Medical Chaperone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A girl becomes a medical receptionist and loves being able to sit and watch modestly sensitive examinations of male patients.

Medical Chaperone

When a man goes into the hospital it is like being thrown naked into a sorority.  That is not what I am objecting too.  I am objecting to situations where a male patient is not treated with dignity and respect.  What i described here happens to male patients on a daily basis. It never happens to females.

This story is fictional, it did not happen to me but something similar did.  When it happened I did not like it.  I do not like audiences of women sitting and watching my modestly sensitive examinations.  It causes embarrassing reactions.  If they have a reason to be there and they ask first, I will agree.  No male doctor would ever use a male chaperone if the patient was female.  What is being described here is blatant sexism. 

While this story is fictional, it is true to life.  Many female doctors do use female chaperones when examining male patients. The fact that medical doctors sometimes use untrained personnel to be chaperones is irrelevant to my objection.  My objection is that chaperones don’t need to be there.  Using chaperones with male patients is unnecessary since males are seldom passive aggressive. However, doctors can do whatever they want as long as they ask first.  What I object to is, allowing female observers to watch without consent.  Not obtaining consent is actually a violation of AMA Code of Medical Opinion
§3.1.2 which requires consent for any person to be present unless that person is “directly involved” in the medical care of the patient.  It also violates AMA Code of Medical Ethics Opinion §1.1.3 guaranteeing that the patient will be treated with “dignity and respect.”

I do have advice to the reader.  There is no reason to not go to a female physician.1  There is also no reason to object if an assistant is needed.  However, I would not accept any female sitting and watching (if they are seated they are not assisting) my modesty sensitive examination or procedure except supervisors or students with consent.  My advice is to object to any female sitting and watching (a chaperone) and if the doctor insists I would get up and leave.

***Long after I wrote this story, I had a full body skin exam with a physician's assistant.  He brought in his female medical assistant.  I made her leave.  She had no need to be there.  Had she had a reason to be present I would not have objected.  My point is, as a patient you can and should object to unnecessary observers to your medical examinations.

I took this issue to the United States Superme Court - and lost! (cert. denied)The only way this kind of behavior will stop is if we men assert that we have rights too!  I may not have won this issue in court but eventually enough men will object to this sexist behavior and it will stop.  All I ever asked was if kibitzers are going to sit and watch a modestly sensitvie examination, obtain my consent first.  The fact that you have agreed to it first makes all the difference in the world.  It is common courtesy.  I will win this issue in the end!

My name is Mary Walsh.  I had never done very well in high school and my typing skills were poor so I had trouble finding a job out of high school.  The only job that I could find was as a receptionist in a medical firm.  All I did there was greet the patients as they came in and answer the telephone.  It was certainly an easy job and one that I could do although it paid very poorly.

There was one aspect of the job that I had not been prepared for, although I really liked it.  I wasn’t at this doctor’s office a couple of days when a lady doctor asked me to act as a chaperone. I didn’t know what that was but I hardly could refuse.  It turned out the doctor was giving a physical to a young man and I got to watch.  I did not know what happened in physicals of young men so I was surprised at what I saw.  After the usual use of the stethoscope to check heart and lungs and other things suddenly the doctor turned to the patient and said, “I have to check you for a hernia.”  I didn’t know what that meant but the patient did and said, “Does she have to be here?” 

The doctor replied, “Yes, she does.  It is policy to have a chaperone present anytime a patient is nude.”

The patient asked, "What happens if I refuse?"

The doctor replied, "I won't finish the examination."

The patient asked, “Does she have to sit at my feet and watch?”

The doctor replied, “Yes, she does.  A chaperone is a witness.  She can hardly testify to what she doesn't see.”

He looked at me for a moment with embarrassment in his eyes but finally and reluctantly lowered his underpants exposing his genitals.  The presence of the female doctor had not bothered him.  It was my presence that embarrassed him.  I was dumbstruck.  I don’t have any brothers so I had never even seen a naked male before.  Suddenly, I had one right in front of me. His embarrassment just made it that much better.

After he lowered his pants the first thing the doctor did was make a general appraisal of his genitals to determine normality  I found out later that this is accepted procedure.  Then the doctor used her finger to push into the right side of his pelvis.  She said, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did.  Then she used her finger to push into the left side of his pelvis and said, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did.  Then she grabbed both testicles and her hands and said, “Turn your head and cough.”  Once again, he did.  The whole time he kept glancing at me probably because my eyes were glued to his genitals and I kept licking my lips. 

Then I noticed that his penis was growing.  He was getting an erection.  I certainly had never seen that before.  At the same time I realized that a similar response was happening to me.  The nudity and embarrassment of the young, teen-aged boy was turning me on.  I had a strange reaction, I felt sorry for the patient but at the same time it excited me.  More importantly, I had caused it.  It really excited me when he got fully erect.  It was, after all, the first erection I had ever seen and though it was in a doctor’s office, he was responding to me.  The doctor never seemed to give any notice of his erection.  Then she told the patient he could pull up his pants.

