Girl Gang

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A gang of femdom girls takes pleasure in publicly stripping and humiliating their prey consisting of both males and females.

The behavior of the protagonists in this story is despicable. Fortunately, I have never known girls to act like this. The story is intended as entertainment only. Hopefully, the story is cathartic rather than encouragement.

Girl Gang

My name is Ann Holmes.  I am 5 foot tall and weigh 102 lbs.  Despite my size I am the leader of the Girls Rule gang.  We are a group of angry, young femdoms.  We patrol our city looking for prey, both male and female.  We look for male prey because we like them sexually and we therefor like to humiliate them.  We look for female prey because we don’t like them and therefor like to humiliate them.  We can’t stand debutants, uppity, privileged girls.  Girls who look down on us.  We love to take them down.

We started out by pantsing boys on the playground.  At first, we just pulled down their pants but that wasn’t enough so when we pantsed them we made a point of stripping them naked publicly.  It was fun but it got us in trouble.

 At first, we didn’t carry weapons but we found pretty quickly that it was much easier to pants a male if we were armed. It didn’t matter how big the male was, if you had 8 girls armed with knives, he was either going to lose his pants or go to the hospital.  We would walk around looking for young, attractive men.  We would surround him, pull our knives and take advantage of him.  First, I would grab his crotch and feel his testicles.  I look at their faces when I do that because if I see fear, it turns me on. 

At first. we just talked men out of their clothes.  You really don’t have to pants them.  We saw this high school boy on a playground.  He was probably about 18 years old, 5’ 10” and 150 lbs. with dark wavy hair.  We approached him and I said, “You are really cute.”

“You think so,” he answered.

“Yea, I think so,” I answered and then I said to one of my girls, “Do you think he is cute Judy.” 

She said, “Yea, he is really cute.”

Then I said, “How are you hung?”

He looked at me peculiarly answered, “I am well hung.”

“Can I see?” I asked.

He said, “I will let you see mine if you let me see yours.”

“I said, I don't think so."

He said, "What does that mean?"

"I think you should let me see yours without seeing mine,” I said.

"I won't agree with that," he said.

I said, "I don't care if you agree or not," and then I and my girls pulled our knives.'

He said, "Where do you want to do this?"

"Right here and right now," I said.

“If we do it here everyone can see us,” he said.

I said, “That’s the point,” I didn’t hesitate.  I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, lowered his zipper and pulled his pants to the ground.  Then I lowered his underpants to the ground.  I then cupped his balls and tested their weight.  He was terrified and couldn’t get erect.  It may not have excited him but it excited us.”

He laid on the ground.  I lifted my skirt and placed my pussy against his mouth.  I never wear panties.  I said, “Lick me.”  He stuck his tongue into my pussy and began to lick me.  I said, “Lick my clit”  He did.  When I was ready I lifted my cunt off his lips.  I looked down at his cock.  He was partially hard.  I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it until he was hard.  I moved down to his cock and sat on it.  His cock slipped into my pussy as easy as a key into a lock.  I took him right there in the playground.  I rode him like a horse.  I felt him gush into my cunt just before I came.  I stood above him with my legs spread on either side of his face so he could see up my pussy and said, “You wanted to see my pussy, now take a good look at it."  I wanted him to see the instrument of his violation. 

I also wanted my girls to have him but there wasn’t time.  So we left but we took him with us.  Back at our hideout we forced him to give head to all of us.  They we took him back to the playground and let him go, naked as the day he ws born.

It was more fun to take boys by force.  We selected a college aged boy.  We pulled knives on him and I felt his crotch; he was terrified.  He became even more scared when I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his trousers, unzipped him and pulled down both his pants and underpants. The I grabbed him by the balls and squeezed.  Oh, you should have seen the fear in his face then.  But I didn’t want to hurt him.  I needed him to get an erection and if I hurt him, he wouldn’t. We had him step out of his trousers.  He was naked from the waist down surrounded by girls on a public street.  We then took the rest of his clothes so that he would not have anything to cover himself with when we were finished with him.  We backed up to a pole, put his hands behind the pole and handcuffed his hands with zip ties.

I said to him, “We are not going to hurt you.  We are only going to have fun with you.”

