At Her Command

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Noah is an angry man in need of release and will get it...

At Her Command

[Expected at 8—TAF.]

Noah ground his teeth at the iPhone in his fist, where the text message tormented him. Her audacity pissed him off.  He tossed the cell phone in the passenger seat of his fiery orange Dodge Challenger for the third time in so many fuming minutes.  With the pop of the clutch and stomp of his foot, he gunned the Hemi-V8 engine, burning rubber north along Interstate-5. 

Noah’s fiancée, Jodi, never questioned him when he revealed the need to resolve some unfinished business.  He anticipated being home by tomorrow evening.  Noah gave her no reason to distrust him, at least until now. 

“I didn’t lie,” he defended while glancing at his doubting reflection in the rearview mirror.  The guilt built behind the conflicted pastel green eyes. “There’s much unsettled across the border.”

Over the intense period Noah and TAF (better known as the goddess) had been lovers, he made a habit of traveling between the Piguet Sound area of Northwest Washington to the neighborhood of Kitsilano, west of downtown Vancouver.  The first six months after she ghosted him, Noah drove by her house like a lovesick puppy almost every day.  The goddess’ home remained impossibly dark and unwelcoming.  

A month after that, Noah met and later fell for Jodi, who graced him with his first daughter, Crissy, a year ago.  Another child was on the way, unplanned, also, but a happy accident.  Next month Jodi and Noah would wed well ahead of the due date or when his baby’s mama might show evidence of his fertile seed.  Rightly then, with him moving on, he remanded any memory of the goddess to an unfortunate hook-up, nothing more. 

She discarded me like a worthless shit.  Well, that’s all she fuckin’ is to me, too! Can’t wait to tell that to her face.  I deserve that.

Noah lost his breath because he had forgotten how spectacular the goddess’s sprawling one-floor mansion was.  Its modern spread of enormous glass windows offered a remarkable view of the English Bay to the east and Burrard Inlet to the north and west.  His stomach somersaulted, and his hands grew clammy at the nervousness edging out the anger that possessed him since receiving the text message.  Noah gripped the steering wheel too tightly and forced himself to relax as he parked behind an arctic white Tesla Model S Plaid. 

Last chance before it’s too late.

Once the white digital dial read 8:07, Noah leaped out of the car.  He sprinted to the front door in a panic because he was due by eight o’clock.  The goddess disapproved of a couple of things, but tardiness was at the top of her list.  Noah hesitated to knock and then grasped the handle and latch instead.  The oversized front door admitted him to the wide-open space with 14-foot ceilings.  It was furnished as he remembered in geometric-inspired sophistication.  A fire burned in the stone fireplace, mirroring the burning in his soul.

On the dining room table, Noah spotted a solo cocktail of brown liquor in beautiful crystal as it glinted in the firelight.  He licked dry lips due to his elevated breathing.  Noah searched around yet viewed no one watching him.  He lifted the drink to his nose, recognizing the intense but unique character of his favorite Jack Daniel’s 10-year-old Tennessee Whiskey.  Noah also noticed the folded parchment paper with his name written on it when he sought to put the glass down.  He unfolded it and read the message scribbled for him:




Scrub your whole body, including the bottom of your feet. 

Wash your hair.

Await further instructions.

Noah’s breath caught as his blond eyebrows met.  He carefully searched for any sign of the commanding presence he awaited for two years.  Dammit, he wasn’t there to play games!

Aren’t you? That warning voice, the last bit of conscience Noah possessed, sounded too ecstatic as it spoke up inside him.Prove it.  Leave now and never come back.

Noah swallowed the brown liquor in one gulp.  He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to fight the internal dialogue sparring in his mind.  The rational voice faded as if a dial reduced the volume.  His body quaked with a need that only the goddess ever satisfied.  His skin wanted freedom from the itchy fabric surrounding it, and he abided.  Noah shed everything where he stood, including his underwear, socks, and shoes. 

His feet slapped their way to the master bedroom at the end of the corridor.  The lights were dim, but the bathroom flickered with candlelight.  The tile drew him to the standing shower.  Noah stepped within the glass doors and turned on the cold water, hoping it would calm the fire inside him.  When he could stand no more, he turned on the hot to balance it to the temperature of his preference. 

Noah scrubbed himself, acutely aware of his arousal.  A lot of energy was focused on the point of him.  The skin of his nether-rod was sensitive from all the recent abuse, but it persisted defiantly with stiffness. 

God, I need relief!

Noah didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he washed his head last.  When he rinsed the suds from it, he heard and saw the click of metal surrounding his wrists, linked by a short chain.  It hung from above at the showerhead’s neck that he faced to his shock. 

“What the fu—” was all he managed when he felt the brutal sting across his ass. “Owww!”

Noah heard it rather than saw it.  The nasty length of a bamboo cane brought water pouring from his eyes.  The skin stung where struck.  His breath caught at the next hit of the tiny apparatus that he wished to God he had forgotten.  The bruising the following day would remind him of all that took place.  His knees faltered where his feet were glued, no sense of self-preservation apparent.  Noah dared not look as his eyes squeezed close against the shower flowing over his head and his ass clenched in the reward of another thwak!

