Jock Itch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A young man gets jock itch and has to have his mother, his sister, his neighbor, his principal, his school nurse, his health teacher and three fellow female students administer the medicine. He also ends up in the hospital where he is forced to lie exposed of his bed before hospital staff and visitors.

Jock Itch

I had had an itch in my scrotum for some time before I told my mother.  When I did she said, “Lets take a look at it.”

I said, “Mom, do I have to?”

She responded, “I have seen you your privates thousands of times.  I have diapered you and bathed you and I am not going to foot the bill for a doctor until I know it is necessary.  Now take your pants down.”

I dropped my pants to show her.  She took a look and said, “Omigod, I will make an appointment tomorrow."

Two days later we were in the dermatologist's office of Dr. Judith Kincaid.  I suppose I could have objected but by this time I was past caring.  When the doctor came into the examination room, she brought in a medical assistant with her.  I thought, oh goody, now I am going to be exposed to three women.  The doctor said the same thing my mother did, “Let’s take a look at it.”  This time I made no objection I just dropped my pants and she looked.  As soon as she looked I started growing.She said, “Oh my goodness, you are aflame.  I might have to put you in the hospital.”

I might have been able to remain flaccid if only the doctor and my mother were watching but there were 3 of them.  That damn medical assistant sat right in front of me when I dropped my pants and her eyes just about popped out when she saw me naked.  I grew an erection.

I said, “Please don’t.  If you put me in the hospital, I can’t play basketball.”

She said, “You need to be washed with anti-fungal soap and apply anti-fungal cream 4 times a day and you can’t do it yourself.”

“Why can’t I do it myself.” I said.

“Because you might infect yourself somewhere else and make it worse,” she said.

My mother said, “I can do it in the morning and evening.  My daughter can do it when he comes home from school.  We will have to find someone in school to do it for him at noon.”

Dr. Kincaid said, “Doesn’t the school have a nurse?”

I responded, “The nurse is only there on Friday.”

Dr. Kincaid said, “Just a minute, I have an idea.  Let me call the school.” The doctor disappeared for 10 minutes and when she returned she said,  ”I solved it, The principal said she would do it.”

“Oh no,” I said.  “Not the principal.”

“It is either the principal or the hospital,” said Dr. Kincaid.

“It is the principal,” I said resignedly.  By this time I was fully erect.  It was really embarassing to be having an erection in front of three women including my mother.  Fortunately, no one said anything.

The next day I hurriedly ate my lunch and went to the principal’s office.  I was met by one of the student aides, a fellow student, Mary Wilson.  She asked, “May I help you?

I said, “I have an appointment with Principal Lane.”

The girl called the principal on the intercom.  She returned immediately and said, “Go right in John.” 

IThe principal was an attractive middle aged woman.  She got up from her desk and met me.  “Are you John Foreman? she said.

I responded, “I am.”

The principal said, “Did you bring your prescriptions?”

I said, “I did.”

Principal Lane said, “We need to go to the nurses office where there is a sink.”

AS we left the principals office, she turned to Mary and said, "Mary, I need you to come with me."

We went to the nurses office and Mary followed.  When we arrived the principal said, "Mary, John here has a bad case of jock itch.  He has a fungal infection on his testicles.  He cannot apply it himself because he would might infect himself somewhere else.  I was asked by his doctor to apply it for him and I have consented."

Then the principal said, “Let take a look at it.”

I asked, "Why does Mary have to be here."

The principal said, "I can't be with a naked student without a chaperone."

I asked, “Can’t you use a secretary?”

The principal answered me, “The secretaries are unavailable.  They have their own work to do.  This is why we use student aides.”

I asked, “Are you a married woman?”  The real reason for the question was whether the principal was accustomed to seeing male genitals.

She said, “No, I have never been married.”

I said nothing and dropped my trousers in front of both of them.  When my genitals were exposed I could hear Mary gasp in surprise.  The principal then took her hands wet them and use the fungicidal soap to suds her hands.  Then she used the suds to wash my cock and my balls.  She was exceptionally thorough.  Her hands felt really good on my balls and I quickly grew an erection.  By the time she was finished I was fully erect. 

Mary asked, "Is it normal for his to have an erection?"

The principal answered, "Under the circumstances, yes."

Mary asked again, 'Are all penises that large?"

The principal said, "I wouldn't know Miss Wilson, I am not an expert on penises.  I was told by the doctor that his might happen and that I should ignore it.  Please do the same."