Then while my girls took turns fondling him while I told him how cute he was.  He calmed down and grew a nice erection. We left him erect.  We just didn’t have enough time to fully enjoy him.  The cops would arrive soon.  Then we rubbed ground chili pepper on his genitals and left before the police could arrive.  We took a video of the whole episode. 

One of our favorite stunts was to get on a bus and find a good looking man as prey.  The better dressed he was the better.  Then we would pull our knives, make him put his hands on the overhead bar and zip tie his hands to the bar.  Then in a matter of seconds we cut his clothes off him with scissors.  We can strip a man of his clothes in less than a minute.  He was naked and exposed to everyone on the bus.  We injected alprostadil directly into his penis to give him an erection, rubbed ground chili pepper into his testicles and left him for the world to see. It is even more humiliating to be naked in public with an erection. As usual we kept a video of what we did.

I never wear pants.  I don’t even wear panties. I like my pussy to breathe. I pee wherever I want, anytime I want.  I especially like to pee in front of men.  They always stop and watch.  It seems to fascinate them.  I like to enter the men’s room and use the urinal next to a man.  I just lift up my skirt above my waist and pee like a man.

Sometimes I set prey up.  If they stop and watch me pee, I click on my cell phone, my girls enter the men’s room, sneak up behind him, pull their knives and take him to the lady’s room.  There we strip them, take their clothes, tie them naked to the legs of a toilet stall, inject alprostadil into their penises and rub chili pepper all over their testicles.  Yes, we video everything.  The cops are so stupid that when women complain about a naked man in their rest room, the prey gets arrested and charged with Indecent Exposure. 

Sometimes, I get on a bus wearing a short skirt.  My skirt is so short that when I sit down a man sitting opposite on the bus can see my pussy.  I have my pussy waxed often to keep it free of hair.  I want them to clearly see my slit. When they are staring at my slit, I spread my legs giving them an even better view.  If they come and sit next to me, I know I have prey. I put my hand on their crotch to see if I can feel an erection.  Then I say to them, “I am getting off at the next stop.”

 If they say, “So am I.”  I have my prey.

As soon as we get off at the next stop my girls and I pull our knives.  I say, “So you like looking at my pussy.  Well, let’s take a look at what you look like.”  Then we strip our prey naked, tie him to the bus bench, inject him with alprostadil, rub chili pepper over his testicles and leave him for the world to see.  How embarrassing is that?

Sometimes when we are on the bus, we find an uptown girl, a debutante.  We hate girls like that.  They have everything we want.  We pull our knives, back her up to a pole, handcuff her to the pole, cut her clothes off, shave her pussy and rub chili pepper around her clit.  Then we leave her naked and spread eagled in front of everyone on the bus. 

One of our best stunts was to invade a high school boys’ gym class.  This time we used guns.  We timed it so that they would be in the showers when we entered.  We gathered them together with their instructor.  Those who weren’t naked we stripped.  While we were rubbing ground chili pepper into their testicles and injecting alprostadil into their penises, we started a fire in their locker room.  The fire alarm went off and they had to exit the building naked with erections.  The boys and their teacher were humiliated but the girls loved it.  It made the news.  The girls laughed at the boys dancing around with erections and inflamed scrotums.

We decided that we should do something to the uppity girls in that school. Our solution was simple.  We came into their locker room, stripped them naked and videotaped them.  Then we sold the videos on the black market.  We gave the videos to the boys of that school.  We not only humiliated those uppity cunts, but we made a lot of money.  Those videos were really popular, and the girls were furious.  The girls who thought it funny for boys to be naked didn’t think it was so funny when it happened to them.

It is hard to sexually enjoy someone and publicly humiliate them at the same time.  If you strip someone in public, you have limited time before the police arrive.  When you want enjoy having fun with your prey you need more time. You need privacy.  When we get horny, we prowl public parks looking for men.  It usually doesn’t take long before we find worthy prey.  If they are alone, we pull our knives and take them where we can have fun with them.  We strip them, force them on the ground, force them to give us head and then fuck them.  The problem with men is that one man cannot satisfy 8 horny girls.

