Jada's Field Trip Roleplay

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jada misses her lover, Ayano, so much. When he gets home, she offers him a role play scenario. She's a naughty student who's been caught kissing a girl on a field trip. She sneaks into her teacher's room and says she'll do anything to keep him from telling on her...

Short piece/preview from Jada Versailles and Ayano Ilanescu. (Book 1 of series) 

By valucia. 




Jada heard the shower go on and looked at the clock. 3 AM, of course. It was always the middle of the night when he and his associates stopped their little pow-wows. She hadn’t seen him for more than a few minutes in days. Being mad wouldn’t help anything, she told herself. Ayano came out of the bathroom in his boxers and saw that she was awake. 

“Jada. You’re up,” he said blankly. He hadn’t slept in a long time, she guessed. He got into bed and hugged her right away. “I missed you. I miss spending time with you.” Her heart fluttered a little bit, wondering if this bit of affection was going to lead to more. It could be a false alarm. 

“That was a real mess, what we sorted out in there. I’m so glad it’s over. And that my favorite person in the world is awake,” he said softly, stroking her back. She was wearing a short green satin nightgown. 

“Mmm… I missed you, too, baby,” she cooed, her hands lightly pawing his back. “You must be really tired,” she said, after a few moments in silence.

“I’m only a little tired…” he hinted, toying with a strap on her shoulder. She moved up closer to his face so she could kiss him. Her heart beat harder, ready to accelerate as soon as it was given the go-ahead. 

Why did she need him like this? He smelled so good… his soap, what was it? It smelled verdant and a little clove-like. He tasted good, too, the sharp taste of spearmint with the remnants of cigarette smoke. She pressed her tits against him, in case it wasn’t clear that she was willing to fuck him. 

“You were so sexy the other day, when you did your little schoolgirl thing in the bathroom. Out of nowhere! Baby, you’re so hot… generous, loving… I am so lucky to have you,” he whispered, taking down both straps and kissing her neck and shoulders. “Can we do the schoolgirl thing again? You suck my cock and then I eat your pussy while you try to escape… and we get a little rough… does that sound good?”

“Yes,” she told him, kissing him to get her fix first. “Yes, you caught me doing something… messing around with another girl on a field trip that you’re chaperoning… And I come into your room and we have to be quiet so we don’t wake everyone…” she told him in a sultry voice and nipped his earlobe. 

“That’s hot as hell, baby…” he growled, kissing her fiercely. She pulled away. 

“Mr. Ilanescu? I need to talk to you about what happened earlier…” she said, kneeling next to him in the bed. Her wavy black hair made curtains around her soft, caramel-colored shoulders. 

“Jada? You shouldn’t be in here. Get back to your room, now,” he said, pretending to be fed up with her.

“But Mr. Ilanescu, if my parents find out I was kissing Nina, they’re going to be so mad at me!” she whined.

“You should have thought of that before you kissed her. And keep your voice down, the whole class is on this floor. Really, this is inappropriate, Jada, I’m surprised at you,” he said sternly.

“Mr. Ilanescu, I just wanted to let you know that I would do anything for you not to tell on me. Please, Mr. Ilanescu. I’ll do anything, whatever you say,” she begged, leaning over slightly to have her tits right in his face.

“I don’t know what you’re suggesting, Jada…” he said indignantly.

“Oh, Mr. Ilanescu, I think you do…” she said, her hand slipping under the sheets to find his cock. “Do you want a handjob, Mr. Ilanescu? I can make you feel good, and we can forget all about what happened earlier,” she whispered, trying to conceal her presence from the imaginary people nearby. She felt his cock getting hard in her hand as she jerked him off.

“Jada…” he started. “You’re going to have to do a little better than that. I’m not some high school boy, am I?”

“N-no, Mr. Ilanescu,” she stammered. He took off the covers, her hand still around his erection.

“You’re going to suck my cock. Put it all the way down your throat. You’re going to take it in your mouth like it’s the best thing you’ve tasted in your entire life. Do it. Suck my cock,” he ordered, sitting up against the headboard.

She put her head over his lap, holding his cock with one hand and pumping it. The tip went into her mouth, her tongue feeling the very top and all around the head. She made her eyes look a little conflicted and questioning, like she was feeling guilty. 

“You have to put it all the way in, Jada, that’s the deal,” he told her firmly. Her eyes looked up at him and then squeezed shut as she took his big cock all the way down her throat, as if it were too much for her to watch. “No, no. You’re going to look at me, you little cocksucker.” She loved the dirty talk with a passion.

