Swim Mothers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

A young man is hired to teach young boys how to swim. When he enters the locker room he finds the locker room filled with their mothers helping them get ready. He is asked by the mothers to be on time which forces him to undress in front of the mothers. Eventually the mothers want their sons to swim in the nude since that it what boys are accustomed to and it makes it easier for them. The mothers ask our hero to teach in the nude because he is the same gender as the students.

Swim Mothers


My name is Don Nelson.  In high school and college. I was a championship swimmer.  At 6 feet tall and 180 lbs. I was in superlative condition.  Not only did I swim regularly but I also lifted weights.  My biceps bulged and I had a 6 pack for an abdomen.  While never popular with the girls I was still a physical specimen.  Just before I graduated and after I turned 18. I got a job teaching children at a private swim club how to swim.  They were all 3 and 4-year-old boys and we met once a week for swim class. 

Due to my class schedule, I could not arrive early and when I arrived at the swim club I found the men’s locker room full of mothers helping their sons.  I looked for a place where I could get ready myself but due to the arrangement of the locker room, there was none.  I waited until the mothers finished with their sons.  Only then did I get undressed, take a shower and put on my swim suit.  The whole class had to wait for me but there was no choice.

At the end of class after 3 weeks, the mothers approached me.  One of the mothers, Cindy Smith, said, “Why are you late every week?”

“I am sorry,” I said, “I can’t help it.  I can’t get here earlier because I have class.  I have to wait for all of you to leave so that I can undress.  I don’t want to offend anyone.”

“Is that all you are worried about, offending us?” said Cindy.  “We are all mothers, we have seen it all before.  You won’t offend any of us, will he girls?  They all nodded in agreement.

“You mean I should undress in front of all of you?” I said.

“No, you should undress at the same time as we are helping our sons.  We won’t stare at you.  You don’t have anything that we haven’t seen before.  You have the same equipment as our sons,” said Cindy.

“My equipment is substantially more mature than your sons,” I responded

“It is all the same to us!” the women echoed.

“Then I have your permission to undress in the locker room while you mother are all present? I asked.

“No, you have permission to do whatever you need to do to start the lesson on time,” she answered with some impatience.  “We are not horny men, we are women and we can control ourselves.  We are not going to molest you. You have nothing we haven't seen before.  You do not need to be modest in front of us."

“OK,” I said after a moment of thought.

The next week when I arrived most of the women and their sons were already there.  I quickly took off my clothes and started for the shower.  When I walked to the shower I could feel their eyes on me.I could feel their eyes again as I returned to the locker room.  I had been naked in front of a whole group of women, it embarrassed me but I liked it.

The next week I did the same.  After a few weeks, I became comfortable being naked in front of the mothers.  I enjoyed the feeling of freedom of being nude among them. It became commonplace for the mothers to come and engage me in conversation while I was dressing after the lesson.  It always seemed like I was nude when these conversations occurred.  The fact that I was completely nude during the conversation never seemed to bother them.  They treated my nudity as if it was the most normal thing in the world.  I could have continued getting dressed but it would have been rude to not pay full attention in the middle of a conversation. The conversation was usually about the progress that the son was making although sometimes it was small talk.  In a matter of a few weeks, I had conversed nude with every single mother in the class and some repeated times. 

A couple of months went by when after class and I had just removed my suit, Cindy Smith asked me to attend a meeting.  I said, “Just a minute, I need to get dressed.”

“We would rather you come now,” Cindy said.  “You will understand in a minute.”  I thought the request odd but since they had all been seeing me nude for weeks I complied.  At that meeting, Cindy said for the other mothers, “we want our sons to swim nude as boys are accustomed to.”

“What difference does it make?” I asked.

“It will be easier for us,” said Nancy Williams, “The boys can undress themselves without our help and under your supervision shower themselves also.  When they are finished showering they can proceed directly to the swim area.  Besides little boys seem to like running around in the nude.”

“Why are you asking me this?” I replied. “You don’t need my permission to do this.”

“If they are naked, you need to be naked,” Nancy said.

“What?” I said.

“You are their teacher,” said Cindy.  “You have the same equipment as they do.  If you are naked it will be normal for them to be naked.”

“I don’t know,” I said.  “The nudity in the locker room is incidental.  To be nude throughout the whole lesson is different.”

