Frank Poireau meets Claudine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Frank Poireau has a lot of work because of Brexit. For this reason, he doesn't go for a haircut in time. His boss Thérèse de Clippeleire isn't satisfied with how Frank looks and sends him to a hairdresser near their offices. There, Frank meets Claudine Proume...

Frank Poireau meets Claudine


No one thought that the Brexit decided by Boris Johnson would have a big impact on the European life insurance business. Frank Poireau’s boss in the Brussels branch of Matrix Life Insurance, Thérèse de Clippeleire, had reassured her staff: their customers were of more than twenty different nationalities. The British made up less than 10%. The company's turnover might drop a little in the next few years, but even that wasn’t certain. Layoffs would certainly not happen at Matrix Life Insurance, de Clippeleire was convinced of that.


She was right. There were no layoffs. What she hadn't expected or wanted to tell her staff was that they suddenly had a lot more work because of Brexit. Suddenly, a lot of UK customers wanted to leave MLI. They wanted to recover the amounts they had already paid for their life insurance as soon as possible. It wasn't that simple. It involved a lot of calculations, a mountain of paperwork and red tape, phone calls, and emails to all kinds of banks all the time. As an actuary and financial specialist, Frank Poireau was at the heart of the battle. He was overwhelmed with work, hard and thankless work. He barely had time to eat properly during the day, as he could dedicate little time to anything else than these UK clients’ checkout files.


It was during this turbulent period that Frank Poireau met Claudine. It happened in a strange way. The fact that he met her is another proof that coincidence plays a big part in life.


It was particularly important to their boss Thérèse de Clippeleire that her management staff was impeccable, spic and span. They had to wear a suit, with a shirt and tie, the women a skirt with a blouse, or a dress. Of course, everyone also had to look well-groomed. Frank had a lot of quite thick hair on his head and it seemed to grow faster than other men's. When he was still at VUB University, his friend Dirk Peetermans who was studying medicine told him that it had to do with his big dick. At first, Frank thought that Dirk had the intention to make fun of him, but the future doctor didn't. According to him, the growth of Frank’s hair and the extraordinary dimensions of his penis were due to a certain hormonal imbalance. Frank produced, Dirk pretended, excess testosterone and keratin. As a result, normally, Frank had to have his hair cut every three weeks. It was necessary to keep it clean and in good shape. The hairdresser he always went to was called Alberto. He only had a small hairdressing salon on the Rue Rogier in Schaerbeek. Alberto knew Frank’s hair and when cutting it, he took great care of it. Although he may have been cheaper than more ‘trendy’ hairdressers, Frank was extremely satisfied with Alberto's services.


Now, with all this Brexit stuff and the abundance of work it had brought with it, Frank couldn't go to Alberto's after three weeks. He figured it didn't matter. He thought his hair might grow a little longer. This was not to the liking of his boss Thérèse de Clippeleire. Like almost every Monday, she sat astride on Frank’s lap in the archive's basement to get fucked.

When she had come, panting and sighing, she pulled her blouse back over her tits and looked at Frank with a strange look on her face.


You're dirty,” she told him. “It seems to me that you no longer take care of yourself. I also think your dick smelled weird this time. Do you still wash regularly?”


That was really offensive, Frank Poireau thought. Before he could reply to what Thérèse had said, she messed up his hair with her hands and said, laughing:


Of course, I didn't mean that. Only, your hair… It's really too long, which is why you look messy and somewhat unkempt. Go, and get a haircut right away.”


Right now?” Frank asked.

Yes, right away. Just take an hour off. Here nearby is a “salon de coiffure” where I go from time to time. I never had a complaint about their services. Go now."


The hair salon Thérèse de Clippeleire sent Poireau to was called “HairWellness”. It was near the Robert Schuman roundabout. When Frank got there, he was lucky: there were few customers. A receptionist led him to her desk. Before anyone could do anything to his hair, she had to prepare a client file with his personal details. It took about five minutes. After that, the receptionist invited Poireau to follow her. In a separate room, he had to have his hair washed before someone cut it. That was Claudine Proume’s task in the hair salon but at the time, Frank Poireau didn't know that was her name. In fact, at first, his head laying back in a washbasin, he paid little attention to her. He could see she was a rather beautiful young woman, maybe with some overweight, although the shapeless dark blue apron she was wearing to wash clients' hair made her anything but elegant.

The inevitable happened. When someone took care of Frank’s hair, he always used to have libidinous thoughts. It was no different this time when Claudine's fingers ran through his hair while washing it. Suddenly, the instinctive reaction followed: his penis lifted up its head and its swollen shape became visible in his trousers. Frank didn't find it annoying. It just was his nature. Still, he put one leg over the other to keep his erection from showing too much.