We decided to do a stunt where we could all the cock we wanted.  We found out where there would be a rugby game.  We waited after the game to give the men time to get into the shower.  Then we invaded their shower rooms with guns.  We put the two teams naked together in one locker room and lined them up.  Six at a time we forced them to lay naked on the floor.  We sat on their faces, forced them to lick us, sat of their cocks and pumped them until we orgasmed.  Each of us got as much cock as we wanted.  Every girl orgasmed several times.  When we were done, we were sore but satiated.  We chose not to use ground chili powder.  I am not sure why.  For once our lust had been satisfied.  Could it be we were grateful?  The police found out but no one would even file a complaint. 

Later it was reported to us that the two rugby teams wanted us to come back. We did.  This time we stripped both teams, took them outside at gun point and tied them to chairs with their legs apart in a large circle together facing outwards.  Then we rubbed ground chili peppers on their testicles gave them all injections of alprostadil and left.  Of course, we took pictures. When the cops arrived they thought it was hilarious.  Two rugby teams, all naked, all facing outward sporting erections.  They didn’t want us back after that.

We found this delectable young man walking alone through a park.  He was about 6 feet tall, 180 lbs. and exceedingly handsome.  I nodded to my girls, and they acknowledged.  We had prey!  A quick 180, a quick walk and we had him bracketed.  We pulled our knives and he stopped dead in his tracks.  He said, “What do you want?”

I said, “To have fun with you.”

He looked at me queerly and said, “What do you mean fun?” 

I said, “Naked fun!”

We took him deep in the woods.  There I reached in and took out his wallet.  It was full of money but we were not thieves.  I wanted to know his name.  His name was Francis Morgan.

I said, “Is your name Francis.

He said, “Yes, it is.”

I said, “Do you mind if I call your Franky.”

He said, “I prefer Frank.”

I said, “I like Franky.  Franky, we are not going to hurt you.  We are not into hurting our prey.  As long as you give us what we want, you will remain unhurt.  We are only going to have fun with you.  You do not have to do anything.  We will do it all for you.  All you will have to do is lay back and enjoy.  If you don't get an erection, I will give you a shot of alprostodil in your cock and you will get an involuntary erection.  I don't want to do that because I get off when my prey responds to me."

I said, “Strip.”

He gave me that queer look again but started to remove his clothes.  When he got to his underwear he stopped.  I said, “Everything.”  He removed his underwear.  I then appraised him.  He was magnificent.  What a hunk!  Handsome, muscular, everything a girl wants physically in a man.  He was especially gifted in his genitals.  A long thick cock and large, fat testicles.  I immediately wanted to suck that cock.  I grabbed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. I no sooner got my hands on him then he responded to me.  I love it when they grow for me like that. It didn’t take him long before he was completely erect.  What a boner!  I love men.  It is so obvious when they are sexually excited and when they orgasm.  He was both thick, long and hard. I wrapped one hand around the big, thick, hard cock and with the other hand I felt those fat balls.  I couldn’t wait to slide down his cock.  I wanted just to lift my skirt and jump on his cock.  We put a thick rubber band tightly around his cock to keep him from cumming.  We also put three condoms around his cock for the same reason and gave him a 100 mg. of Viagra.

I slipped off my skirt.  I didn’t need to but I wanted to.  I wanted my girls to see me take him, all of him.  I wanted my girls to see my pussy swallow his cock whole.  I jumped on his cock and slid down him like a fireman down a fire pole.  When I did, he filled me up.  I could feel the walls of my pussy stretch as I slid down.  I rubbed my pubic bone against his.  I wanted him to know that I owned him, all of him.  Once I had him tight in my cunt. I started to fuck him.  I fucked him like I was his pump, and he was my well.  At first he laid there quietly but after a while he started matching my thrusts.  I had him.  I had mastered him.  I came quickly but he didn’t and remained tumescent.

Then my second in command had her way with him.  First, she sat on his face and made him lick her.  When she was ready. she put him in the amazon position and fucked him.  This scenario was repeated until all of my girls had had their fun with him.  We were satiated but we weren’t done with him.  His humiliation had not even begun. 

“Franky,” I said, “What will happen next will prove most embarrassing.  You have served us well but now you are going to entertain us.  It will be fun for us but bad for you. It will really be bad, really bad, you are about to suffer the worst humiliation of your life!”

