CFNM Prep School

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

the Vermont School For Boys is a high regarded prep school for boys. Traditionally all the teachers are male. Then they start hiring female teachers. Subtle changes start taking place resulting in the degradation of the boys' modesty. Eventually the Vermont School for Boys becomes known as he CFNM School.

CFNM Prep School

The Vermont School for Boys was a venerable and highly respected prep school  Many of its graduates had gone on to Ivy League Colleges and then to highly paid professions.  When it was first established all of the teachers were male but as time went on women teachers started to be hired until the majority of teachers were female.  Eventually one of them was named to be headmistress of the school.  No one thought much of it at the time because the long inclusion of females as teachers had never been a problem.  However, as time went on very subtle changes took place that dramatically changed the nature of the school.

One of the first changes that took place was hiring of a female nurse.  The school had always hired male nurses because of the intimate nature of male physicals.  The new female headmistress saw no need for such a practice.  She had always had male doctors and saw no reason why boys couldn’t have a female nurse.  There were far more female nurses available so it was simply easier and quicker to hire a female nurse. 

It had been the practice for many years to check the boys for STD’s after summer vacation.  The practice was simple. Each class would be called into the gym and line up in alphabetical order.  The nurse would be sitting in a chair.  Then one by one the boys would approach the nurse and drop their pants.  The nurse would then take a tongue depressor from a container on a table to her side and use it to inspect the boy’s penis.  Once she was finished she would throw the tongue depressor into a waste basket sitting on her side and take another tongue depressor for the next boy.  This would be repeated class by class until the entire student body had been inspected.1 Then the male teachers.

Each year the freshman students had to undergo a physical.  This could be done by their personal doctor or from the school nurse.  This examination included an inguinal hernia check, turn your head and cough.  While that proved a little embarrassing to a few students, the concept of gender neutrality was well established at the time so no one really strenuously objected.  When during the exam the nurse told them to drop their underwear and turn their heads and cough, a few boys hesitated but eventually all complied.  There was only one boy who complained to the administration but when he was not backed by his parents, he was ignored.

When the male physical education teacher retired, a female physical education teacher, Ann Murray, who had an Olympic gold medal in swimming, applied.  Due to her superlative qualifications and the fact that the Vermont School for Boys wanted to maintain their reputation for excellence in swimming, she was hired. 

This time, however, the change was not subtle.  What this meant was that she would have an office in the boys’ locker room with an open window to the locker room.  At first the window was simply covered with paper and her entrance into the locker room so that she could enter her office was loudly pronounced.  Another change was that the boys had always swam nude in practice in order to keep the swimming pool filter free of fibers.  After Miss Murray was hired, the boys were required to wear suits. 

The practice of covering the window only lasted a couple of weeks.  Several times each week she was required to enter the boys’ locker room simply to quell male horseplay.  She warned the boys that if such horseplay continued she would be forced to take down the paper over the window from the teacher’s office to the locker room.  The boys continued their horseplay. So, with the permission of the headmistress, the paper was taken down.  It was felt at the time that whenever the boys were in front of the window, they would wear towels.  They didn’t.  They took pleasure in walking in front of the window completely nude. 

At first Miss Murray ignored the practice, hoping it would stop, but what actually happened was that it accelerated.  Eventually no one even bothered to cover up in the locker room at all.  When the boys started coming to ask her questions completely nude, she knew the rules had to change.  Miss Murray then brought the matter to the attention of the headmistress. After a short discussion they both decided that the boys had made their own decision. Miss Murray would accept that decision and allow the boys’ nudity.  She would come and go inside the boys’ locker room when they were nude as easily as she would if they were clothed.  It was reasoned that they could, if they wanted, protect their modesty.  When the boys became accustomed to Miss Murray’s presence in their locker room the nude parade didn’t really stop.  What happened was that Miss Murray presence in the locker room became accepted and the boys ceased taking notice of her.

When the janitor found out that the boys had accepted being nude in front of their female teacher he asked her if the boys couldn’t return to swimming naked since it would simplify keeping the swimming pool filters clean.  Once again after consultation with the headmistress, the decision was made to return to nude swimming.  This created no fuss at all.

