Chapter 32: Male Beauty Contest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

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Male Beauty Contest

After Evita, male beauty contests became popular among women.  They quickly devolved to the base element, nudity.  They weren’t contests of excessively muscular men.  They were contests among lean, fit, handsome men. The men who won always had washboard abs.  While the males expected that well-hung men would win these contests, it wasn’t so.  Excessively large cocks frightened women.  Women wanted thick cocks rather than long cocks, but they did like nice big testicles.  When such contests were held, they were always well attended by women.  Males were discouraged from attending.  Gay men were a distraction.

My name is Sam Bell.  I decided to compete in a male beauty contest.  I wanted the prestige and the prize money, but I also liked being admired by women.  At 6 feet tall, 200 lbs. with a 7 inch long, 6 inch in circumference cock, proportionate testicles and 6% body fat, I thought I would be competitive. 

The first part of the competition was posing.  It involved just walking on stage wearing a pouch and posing.  I wasn’t prepared for what happened.  To describe the female audience as eager would be an understatement.  When I walked on stage the audience applauded.  When I posed, more applause.  Then at the end of posing came the time when I removed my pouch exposing my genitals.  When I did that the audience cheered.  It excited me and I started to grow an erection.  The audience noticed and its members started shouting, “Look, he is growing.”  It excited me even more. I kept growing until I was completely erect.  By that time the audience was on their feet cheering.  When I left the stage, my cock was bouncing up and down as I walked, and the audience was clapping in time with the bounces of my cock.

That was the first of the two times we had to walk on stage.  The second time was as a group when we would be voted on.  We were to line up together so the audience could appraise us. This time when we walked on stage, we were expected to have erections.  We had muffers backstage to fellate us.  By the time I was to go back on stage again, I had deflated and I needed a muffer to get me erect.  Muffers were members of the audience who had volunteered to come backstage to fellate the competitors to erection.  They were only too glad to suck our cocks for us and get us erect.  Contest promotors never had difficulty obtaining muffing volunteers from the audience.

I had at least a dozen potential muffers ready to suck my cock.  I chose the one who seemed most anxious to fellate me.  She immediately fell to her knees, grabbed my cock and began sucking on it like a popsicle.  At the same time as she was sucking my cock, she was fondling my balls. She was quite good at cocksucking and it took little time before I was erect again. 

I was grateful for giving me the necessary erection, but I had to keep my erection.  If I came or stopped stimulation, I would deflate.  I pulled her off my cock so I wouldn’t cum but I still needed to maintain my erection.  When she stood up, I started feeling her tits through her sweater to maintain my erection.  Then I lifted her skirt and reached my hand up to the V of her crotch.  She wasn’t wearing any panties as I expected.  I inserted my social finger into her cunt and started finger fucking her with my social finger. As I did, she parted her legs to make it easier for me.  I continued finger fucking her until I was called back on stage,

When we were all called back on stage, we were cheered by the audience as we walked across the stage with our erections bobbing.  As we stood in line, the audience voted on us.  There were a number of sub prizes: best buns, best cocks, best balls, best abs, best physique and best overall.  The audience was given electronic devices so the voting went quickly.  To my delight I won.  It was the spontaneous erection that I showed the audience when I first walked on stage that won it for me.

The promotors brought my muffer back on stage for me.  The reward for muffer whose contestant won, got to publicly fuck the overall winner.  When she came on stage, she had already stripped naked.  I got down into the Amazon position.  She mounted me, slid down my cock like a fireman slides down his pole and fucked me like she was a pump and I was her well.  When I came, she continued to pump me until she came too.  She was the best fuck I hever had.  Then she got off me and showed the audience that her pussy and my cock still dripped with cum.  The audience stood and cheered.







Submitted: November 24, 2022

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Quite a show to put on!

Thu, November 24th, 2022 5:01pm

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