“What is different about it?” asked Cindy. 

“I will be on display for a whole hour,” I stammered.

“A minute or an hour, what does it matter?  When you have seen one penis you have seen them all.”

“Are you all sure you all are okay with this?  I don’t want to get into trouble, “ I said.

“You won’t get into trouble,” said Cindy.  “This is our idea, for our benefit and we insist.”

“Okay,” I said, “Next week I will take the boys with me into the shower and we will proceed directly from the showers into the pool.”

The next week I didn’t even bother bringing a swim suit.  I undressed, waited in the nude until all the boys were ready, proceeded to the showers and when finished directly entered the swim area.  The mothers were all waiting when we entered.  When I entered, I was surprised to hear a short applause.  “See that wasn’t so bad,” said Cindy.  “It doesn’t hurt a bit, does it.”

Well, it was bad - or was it?  Standing bare ass naked in front of a group of women who this time all stared at me was really embarrassing.  It made me feel really naked.  It made me start to get hard.  When I started to get hard, I tried to change my thoughts but couldn’t.  The harder I got the more embarrassed I became and the more embarrassed I became the harder I got.  In a few moments, I actually had a painful erection.  I had a pole sticking out from my groin advertising my state of arousal to the amusement of all the mothers.  It was sexually exciting to be nude in front of them and I could not hide it.


Then Cindy came over to me and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry about it.  We all know you cannot help it and we are flattered by it.  The next week I was used to being naked in front of them and I didn’t grow a hard on.  I knew they would be watching to see if I grew an erection.  When I didn’t, they seemed disappointed.


Thereafter when I taught the class, I didn’t wear a suit and the mothers completely accepted that I was nude in front of them.  They treated me as though it was the most natural thing in the world that I should be nude among them.  I sometimes felt that they were ogling me but they had done that even when I was wearing a suit.  I figured that it was more because of my physical shape than the fact that I was nude.


After a while my class began to grow.  Every week or two a new mother would approach me and ask if her son could join my class.  It was funny but they always seemed to find me only after I was nude.  Even though I no longer grew an erection, I still enjoyed being nude in front of them.  I especially enjoyed carrying on a conversation nude with a fully clothed woman.  Whenever the woman was one I had just met, I frequently grew a hard on but by this time I had learned to enjoy it.  In fact, I became proud to show off my virility.  The mothers always seemed to enjoy when I showed off an erection.  Most of the time they ignored my nudity but whenever I sported an erection, I knew I would command their stares.

One day before class just before I removed my underpants I hear a familiar voice behind me.  There was a classmate of mine, Linda Smothers, present in the locker room.  She was a girl that I was not interested in.  Before undressing, I said, “What are you doing here, Linda?”

“I am a nanny for the evening,” she answered.

“I see,” I stammered. 

The Linda added with a lecherous grin, “I have been looking forward to coming here all week.” 

“Really,” I stammered. 

There was nothing I could do, I hadn’t brought a suit and I had promised the women not to wear one.  Linda had me and she knew it and what was worse, she knew that I knew she had me.  Not only did I have to undress in front of her but I had to stay naked and let her look as much as she liked.  There was nothing I could do about it.  The total unfairness of the situation and the lecherous grin of Linda had already begun to give me a hard on even before I started to lower my underpants.When the elastic of the underpants came past my cock it caught and then bounced free.  I heard Linda giggle as it did.  Her girlish giggle made me even more excited.  I followed Linda’s eyes as I removed my underpants, they went right to my crotch.  By the time I picked up my underpants off the floor and put them into the locker I had a full erection.  When I looked around the locker room, I could see all the mothers were watching.  I saw that my predicament excited them and that excited me in return.

“I am impressed,” Linda said.”

“I am glad you are impressed,” I said sarcastically.

Looking down at my cock she said, “Well, you seem to like me well enough.” 

I said, "That is not an autonomous reaction!"

She said, "I know."

When I walked into the swim area stark naked, I still had an erection.  I could see Linda staring at me with the same lecherous smile on her face.  She was enjoying this and at my expense.  I had deflated a little but I quickly got harder. I decided not to get embarrassed. I chose to enjoy the attention.  I knew that the mothers didn’t mind and were enjoying the spectacle.  I walked round the pool fully erect while she was staring at me as if it was the most normal thing in the world to sport a full erection bouncing along in front of a group of women.The more my cock bounced the more the women giggled.  It unnerved and excited me but I was determined not to show it.

