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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

An American business man goes to Wavoca, a matriarchal society in China, where women maintain political control by denying men modesty and satisfying their lust.

Chapter 1

In 2018 while on a business trip in China, I found myself in the province of Wavoca.  When I arrived, it looked like any other part of China.  I would soon find out different.  I was scheduled to meet with the director of a small manufacturing firm that was going to manufacture widgets for sale in the U.S.  Since this business was in rural China and there was no decent hotel, I was invited to stay at the home of the director.  I had spent the whole day traveling and arrived at suppertime.  I was meet at the door by the wife of the director, Lin Chao.  I was surprised that both the director and the wife spoke excellent English.

Supper was ready when we arrived and it was delicious.  After that I was taken to my room.  As soon I put my luggage on the floor Lin asked, “You have been traveling all day, would you like to bathe?”

I said, “Yes, I would.”

She responded, “Why don’t you get undressed.  I will have my daughter draw you a bath.”

“Thank you,” I answered. 

I was down to my underwear when she returned.  When I stopped undressing, she said, “Are you going to bathe in your underwear?”

“No,” I responded.

“Then why aren’t you naked?” she answered.

“Because you are here,” I answered.

“I don’t understand,” she answered.

“It wouldn’t be appropriate for you to see me naked,” I said.

“I don’t see why not?” she said.  “I’ll ask my husband to see if he can explain.”

She left and a few minutes later Mr. Lin came into the room.  I was still in my underwear.  He said, “My wife says there is some sort of a problem.

“Yes,” I answered.  “I didn’t want to offend your wife by being naked in front of her but she seems to want me to.”

“Oh yes,” said Mr. Lin, “western modesty.  You must understand this is not the United States or even the rest of China.  Here the women care and bathe men from childhood and as a result men have no modesty.They are as indifferent to their nudity as it is for the women to see hem nude.  It is our hospitality custom, if we have a male guest in our home that the wife or daughter will bathe the guest.”

“You mean you expect your wife to bathe me? I asked.

“Of course,” he answered.  “Not only my wife but my daughter.”

“I am not sure I can do that,” I said.

“But you must,” he answered.  “It is a rule of hospitality.  My wife will be insulted if you don’t.  It is as important for the guest to be hospitable to the host as the host is to the guest.  My wife and daughter bathe me every day.  This is true for the entire province.  We think that men should be proud of being men, that the reason male genitalia is external is so that it can be seen and female genitalia is internal where it should be not seen.  If you expect to succeed here you must conform to the local customs.  All you will have to do is lay back and enjoy your bath. It will be quite pleasant I assure you.”

“Well, “I said.  “If you say it is alright.”

He left and a few minutes later the wife returned.  I removed the last of my clothing while she watched.  Her expression did not change as I removed the last of my clothing.  She then spoke, “In your country men are modest?

“Yes,” I answered.

“I see,” she said.  “Here only women are modest.  The women and men here believe that men should be proud of being men.  Are you ashamed of being a man?

“Certainly not,” I said.

“Then why do you hide yourself from me? she asked.

“When you put it that way I don’t really know,” I said.

“Very well,” she said.  “Please follow me.”

I followed her into the bathroom where there was a bathtub and a long table.  I was directed to lay on the table face down.  It turns out that only the women use the bathtub.  The men are given a table shower. 

The two women first rinsed me with warm water which they spread over my body with their hands.  Then they started sudsing me starting at my feet.  I wondered how well they would wash my private areas.  Would they be timid, washing those area or bold and confident?  They were bold and confident.  Without hesitation when they reached the juncture of my legs they did not hesitate and carefully and thoroughly washed my anus and perineum.  Then they did my shoulders and neck.  Then they rinsed me of and used their hands to wipe away the surplus water.

I was then directed to flip over which I did.  What happened next really surprised me.  The mother said something to the daughter in Chinese. The mother then commenced sudsing at my feet while the daughter went straight for my balls.  I didn’t know what to do.  I wanted to stop the little teenager but I also didn’t want to offend anyone.  I decided that they knew what was appropriate for that part of China and had committed myself.  I let her proceed.  The mother continued sudsing me while the daughter continued to caress my balls.  Before the mother reached my waist, I was in full erection.  When the mother had sudsed my chest and arms she rinsed me off and removed the surplus water with her hands.  Only then did she pay attention to what her daughter was doing. 

Then the mother spoke to me, “You have a nice big penis.”

“I do?” I exclaimed. 

“Yes, you do,” she said.  “I am the local doctor.  I have seen the penis of every male, old or young in this town.  Chinese men are not nearly so large as you.”

“Thank you for the compliment,” I answered.

She then said something to her daughter in Chinese and the daughter answered.

“My daughter agrees,” she said.

“Has your daughter seen thousands of penises too? I asked.