From time to time other teachers had to consult with the physical education teacher usually about eligibility to participate in school sports.  When this happened, the practice was to announce in a loud manner “woman in the locker room”.  The problem was that not all of the boys would cover up.  Often when  female teacher entered the boys locker room some boys would still be nude.  At first the teachers pretended not to notice and looked straight ahead.  When the boys ceased noticing their female teachers the same way they ceased noticing the presence of their female coach.  When the boys ceased noticing the presence of the academic teachers, the academic teacher ceased announcing their presence.  Visits by teachers for social calls to Miss Murray became common place.  The boys seemed to like being nude in front of their female teachers.  When the headmistress asked the boys to explain themselves they simply said, "It is our locker room, if they don't want to see nudity they shouldn't come in."

Evidence that their teachers enjoyed the boys’ nudity is proven by the fact that the teacher often sat in the natatorium to watch swim practice,  Further proof is that the female teachers continued visiting Miss Murray's office in the boys' locker room.When asked about it, the teachers all said, "if they don't want to be seen in the nude, they should cover up."  This became somewhat of a joke by the swim team but the boys, for their part, never once complained about it. 

Eventually girl friends of swim team members also came into the natatorium to watch the boys swimming in the nude.  When girlfriends found that teachers were entering the locker room after swim practice was over girlfriends saw no reason not to come into the locker room also  This time some people paid attention.  The boys did!  The boys started preening themselves in front of the girls.  Did the girls like it?  Of course, they did.  Then girlfriends started bringing their friends into the locker room.  It got to a point where it the boys locker room was crowded with girls.The girlfriends and their friends were ordered to stay out of the locker room.  The female teachers weren't.

Eventually the government was decided that sexual maturation study should be done.  They chose the Vermont School for Boys as the vehicle and gave the school a yearly physical as part of this process.The physicals were done in the gymnasium.  For the sake of efficiency all the boys were required to strip before the physical and remain nude throughout.  Since girls are already allowed in the natatorium they were allowed to sit in the bleachers and watch the physicals  In fact, many sex education teachers in adjoining schools advertised this fact for their female students to learn male anatomy.  This time there was resistance to requiring young men to be nude in public.  Unlike the older boys the young freshmen weren’t used to it and many objected.  At first the ones who objected were given private physicals but eventually the Vermont School for Boys became well known as the CFNM school so modest boys just did not apply to the school. 

Since male fertility has been declining a decision was made to check on the boys’ fertility as part of the sexual maturation study.  The obvious problem was how to get semen samples.  The first thing that was tried was having the boys masturbate.  This was completely unsuccessful.  First, many boys simply refused and most of the few that didn’t were unsuccessful.  Then a number of the female teachers volunteered to help.  It was planned that at the end of the physical two of the teachers would masturbate a boy.  One would massage his testicles while the other teacher would pump his penis.  This also was unsuccessful.  The boys did not want to be masturbated by their female teachers.  Eventually girls from the audience were invited down to do the masturbation under the supervision of teachers.  This proved highly successful.  The boys seldom resisted and quickly provided the necessary sample. 

While most of the teachers were female, there still remained a substantial number of male teachers.  When male nudity became accepted for boys in the school the male teachers obviously became aware of it.  They did not, however, change their habits and continued to be modest.  Female teachers accustomed to seeing male nudity., thought this was ridiculous.  Accustomed to male nudity, the female teachers thought male teachers modesty was ridiculous.  The began to abuse the modesty of their male colleagues.  They began using male rest rooms.  They had no problem talking to their male colleagues while the males urinated.  When male teachers objected to their female colleagues talking to them while they were urinating, the female teachers resorted to the usual, “you haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before”.  However, if a male teacher reversed the process the female teacher complained to the headmistress who sided with the female teacher.  The male teachers could have done the same when accosted by a female during urination but men do not like to complain about being abused by women. 

The breakdown of male teachers’ modesty finally came during a swim party. A female teacher got a male teacher to take off his swim suit.  He then got all the attention from by the female teachers.  In short order all the male teachers were nude.  During recreational swimming no male wore a suit.  It also became customary for women to use the men’s room but males were not allowed to use the women’s room.

Eventually male immodesty at the Vermont School for Boys became a requirement.  When a  male teacher was being considered for hiring he had to take a physical in front of a committee.  Unlike a normal physical where the male is only asked to lower his shorts for a hernia check the male was asked to immediately and completely undress directly in front of the women.  If this did not give him an erection all of the women would participate in checking him for a hernia.  If he did not get an erection there, he would not be hired.  The excuse for this behavior is that the school did not want any gay male role models.