When I next looked over at Linda a shiver ran through my spine.  She had taken out her phone and was taking a video of me with an erection.  I knew that picture would make it around the school in less than a day and then I would be teased unmercifully.

The next day at school it was much as I had expected.  I could see whenever I appeared the girls would look at me, giggle and start talking.  Then something surprising happened, Marion, a girl that had refused to go out with me came over and spoke to me.  She said, “Do you still want to go out with me?”

“Yes,” I said.

“OK, we have a date, pick me up a 7!,” she answered.

Now this was a surprise, I expected to be teased and humiliated when the girls saw a video of me with an erection but the opposite happened.  I had become more popular.  If it made me more popular with girls, they could see all the naked videos of me they wanted.  I hadn’t done anything wrong.  I had a perfect excuse for being naked.  I even had a good excuse for having an erection.  I had nothing to be ashamed of and now all my female classmates knew it too!

The next week I found a new young woman in the locker room.  I had just removed my underpants when she came over and introduced herself.  She was an older sister of one of the boys.  This was interesting I thought, her mother was with her, she didn’t really have a reason to be there.  She was there for the view!  I thought about objecting but I that would have just made it worse.  Let her look, I thought.  By now I really enjoyed the gaze of women on my cock.  As she talked, I could see her glancing down at my crotch. I looked around to see the other women watching to see what would happen.  The blatant voyeurism of the situation was incredibly exciting, I quickly grew an erection.  Even after I had an erection the girl continued her silly patter.  I had to excuse myself.  I had a swim lesson to conduct.

Every week for the rest of the lessons there was at least one new female.  The women or girls always approached me just at the time I removed my underwear.  They always stayed long enough for me to grow an erection and I never failed them.  Just as soon as my erection was full they would end the conversation.  The mothers never failed to watch.  I kept hoping that something more would develop, that one of them would grab my cock and stroke me to orgasm but it never happened.  Eventually the gig ended and nothing similar has ever happened again.  It was certainly exciting but also sexually frustrating.  If something like that happened again I don’t think I could do it.  Since then I have become accustomed to complete my sexual gratification.


The next year i was asked to do a boys' swim class again.  I agreed.  This time though the class also included little girls.  However, the precedent had been established.  The girls wore suit and the boys didn't.  It surprised me when there was no objection by the boys.  I concluded they were still at the stage where their mother bathed them and didn't even think it was unusual. 

I was told by the mothers that I should continue to teach nude.  I thought it might be inappropriate in front of little girls.  When it happened, the little girls didn't even notice.  If they noticed anything, it was the little boys.  I asked the mothers why the boys were naked and the girls wore swim suits.  They said, "What do boys need to be modest about?"

I was also asked to do a class with mature women.  I was told not to wear a suit and to use the women's locker room..  I asked why.  I was told the ladies want you to be available to talk before and after class.

I asked, "What not wear a suit?"

The answer was, "The ladies specifically asked for you not to wear a suit."

My response was, "Why?"

The answer was, "You will have to ask them."

If I use the ladies locker room, "What about the ladies' modesty"

I was told, "That will be up to them." 

I agreed to do the class.  I did ask them why they wanted me to not wear a suit. 

The answer was, "What do men need to wear a suit for?"

When I said, "To protect modesty,"

They said, "Men have no need of modesty?"

I asked,  "Why do you think men have no need of modesty."

 They said, "Women don't molest men." 

I suppose that is true enough but initiially I found that explanation inadequate. Later I realized modesty does protect women from being molested and since women do not molest men, what need of modesty do men have.?

I went to the women's locker room as directed.  I wondered if the women would preserve their modesty.  They did.  When they were undressing, they just turned their backs to me.  I expected that as time went by some of the ladies would get careless and some of them would just not be modest.  It never happened.  I was naked in front of them but I never got to see them naked.

After putting their suits on, the women took their showers with their suits on.  As requested, I went naked.  I expected that when I was naked some of the ladies at least wash me and when they did masturbate me.  That never happened.  For the most part they treated me the same way as they would when I was dressed.  When they said that men don't need to be modest because women don't molest men, I guess they meant it.







Submitted: March 09, 2022

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That's chicks for you lol!
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