“Well not so many as me,” she said.  “She has seen the penises of all her male classmates.  The girls are required to give the boys showers after physical education.”

“Really,” I answered.  “That is not the custom in the United States.  Do the girls caress the testicles of their class mates like your daughter is doing to me now?”

“Well, they wash the boys’ testicles, of course, but they only masturbate them on Friday.”

“The girls masturbate the boys too!” I asked.

“Of course,” she said.  “Men need to be relieved.  Sex for men is a bodily function.  As a result, rape is unknown here.”

“Are you going to masturbate me?  I asked.

“Do you not want to be relieved?” she asked.  “You need to be relieved or it will be harmful to you.  Use it or lose it.  Women do not have semen to be relieved of.  We will relieve you of your burden.  You will feel better once your semen is gone.”  With that she took both hands and began stroking me cock.  My cock already hard and prepped by the daughter, came quickly and came hard, squirting cum in ropes into the air and landing on my stomach.  The mother then gathered up my semen and began rubbing it on her face.

I said, "Why are you doing that?"

She said, "Doing what?"

I said, Rubbing my semen on your face."

She said, "Semen is made to be expelled.  its retention is harmful to men but beneficial to women.  We rub in on our faces to keep us young."

“Very nice,” said the mother.  “You were full and now you have been drained.  Do you feel better?”

I did not know what to say so I decided to agree.  “Much better,” I said.  “Thank you, your hospitality has been wonderful."

“It is our pleasure,” responded Mrs. Lin.

The daughter took me back to my room where she helped me into a change of clothes.  I then joined Mr. Lin in the living room.

“Did you enjoy your bath?” he asked.

“Yes, very much.  It was quite pleasant as you indicated.” I said.

Mrs. Lin then said something to Mr. Lin in Chinese.  Mr. Lin then said, “My wife was very impressed with your virility.  She wants to know if you are married.”

“Yes, I am,” I said.

“Your wife is a lucky woman,” answered Mrs. Lin.

Chapter Two

The deal went through and the Chinese company began manufacturing widgets.  I became the local representative to insure quality.  I was provided a bungalow and a housekeeper.  The first morning, I awoke to the ministrations of the housekeeper.  She didn’t speak English but she had been given a small hand-held computer which translated Chinese into English.  When she woke me, she said something in Chinese and the computer said “I am your housekeeper.”  Then she said on the computer, “Would you like to bathe before getting dressed.”

I answered, “Yes.”

She responded, “I will prepare your bath.” 

She then went to the bathing table and began spraying it with warm water.  I knew by this time that she expected to bathe me so when I got out of pajamas.  I walked over to her naked.  She looked around at me matter of factly, expecting me to be naked.  She pointed to the table and I laid on the table face down.  She sprayed me with the mobile shower head with warm water.  Then she took her hands and removed the excess water.  Then starting at my feet, she began sudsing my entire body.  When she got to the top of my legs, she unabashedly washed my anus thoroughly.  After rinsing me off she washed me a second time and as thoroughly as the first.  She signaled me to turn over and I did.  She started sudsing me at my feet again.  When she arrived at the junction of my thighs she unabashedly and thoroughly washed my testicles and my penis.  She stayed there long enough that I grew an erection for her.  She did not react to my erection except that when she was washing my erect penis, she looked at me and smiled approvingly.  She then rinsed me off and repeated the process.  When she had rinsed me off, she turned to me grasped her forefinger and moved it up and down.  I nodded.  She grabbed my cock with one hand and grasped and held my balls in the other and masturbated me.  I came quickly.  When I did, she quickly and efficiently cleaned up the semen dnd rubbed it on her face  Then she dried me off. 

This continued every day although she did not always masturbate me.  What I thought was interesting was the total indifference she always had towards my nudity.  It was like she always thought she had a right to see me naked or that it was unthinkable that I should mind that she did.  In fact, though I was from a culture that expected modesty, I actually didn’t mind that she did.

What was true for her was also true for her daughters.  Sometimes she would bring one of her teenaged daughters over to help her and she would bring them in to help her bathe me just as if it were the most natural thing in the world.  Nor would it make any difference if it was a day that she would masturbate me.  In fact, the when it was time to masturbate me, she would have her daughter do it.  I guess she wanted her daughter to learn how to do it.  Both daughters learned to masturbate me in the first month. 

The conditions at work were most interesting, there was a rigid double standard kept between male and female nudity.  There were bathrooms for both sexes but men were never allowed in the female bathrooms but women were allowed in the men’s bathrooms.  It wasn’t that women would use the men’s bathrooms but all of the cleaners were women and they would enter the men’s bathrooms any time they wanted.  What I found most astounding was the fact that the men never minded or complained.  If a woman was present the man would never hesitate the take out his penis and pee right in front of her though the women never seemed to take notice. 