Jada opened her eyes again and obediently looked at him while she did a good job deepthroating him and closing her lips tightly around the shaft. She used her hand to jerk him off while she licked his cock up and down, running her lips along every surface. Her tongue danced around the mushroom tip again before she sucked him off some more. His cock was throbbing in arousal now. Jada made it seem like she was in awe of such a large penis, like she'd never seen one in her life. He grunted and she could taste precum.

“You're enjoying this… Show me how much you like sucking me off, Jada,” he said, breathing heavily. She moved her head up and down quickly, making her tits bounce and nearly spill out of her nightgown. Moaning dramatically, she sucked his cock as if his cum was the only thing on this earth that would satisfy her. She put his shaft back down her throat a bit too far on purpose, to make her choke a little and her eyes water. When she raised her head again, his cock was wet and sticky. Her tongue went right to the precum and she sucked on his head, coaxing him to finish.

“Are you going to cum in my mouth, Mr. Ilanescu?” she asked, breathing deeply.

“Yeah, and you’re going to swallow it and lick my cock clean,” he ordered, pushing her head down again. A whimper of protest came from her throat as he made her go faster and faster. Soon, he ejaculated into her mouth. She did as she was told and made sure she got all his cum. Watching her take his load was the most erotic thing for him, she knew it. Jada made sure his cock was clean before she put it back in his boxers like a good student.

“There’s just one more thing, Jada,” he said, using his stern voice again. “I’ll forget the incident with Nina ever happened and you can go back to your room, but only if you’ve been good. I need to check and feel if you became aroused while you sucked my cock. It’s my duty as a chaperone,” he told her, grinning like a pervert.

“No, don’t! I didn’t like it, I swear!” she said timidly. She was still kneeling on the bed and she tried to close her knees together tightly.

“Are you afraid of what I’ll find if I reach down your panties, Jada? Do you think your little pussy is all wet right now?” Ayano pulled her closer.

“No, no, I don’t like sucking your cock!” she lied. His fingers went slowly into her panties and slipped between the lips of her pussy. It was so wet, and got wetter in response to his touch.

“What’s this?! I think you were lying, Jada!” He pretended to be angry with her, taking his finger out of her panties and shoving it in her mouth. “You taste that? You were getting off while you sucked my big cock, weren’t you?!” Jada sucked on his finger, tasting how aroused she had gotten.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ilanescu, I don’t know how that happened. But please, don’t keep touching my pussy, I’m a virgin, I can’t!” she said, her arms subtly pushing her tits forward. 

“Hmm, maybe we can work something out,” Ayano said darkly, pulling down the neckline of her nightgown. He pinched her nipple until it was hard.

“Ohmigod, okay… okay, if that’s what you want…” she said, pretending to cringe. He licked one of her breasts and sucked on it loudly.

“Sit here, on my lap, so I can suck on your tits.” he commanded, making her straddle him, a knee on each side of his thighs. She whimpered a little as she felt his body heat beneath her. Her pussy was tingling. She could feel her clit swelling up and getting more sensitive.

Then, he pulled out both her tits and squeezed them. He went to work on her other nipple, pinching it as well. His tongue massaged her nipples. He sucked on them, hard, and bit them. He moaned as he let her watch him lick her tits.

“Did you ever lick Nina’s tits, Jada?” he asked, worshiping her sumptuous, voluptuous breasts. “Answer me,” he demanded gruffly. She could feel him getting harder and harder already. Her thong was getting tight when she rubbed herself forward on his lap and it felt good. She was getting really worked up.

“Yes! I did! I know it was bad! Just don’t tell!” she implored him nervously. His lips and teeth enveloped her nipple, teasing it, sucking on it. Jada was getting so turned on, she rocked her hips back and forth slightly, her pussy rubbing harder against his erection. She wanted to take her panties off so badly.

“That’s a serious sin, to lie with a woman, Jada. I want to make sure you understand that. I’ll make you forget all about girls,” he said, pushing his cock against her. She tried to stifle a moan.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ilanescu! I’m so ashamed!” she cried, looking miserable and scared. Her tits were still outside of her nightgown, the nipples firmly erect. 

“Quiet down! Now, I need to be more thorough, Jada,” he demanded, making her lie on her side facing him. He pulled her panties halfway down her thighs, just like she liked it. His finger plunged into her tight, wet, little hole as she squealed. Her clit was so hard-- she could swear it had never been this hard before-- as he teased it, his finger moving around so easily in her juices. Jada didn’t have to act or play on this part, he was making her get incredibly wet. She was getting close to an orgasm, which he could tell from her moans and her grip on his shoulder.

