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Kidnapped by a Sorority

I had never been popular with girls.  I am small, skinny and pimply faced.  I heard there was a girl gang who like to sexually exploit young men and often found their prey in a park.  I decided to walk through that park.  When I did I suddenly found myself surrounded by young girls.  Then I noticed they had knives.  Then one of them said to me, “Come with us.”  I obeyed.

They led me out of the park and to their car where they forced me into the trunk.  The next thing I knew the car stopped, the trunk opened and I was in a garage.  They brought me into a house. There they tied me to a rack.  My hands were tied to the top of the rack and my feet to the bottom.  I was unable to move or resist them in any way.

They started cutting off my clothes with a scissors.  I said, “Please don’t do that.  If you want me to undress, I will.  I don’t want to be naked when you are done with me.”

One of them said, “For what we have in mind for you.  You won’t need clothes.”

I struggled to get away, but I was tied fast.  I said, “Please don’t kill me.”

The same one responded, “We aren’t going to kill you.  We aren’t even going to harm you.  We are just going to have fun with you.  If you just relax you will enjoy yourself like you never have before.”

I calmed down but soon I was naked, and my clothes were in tatters.  The girls began to fondle me.  All of me, especially my genitals.  They were feeling my cock, my balls, my butt, my shoulders and my thighs.  It did not take long before I had an erection.  One of them said, “Nice cock!

Another responded, “Yes, big and hard.  We caught a good one.”

A third one said, “Nice big fat balls too.”

A fourth one said, “Not much to look at until we take down his pants.”

The third one said, “But once he does he is handsome.”

  Once I had an erection most of them stopped and only two of them continued.  One fondling my cock and the other fondling my balls.  Then they took turns.  When they were done fondling me my cock was dripping precum.

Then they took turns sucking my cock.  Many times I was ready to cum but they always seemed to sense when I was going to cum and stopped. 

I was brought into a bedroom and tied to a bed.  Then one of them began to suck my cock while another fondled my balls.  In short order I had another erection.  One of them said, “he responds well, doesn’t he?”

Another answered, “Yea, he gets better looking all the time.”

Then they all took turns sucking on my cock.

Then they took turns sitting on my cock.  They didn’t fuck me, they just sat on my cock until I was fully inserted into their cunts. 

Finally, the put a dildo over my cock and took turns fucking the dildo.  One they all had an orgasm they took me down the basement where there was a cell and put me into the cell. 

They left me alone for the rest of that day.  The next day they woke me up and brought me up to the kitchen where I was informed, I was now a slave.  I asked, “Can I have some clothes?”  That only brought only laughter.  I was ordered to cook and serve breakfast to all of them which I did.  As I did, they took liberties and fondled various parts of me while I was serving them.  I knew better than to object.  I grew another erection which delighted them and increased their fondling.  I then had to clean up and do the dishes. It was a sorority.  I had been made a slave for a sorority.

I was forced to do all the housework, cooking and cleaning, all of it in the nude.  It was a full-time job.  In addition, whenever they wanted to fondle me, they did.

The second day of my enslavement I was brought into the room of one of the women.  There I stood while she fellated me to erection.  Once I was erect, I was forced into the Amazon position where the woman mounted me, slid down my cock and fucked me.  This happened every day thereafter until I had serviced all of the women and then they started over. 

The sorority members also used me to advance their education. There were a couple of nursing students in the sorority.  First, they used me just to study male anatomy.  Then I was used by them to learn how to give a bed bath.  Third, they used me to learn how to give a physical ending with making me turn my head and cough. Fourth, they used me to learn how to catheterize a male.  They made me lie on a bed while they practiced sticking a tube up my penis.  That wasn’t enough, they brought friends over also studying nursing who put me through the same travail.  This time their friends did something extra, for their amusement or for their sex education, they masturbated me to ejaculation.  Whether this was for amusement or for education I don’t know.  Perhaps both.

There was also an art student within the sorority.  She brought her friends over and I had to pose nude for them.  I was also taken to private homes where groups of women used me as a nude model.

I was so cooperative when they used me that I became a trustee.  One day I was given an extra job.  They took me into the shower room where my job was to suds down all the girls.  One after the other the girls came into the shower room naked, wetted themselves down and lets me suds them.  I had never seen so much pussy in my life before.  I had never seen any live pussy in my life before.  My cock sprung up like a spring.  The girls just stood there while I sudsed them.  I got to feel their breasts and their pussies.  All of them were wet.  It was better than getting laid.  I was given this duty every day.  Eventually it became routine, and I did not get an erection, but I still enjoyed it. 

Notwithstanding my trustee status they still liked to humiliate me.  I was compelled to be a naked waiter at the sorority council.  I had to serve tea and cookies  to all the members of the council and suffer their fondling of me.  I say suffer but I actually enjoyed it.  I found it both erotic and psychologically satisfying.  It made me feel desired.

Another way they humiliated me was that I could not pee alone.  Every time I had to pee a sorority member had to accompany me and I had to sit to pee.  The ultimate humiliation for a male, a sitzpinkler, German for a man who squats to pee.  It was only when I was sitting and peeing that I was allowed to touch myself.

One day they tied my hand behind my back and took me out to a car.  I was driven to a ladies' club, a male strip club.  There I was placed in a rack.  My hands were tied over my head and my feet tied to the bottom of the rack. While I was immobile to female patrons were allowed to molest me.  First, they played genital puppetry with me.  They used my penis as a pump.  The took my scrotum and made it a sail.  When I got an erection, I was a baseball bat and a metronome.After I had an erection, they took turns fondling me.  They only thing they were not allowed to do was to let me cum.

One day I was taken nude under a robe to a lady’s garment shop.  As we entered the garment shop my robe was taken from me.  I had to stand there nude holding the girl’s purse while she tried on dresses and shoes.  Before Evita this would have been reported to the police but not now.  The other women were merely amused seeing me standing there naked.

On Easter the girls put up a cross on the front lawn.  I was tied naked to the cross while some of the girls went to church.  Numerous people of both sexes walked by amused at what they saw.  I was let down when the girls came back from church.  No one bothered to call the police.  I guess they all thought i was paid to do it.  How Evita has changed things.

Then they found another duty for me.  Many of the girls had the pubic hair removed.  I was given the job of waxing off their pubic hair.  It wasn’t difficult.  First, I would wash to area, then spray alcohol to sanitize the area.  Then I would take heated wax, use a tongue depressor to smear on the hair, wait for the wax to harden and then tear off the wax.  The last thing I had to do was to use my fingers on press on the area waxed to calm the girl’s nerves after her hair had been ripped off.  This too was erotic when I first did it but eventually became routine.  I still enjoyed doing it even when it was no longer erotic.

One I was given clothes and told to report to the police.I had been reported missing and the police were looking for me.  I reported to the police department but refused to tell the police where I had been.  I still go back to the sorority sometimes when they want a male as a nude waiter.  Now I am allowed to pee like a man. The experience has done a lot for my self confidence with women.  My acne has gone away.  I am still small but i have filled out some.  I now have a regular girl friend.  We met when she was a member of that sorority.



Submitted: May 09, 2022

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