Male Stripper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A male college student takes a job as a male stripper to earn money for college.

Working my way through College as a Male Stripper

I went to college on an athletic swimming scholarship.  After my poor performance in my first year, I lost that scholarship.  I needed a source of income to pay for college.  I saw an ad in the paper for a male model that paid $100.00.  I called up and made an appointment for an interview. I was a little surprised when I came to the address and found that it was a strip club.  I suppose I shouldn’t have been.  I decided to take the interview anyway. 

I found that it was a permanent job but only once a week.  On the slowest day of the week for female strippers, Monday, they wanted to have a male stripper to appeal to women.  I inquired whether this included gay males.  It wasn’t, they only wanted female patrons. It did indeed pay $100.00 for one hours work, one show.

The person who interviewed me was the owner of the club, a lady.  She looked at me appraisingly and said, “You might do.”  Then she said, “I need to see your body.”

I took of my clothes down to my underpants.  She looked over my body.  I could tell she was pleased with what she saw.  Why shouldn’t she be, I had been a swimmer.  I was 6 feet tall, 180 lbs. and had washboard abs.  She then said, “lose the underwear.”  I did.  She looked at me appraisingly again.  I am not large but I am larger than average at a fat 7 inches.  She said, “You are hired.  Can you be here next Monday.”  There was no discussion of how far I could go in stripping.

I answered, “Yes, I can.”

The next Monday I reported a half an hour before the show was scheduled to begin.  I was shown to a dressing room by the club manager, another woman in her mid 30’s named Judy.  It was the same dressing room that the female strippers use 5 days a week except that this was their day off.  There is no show on Sunday.  Judy told me to take off all of my clothes.  I expected her to leave while I undressed.  She didn’t.  When I hesitated she said, “Don’t tell me you are modest.  You do realize that you can’t be modest in this job, don’t you?”

I said, “I am sorry, of course you are right.”  I then stripped naked.  When I was naked she handed me a jock strap to wear and the uniform of a cop.  When I was naked she paid no special attention and treated it like it was a normal thing for a man to strip in front of a her.  I was to pretend I was a cop on stage and strip in front of the audience.  I put on the jock and the uniform.

When I walked out in front of the audience I found that the club was full of women.  They had advertised the opening of a male stripper and it had worked.  When the music played I danced to the music and slowly removed my clothes.  After a few items of clothing had been removed I had a brainstorm.  I invited a woman on the stage and had her remove the next item of clothing, my undershirt.  This brought about a change in the audience.  The women started lining up to take their turns removing my clothing.  In short order I was down to my jock strap. 

I was surprised at the reaction of the women in my audience.  I had never known women to be so blatantly sexually aggressive.  They had applauded every article of clothing coming off and shouted “take it off, take it all off:”  I was even more surprised at my own reaction.  I was really enjoying all of the feminine attention I was getting.  I decided to strip naked.  I picked out a woman to do it for me.  The woman was rather plain, 50ish and slightly over-weight.  She came on stage and pulled down my jock.  I was naked and partially erect.  The women cheered.  After they cheered I was fully erect.  I had really enjoyed myself so far and now I wanted more.  I decided to up the ante.  I asked, “Do you want to feel the goods.”

She said, “Yes” and reached for my testicles.  She then fondled my testicles with one hand and grasped my cock with the other.

I heard a voice from the audience say, “What about us?”

I addressed the audience “Who else wants a feel?”

Numerous hands went up but one woman had money in it.  I went to her.  She handed me a $5.00 bill and cupped my balls.  She began massaging my balls and with her other hand grabbed a hold of my cock and squeezed it.  As she did she looked up into my face.  I looked back at her and smiled.  Her touch on me was ecstasy.  I had never been this hard in my life.  I let her play with me for a couple of minutes and went to the next woman with money in her hand.  She treated me the same way and I treated her as the woman before.  I kept this up until there was no more women handing me money. 

I decided to go even further.  I said, “Everyone gets a chance.  Everyone who wants a feel get in line.”  They did.  Then I said, “If you get to feel me I get to feel you.  Everyone who doesn’t want me to feel her tits should get out of line.”  Surprisingly, only one did.  I then went down the line letting the woman feel my cock and balls.  As they did I felt their tits through their blouses and their vulvas through their dresses.  Since they hadn’t paid me they only got a few seconds of feel – but they all had a chance to cop a feel!  This became my signature of my act.  The audience was part of the act.  Every woman who came had a chance to cop a feel. 

