Nearly Virgin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

At Matrix Life Insurance, general manager Thérèse de Clippeleire's birthday is due. Frank Poireau is responsible to buy her chocolates. At the chocolate shop, he makes the acquaintance of a salesgirl who calls herself "Justine Praline"...

Nearly Virgin


At Matrix Life Insurance, general manager Thérèse de Clippeleire would celebrate her birthday two days later. The staff knew when, but they didn't know exactly how old Thérèse was. The employees at Matrix Life Insurance had decided that they would offer her chocolates. Frank Poireau was given the assignment to buy them. Mariette Proutte, the executive secretary, would offer them to de Clippeleire on behalf of all of them on the morning of her birthday. To finance the purchase of the chocolates, an amount was collected among the employees at the life insurance offices. Poireau then had a total of 124 euros at his disposal to run that errand.


Frank had already bought chocolates for his mother for her birthday and for Mother's Day, and sometimes just because he felt like it. To him, all chocolates tasted about the same. That is why he had bought all kinds of brands for his mother, Neuhaus, Leonidas, Lady Godiva, and others. His mother was a grateful woman and always glad that he had thought of her, with flowers or chocolates. But the last few times, Frank had bought her chocolates on the Treurenberg in a small chocolate shop with the strange name “Cicadia”. There was only one shop girl there. She introduced herself to him as “Justine Praline”. That's what everyone in the neighborhood called her, she claimed with a laugh. In any case, the shop assistant was extremely friendly and wanted Frank to taste her chocolates before he bought them. Poireau didn't do that the first time because he was in a hurry. He had her compose an assortment for his mother. Her chocolates were a bit pricey, but his mother was over the moon about them. She claimed that she had never eaten such delicious chocolates in all her life.

After that Frank Poireau had visited Justine Praline twice more. The two of them liked each other, and when there were no other customers around, they chatted, laughed, and joked, because Justine was always in a good mood.


So now, Frank went without hesitation to “Cicadia” to buy chocolates for Thérèse de Clippeleire's birthday. Justine was there, but she was only a shadow of the sweet, friendly sales girl that Poireau had met before. She looked very depressed. Maybe, Frank thought, it was because she was too busy. Customers were queuing in the shop. Still, he suspected there was more to it.

When it was his turn, Frank didn't dare ask what was wrong with Justine. Two more customers stood behind him, and he didn't want them to hear why Justine looked so sad. Secondly, Frank had the impression that if he asked, the girl could burst into tears at any moment…


When Frank asked Justine to put together an assortment of chocolates for 124 euros, she looked at him in amazement. “For 124 euros?” she asked. “That is quite a lot. I have never received an order like this before.”


Poireau was a little annoyed. "It's not for me," he said. “My colleagues and I want to offer our chef chocolates for her birthday. It's in two days. What do you suggest?"


The shop is busy today,” Justine replied. “Now it’s impossible to make you that assortment. It takes some deliberation to make a good assortment for such an amount of money, at least twenty minutes, maybe even longer. It’s only possible after shopping hours. If you want, I can even deliver the chocolates to your home. You live in Schaerbeek, I seem to remember?”


That suited Frank Poireau well. He gave Justine his phone number and had her write down exactly where he lived. The evening before Frank's boss's birthday, she would come to Schaerbeek between seven and seven-thirty in the evening and deliver him the chocolates there. If something unexpected happened, she would call him.


At a little after six, Poireau was home from work at Matrix Life Insurance the evening that Justine was due to arrive. Just as he was preparing a Maredsous cheese sandwich, his phone rang. He picked up. To his surprise, Justine had sent him a selfie. Her face looked sad, but that wasn't the most important thing in the picture. What surprised Frank much more was that she was completely naked in it. She was sitting in an armchair and discreetly held her hand over her pussy. Justine apparently wasn't embarrassed to show him her bare breasts. They weren’t very big but quite nice, both because of their round shape and their small chocolate-colored teats.


What did Justine mean with that sultry selfie? Frank had to guess. To be sure, he called her:


"What are you trying to tell me with that selfie?"


"I'm not just bringing you those chocolates. If you don't mind, I'd like to stay with you tonight."


"And then?" asked Frank.


At first, Justine hesitated a little. Then she said: "We'll see what happens. Again, if you don't mind me staying with you for a while."


Frank didn't mind, and he told Justine so. She seemed relieved when she heard that. At a quarter to eight, Justine arrived at Frank Vanduren's flat with three boxes of chocolates, elegantly packed, each with a large bow and a small silver-colored tag. It said "Happy Birthday".


Frank made Justine sit down and offered her a drink. She didn't want to drink anything. He saw that she was still sad, and nervous too.


Have you seen my selfie?” she asked him.


Yes, I was a little surprised…” Frank replied.


Maybe I shouldn't have sent it to you,” she said quietly, “but I don't have anyone who…”


And then Justine started to cry, quietly, but she was down, so sad. Frank went to her and took her in his arms. That did her a world of good. She stopped crying and clung to him.


"Tell me what’s wrong," said Frank. "I’m a good listener."


Things are going very bad for me,” she said. “My boyfriend left me last month for someone else. Now, my boss is threatening to fire me. He claims I’m getting too fat because I eat too many of his chocolates when there are no customers in the store. Now, since I've been alone and stopped having sex, I eat more, out of frustration and boredom. It's true that I'm fat, but that doesn't come from eating chocolates.”