Open swimming was allowed for staff after swim practice was over.  Male teachers had always taken advantage of this perquisite.  After male teachers swam nude many more female teachers also participated.  Since there was no female locker room, the female teacher had to dress in the same locker room as the men.  This presented a problem for the female teachers since they would have to undress in front of men.  They solved the problem by simply undressing and putting on their suits under a loose shift.  Then they showered with their suit on. 

What was new was that some of the female teachers used the opportunity to entice male teachers that they liked.  Their ploy was simple, whenever both were taking a shower the female, dressed in a swim suit would say to the nude male, can I help you?  If the answer was yes, the male had given free reign for the female to wash all his body parts.  It became common for male teachers to have erections in the shower.  Masturbation of male teachers in the shower room by their female counterparts became commonplace. It was suspected that some couples would wait until everyone left and have sex. 

When the decision was made to give the boys physicals at the beginning of the school year it had to be done on an assembly line basis.  The various parts of the physical were broken down into several stations and female teachers were trained by the nurse to do the various parts.  One of the purposes of this exam were to record the boys’ sexual maturity.  Genital pictures were taken for this record.  For efficiency’s sake all the boys were required to do the whole exam in the nude.  Male teachers were given the opportunity of taking the physical if they desired and many did.  They were also required to be nude.  By this time male nudity at the school was commonplace.  Male nudity was so common place that the physical were actually public events.  

My name is Mary Smith.  I am the nurse for the Vermont School for Boys.  I love my job.  I love giving medical care to males.  I often get to see them naked.  I look forward to the first day of school when I get to inspect all the boys for STD’s and their male teachers.  I don’t get physically excited by it any more but it is still fun to do.  I just love the idea that I have seen ever single male at the school naked. 

The next fun thing I got to do was give all the freshman boys a physical.  They would be called out of class one by one and come to my office.  There I would have a temporary assistant, a female student from another school.  She would have them strip to their shorts.  I thought about having them strip naked but I love pulling down their pants to give them a hernia check.  I also take a picture of their genitals.  This is to record if they are developing properly.  When I give them the hernia check I get to fondle their testicles.  Oh, if they only knew how much I love to do that.  What is best about this is that it keeps me busy for three weeks.  Three weeks of doing nothing but seeing male genitals and fondling them. 

I insist that my assistant come in and watch.  This always embarrasses the boys.  It is so much fun to watch their faces when she enters.  I taught her to be obvious in her lechery.  It is even more fun when one of their teachers comes to see me as they often do when I am doing physicals.  My assistant is trained to tell them to come right in.  Teenaged boys get so embarrassed at being naked in front of their teachers.  Young teenaged boys are such fine specimens.  They are so lean and well defined and they have such a quick sexual response.  It is nothing for them to get an erection during the physical and sometimes they even orgasm.  This is always fun to watch, the cock spasming and erupting sperm.  Wonderful!  When it is over I get to clean them up.  I always take my time. 

One year the government wanted to record male sexual development.  That meant we gave the boys a physical every year.  This way we could yearly record their sexual development.  In order to do this successfully speed up the process.  We had to do the physicals in an assembly line in the gym.  The boys did not actually have to be naked throughout but it did make it easier if they were and it gave me a good excuse.  We used the female teachers to accomplish this. We did it on an assembly line so that the  female teachers only had to learn how to do the one task.  Only female teachers were used.  Male teachers were invited to take physicals at the same time as boys.  Also, if we used both male and female teachers it would be like requiring the boys to be naked in mixed company.  At least that was our excuse.  This allowed us to have thorough medical records on all male teachers and to be proactive in men’s health.  Female teachers were exempt.  The few who asked would be given physicals in my office.

My name is Ann Murray.  I was an Olympic gold medal winner in the breast stroke.  I have always loved seeing naked boys.  When I was young every time I could I played doctor.  When I heard about the opening at the Vermont School for Boys, I immediately applied.  Due to my credentials, I was immediately hired.  It was decided that due to the gender difference between myself and my students that the window from my office into the boys’ locker room would be covered in paper and that every time I would enter the locker room I would announce in a loud voice “woman in the locker room”. 

The solutions to the gender problem didn’t work.  I often had to enter the boys’ locker room while they were naked to stop horseplay.  At first the boys would scatter but eventually they became used to me.  Eventually, when I entered the locker room to go to my office not all of the boys would cover up.  I told the boys that if they continued horseplay I would take down the papers.  They didn’t stop so after consulting with the Headmistress I took the paper down.  I thought they would cover up with towels but they didn’t.  Many of the boys took pleasure in walking nude in front of the window.  Eventually all so called solutions to the gender problem were dropped.  Even the rule that boys would wear suit during swimming class and at swim practice was dropped.  It was glorious. I had daily access to observe healthy young male genitals.  I loved it.  It was like a dream. 