I looked over at Mary, her eyes were glued to my cock. Then the principal wet a wash cloth and removed the suds.  She told Mary to take a towel and dry me off.  Mary bent down and carefully used the towel to dry my cock and my testicles.  When she finished I was even harder than before.  The principal then applied the fungicidal lotion to my cock, my balls and all the affected areas.  I began to be worried about cumming.  I didn’t.  When Principal Lane finished,I pulled my pants back up.  I thanked her and went on my way.  As I did I realized that before the day is over, every student in school would know that Mary Wilson had not only seen me naked had manipulated my genitals

The next day when I went to the office one of the secretaries greeted me.  She said, “Principal Lane was called to the superintendent’s office.  Go to the nurses office.  Miss Adams is waiting for you. 

I asked, “Do you mean Miss Adams, the health teacher.” 

"Yes," was the reply.

I went to the nurses office. There was Miss Adams, the health teacher.  She was a very pretty, young first year teacher.  With her was a fellow student, Anita Anderson.  Miss Adams greeted me,  She said, “Hello John, how are you?”

I said, “Not so good.”

Miss Adams said, “Why what is wrong?”

I said, “Does Anita have to be here?”

Miss Adams said, “Yes, I am afraid so.  I cannot be alone with a naked student.  I have to have a chaperone.  I suppose this is embarrassing for you.  I am sorry, I can’t help that.”

I said, “Can you at least have Miss Anderson turn her back?”

Miss Adams said, “I am sorry, I can’t do that either.  A chaperone is a witness.  She can hardly testify to what she doesn't see.”

Miss Adams then said, “Let’s take a look at it.”

I lowered my trousers exposing myself.  Miss Adams exclaimed, “Oh my, you are infected aren’t you.”

I looked over at Miss Anderson.  Her eyes were glued to my crotch. Miss Adams noticed it too and said, “Miss Anderson, haven’t you ever seen a naked male before?”

Anita Anderson then said, “No, I haven’t.  Is that long thing a penis?”

Miss Adams answered, “I see you haven’t taken your sex ed lesson yet.  The long thing is a penis.”

Miss Anderson then said, “What is that other thing below the penis?”

Miss Adams answered, “Those are his testicles and the sack that holds them is called the scrotum.”

Miss Anderson then asked, “I heard of something called circumcision?  What is that?

Miss Adams answered, “That is where the foreskin is cut off.

Miss Anderson asked, “What is the foreskin?”

Miss Adams answered, “It is that little piece of skin at the tip of the penis?”

Miss Anderson said, “Then he is not circumcised then?

Miss Adams answered, “Yes, he is not circumcised. 

Miss Anderson asked, “Why would you cut off part of a penis?”

Miss Adams answered, “It was done for faux health reasons.  All of the justifications for circumcision have been proven false.  If you get married and have a boy, do not have him circumcised.  However, if the foreskin is not removed you must teach your son to pull the foreskin back and wash his glans.”

Miss Anderson asked, “What is a glans?”

Miss Adams took my penis, pulled back my foreskin to show her my glans.  When she did I started to grow an erection.

Miss Anderson said, “It is growing.”

Miss Adams said nothing until I was erect.  Then she said, “That is called an erection Miss Adams.  It is what happens when a male gets sexually excited.  It is perfectly normal and you should ignore it  Young teen aged boys especially cannot help it.”

Miss Adams then said, “As you can see Mr. Foreman has been scrupulous about his genital cleanliness.”

Miss Anderson said, ‘Miss Adams, how do you know all this?”

Miss Adams answered, “It is because I am a health teacher.  I was taught this in college.

Miss Anderson replied, “You mean you have never seen a live penis before either?”

Miss Adams answered,  ”Actually this is the first time I have ever seen live male genitals.  That is why I volunteered to do this.”

Miss Adams then turned to me and said, “Thank you for this opportunity of completing my education, Mr. Foreman.”

I didn’t know what to say!  I had just been treated like I was a store mannikin and I didn’t know what to say so I said the obvious, “You are welcome.”

Miss Adams then said, “We had better get busy.” 

Miss Adams began washing me.  She asked Miss Anderson to take a wet wash cloth andremove the suds.  Then Miss Anderson took a towel and dried me.  Then Miss Adams rubbed the lotion into the infected areas.  Miss Anderson kept her eyes glued to my crotch the whole time.

When she started Miss Anderson said, “Wow, it is really big.  Are all penises this big?”

Miss Adams replied, “I wouldn’t know Miss Anderson.  This is the first one I have ever seen.” 