Justine started crying again. Frank took her in his arms again and hugged her. She smelled so deliciously of chocolate… Frank didn't know whether it was because of that, but on an impulse, he kissed Justine on the lips. They were very warm, and also a little wet from crying.


Before they knew it, they were lying on Frank’s bed together, stark naked. Justine had very nice round breasts, and they were quite hard. Frank stroked them and sucked a little on her nipples. Apparently, she wasn't used to that, or she didn't like it, because she rolled away from him and looked between his legs. She, like most other girls, was very interested in his dick. Not only did she take a close look at it, but she also gently stroked it. Frank’s cock was already hard, but the stroking made it stand up even more and Frank got a great urge to stick it into Justine's pussy. Again, he stroked her breasts and kissed her on her warm mouth. At one point she spread her legs. With his fingers, Frank felt between her labia. Her pussy was soaking wet. Frank was horny and crawled on top of her with the intention of sticking his hard cock into her cunt.


"Hold it! Stop! What are you doing now?” shouted Justine, pushing Frank away from her. “I'm not ready for this!”


Not ready? Her cunt really couldn't be wetter.


"What do you mean, not ready?" Frank asked her in surprise. “Do you maybe need more foreplay?”


No, it has nothing to do with foreplay. I didn't want to tell you, but I'm actually still nearly a virgin," Justine said shyly. “I have very little experience with sex.”


But don't you already have some experience at least?” Frank wanted to know.


Well, I masturbate almost every day,” Justine replied. “But with a man…”


Do you mean a man has never penetrated you with his penis?” asked Frank, surprised.


Not really,” Justine replied. “It has happened before, mostly dry fucks, but very rarely. I'm technically still a virgin, I guess."


"Technically? What does that mean?"


"How to say that? Well, I'm practically still a virgin, I mean it! The few times a man put his cock into my pussy I didn't want him to release his cum inside me. He had to ejaculate on my belly or between my breasts. And also, I've never had an orgasm with a man. I only have orgasms when I play with myself and rub my clitoris. That's why I feel technically and practically nearly a virgin."


So, Frank understood that Justine wouldn't have sex with him. She was only interested in seeing his cock, he thought. He wished he could fuck her the way he wanted. She had a body that was really worth it, this "nearly virgin". But it wasn't going to happen… So Frank got out of bed to get dressed again. Justine seemed displeased as she looked at his cock with wide eyes in amazement.


"What are you doing now?" she asked.


I'm going to get dressed again,” Frank replied. "I don't want to disturb your virginity."


Who said I want to stay like this?” asked Justine, to Frank's surprise. “A person can change his mind, right?”

What Justine meant was a mystery to Frank. So he asked her bluntly:


Do you want me to fuck you or would you rather not? Or would you rather I take care of your clitoris with my fingers until you cum?


No, come back to bed with me,” Justine insisted. “Just fuck me however you want.”


You saw my dick,” Frank replied. “If you're technically a virgin, shoving it up your pussy can be a problem.”


I don't think so,” said Justine. “You don't even know how wide I can spread my legs! I took ballet lessons from when I was eight years old until two years ago. Believe me, the “grand écart”, I can do it perfectly.”


Show me then,” Frank laughed. “I've never had sex with a girl who was an expert at this kind of breakneck feat.”

Justine didn't wait any longer. She pulled Frank onto the bed and opened her legs as far as she could. He crawled on top of her again. As he suspected, getting his stiff cock inside her pussy wasn’t easy. Justine had to help him a bit, but once his dick was in her love tunnel, everything went relatively well. Frank fucked her gently so as not to hurt her. That was necessary because sometimes Justine let out a cry, she sighed and moaned when he pushed too hard. Frank got the feeling that she was genuinely afraid she would be damaged inside by the comings and goings of his cock in her vagina. He even thought for a moment that she allowed him to fuck her as a personal favor because he had bought so many chocolates at the shop where she worked.


Fucking Justine didn't last long. She had a tight pussy, and that made Frank's orgasm come sooner than he expected. Moments later, he squirted his cum onto her stomach, because when she felt he was about to come, she pulled his cock out of her slit and clamped it while holding his cock head aimed at her stomach.

Afterward, Frank thought that even if Justine's body was quite pretty, fucking her turned out a bit disappointing. The right atmosphere wasn’t there. It wasn't spontaneous enough and Frank regretted not being allowed to inject his cum into her hot pussy.


After that somewhat disappointing lovemaking with almost-virgin Justine, Frank Poireau had stayed away from the chocolate shop Cicadia for a while. He never saw Martine again and she never had to do the “grand écart” for him again.

When Frank went back to Cicadia to buy chocolates for his mother, another saleswoman was standing behind the counter. She was older than Justine, but she was slimmer. At first, Poireau didn't want to ask the girl what had happened to Justine. He thought her boss had probably carried out his threat and fired her. Or had her ex-boyfriend come back to her and they were back together?


But Frank Poireau wisely kept his mouth shut. The near-virgin was already a thing of the past. And there were also more fish in the Brussels sea than just Justine Praline.


© Robur Quercus 2022

Submitted: March 17, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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