“Please,” Noah wept even as his prick had the nerve to sputter cum against the tile wall before being given permission. “Please.” 

He didn’t dare stop the next thwak!  Or the other four that followed.  





The monstrosity of the pain couldn’t be described.  His balls seized up for protection. Noah’s poor penis was left to fend for itself as it leaned limply toward his thigh.  He thought he had lost his voice when he ceased breathing for several soul-crushing seconds.  

“T-thank you, Mistress!  May I h-have another, Mistress?” 

Cool gel swirled the circumference of his ass.  Noah flinched and gasped at the gentle massage of nimble fingers.  He imagined more of her sadistic side would emerge to the forefront to scare him into submission and make him forget any reservation.  Only the glorious press of her soft body and firm nipples at his back could do that.  Something clamped around his shriveled penis and clicked.  Noah felt the strain of his balls when the fluid built within them could go nowhere.


His nightstick cared little for him and swelled against the restrictions.  It took up every available space, and he whimpered with the discomfort of the metal entrapment.  The goddess’s fingers resumed the caress of his ass until the hint of nails scrapped it.  Noah hissed, yet did not move away.  He pressed into it as the goddess slipped a finger to rim the tender hole in hiding.

“Ooo, thank you, Mistress,” Noah groaned at her boldness and the barbarous pain stinging his ass.  His trapped pecker yearned for freedom, and now his ass was prodded by her finger. “May I have another, Mistress?”

Noah trembled when two fingertips entered his asshole as the hot water poured over him with his hands still raised above him, handcuffed together, and resting on the showerhead. Each slow insertion went deeper as he breathed with it.  He relaxed and let it happen. 

“Fuck!  Oh, thank you, Mistress!  May I have more?”

His dick was too rigid with so much blood trying to reach it, but there was no room to expand. “Fuck, Mistress, please!”

Her two fingers pumped him quicker.  The goddess stabbed his prostrate at regular intervals that had Noah grunting as he pressed against them to the knuckles.  She removed her fingers and replaced them with a cock.  It stretched his ass more than anything had.

“It’s too big!” he cried, “Mistress, oooh!” He would bleed if he didn’t relax, but it had been so long!  

Noah’s handcuffed wrists slipped off the showerhead to the tiled wall in front of him.  The goddess’s hand forced his head down. “Bend over and spread ’em,” ushered her simple command in a husky voice.

Noah shuddered all over, but mainly at his head.  He complied with her wishes, even though he didn’t wish to.  In submission, he calmed, trusting her when he knew he shouldn’t.  The goddess spread his cheeks and added more warming gel.  It stimulated his hole as he hissed and whimpered at her weak pumps of the cock.  When she worked it inside him, filling the magical places that conquered his will, Noah shouted his pleasure and cursed the wicked woman for denying him a second overdue orgasm.

“You like when I use you as my fuck-toy, don’t you?” She slapped his red ass with her hand.  He trembled more in fear at war with desire. 

The high of anticipation rather than pain made him moan. “Yes, ooo!”

Her hand delivered another spanking. 

“Please fuck me harder, Mistress, and—and let me taste it.”

Her nails dug into Noah’s scalp, tangling in his medium-length blond hair and yanking it back into her fiendish thrusts.  The hard balls smacked at him, teasing his exposed perineum.  He yelped at the added friction that ballooned the licks of ecstasy.  Hot water splashed over his back, mingling with the sweat. 

“Ahhh!  Fuck!” The pleasure centered at his core and reached his toes.  Noah bared his teeth at the advance of the cock in his ass, welcoming it with the same bestial quality unleashed upon him.

The goddess gripped his hips in relentless precision to meet him.  Noah watched the fleshy pole penetrate him and dominate the place that made him weep for joy.  He swore he detected its ridges, both thick and veiny pumping his hole. Noah’s legs wobbled when hers did, and she pulled out with her cumming.  He ventured to turn to see her at last. 

The tanned goddess stood more athletic than he remembered.  Thick lashes and dark hair framed her soft brown eyes.  Pouty lips separated to gather more air.  The goddess pointed to the tiled floor before her manicured feet. 

“Kneel and lick your ass off my dick.” 

Noah mistakenly shook his head when he fell to his knees.  The goddess shoved the pink cock between his thin lips and met his clamped teeth. 

“Open your mouth.” She gripped the curly blond hair on top of his head. “Open.” His jaw obliged as the goddess poked his cheek before sending the phallus to tickle his tonsils.  Noah gagged as she forced it down his throat. 

“Suck it.”

Like a newborn sought a teat, Noah slurped at the cock pivoting around his lips.  He allowed her to fuck his mouth until her legs began to shake.  The goddess withdrew the toy after holding it at the back of his throat, where he grew lightheaded from lack of air.  Noah gasped for breath, eyes-watering, as he stared up at her rapidly rising chest with tear-drop breasts.  A stream of spital fell from his flushed mouth to his chest, craving to suck the perfect little nipples out of reach.

“I’m not done with your pretty face yet.”  The goddess released his head to buckle a ball-less gag harness on his face.  It shaped his mouth in the perfect “o” shape.  “This is only the beginning.”

