Pleasing the Executives

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The new secretary gets put to good use: "In conjunction with the new laws passed across the country, male professionals were entitled to a certain, shall we say, method of release each workday. While some chose meditation and yoga, there were also options for sexual releases, like a designated blow-job queen, or a cumdumpster secretary, like me"

I watched from the corner of the conference room, balancing a notebook on my leg as I took meeting minutes. The morning meeting ran efficiently; five minutes for every team leader to share their daily update, then, I’d be in the spotlight. 

A twinge of pleasure rushed through my belly as I thought about what was to come. I was practically soaking the chair I sat in, sans panties, as the last vice president finished his short, but important update. 

Finally, the CEO cleared his throat. Heads and chairs swiveled towards me and I flashed my biggest smile. 

“Lydia,” he said slowly. “You’re up.” 

He motioned towards the front of the room. Carefully, I placed the notebook and pen on the chair behind me as I stood up and walked to the front of the room. Every eye was on me, studying my body, each curve, wondering what it would look like once I undressed. They wouldn’t have to wonder for long. 

In conjunction with the new laws passed across the country, male professionals were entitled to a certain, shall we say, method of release each workday. While some chose meditation and yoga, there were also options for sexual releases, like a designated blow-job queen, or a cumdumpster secretary, like me. 

Fucking paid better than blowing, and since I enjoyed sex, I figured a few years as a cumdumpster secretary would play in my favor. 

At the front of the room, I turned slowly, letting the men get a good long look at me. Today, I wore a tasteful white button-down blouse, sheer enough to see my nipples peek through. I wore a wrapped, red skirt, with nothing underneath, short enough so you could see my ass cheeks. 

Around the conference table, some men began loosening their ties. I noticed one get up to lock the conference room door. The windows were tinted for this very event, dark on the outside, but transparent on our end. Too bad. I would’ve welcomed more audience members for this show. 

Slowly, I brought my hands to the buttons on my shirt, slowly pulling my garment apart. I gazed around the room, eyes lingering on each man so they felt like I was paying them special attention. Finally, the shirt came apart, and I shrugged it off my shoulders. 

At the far end of the table, one of the leaders unbuttoned his pants, reaching out to produce his rock-hard cock. Casually, he slipped his hand around himself and began to stroke lazily. 

I spun around then, so they could get a good look at my skirt, playfully running my hands up and down my bare legs. I teased the fabric that barely hung over my ass, flashing a glimpse at my shaved cunt. A few men sighed in approval, before I turned back around, placing my attention on my tits. 

Bringing my hands behind my back, I unclasped my bra, shimmying my shoulders forward to let it fall to the floor naturally. My breasts spilled free, bouncing into place as I stood upright. I tweaked my perky pink nipples between my thumb and index finger, enjoying the shocks of pleasure that ran through my belly. 

Without another pause, I lowered my hands to the band of my skirt and unhooked the button. As I did this, three of the men closest to me began to stand, unbuttoning their own shirts, which some left on, and others let fall to the floor. As they began to unbutton their pants, I let my skirt fall to the floor. 

An exhilarated thrill ran through me. Being naked in front of strangers who couldn’t help themselves when they saw my body was the biggest turn-on I could think of. A man to my left approached, and instinctively, I sunk to my knees. My skin rubbed against the harsh carpeting on the floor, but I hardly minded as he thrust his throbbing cock in my face. 

I took him in my mouth, sucking and moaning around his shaft as I worked him up and down. A gentle tug on my right shoulder told me someone else was waiting, so I turned, letting a long strand of spit follow me as I found another cock. A deep moan filled the room as I worked this cock, a little shorter, which he made up for in thickness. 

A third and fourth man came in behind me and I swiveled on the floor, the openness on my cunt and nipples making my middle throb with anticipation. I sucked them both in a steady rhythm, working others with my hands. Before I knew it, I was encircled by every single man that had been sitting at the table. 

The crowd gave the occasional moan as I worked their cocks, seven in total, bobbing and stoking, licking from shaft to tip, teasing their heads with the tip of my tongue. Hands grabbed at me from above, tweaking and teasing my nipples, grabbing my hair to get my attention. I loved it all, grinning up at my subjects between blowing, enjoying how every cock felt as it filled my mouth. 

Finally, from behind, I felt a hand slide down my belly towards my cunt. Strong fingers enveloped my wet lips, sliding between them, satisfying my aching clit. I arched my back, throwing my head back to see who was touching me — the vice president of sales — cheeks flushed as he explored me with his fingers. 

I took another cock in my mouth as his fingers found my dripping entrance. “You’re so fucking wet, baby,” he whispered in my ear as he pumped two fingers in and out of my hole. I humped his hand as he worked, continuing to pay attention to the six men that surrounded me. 

The VP of Sales grasped me by the waist, prompting a surprised moan from me as he lifted my hips and slowly let himself slide inside of me. Being filled prompted a long moan, but I continued pumping two dicks as the man began thrusting behind me. His long, thick dick pushed in and out of my pussy slowly, before he began to find his rhythm. 

I grinned wickedly up at the men who were either pumping themselves or waiting to be pumped by me, taking one in my mouth, then the next, swapping hands, spitting down each shaft as I stoked them. 

“Let me get in there,” the president of finance grumbled, elbowing his way in behind me. For a brief moment, I felt empty, no cock filling my holes before I was surprised again by an even longer cock, that was slightly thinner. My second cock. I was just getting started. The vice president of sales moved his way into my face and offered me his cock. 