He was still naked and handcuffed with his hands behind his back with a plastic tie.  We remove the three condoms and put a cock ring around his cock and balls.  We gave him a shot of alprostadil so he would have an erection while we humiliated him.  The cock ring was part of a chain that we put through his legs and around his waist.  At the end of a chain was a lock.  The chain was tight so that if someone were to remove the cock ring he would have to cut the lock.  We inserted a butt plug in his anus that rubbed his prostate gland when he walked.  The alprostadil was working, he had a gorgeous erection.  It would be more humiliating with an erection.  Then we rubbed ground chili powder over his testicles.

We took him out to the street and handcuffed him to a pole with steel handcuffs naked with an erection.  As soon as we left bystanders started gathering around him.  There was nothing they could do for him.  Some of them started taking pictures of him with their phones.  It was at least 15 minutes before someone with a phone called the police.  By this time a big crowd had gathered.

One of the first women on the scene asked him why his testicles were so inflamed.  He explained that we had rubbed chili pepper into his testicles.  She then went into her purse and tried to relieve the burning with hand lotion.  It had a cooling effect but it did nothing to neutralize the capsaicin because capsaicin is an oil and the hand lotion was water soluble.  The only effect the rubbing had was to stimulate him more.  He told her to stop because she was stimulating him but she ignored him.  She continued to stroke him until he stopped spurting.  Numerous bystanders caught the whole thing on their phones. 

 The cops arrived first. They did not have the means to cut the chain but they did remove the handcuffs.  The EMT’s arrived next and they did not have the means to cut the chains but they did remoe the butt plug.. The male EMT’s refused to minister to another man’s testicles and insisted that the one female should. She immediately agreed and really got into her job.  She wiped the cum and hand lotion off with wet wipes and then started rubbing Vaseline into his genitals.  She knew Vaseline is soluble in oil and will remove the capsaicin oil. When she did this Franky’s cock responded to her and he came a second time.  She also continued stroking until he finished erupting.  She enjoyed him almost as much as we had. 

 The fire department arrived and they were able to cut the chain and take off the cock ring.  He was then taken to the emergency room.

At the emergency room the nurses used baby oil to remove the Vaseline and the capsaicin oil.  Then the nurse used alcohol the remove the baby oil and finally soap and water.  However, the nurses zeal caused him to erupt a third and last time.

We thought we would never see him again.  We were wrong.  He started using the same trail again.  We knew what this meant and what to do.  We waited for him again and waylaid him.  This time he went with us willingly to our hideout after we blindolded him.  We sat on his face forcing him to cunt lick us and then jumped on his cock to fuck him.  In order to keep him erect with put a thick rubber band at the base of his cock.  Miraculously he managed to stay erect for all of us.  He only came after the last girl had removed the rubber band and mounted him.  He must have really been sore when we were done with him.  We did not use chili pepper.  His cock was already red and sore.  We didn’t want to discourage him from coming back again.

The next time we were horny we went directly to his house.  He let us in and we replayed the same scenario.  He passively laid on his bed, licked us and let us fuck him.  We tired of him and didn’t do him again.  It wasn’t as much fun unless we took him by force.  Our treatment of him ruined his love life.  He never had a successful relationship with a woman because unless he was being used he couldn’t get it up. He tried cosplay but it didn’t work and it didn’t work because it was play and not real.  He tried BDSM but that didn’t work either.

We had really pissed off the police by now.  They formed a special squad just to catch us.  We decided to piss them off even more.  We invaded a house and had the owners call in a domestic disturbance.  We knew in advance that a male and a female cop would be on duty.  We waited with guns drawn for them to come.  When they did, the householders let them in.  We immediately disarmed them.  We stripped both of them naked.  We had the female give the male fellatio until he was erect.  Then we forced him to fuck her.  At first, he refused but I knew what to do.  Once I grabbed his balls and dug in my nails, I knew he would do whatever I wanted.  When the police arrived the two officers were handcuffed naked with plastic ties back to back against a telephone pole.  We had rubbed ground chili pepper into his testicles, inside her vulva and on her nipples. 

Now the police were really peeved at us.  It was only a matter of time before we got caught.  We decided to stop our stunts.  However, we had one more stunt to do before we quit.