Submitted: March 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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So let me get this straight. Did this guy really show up at his mistresses home with intent to break it off with her only to get roped into another "meeting" with her? After all he endured at her ruthless hands and he really seemed to enjoy it, yeeeeah...I don't think it's over : D
I feel so bad for Jodi. What would she think if she saw him with his mistress and what they do together?

Sun, March 20th, 2022 8:23am


Indeed. Jodi may not be very happy with her hubby-to-be, but then again, maybe she's creeping to someone else's bed for all we know. It's a two-way street these days with all the open relationships floating around.

Noah seems committed to his stable life with Jodi but also seeks a little extra, or more to the point of having again what he lost years ago. Every choice comes with consequences, and it might be fun to explore what those might be. We'll have to see what shakes out, if someone has something more to say in this tale.

Thanks for weighing in with your thoughts, girlie. ;)

Sun, March 20th, 2022 6:33am


Thank you for this story mistress…

Wed, March 23rd, 2022 12:36am


As always, you are welcome.

Fri, April 1st, 2022 12:14am


I had to stop before the end of this, clean up my chair, and quickly visit Amazon to order a shiny new arrangement of B&D apparel, The Amy Turner Collection. Can’t wait for it to get here! I’ve scheduled a Florida beach rental, a property inspired by your amazingly descriptive details that sports a massive walk in shower with multiple heads and stainless steel ringlets conveniently secured to the ceiling. I think it will be the perfect Air B&B experience.

I’ll be inviting several of your lovely readers, particularly Sam, for this exquisite once in a lifetime opportunity to “live the literature” just as it was written, and I duly expect a guest appearance and demonstration by the author. Will you be free to participate?
Don’t forget to bring your bamboo.

Sam is awaiting the date and has forwarded his cock cage size. He will be disappointed to discover that these are one size fits no one, and it’s already included in your kit. You’ve just thought of everything, Amy. Have you considered appearing on Shark Tank with this?

So, I hope this is your shower love scene offering because it’s freaking off the charts! I don’t know when I’ve ever read anything quite this hot, particularly this condensed. Holy crap!

I love how you develop the piece from the beginning, the explanation of relationships and specific geography. The time element is so curious because Noah is two years past this lady and locked in with a family when he gets lured by this lurid creature back to her lair.

You are an unreliable narrator in so much that Noah is clearly not driven by anger, as much as he’d like to rationalize it as such. He’s driven by lust and his desire for obedience that seems unlikely to be quenched at home. A mistress does what she does, and she’s not to be confused with matrimonial monogamy.

Unreliable narrators are sexy. An unreliable fiancé is…well…whacked on the ass with bamboo because he’s seven minutes late. I guess he showed her! (mister angry man).

You do a super job with the sex in this piece, just intoxicatingly affluent and opulent. It’s not just the woman herself that’s so alluring, it’s the experience and the surroundings that Noah finds so seductive.

The piece is well balanced, given predetermined limitations. The pace and the word choices are fab. It melts the screen, girl.

Mon, April 18th, 2022 5:55pm


LOL, this review is hilarious! Your imagination is as wicked as your pen, girlie. Thank you for the kind accolades as well as invitation to the party at the fantasy driven Air B&B where anything goes. Almost a Club Moon, if you will. They do have private clubs for these sorts of things, a different city, with a different theme. How exciting that you will be hosting Damp Kitten's exclusive getaway! It seems these days there is an app for everything and so why not for this niche, eh? The best way to ensure a much release to be had by all. :D

Thanks for weighing in with your thoughts and sharing this wonderful commentary with me. I always enjoy the thorough melting as much as an unreliable narrator. However, one can never forget the bamboo when it comes to such people. ;)

Sun, April 24th, 2022 10:17am


Some shower...the situation is hotter than the water, no doubt about that! Thanks for sharing this story.

Fri, April 29th, 2022 12:36pm


I love showers, don't you? Especially when they're steamy and hotter than the water. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, my friend. :)

Sun, May 1st, 2022 5:54am


Girl you can write!!! Holy moly I am in deep with this one. I NEED MORE xx

Mon, May 2nd, 2022 8:42am


It pleases me to hear that you enjoyed the reading experience with me. Thank you for that and sharing your thoughts with me. :)

Thu, May 5th, 2022 4:28pm


At first I thought it would be wonderful to submit to your every whim. Now, I'm not so sure - this was amazing, written perfectly but it was scary to a shy guy like myself. Definitely do not want to experience most of this, but I would imagine that in the right circumstance.....? Aw, hells no!

Thu, June 2nd, 2022 12:15am


I can understand that such trust has to be earned. Communication on limits would have to discussed, and it is assumed in this piece that very thing has already occurred. Our friend here knew exactly what he was getting into by accepting the invite and by my estimation and his inner dialogue with himself, he could have walked away or refused the summons. He did not and so this was the result. Not for everyone, as some things may be, but a risk he was willing to take. Thanks for the read and comment. I do enjoy knowing the thoughts and impressions of my readers. ;)

Sat, June 4th, 2022 1:09am

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