I took it eagerly, licking my own juices from his shaft, enjoying how I tasted. He was hard as a rock and I was worried he might blow soon, so I turned my attention to another cock, before the man behind me pulled himself out. I looked behind me at the president of finance and he grinned at me maliciously, before poking his head around my asshole. 

Anal was extra money, kind of like a bonus, so I had no problem performing. He spat on himself, rubbing himself wet before he began to ease his way into my asshole. The first push is always so exciting, so I let myself breathe deep as he slowly eased his cock into my ass. 

The feeling was mind blowing, even as I looked up at the men watching me hungrily, I saw stars. The president of finance took his time easing his way in and out, and I was grateful for it. Once he had a good rhythm going, he wrapped his arms around my middle and leaned us both back reverse cowgirl style. 

I let my legs splay over each side of him as he pumped himself in and out of my asshole. My pussy was wide open, waiting for a hungry cock, and there were plenty waiting for me. The head of HR approached first. His dick was shorter but thick and the minute he entered my pussy, I moaned in sweet agony. 

Double penetration is no joke. Being fucked by two fat cocks while more dicks are being shoved in your face is the biggest turn-on I could think of. I laid there and got fucked, sucking another cocks, using my hands on two more. I alternated every chance I could before the head of HR decided he was too close to blow and left my pussy for someone else. 

At the same time, the president of finance slipped from my ass, leaving me empty once again. In no time though, the vice president of sales and the Chief Executive Officer came to fill my needs. The CEO entered my ass effortlessly, stopping as he filled me to the hilt. “You’re so fuckin’ tight,” he breathed into my ear as we laid back to display my pussy for the vice president of sales. “I might just blow in your ass.” 

“Do it,” I breathed back, and he began thrusting wildly. The vice president of sales entered my cunt and began doing the same. We found a rhythm together and to my surprise, from my left, I was sprayed by a rope of milky white cum — the president of finance had cum already. Shame. I had plenty more to give him. 

“Fuck yeah,” he said, shaking off the last of his cum onto my tits. I smiled up at him as he pressed his cock to my lips, taking his head in to lick him clean. Suddenly, the vice president of sales pulled out of my pussy and came all over my lips, making an absolute mess of my cunt. Once he’d cum, he pushed back into my pussy, thrusting until he couldn’t anymore. He pulled his softening cock from my hole, leaving it free for the next user. Two down. Five to go. 

The chief financial officer was next. I had tasted his cock, but he hadn’t used my holes yet. He looked apprehensive as he came close, but as he stroked himself, I could tell he couldn’t help what he was about to do. “Come on,” I told him encouragingly, as the CEO fucked my asshole, “get in here.” 

He did as he was told. He wasn’t as big as the others, but he did his job well, even stopping to pay attention to my clit as he fucked me. Finally, my orgasm was on the horizon and as he pressed down on my center in all the right ways, I shouted out in ecstasy as I came on his cock. I watched his face and suddenly his speed increased. He thrust in and out of my cum-coated pussy, finally releasing his seed deep into my belly. 

“I’m sorry,” he breathed, reddening in the face as he pulled his cum-covered cock from my hole. “I couldn’t help it.” 

“Fuck!” The rhythm in my ass got stronger, and suddenly, I felt the hot release of cum fill my ass, dripping out the corners of where my sphincter met his shaft, feeling so gloriously fulfilling. The CEO grunted behind me, continuing to pump until he came down from his orgasm. Four down, three to go. 

I looked up, just in time to be hit in the face with another spray of cum. The head of HR couldn’t hold himself any longer and released himself all over my face. Slowly, I blinked my eyes open and looked up with a giggle. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly. I stuck my tongue out to lick what I could around my mouth. 

Suddenly, there was another cock in my ass. I looked behind me to see the Chief Operating Office behind me. He had kept his white button-down shirt on, but his pants were completely removed. He’d been stroking himself between being satisfied by my mouth, but it was clear he was hungry for more. He fucked me on my knees, pushing me forward so that my elbows were on the floor. 

With one deep roar, he came, pressing himself as deep as he could in my asshole as he released his steady flow of cum. Once he withdrew himself from my body, I felt it drip from me all over the carpeted floor. The janitorial team was going to hate me. That was six. Only one more to go. 

For my last guy, I climbed up on the conference table, facing the projector, letting my legs fall wide. Both holes were open for use, and the vice president of the company approached me like a lion stalking his prey. His cock was a perfect size, slick with cum, red and aching for my holes. 

He pushed himself into my pussy first, closing his eyes as he felt my entrance engulf his cock. He went slowly at first, enjoying his turn, pulling at my nipples as he fucked me slowly. Then, he pulled himself out of my cunt, teasing my asshole. He pushed in without warning, fucking at the same speed. I released a shocked moan as he did this, my fingers finding my clit. As he fucked my asshole, I brought myself to the cusp of another orgasm, enjoying the sensations springing through my body with each thrust he gave. Finally, his speed increased. I matched him with my hand, finally cumming from the stimulation. My ass contracted around his cock, milking him to completion, and with a roar of satisfaction, he pulled himself out to cum all over both of my holes. 

With a satisfied nod, he wiped himself clean with one of the paper towels someone had distributed around the conference room table. I was naked and covered with cum, and as I looked around, most of the men had begun to redress in their formal office attire. 

“Thanks, Lydia,” the CEO said briefly before he gathered his things. I laid there as they all exited the room, before wiping myself clean of cum and putting my clothes back in. Then, I went back to my chair where I had my notebook and meeting minutes. A new calendar invite popped up on my screen. 

Only ten minutes until my next meeting. 

Submitted: March 08, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Misty Dawn. All rights reserved.

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