One of the aspects of my experience was that I found out that a high percentage of my customers were doctors, nurses, nurses aides, sonographers and waxing estheticians.  These are all professions where women routinely see and care for naked men.  Chief among them are sonographers at urology clinics.  All they do all day long is take ultrasounds of testicles.  One would think they would have enough in the daytime.  In fact they attend my acts in the highest percentage of anyone.  It was only after a while I realized why.  Erotic sex is contextual.  When you are doing your job taking care of a patient, it is just your job.  It is routine; completely clinical as they would say.  But you are still a man and they are women.  In the context of a strip club they are free to express themselves.  The strip context is dripping with sexuality and they feel it.  They let loose and cathartically release all of the frustrations they have had over the years.

When the show was over I went back to the dressing room.  Shortly the club manager joined me.  She was exceptionally pleased.  She knew her customers had really enjoyed themselves.  She thought I had been really sexy.  I was naked and she couldn’t seem to keep her hands off me.  She kept feeling my shoulders and chest as she talked to me.  I decided partly out of curiosity and partly out of lust to let her.  I looked into her eyes and smiled.  Then she reached down and grabbed my cock.  I began fondling her tits.  I was going to reach under her blouse but she was faster.  She began undressing.  I stopped to watch.  When she was naked I saw that she had firm tits with erect nipples but the hair on her pussy had been waxed away. 

I reached down to insert my social finger in her cunt but as I did so she grabbed my cock and put me on the floor.  I let her.  As I lay there face up had me lift up my legs.  I realized she was putting me in the Amazon position.  She put her hands on the back of my thighs so that she could control me.  I was totally within her control.  She had me pinned and I couldn’t move.  She sat on my cock.  She was wet.  My cock slid into her cunt as easily as fish swim through the water.  I felt her pubic bone bounce off of mine.  Then she began thrusting against me slamming my cock deeply into her cunt only to pull it out and do it again.  In short order, I could feel her vagina pulsate against my cock.  I knew she was having an orgasm and it excited me.  I came with my own orgasm and pumped warm cum deep into her cunt.  The she stood up and said, “Thank you stud”, and left.

In subsequent weeks I would make even more money.  More women came and they couldn’t give me their money fast enough.  My strip show proved extremely popular.  First, I the number of shows I did on Monday was expanded to 2 and then I did the second show on Tuesday.  This meant I had to share the dressing room with the female strippers. Their show went first and mine second.  Many of them stayed to watch my show.It was fun showering with them.  I was alway able to get one of the to do a mutual suds.  It started when I said to one of them, "Will you wash my back.?"

The answer was, "I will if you will wash mine."  It didn't take long before hands went to other parts of our bodies.  When they bent over and looked back at me, I knew what they really wanted.  By that time I already had an erection and it was a simple matter to walk up behind them and stick them.I eventually got to fuck every one of them.  Some several times.

Once in a while when a woman felt my cock she didn’t want to let go.  If she was that horny I made her part of the act.  I said, “Take off all of your clothes.”  They did and when they were naked I laid flat on the floor.  They always knew what to do.  They swung one leg over my body, gabbled my cock to put into position and then sat on my cock.  These were wonderful copulations, these horny women pumped me like an oil derrick while the audience cheered.  When they finished I had them spread eagle to the audience to show the audience their cum dripping pussies.

I was able to finance my education with just stripping work.  I never screwed the manager again but I did the owner.  A lot of customers came to my dressing room after and I did them to.  First we would shower together.  As I washed the customer, I made sure she was wet by finger fucking her.  When shower was over and she was good and wet, I would lay on the floor, the customer would straddle me and sit on my cock.  If she didn’t want the female superior position, she wouldn’t get laid.

The management allowed this as long as I used a condom.  They provided me with an attendant to be sure that the rules were followed.  Eventually all of the female strippers came by to see if they were missing something, so I got to do them too.  My personal attendant was the only woman that worked in the club that I did not do.  God it was fun working there.



Submitted: March 18, 2022

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