A young, pretty, former debutante was made a District Court judge.  She hadn’t done that well in law school and hadn’t even practiced law.  She got the job through political connections.  She was everything we hated.  We decided she deserved to be prey.  We kidnapped her.  It was easy.  We waited at a stop light for her on her way home.  We jumped in her car, put a gun to her head and forced her to drive to a remote location.  Then we put her into the trunk and drove to our hide out.  The first thing we did was strip her naked, shave her pussy and her head and take pictures of her naked and spread eagled. Then we sent the pictures to the newspaper saying we wouldn’t release her until they printed the pictures.  They refused.  It was a mistake, a big mistake and they regreted it.

We waited a week and then we took a video of her naked and begging to be released.  First, we showed her with a shaven head.  She said, “Please show the video.  My freedom is more important than my modesty.  I just want to go home.” 

Then we showed her naked breasts.  She said, “Look at my breasts.  They are uninjured.  If you don’t show the video, they will cut them.” 

Third, we showed her shaven pussy.  She said, “Please look at my pussy.  It is uninjured.”  Then the video showed my hands greasing an electric soldering iron, opening the outer lips of her labia and inserting the soldering iron fully into her vagina.

She said, “The object they just inserted into my vagina is an electric soldering iron.  If you don’t show the video, they will plug it and turn it on.  In the name of God, please show the video and show it unedited.”

All of the local TV stations showed the video unedited.  The nation and international networks only described what had happened.  It was a stunt of all stunts and we were immortal.  After the video appeared unedited on all the local TV stations, we filled her vagina full of ground chili powder, rubbed more into her vulva and around her clit and on her nipples.  Then we released her.  That must really have hurt.

Shortly after we released, she wandered into a police station. The cops decided to give her first aid before they took her to the emergency ward.  Their reasoning was that the emergency ward might be busy and when they triaged her, she might have to wait.  At least that is what they claimed.  There were no female personnel on duty late that night, so the male cops had to administer the first aid.  One cop took two of his fingers, dipped them in Vaseline and covered the inside of her vulva with Vaseline.  Then he dipped his fingers into Vaseline again and spread it around her vagina.  Once inside he rotated his finger around to cover the 360 degrees of her vagina.  Then removed the Vaseline with toilet paper.  He did this twice to remove as much capsaicin as possible.  Then he did her nipples.  While he did this the other cops watched and took videos.  The cops were forced to remove that video from their phones but not before some of them had downloaded the video to their computers.  It was not hard for us to get a copy of that procedure.  Finally, the cops took her to the emergency room.

The judge was unhurt except for the fact that her pussy was still on fire.  At the emergency room the doctor first gave her a whipping cream douche.  Whipping cream because it is mostly fat and removes the fat soluble capsaicin and contains lactose.  He followed that with a yogurt douche.  He also cleaned the inside of her vulva with yogurt as well.  Yogurt was used because it restores the normal lactose eating bacteria present inside the vagina. 

What a stunt!  We were world famous and sexual humiliation immortals. We finally quit our stunts and went into business. We made copies of all of our stunts sold them on the black market and retired wealthy.  The one we made the most money on was the one with the young, female judge.  It included both the first aid of her at the police station and at the emergency room.  If the cops do find out who did this, it will do them no good because we now live in a country without an extradition treaty.

After we retired, we called Franky up and asked him if he wanted to be our nude butler.  He agreed, quit his high paying job and came to work for us for free.  He lives with us.  He is not allowed to wear clothes.  If anyone even comes to the door he answers it nude.  If anyone comes over, he serves them in the nude.  If we have people over, he will act as our waiter nude.  We don’t let any of our guests fuck him.  He is ours! He can't get an normal erection with a girl but he can with us.  We make him eat our pussies, we put him in the amazon position and take turns fucking him until he cums.

We don’t have as much fun as we used to, but we actually get more sex now.  Young men come to our house and volunteer.  We strip them naked, tie them to a bed, fondle them or suck them until they are hard, sit on their cocks and fuck them.  Now we give them back their clothes.  If we didn’t the parade of volunteers would stop.  The local police never bother us.  We commit no local crimes.  Most of our volunteers are cops.  Is it surprising that cops like being subs to femdoms?








Submitted: March 13, 2022

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