The plant was heated with coal so there were men who had to stoke the furnace.  Naturally by the end of the day they were dirty so there were showers there for them and laundry facilities.  It was the duty of the cleaning ladies to bathe these men and wash their work clothes.  At the end of their shifts the men would come in and undress in front of the ladies and give them their work clothes.  The ladies would take their clothes and bathe them just as my housekeeper bathed me including masturbating them in the open. 

One day I was invited by the Li family to go on a picnic.  I accepted.  When went to a park where there was a lake and a beach.  When I arrived there, I was surprised that all the men by the lake were naked and all the women wore swim suits.  When Mr. and Mrs. Lin went swimming, her with a swim suit and he naked, I did what the local Chinese do.  I went naked too. Nobody paid any attention.  After a short while I forgot that I was nude.

I was working there for only a few weeks when I was summoned to the infirmary.  When I arrived, I was informed that it was the custom for all employees to receive a regular physical and they did not want to slight me.  By this time, I was accustomed to acceding to all local Chinese customs so naturally I agreed to the physical.  The next day I reported on a Saturday to what I found out was a high school gym.  It was full of men.  The first thing they had us do was undress completely.  Then we reported in sequence to various stations around the gym where we weighed, measure, had our blood pressure taken, our blood and urine taken and, of course, we were all checked for an inguinal hernia.  I noticed then that every single one of the medical personnel were female.  The last station was the local doctor, Mrs. Lin who told me that my health was excellent.  Before we were allowed to dress, women came over and masturbated each and every one of us.  It was not voluntary.  It was mandatory.  I would later conclude that this had nothing to do with medicine but was part of the method by women in this community maintained feminine supremacy.  The local Chinese method of giving men physicals was enormously efficient. I wondered if the same method was used for women.  I would find out later that it was not. 

I wondered about the local politics so I asked if I could go to a local city council meeting.  When I arrived, I was astounded to find out that all of the city councilors and the mayor were female.  I supposed I should have realized it before but only then did I realize that this particular Chinese society was matriarchal.  There were some males in administrative positions in business but all important political positions were held by women.Then I understood the reason for the emphasis for male nudity in the community.  Males were raised to accept nudity in front of women and being masturbated as a way of having them accept feminine political control.  If males demanded political equality they would lose their weekly handjobs.The method by which women trained men not to be modest was simple.  From the time a man was a baby his mother bathed him.  She continued this practice until he married.  It thus never really occurred to a man that there was a reason he should be modest in front of a woman.

 It was only after a few weeks went by that I realized that my house keeper masturbated me once a week.  It was a rule.  Every mature male in town was masturbated by a woman at least once a week.  Later I would learn that in this community it was the girls who pursued the boys.  There was no inconsistency in their philosophy; the girls had given up being the alluring sex in return for political superiority.

I had never been modest so I adapted rather easily to the double standard of this Chinese town.  Moreover, I decided that I liked it.I could not only walk around in many places completely nude but I could also get almost any woman to masturbate me.  At the end of the Friday shift for the men who stoked the coal furnace I took off my clothes and joined them in the showers.  As soon as I was in the shower a woman dressed in a swim suit came over to me and started to bathe me.  The last part of my body she bathed was my genitals and she did not stop until I orgasmed in her hands.  Then she cleaned me up and dried me off.

Another day I decided to go to the beach.  When I arrived, I took of all of my clothes like all of the other men.  I then asked one of the women around me to put sun tan lotion on my back.  She did and when she finished, she signaled to me if I wanted to be masturbated.  I nodded and she proceeded to do it right there in the open. 


Chapter 3

After a couple of months my supervisor came to visit.  Since there was no first-class hotel in my small town, I invited her to stay with me.  I did not anticipate what happened but I should have.  When she arrived just before suppertime my housekeeper had a first-class dinner prepared for us.  My supervisor Diane loved it.  I gave Diane my bed and I slept on the couch. 

The next morning when the housekeeper arrived, she immediately prepared to give me my morning table shower.  I should have thought of this.  I did not know what to do.  I was sure that my housekeeper reported on what was going on to the mayor of the time on a regular basis.  I did not want to do anything that would conflict with the local customs.  I decided to explain the local customs regarding women bathing me to Diane.  What happened next surprised me though I would probably have to admit that it shouldn’t have.  When Diane tried to leave the room, my housekeeper stopped her.  When that happened, Diane looked puzzled so I said, “She wants you to stay and help bathe me.”

Diane responded, “Why does she want me to stay?”

I said, “It is the local custom.”

Diane said, “You didn’t tell me that!”

I answered, “I didn’t really anticipate that the custom would extend to you.”

Diane responded, “Well, I don’t want to do it!”

I sighed, “Well, if you don’t, she will be offended and it will be reported to the local mayor.”

“What will that mean” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered.  “This is a matriarchal society where the supremacy of women is built around women controlling the lust of men.  You will have just offended the very basis of that control.”