I was allowed to sit and watch numerous examinations of male patients.  The best one were young boys.  They always get erections and they are always embarrassed by it.They can’ t help it, there hormones are on fire as soon as they are pubescent.  I never got used to it at least when they were embarrassed and grew erections.  None of our female doctors ever used chaperones for her female patients. While all of our male doctors used chaperones with females none of our male doctors ever used male chaperones. 

I was the one who would bring the male patients in to the examination room and tell them what to do.  I was also supposed to weigh and measure them.  I was supposed to tell them to strip to their shorts but I decided to tell them to take all their clothes off.  Then I would wait and watch them undress.  If they asked me why I was watching them, I said I had to weigh them.  If they asked me why they had to be naked I said, "I need an accurate measurement."  Then while they were naked I would weigh and measure them. I particularly loved it when the patient got an erection.  I enjoyed it even more when it embarrassed them.

Fortunately my doctor was female and didn't say anything when she came in and the patient was naked.  I noticed that when the patient was erect she always took more time to make a hernia examination.  One time while she was examining the patient for an inguinal hernia he ejaculated.  I loved watching that and I loved it even more when I got to clean him up.  I held his erect cock in one hand while I washed his cock with a wash cloth.  Then I washed his testicles.  It really embarrassed him and he apologized profusely.  I reassured him when I said, "Don't apologize for not being potent.  Be glad you don't have erectile disfunction." 

I really liked being a medical assistant much better than a receptionist.  I managed to take medical assistant classes in my spare time and eventually became a medical assistant.  That meant I got to see and deal with naked male patients on a daily basis.  We had a young married man come in and wanted to be checked for impotence.  That meant he had to give a sperm sample.  When he complained that he couldn't in these circumstances, I asked the doctor if I could help.  She let me.

 I had always wanted to masturbate a man and now I had my chance.  I went to his examination room where I found him naked from the waist down.  I asked him if he wanted me to help him produce a sample.  He quickly agreed.  I thought it best to tell him the truth.  I told him that I had never done this before but I had always wanted to.  He said, "Did you ask to do this?:

I said, "Yes, I did."

He said, "I like the fact that you want to do this."

I said, "May I touch your penis?"

He said, "Please feel my testicles first."

I cupped his balls and then I started massaging them.  I had never felt balls before so I played with them like they were a new toy.  As I did, I noticed his penis was growing.  I said, "Your penis is growing."

He said, Thank you for that."

I said, "So I caused that?"

He said, "Yes, you did."

I said, "So, that's good?  I am helping?"

He said, "Yes, you are."

I said, "Can I feel your penis now?"

He said, "You can use your other hand."

I began to stroke his penis.

He said, "You should use some lubricant."

I did.

It was really fun stroking his cock while it got harder and harder.  Eventually his penis got completely erect and stuck out from his body.  I said, "Wow, you are really hard."

He didn't answer me so I looked him in the eyes.  They were closed.  I said, "You are really enjoying this, aren't you?"

He said, "You had better get a vial.  I am going to come soon."

I reached out and grabbed a vial.

He said, "I am going to come now.  I am going to lay on my side so you can collect my sperm.  As soon as he got on his side, he started to spurt.  I didn't stop stroking his cock but I needed the other hand to hold the vial to collect his sperm.  I continued to stroke his penis until he stopped spurting."

He said, "Thank you for helping me."

I said, "It was my pleasure."  I then took the vial of sperm and gave it to the doctor.  Thereafter, every time a man had difficulty producing semen for testing, I was called.  I was given a substantial raise.

I had always been shy around boys.  I had never been asked out.  The experience I had at this job with men gave me the confidence to go where men can find me and I can socialize with them.  I now have a boyfriend.  He really likes it when I masturbate him.

When I act as a chaperone, I love to watch.  The female doctors, however, always act like they are indifferent to male nudity.  I now suspect that it isn't.  I see no reason why a female doctor needs a chaperone to treat male patients.  Worse yet, why do they have to use female chaperones.  Men aren't passive aggressive.  There no complaints every year for sexual abuse by males against their female caregivers.  When it does happen, it is usually a another female.  Nurses, estheticians, masseuses, somographers etc.all manage to treat nude males without using chaperones.  Why is it that only female doctors need chaperones and why are they always female.  Because they can!  They derive vicarious sexual gratification from using other women to embarrass their male patients.

While I am advising my readers that they can go to female doctors it is doubtful that I shall ever again.

  1.  Male doctors when examining females always use chaperones, however, the chaperones are female.  They need to, some women are passive aggressive and will report the doctor for misconduct even though he has done nothing wrong.  Female doctors do not need chaperones for male patients.  Men are not passive aggressive!  Falsely reporting a female doctor woould not even occur to them.  Sexual misconduct by female medical personnel is almost unknown.  When it occurs it is not serious.  I actually have no objection to female medical personnel using female chaperones.  I just think that when they do they should ask consent of the patient first.  It is a matter of bodily autonomy!  It is a matter of some importance.  We fought a civil war over bodily autonomy.





Submitted: March 20, 2022

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Glad you brought this up, since I had similar experiences, & also found it quite difficult & embarrassing!!!

Tue, March 22nd, 2022 6:23am


If it happens to you again without consent, get up and leave!

Sat, April 9th, 2022 10:41pm

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