Then a young man named Vital cut Frank’s hair. He did it well, although when Frank looked at the result in the mirror, he found Vital had shaved off the sides rather bald. He no longer thought about the girl who had washed his hair. But unfortunately, Claudine had seen what had happened between Frank’s legs…


On Monday, like every week, Frank Poireau had fucked his boss Thérèse de Clippeleire. Then, he had his hair cut at her request. On Friday, just after he got home from work, Frank got a selfie from Claudine Proume on his phone. She was lying on a bed in this picture. She wasn't completely naked, as she was still wearing diaphanous panties that didn’t really show her pussy. Nevertheless, Frank could clearly see the shape of her pussy, and also that she had shaved it. Because she had put off her bra, Frank could see her bare breasts in their full glory. They looked nice, maybe a little too small compared to Claudine’s rather stout figure.

This selfie impressed Frank. When she was wearing her apron in the hairdressing salon, he couldn't see that Claudine was not a real beauty, but simply a nice young woman his age, or perhaps a little younger.


This audacious selfie… Frank interpreted it as an invitation. He looked at Claudine’s picture and his cock put up its head again. He didn't wait any longer, and he called Claudine. She seemed shy on the phone. She said little, and she spoke very softly. Frank asked her a few questions, but to everything he said, she answered “yes” or “no”. It didn't take Frank a minute to realize that she couldn't speak freely. He didn't know who was with her, but it was clear that she couldn't tell him what she wanted. So, Frank ended the conversation rather abruptly...


Early the next morning, around eight o'clock, Claudine called him. He was still in bed, but immediately recognized her voice and suddenly woke up.


Claudine apologized for not having been able to speak to him the night before. Her parents and older sister were with her then. Now, she was calling him from the bus that was taking her to work in the European district. Frank asked her:


"What did you really mean with your selfie?"


"I'd like to meet you privately if you don't mind."


"What do you mean?"


At first, Claudine hesitated a bit. She then said:

"I don’t know. We'll have to wait and see what happens, at least, if you don't mind meeting me in private."


Frank had absolutely nothing against that, and he told Claudine. She seemed relieved to hear it.


"It’s not possible to receive you at my home," Claudine said. “My parents, you see…”


I understand,” Frank replied. "If you want, you can come to my apartment. Should I give you my address?"


"No, it's not necessary. I'll find it on your information sheet. Is tonight okay with you? Or do you prefer tomorrow? I don't have to work on Sundays and Mondays.”


They made an appointment for the same evening. Around nine o'clock, Claudine would come to see Frank. He cleaned his apartment in a hurry, “à la française”, and waited impatiently. Curious to know how it was going to work with Claudine, Frank imagined all kinds of naughty scenarios…


At nine o'clock sharp, Claudine was at his door and half an hour later they were lying on his bed, naked. Claudine was very interested in Frank’s penis. There had never been a woman or a girl who played with his cock as intensely as she did. Claudine couldn't get enough of looking at it, feeling its weight, touching it with her fingers, sniffing it, constantly pulling its foreskin back to free the glans... During this time, Frank caressed her breasts and kissed her where he could touch her. It was rarely on her mouth, as she wanted to see how his penis reacted while she was playing with it.

Frank was patient and let Claudine take her time. He tried to spoil her body and prepare her to finally fuck her. From time to time, he went down between her legs with his fingers and felt in her crack to see if she was already wet enough. Claudine loved it. She welcomed his hand, spreading her legs so that it became easy for him to feel between her labia.


It went on and on. Frank’s cock was stiff and straight as a mast for almost half an hour. In the meantime, he had become so horny that he didn't want to wait any longer to hump Claudine. He felt again between her legs. Now she was drenched, ready to be fucked. He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her onto her back, intending to climb on top of her.


Finally! Why did you wait so long?” she asked, panting. "Please fill me up! I'm ready."


Frank found it wonderful that she said that. Rarely had he heard a girl speak with so much desire and impatience to be fucked...

They made love to each other passionately that night. Claudine loved to feel Frank’s big cock move inside her pussy.

Push, push harder!” she repeated. “Push it deeper into my cunt! Ah, how good you are to me! Fuck me, fuck me, make me cum!”


It didn't last long before Claudine got what she wanted. She screamed as she came. Frank had his orgasm too, only half a minute after her. He sprayed his cum deep into her fuck hole, deeper than ever with another girl. He was surprised that Claudine had no problem accommodating his oversized cock in her pussy.


After this first time, the same evening they had sex two more times. For Claudine, even three times wasn’t enough. If Frank had had the physical capacity, she would have wanted him to fuck her over and over…

But after three times, Frank Poireau was exhausted, his back hurt and his cock felt as if it was made of very soft rubber…

That Saturday evening, Claudine and Frank kissed each other tenderly while saying goodbye, and they made an appointment for the Saturday evening of the week after...


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Submitted: March 14, 2022

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