath and cameras at the ready; they knew as well as Luke what was next. Slowly, the magician hooked his fingers into the waistband and pulled. He pulled down so slowly and all the while Luke stood there, frozen. Inch by torturous inch, the root of the muscular hunk’s dick came into view. Inside, Luke was panicked. He was terrified at what was coming next. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. Every eye was focused on him.

As the briefs came down, they caught on the prominent bulge of Luke’s erection. Marvel was enjoying teasing the poor boy’s exposure. Instead of tugging the briefs over his cock and finishing the stripping, the Mysterious Marvel instead turned the poor hunk around and started working on the backside. Almost carelessly, he flipped Luke’s briefs down under the boy’s bubble but, exposing his ass to the crowd. Hundreds of camera flashes went off immediately. The magician took hold of one delicious golden cheek and gave it a good squeeze as the audience laughed.

He turned Luke around again so his front was once again visible. The briefs were pulling fiercely at Luke’s firm cock. With a flick of his wrist, Marvel pulled the waistband out and let it slide into place just under Luke’s nut sack. His rock hard dick flopped out of the little briefs and stood proudly at attention in the glare of the spotlight. With the elastic band pushing up from underneath his dick, Luke’s erection was hugely emphasized and easily visible to all several hundred spectators. Inside his mind, Luke was hysterical with humiliation. Stripped naked in front of hundreds of people, Luke’s naked body was the center of attention. And how could it not be? The spot light focused on his muscular frame, gleaming with sweat. His cheeks were hot with a shameful flush and his erection jutted out in front of the tormented hunk.

As the magician pulled Luke’s briefs all the way down to pool at his feet, Luke felt almost relieved. Surely the worst was over now. He was entirely naked in this packed auditorium with cameras flashing all around him, recording every moment of his shame. There was nothing else that the magician could do to humiliate him further.

How wrong Luke turned out to be. With a few gestures and a shouted word, the Mysterious Marvel sent Luke back out into the crowd. Completely naked, hard, and with no way to even cover himself with his hands, Luke Smith was forced to slowly walk through each and every row of spectators. In the packed auditorium, seating was tight; Luke passed within inches of each person. With his bouncing erection leading the way, every part of him was completely on display, just inches in front of each seated person. Starting at the back, Luke made his painfully embarrassing trip through each aisle, moving from left to right and back again. He didn’t miss a single seat. At the end of each row, Luke paused and assumed “the position” – legs well spread, hands behind his head, and muscles taught. A spotlight from the stage followed him with every step, ensuring every detail of his muscular form was highlighted and the entire audience could see him at any given moment.

When he came across a particularly attractive young woman, the Mysterious Marvel would command Luke to stop and give his hips a little shake, sending his erection waving mere inches from the laughing girl’s face. Whether it was the magician’s magic or not, Luke’s erection would not subside, despite his deep humiliation. In fact, Luke couldn’t remember ever being harder.

The last time he had made his way through the crowd, Luke had at least been wearing a pair of briefs. Sure, they had left little to the imagination but at least they covered something and allowed him to keep something hidden from the crowd. Now, without a single stitch of clothing on him, Luke couldn’t imagine anything worse.

Halfway through the crowd, Luke once again came upon Josh and his other classmates. Josh was laughing so hard there were tears in his eyes. “What happened, Luke? Not satisfied with showing everyone your little undies? You wanted to show off some more so you came back to show us your dick, huh? If you like showing off so much, I guess I can help you out.” Grinning, Josh pulled out his cellphone and carefully took a clear, full body photograph. He made sure Luke’s face was as clearly visible as his dick. Laughing, he tapped a few buttons on his phone and then turned the screen towards Luke. With a sinking feeling in his stomach, Luke saw that Josh had uploaded the picture to his FaceBook and Twitter accounts, complete with Luke’s name. He had also included some of the earlier photos of Luke in his briefs and with his pants down on stage. Just within the few seconds he was able to see the screen, Luke saw that the photos had already gained a number of likes and shares. Pretty soon, they would be everywhere. Luke felt himself begin to tremble.

As before, practically every member of the audience had pulled out a camera. With all of them going off at once, there were so many flashes that sometimes Luke could barely see. He could hear the laughter surrounding him and felt dozens of groping hands. Strangers from all sides reached out and pinched his nipples, ran their palms over his washboard abs, and grabbed at his perfect ass. More than a few grabbed at his cock and felt his balls as he passed. Luke’s whole world was a red haze of humiliation.

After what felt like hours, Luke finally reached the front of the auditorium. To his surprise, he felt his body carry him back up the steps and to the centre of the stage once more. The Mysterious Marvel met him there while the audience laughed and applauded.

Bowing, the magician addressed the crowd. “Thank you, friends. I am so glad that you have enjoyed my - and Luke’s – show. Now, I’m afraid it is time to bid you adieu. Before I go, I must first return my handsome helper to his rightful state.”

The Mysterious Marvel clapped his hands sharply and Luke suddenly staggered as he regained control of his body. With a cry of embarrassment, Luke covered his dick as best he could with his hands and ran off the stage to the sound of laughter.

Submitted: March 22, 2022

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