“We have some more work to do here. Give me those panties!” he growled in a low voice, pulling them down her legs. 

“Ohmigod! No! What are you doing?!” she wailed in a whisper, edging away from him. He pushed her on her back and clutched her thighs. 

“What were you doing, kissing a girl, when your pussy is begging to be fucked by a man right now?! You need me to lick your pussy til you cum and then fuck you, hard and long. You won’t need to kiss any girls ever again,” he told her, getting ready to plunge his tongue between her legs. She pretended her hips were struggling, but his grip on her thighs was too strong. “Shh, shh, shh… you don’t want to wake the other students.”

His lips locked around her pussy and she tried to buck him off her, lifting her hips off the bed and trying to back away. She whined quietly as she struggled to keep him away from her ‘virgin’ pussy. One of his hands held her down, gripping her hip, while the other attacked her sweet little hole, pushing his fingers in and out as his tongue firmly provoked her clit and labia. Her loose hips allowed her legs to be pushed far back, making her look especially helpless. He could see how wet she was, her cum steadily dripping down on to the sheets.

“Ohh, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” she said, clasping her hands over her mouth and accepting her fate. The sound of her muffled moan made his tongue work even harder. She shimmied her hips again, as if trying to escape for a final time, but it was too late. She climaxed, lifting her hips off the bed. When she was done, he got on top of her, his cock hard again and poking her stomach. 

“Feel that, right there?” he said, directing her fingers down to her clit. “Your clit is still fucking hard. Does that feel good?” he said, making her rub her pussy. 

“No, no, no! I can’t take anymore, Mr. Ilanescu!” she gasped, breaking free and turning around for him to see her ass begging to be spanked. 

“That’s so naughty, Jada, running away in the middle of a lesson. You’re going to have to come across my lap,” he said, as if it was the last thing he wanted to do to this poor girl. He pulled her backwards and positioned her on his lap. Her perky butt was so ready, so eager to get smacked. Her tits were rudely displayed, hanging off his lap and her nipples rubbing against the bed. His cock was pushing right below her bellybutton. Before she knew it, he was spanking her raw. He slapped her ass til it was nearly red. Overcome with lust, he had to feel her pussy again. He put two fingers inside her and then wanted to try something else.

“You like this, Jada?” he said, lightly slapping her pussy. She wanted more. 

“I hardly feel a thing, Mr. Ilanescu,” she told him, hoping to get him mad. It worked, he gritted his teeth and gave her what she wanted. He slapped her pussy until it was just a little pink as she cried out with lots of added drama. “Ohmigod, is it over, Mr. Ilanescu? Are you done with me yet?”

“The best is yet to come, my dear,” he laid back and pulled her against him, facing the other way to do a reverse cowgirl position. “You’re going to ride my big cock, aren’t you?” 

She moaned in protest and pretended she couldn’t escape. The head of his cock found her tight, pink hole and in went the rest of his cock. His hands were on her hips, guiding her to have his dick deep, deep inside her.

“Ohhh, you’re too big, oh! It hurts!” she gasped. She bounced up and down a little bit, his cock so deep inside her. He let her ride his cock a little longer.

“Your poor little tight cunt. Lie back, lie back,” he instructed, positioning her as he had positioned Ava way back in Monaco. Her back was on his chest. He could play with her tits and her clit and she could squeeze her legs together to make her pussy so, so tight. She felt so good, after being starved for days from his affection, now her whole body felt nothing but him. 

Their wet parts fit each other perfectly. His cock was going in and out so hard, she hoped he’d never stop. They could sense by each other’s moaning and heavy breathing that they were both close to climaxing. Ayano went faster and faster on her clit with his finger and she squeezed his cock inside her as tight as she could. Jada tried to hold out a little longer, but the intense, fast pressure on her clit was impossible to resist. She had her orgasm first, leaning her head back as she came. He kissed her neck and came inside her, breathing hard down her neck. 

Jada rolled off of him on the bed and faced him, kissing him hard on the lips and tangling their tongues passionately.

“Fuck, Ayano, that was so good. So good,” she moaned. 

“You’re perfect, Jada, perfect,” he professed. They fell asleep within a minute, enchanted with one another. 


Submitted: March 09, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Valucia. All rights reserved.

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Obviously they are good for each other. Wonderfully written.

Thu, August 11th, 2022 12:57am

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