What was even better was that all male modesty eventually disappeared from the school but women were allowed to maintain modesty.  All males, even teachers, went nude even during recreational swimming.  Once a year we would give physicals in the nude to all boys and even the male teachers at the school. 

One of the things that happened was an outbreak of jock itch in the school.  The first thing I did was to inform the nurse.  We sat down and formulated a plan on how to deal with the situation.  Before each class, I would have the boys strip naked so that the nurse could inspect every one of them. Naturally I had to be there to watch.  When the nurse found a case I would first wash the boys testicles with antifungal soap and then dry his testicles with a paper towel.  We then had the nurse apply antifungal salve all over the boy’s testicles.  Then I would give the boys medicine to use on his own.  After that I would insist on testicle inspection of the boy until he was completely healed.  If the nurse was unavailable I would ask one of the female teachers to assist.  I had no problem finding volunteers.

We made a point of doing this in front of the class.  My reasons were twofold.  One, everyone could see what was going on and there would be plenty of witnesses.  The real reason was we thought it was erotic to do this in front of all the boys.  I knew the boy involved would get an erection which would lead to even more patients.  I just love handling testicles.  I even love watching cock grow more.  I can’t tell you how many erections I created.  It is just great to be a boys’ physical education teacher.

My name is Kathy Day and I am the headmistress of the Vermont School for Boys, otherwise known as the CFNM Prep School.  Shortly after I was hired to be the first headmistress of the Vermont School for Boys I decided to hire a female school nurse.  Up until then the school nurse had always been male.  However, since I had only experienced male doctors all of my life I saw no reason why the boys would have to have a male school nurse.  That hiring caused no real fuss.  I think only one boy complained about it but when his parents did not intervene ignored him. 

What did eventually cause a lot of change at the school was the hiring of a female physical education teacher.  I debated over her hiring but her qualifications were beyond superb.  She was actually an Olympic gold medal swimmer and we had a reputation that we wanted to continue for swimming excellence.  When we hired her we tried to protect the boys’ modesty. The problem was that the boys seemed to go out of their way to be nude in front of their teacher.  Both the physical education teacher and I felt that the boys had made their own decision.  Then things seemed to take off.  Eventually the boys dropped any and all pretense of modesty and so did our male teachers.  We became known as the CFNM Prep School.  It did not hurt our popularity.  In fact, we became even more selective and our reputation for academic excellence improved.

One day I got a call from the head mistress of a neighboring girls prep school.  She had heard of our reputation for immodest boys and wanted to know if some of our boys wanted to be models for their girls in sex education classes.  The headmistress simply wanted her girls to be as familiar with male genitals.  I had no idea if any of our boys would volunteer so I posted the notice.  Several of our boys did volunteer and after their parents gave written consent I agreed.  The boys were well remunerated. 

After the lessons were given the headmistress called me again and expressed her delight!  She said that the lessons had call gone well, our boys were perfect gentlemen and her girls were all grateful for this experience.  I then asked our boys how they felt about the experience and they unanimously stated that it had been a positive experience.  They were delighted to participate in the education of young girls. 

This went on for a few years with more of our boys volunteering each year.  Eventually it got to the point that we had more volunteers than the girls’ school wanted.  I then decided to witness this annual event myself.  When I did I realized that the class could be taken to another level that would be even more useful to girls.  The event had gotten popular enough that we could provide each girl with her own model.  In that way the girl would have hands on experience and the education would be that much more memorable.  The first thing I did was ask our boys about my idea.  The response was a resounding yes.  All that I required now was written permission form their parents.  There was no problem.  The parents all felt it was an excellent idea for both genders as long as the event was well supervised.  I then approached my headmistress counterpart who quickly agreed. 

The event was held at the girls’ school as usual.  The two school nurses taught the class as part of the biology curriculum.  We tried to keep it as simple as possible. We simply had the boys individually stand in front of a girl and drop his trousers.  The girls had been warned in advance that the boys would likely get an erection and to regard this as perfectly normal.  Also, that some of them might even have an orgasm and to regard this as normal also.  Every girl was given a package of Kleenex in advance in case this happen.