Miss Anderson said, "His penis is now really hard.  How did it go from so soft to so hard."

Miss Adams replied, "When a male gets sexually excited, his penis fills with blood."

Miss Adams then turned to me and said, “We are finished.  Thank you again for allowing me to complete my education.”

I said, “Don’t mention it.”

Miss Anderson said, "I want to thank you too.  I learned a lot today."

The next week I had to have the health teacher, Miss Adams, administer the medicine again.  This time she had decided to use me as a teaching moment.  She had all of the girls who could make it from her health class there to watch and had obtained permission slips from their parents.  I had to strip naked in front of them and let Miss Adams administer the medicine over my penis and testicles in front of all the girls.  This was the ultimate humiliation, being stripped and examined by a whole class of my female classmates.  I quickly rewarded all the girls with an erection.  I have never been so hard. I can still hear them giggling as they watch.  After this happened every time some of the girls would see me they would start giggling.  The other ones would smile at me and when they saw me notice their smiles, they would look down at my crotch and smile some more.  Some of them even gave me a nickname, they called me stiffy! 

I only got over it when I was invited to a party.  When I arrived I discovered it was all girls.  Despite my previous experience with them, they persuaded me to undress in front of them.  By the time I was naked, I was fully erect.  They they spent the rest of the evening taking turns playing with my genitals.  After that, to my surprise, all the girls treated me with great courtesy and deferentially.  It wouldn't be the first time I was the object of an all girls party.  God they were fun!  The experience was really humiliating but ultimately, it was worth it. 

The following day was Friday so when I reported to the principal’s office I was directed to the school nurse.  When I arrived the school nurse asked me, “Are you Mr. Foreman?”

I said, “Yes, I am.”

The secretary then asked me, “Do you know Miss Williams?”

I said, “Yes, I do.”

The nurse said, “I need a chaperone, Miss Williams will assist me.”

I didn’t like it but I knew better than object.  In 3 days I had been required to expose myself to 6 different females plus a whole class of female classmates.. I wondered how many more I would be required to show before my ordeal was over.  I said, “I know, I should lower my trousers” and I did.

The nurse administered the medicine like the principal did.  Miss Williams just sat and watched.  I got an erection again.  I wish they wouldn’t use my fellow students as chaperones.  With those young girls staring at my cock, how could I not get an erection.

Unfortunately the nurse saw the occasion as a teaching moment.  She asked Judy Williams, “Have you got any brothers.”

Judy said, “Yes,”

The nurse said, “Older or younger?”

Judy answered, “Older.”

The nurse asked, “So have you ever seen a live male nude before?”

Judy said, “Only pictures.”

The nurse said, “Do you recognize the penis and testicles?”

Judy said, “Yes, I do.”

Then the nurse asked, “Can you identify the parts of male genitals.”

Judy answered, “No.”

The nurse explained, “The part of the penis below the glans is called the shaft.  You are familiar with testicles.  The skin of the testicles is called the scrotum.  Here is something interesting.  Notice there is a seam running down the middle of the scrotum.  That is the perineal raphe.  It is there because everyone starts out life as a female.  It isn’t until the testicles start producing testosterone that boys develop into males.  That is why men have nipples.  It is because the nipples and the testicles develop at the same time so when the testicles start producing testosterone the nipples have already developed.  At the same time start the outer lips of what would be a vulva heal and form the perineal raphe.  Then the testicles descend into the scrotum.  At the same time what was the clitoris starts growing and becomes a penis.  There is much more to it that that but those are the basics.

In the morning ,my mother would wash me and when I came home from school my little sister would.  That was humiliating but at least it wasn’t someone new every day..  It wasn’t so much that I was naked in front of my sister, it was that she was so gleeful about it.  Then one day when I came home from school my sister was there with her friend Linda.  I said to my sister, “I am ready for you to administer my medicine.”

She said, “I promised Linda she could help.”

I said, “You did what?”

She said, “I promised Linda she could help.”

At first, I was angry but then I realized that I enjoyed CFNM.  I said, “OK, but Linda has to do it.  You can only direct.”

We went into the bathroom and I dropped my pants in front of Linda.  Her eyes were wide as saucers.  She had never even seen a naked man before.  I had an erection even before she sudsed me.  When she dried me off and started applying the lotion she was so careful and so slow that I started spurting right in front of her and my sister.  I knew it would happen and I let it.  When I started spurting she stopped for a moment but they continued until the spurting stopped.  It was the best orgasm that I ever had.  Every day after that when I came home Linda would be waiting for me ready to minister to me and masturbate me.  She never got tired of masturbating me and I never tired of letting her.  She got good at it.  It was a two handed masturbation.  She would caress my balls and at the same time stroke my cock. Eventually the medicine worked and the jock itch went away.