Diane said, “How interesting.  I guess I had better assist her.”

I answered, “I fear it will be more than that.” 

I would soon prove to be correct.  The housekeeper had my supervisor do all of the sudsing starting at my feet.  When Diane got to the junction of my thighs she hesitated and the housekeeper placed her hand around my cock.

“What does she want?  Diane asked.

“She wants you first to wash my genitals and then I fear she wants you to masturbate me,” I said.

“Does she do this every day?” Diane asked.

“Not every day, just usually on Friday,” I answered.

“Today isn’t Friday,” Diane said.

“I know,” I said.  “But obviously it doesn’t make any difference.  She obviously has been instructed to do this.  She wants you to show respect for their customs.”

Diane first washed my cock and balls thoroughly.  When I was fully erect, she began stroking.  As soon as Diane began stroking my housekeeper started fondling my balls.  I effect was electric, I came quickly, spurting all over Diane’s hands.

My housekeep cleaned up the mess and I said, “I am sorry about this.”

Diane responded, “Don’t fret about it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“You did!” I exclaimed.

“Yes,” she said.  “I would never have done it otherwise but since I had been forced into it by circumstances and was free of any qualms of conscience, once I got into it I found it quite exciting.  I got to wrap my hand around a nice big, hard cock and stroke it to orgasm.  It was fun to do and fascinating to watch.  I am looking forward into bathing you tomorrow.  The local Chinese are into something here.”

The next morning, I found Diane in my bedroom as soon as I woke up.  She said, “Are you ready for your bath?”

I said, “Yes.”  I took of my pajamas and climbed onto the shower table nude face down.  She began washing me just as she had been taught the day before.  She started with my feet and worked upward.  When she reached the junction of my thighs she did not hesitate and washed my anus and perineum several times.  Then she did my upper body and said, “turn over.”

I turned over as requested exposing an erect penis to her.  She noticed it immediately and said, “Nice erection, I’ll take that as a compliment.”  She started at my feet and worked up as before.  Again, when she reached the juncture of my thighs she did not hesitate.  She first thoroughly washed my testicles and then my cock.  When she moved upward, I was rock hard.  When she finished I looked at her imploringly.  “Is there anything else?” she asked.

“Aren’t you going to finish me off?  I asked.

“Whatever do you mean?” she said.

“Are you going to leave me hanging with an erection?” I asked.

“What specifically do you want?“ she said.

“I want you to beat me off,“ I said.

“If I do, what will you do for me?” she asked.

“I’ll do you if you do me,” I said.

“What if I don’t want you to do me?  she asked.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” I answered.

“I want you to be my nude slave?” she answered.

“Nude slave, what is that? I asked.

She said, “I get the right to require you to get nude anytime I want.  If I want you to strip nude in front of me and my friends you must oblige.  The only limitation is that you cannot be required to do anything likely to get you arrested or to do anything unhealthy.”

“I agree,” I quickly said.

She grasped my balls and in one hand and my cock in the other.  I was ready, I exploded all over her hands.  When it was over, I said, “I really enjoyed that, how about you?”

“Immensely,” she said.

A few months later I was informed that a whole delegation of important executives would be visiting the town.  I was able to find a house for them before they arrived.  When they arrived, Diane was there and two of her male co-workers and her female boss plus their secretaries, a total of 6 women and 2 men.  They arrived just before supper and the housekeeper and her daughter had supper ready for them.I ate with them and went home. 

I made certain that I arrived early the next morning.  I did not want any cultural misunderstandings to take place.  Fortunately, I arrived just as everyone was getting up.  When everyone was up the daughter went in to make breakfast and the housekeeper took everyone into the bathroom.  Then she looked at me and signaled that the men should get undressed.  I told the men only should get undressed.  The secretaries indicated they wanted to leave but I told them that they had to stay.  The men asked me what was happening and I said, “You are going to be bathed and most likely masturbated.  It is the local custom here and the girls will be expected to assist.” 

One of the secretaries said, “I am not going to do it!”

I responded, “You have to do it.  It is the local custom.  These people will be insulted if you don’t and it will jeopardize our success here.  What you do here now will immediately be reported to the city council immediately.  These people believe that relieving men is a bodily function and that as a result rape and sexual molestation are unknown.  If you refuse and there is be a sex crime while you are here, we will be blamed.” 

The two men and myself undressed while the women watched.  When we were naked two of the women bathed each of us at the housekeeper’s direction.  Then they masturbated us with one woman stroking our cocks and the other caressing our balls.  Diane and her secretary did me. 

Eventually I returned to the US and had to bathe myself.  However, occasionally Diane would invite me over to her house where I would be the nude slave for a group of women.  I really enjoy that.  They have me waiting on them in the nude.  I receive my tips when I am fondled. 

Submitted: March 16, 2022

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