The first thing taught to the girls was how boys develop.  That before birth the testicles drop through the inguinal canal into the scrotum.  To emphasize this all the girls were taught how to check for an inguinal hernia.  They were taught how to insert a finger into the inguinal canal and tell the boy to turn his head and cough.  Then there were taught to feel the testicles looking for any lumps that might be cancerous. 

After that the girls were taught how to identify all of the parts of male genitals including an understanding of how the penis gets erect.  The last thing that the girls were taught was where the sensitive parts of male genitals are.  By this time all of the boys had erections.  This is what the girls’ headmistress had wanted.  She  wanted her girls to see penises grow. When the girls were shown where the sensitive parts of male genitals are some of them followed up.  When they did the boys began to orgasm.  What happened thereafter was a cascade.  When the girls saw the boys orgasming all of them started to fondle their respective models.  All of the teacher watching looked at each other wondering if they should intervene.  Almost simultaneously all of the teachers decided it was best to let nature take its course.  They were all glad that at least part of the problem had been anticipated and the girls had Kleenex to clean up the messes that they made.  I personally did not anticipate what had happened though perhaps I should have.  I also found it extremely erotic.  Watching those girls fondle those boys into orgasm was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.  When it was over my panties were sopping wet.

This event is now a regular part of the curriculum at both schools.  It was recognized immediately after that it was not only fun for the students and their teachers but of superlative education value.  It would be something both boys and girls would remember vividly.  Interestingly as a result of this event at least one couple who met during this education and usually more have eventually married each year.  I am sure it is the most successfully participatory event that these children have ever engaged it.

My name is Linda Wilson and I attend the New Hampshire School for Girls.  I wanted to go there because I had heard the girls use real boys to teach sex education.  I knew that I would like it but I never anticipated how erotic it would be.  I was part of the first class where all us girls had our own boy to learn from.  It was so simple.  The boys just dropped their pants right in front of us.  I had only my sister, so I had never seen a nude male before, not even a baby.  Suddenly, I was sitting there with male genitals appearing right in front of me.  I was shocked and even more I was delighted and excited.  The almost immediately I got to find his inguinal ring to check him for a hernia.  I had never even seen a naked male before and now I get to fondle one’s genitals.  I found the inguinal ring almost immediately but I didn’t let on.  I was having too much fun feeling him up.  What was even better was that his penis started growing.  I had never seen a naked male before and now I was being allowed to watch a penis grow!  I could feel myself getting wet.  My boy’s penis grew until I fully stuck out in front of him.  I looked up at his face expecting him to be embarrassed but all I saw was joy.  I found that even more exciting.  I could help myself I reached out and wrapped my hand around his penis.  I wanted to feel how hard it was.  Was it ever! 

Eventually we girls were taught where the sensitive parts are.  I took this as an invitation to help myself.  I grabbed him by the balls and stroked him with and right hand while I was caressing his testicles with my left.  After only a few minutes he began to orgasm.  I continued my stroking until he had finished.  Then I took the Kleenex we had been given in advance for just this occurrence and cleaned him up. 

Then I took one of the Kleenexes and wrote my name and number on it hoping he would call me.  He did.  On our first date he took me out to park.  Before he could make a move on me I grabbed his crotch.  He immediately dropped his pants and I went after his balls.  This time I took my time.  I played with his balls and played with his balls.  Only after he began begging me to release him did I stroke his cock.  He ejaculated almost immediately. 

We became an item.  All of our dates ended with me enjoying my domination over him.  I brought him to climax at least a hundred times.  .  First, I took pictures of him naked so that I could show them to all my girlfriends.  Then I stripped him naked in front of my girlfriends and masturbated him while they watched. They wanted me to let them do it but I wouldn’t let them  He was mine and his cock and balls were mine too! 

Nevertheless, I enjoyed showing my friends my domination over him.  I stripped him naked every chance I got. We would go to swim parties but I would not let him wear a suit even if he was the only one naked.  I took him to the women’s rest room at a roadside rest where I pretended to be his caregiver so I could drop his pants in public for him to pee.  I wouldn’t even let him pee standing up like a man.  I made him pee sitting down like a girl!  I spilled milk on his pants deliberately so that I had an excuse to wash his clothes.  I stripped him naked from the waist down in front of my mother and sister in order to wash his clothes and then I wouldn’t give him anything to wear.  I made him stay naked from the waist down until his clothes were washed and dried.  My mother gave me the dirtiest looks when I did that but she did not stop me.  I think she enjoyed it as much as I did.  She was divorced from my dad so she hadn’t seen a naked man in years.  I even took him to the beach where I stripped him naked, put a cock ring on him, fastened a leash onto the cock ring and paraded him naked up and down the beach with me holding the leash.  Then I did the same thing again except I stripped him naked, stroked him until he was erect and paraded him naked with me holding his cock like a handle along a path in an urban park.  We left just as the police arrived. 