Then it came back with a vengeance.  I was infected almost from my belly button to my knees.  When I showed my mother she immediately took me took the emergency ward.  When the emergency room doctor looked at it she immediately put me in the hospital in quarantine because they thought it might be a new more contagious variety.  Once again, I was washed and had lotion administered on me 4 times a day.  Thus, a nurse would come in 4 times a day wash me, dry me and apply the lotion.  In addition, once a day a technician would administer an ultra violet treatment to kill the fungus.  What was different was that the dermatologist was insistent upon keeping the area dry.  The infected area had to be kept exposed 24 hours a day.  I could not use a blanket.  I was given heavy sweaters and leg warmers to wear.  Pursaunt to doctor's orders, I was to be kept exposed and the curtains around me bed closed.

The problem I had was that I was in a double room.  Someone was in the bed next to me.  I pushed the curtains back to see who I was talking to.  Later he had female visitors.  The curtains had been pulled back to give me privacy but the female visitors pulled them away to see who was in the next bed. What they found was a young man with his genitals exposed.  Now you think they would have respected my privacy and restored the curtains.  No they had to satisfy their curiosity and take a good look.  They wanted to know what had happened so I explained it to them.  By this time. I was becoming used to being seen naked in front of women.  I found when they enjoyed it so did I. I rewarded them with an erection.  It should have embarrassed me but by this time I had learned to enjoy it.

I was a medical oddity so when my doctor visited me she was always accompanied by other doctors or medical students.  I just had to lie there exposed while they talked about me.  It is a whole different experience to lie naked in front of a mixed company of doctors while they talk about you as though you are not even there.  They also took pictures to record their treatment and to use in medical books.

Other nurses in the hospital heard about my unusual condition and wanted to see it. The worst part is that they didn’t come in all at once.  There was a whole parade of them that day.  They didn’t ask, they just came in like they had a right to, looked and asked me how I was doing. I tried to complain about a right of privacy but it didn’t matter.  They claimed that had implicit permission because I had given consent to the hospital for my care and they were employees of the hospital.  The also used the usual phrases that nurses use when faced with a recalcitrant patient. “We are all professionals here”, “you haven’t got anything we haven’t seen before” and “it is just another body part.” 

Then whole classes of nurses in training would come and see my treatment while I just lied there.  When I had those student nurses gawking at me I got the biggest erection and I could hear those girls giggling when they saw it. Yea, they were professionals alright!  There is nothing more humilating and exciting than being naked in bed in front of a whole class of gigling girls.

Then my sister showed up and naturally she brought her friends with.  I knew most of my sisters friends and most of the girls she brought with her I had never met..  They heard about me lying in bed exposed and wanted to see me.  There is nothing like a bunch of giggling, gawking girls looking at man’s privates to give him an erection.  They even brought their phones and took my picture.  Some day I'll get even with my sister.  My sister’s friend Linda was with them.

I said, “Hello Linda, it is nice to see you again.  I’ve missed you.”

Linda said, “Hello John, I’ve missed you too.  Let me show you how I have missed you.”

Then she started to fondle my testicles until I grew an erection.  After I was erect, she fondled me with one hand and stroked me with another.  It felt so good.  I hadn’t been masturbated in some time.  I looked at my sister’s other friends.  Their eyes were popping out of their heads.  Then I came and their jaws dropped.  After I spurted Linda cleaned it up.  It was glorious!  This was the best hand job I had ever had.

Even my mother showed up with her friends.  When I complained to her she used the standard phrase to justify women seeing you nude, “You haven’t got anything we haven’t seen before.”  The only thing different was that my mother used the prefix, “These are adult married women” first.  They gawked at me as much as the teenaged girls did.  What galled me the most that they thought they had a right to be there.

I grew an erection for them too. When I did I could hear them discussing with each other how large I was.  It was complimentary but they were treating me like a piece of meat.  A couple of them had the unmitigated gall to test my hardness.  I liked it but it was still unmitigated gall.

The treatment worked and I recovered.  It did not return.  I continued my relationship with my sister’s friend Linda.  What was most unusual was that after I returned to school I was noticeably more popular with my female classmates than before.  Sometimes what seems is going to be bad turn out to be good.











Submitted: March 08, 2022

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