Eventually he wanted to get into my pants but I wouldn’t let him.  This ended our relationship.  It was fine with me.  I didn’t care about him.  I only cared about playing with his testicles and his cock.  There were plenty more where that came from.  I would eventually fondle more than my share.  It was only when I met Mr. Right that a let a man into my pants.  I think my experience with the sex ed class at the New Hampshire School for Girls was the best educational experience I ever had.  I hope they never change it.  I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it that way.

Eventually our board of directors decided that the school should go co-ed.  I as headmistress had to implement that program.  When we did we were immediately inundated with thousands of applicants.  Our reputation as the CFNM Prep School had preceded us.  This enabled us to be really selective.  Beside academic performance and athletic ability we wanted girls who were attracted to the CFNM aspect of our school.  In other words. we only wanted girls who sexually aggressive.  We felt that girls who were sexually aggressive would be aggressive in the world of business and politics.  It was a simple matter to determine this.  We just asked them if they were aware of our reputation as the CFNM Prep School and if they were in any way offended by male nudity.  If they said they were offended, they failed.  If they said they didn’t mind, they also failed.  It was only if they smiled and said that they liked the idea that they were admitted. 

When we admitted girls we saw no reason to change the school customs.  We had to expand the size of our school so there was a lot of building the previous year and everyone knew it was going to happen.  We assumed that the boys would understand that when the girls arrived they knew their modesty would be worthless.  We saw no reason for any kind of separate facilities for women.  We made no female housing units; no female rest rooms and no female locker rooms.  There was no need for separate female rest rooms.  When females urinate, they use commodes inside of locked enclosures.  It is the boys who peed in the open.  We had males and females using the same locker rooms for years.  Our female teachers dressed and undressed under loose shifts.  When the female teacher showered they wore suits.  It was the male teachers who went nude. The female students could dress and undress under shifts like their teachers did. The male students would shower and swim nude as usual.  When it came to sex education the girls would use the male students as their models but not vice versa.  When it came to teaching female physiology, we used drawings. 

The one thing we did when allowing girls to attend our school is instruct them in modern feminism.  Modern feminism holds that it was easy to control men.  By taking control of male genitals and relieving men of their semen their aggressive lust is satiated and they become passive.  In simple terms, males should be masturbated as much as possible.  Insofar as males have never had any significant risk of being raped or molested there was never any real reason for male modesty.  The only reason for male modesty was to protect women.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The new theory of keeping testicles drained would be more effective than male modesty.  Naturally this theory required the abandonment of male modesty.

We found that our girls took this policy up with a vengeance.  Almost from the start of school our girls were helping the boys shower and playing with their genitals when they did.  It became a common sight to see our boys being ejaculated by our girls in the shower.  Our boys gave up all pretense of male modesty and allowed the girls free reign over their bodies.  Not all our boys were popular enough to find a girl to masturbate them so eventually we had a class after school where boys could come and have their testicles drained. It was never a problem getting girls to volunteer for that duty.  We were delighted to discover that many boys and girls began dating because of this.  This happened despite the fact that our school was made up almost exclusively of nerds.  Our policy has been overwhelmingly successful.  To this date we have never had a complaint of molestation or an unwanted pregnancy.

We were delighted to find out that girls and boys found each other as a result of boys having their testicles drained.  We discovered that it became commonplace on first dates for the boys to be masturbated.  After a few dates girls learned to fellate the boys and the boys learned to masturbate and cunnilingus the girls.

1.  I saw this in a British movie entitled "If".  It was about a British private school.  At the beginning of the school year all the boys lined up in front of this corpulent school nurse who checked them for STD.s.  I thought it hilarious.  I had never seen anything like that before.  The closest I ever came to it was when I was examined by a female urologist at the VA for a hydrocele.  It took about a minute.  Then I went home and calculated how many penises she has seen in her lifetime.  I calculate about 150,000 = 30 x 250 x 20.  My mother, 1.  Babies don't count.  BTW, I thought the way the urologist examined her patients was extraordinarily efficient.

Submitted: March 14, 2022

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