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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The final episode in poor Teddy's misadventures. He is taken just about as low as a human being can go. What fun!

This story is exteme fantasy and not for everyone. All characters are eighteen or older. If you'd like to read my gay horror and romance and historical novels, you can find "Agitato" and "Debauched Genius"  on Amazon.




Teddy grunted in rhythm. Even though we had been stretching his ass on the fucking machine, the girth and length of a real prick fucking his teenage asshole was terribly painful and uncomfortable for him. Well, much of his discomfort was mental and emotional, because the cock ass fucking him was that of his own father. It was a big juicy dick, as Teddy knew from masturbating the man and also before getting fucked from sucking it to lubricate it. I had forbidden the use of any lube other than Teddy’s spit. I had also informed the boy’s father that if he fucked his son with and other than balls deep full power effort, it would be useless and only have to be repeated. Teddy screamed as his dad’s fucker, the same fucker that had created him in his mom’s womb slammed into him with all the force the muscular middle-aged man could muster.


I had been preparing Teddy’s father with drugs and hypnosis and long therapy sessions, convincing him that he was the only one who could give his son a decent future by helping the boy escape from his fixation over Daddy’s big dick and his own pathetic penis. I really had the kid’s old man as fucked up now as the boy.

And I also had some excellent photos of Teddy sucking Daddy and of Daddy ass fucking his son, which I intended to use as leverage in the future.


Yes, my perverted friends and I were not above using black mail to get our jollies. I fully planned on making Teddy’s dad fuck the boy’s ass three to five times a week in front of live audiences at sex shows and also on camera for videos to sell and streaming performances. Teddy’s father was a highly respected man with a very conservative position and lifestyle. All of that was to my advantage. I watched the man’s well-muscled ass bounce up and down as he fucked deep into his son’s bowels. The poor eighteen-year old kid was out of his mind with humiliation and despair. Teddy knew, but his dad did not that thousands of horny perverts were watching the fucking live on their phones and computers. Not only that, but Teddy’s full name and address and contact info was posted on the bottom of the screen. Anyone who wanted to degrade Teddy because of his small dick was invited to do so. Private viewings could be arranged for a hefty fee, and the customers would be able to handle and play with the pathetic clitdick in person.


Teddy had lost every shred of self-esteem and dignity. He no longer even thought of himself as a human, as a teenage boy, but as some kind of fucking freak. After Teddy’s dad has shot what I hoped would be a sizable load up his son’s all, I would have Teddy squat and shit out the cum and then lick it up.

He would do this because he was broken and would not do anything I told him to do. And oh, the plans I had for the two of them.


“It’s important, Teddy that you allow your father to use your mouth as a toilet. After all, Teddy, you are a fucking small dicked freak. Men, real men have the right to use you however they choose.” And when I said toilet, I did not just mean for piss. Toilets are used for more than just piss. I did not say urinal. I said toilet.

So eventually, the boy would lie on his back while his own father would squat over his son’s face and take a healthy shit into the boy’s mouth. Teddy would do it because he no longer had any resistance of his own, and his father would do it because I would by then have threatened blackmail, and the man’s head would have been fucked up by drugs. In fact, his workplace had already suggested that he was terribly distracted and might want to take a well-earned leave of absence.


Teddy’s mom had gone for a long visit to her sister, because of the strange behavior of her husband and the tragic absence of her mixed-up son.


So, a few weeks later. I had a naked man, squatting over the open mouth of his own trembling son, and shitting food that we had stuffed up there into the kid’s mouth for lunch. That’s right, we filmed Teddy now eating his meals out of his own father’s asshole. I always shared the photos with Teddy and his dad, so that both of them could feel the total shame. We got Teddy to sign some papers without reading them, and when his father said that he had had enough and would not do any more perverted acts, I showed him the signed confessions Teddy had written saying that his father had been molesting him since he was a young teen. This was not at all true of course, but it was the leverage I needed to keep the boy’s father involved in my sick games. Did Daddy want to go to prison?


For a few weeks, I had father and son crawling around naked on all fours like animals, eating their meals of dog food out of bowls and going to the toilet outside on the grass like dogs.


Every few days, I had extensive live programs during which we would measure Teddy’s tiny dick next to his father’s huge one. The hormone and other things I had been injecting into the boy were making his penis shrink up even more. I loved watching the tears in his eyes as his dick got smaller and smaller. I had also been working on his nipples, using a suction machine on his tits, so that they now formed permanent pink cones extending over an inch.  H sobbed when he saw himself in the mirror. I made him continue dancing now and then at the gay club, so the guys could laugh at him, and even they began to notice that his body was getting a more girlish figure.


Whenever I ordered him to do some new horrible task, like the first time I made him suck the dick of a dog, he would kind of twitch, and then his eyes would cloud over with humiliation and his lip would tremble, but he would not disobey.


His first dog sucking show was done before an audience of twenty-five men, who hooted and cheered him on. Teddy would remove his mouth from the slime coated dog dock every few minutes and look up with doggie fuck dripping from his lips and chin, so the guys could take pictures with their phones to send to friends and post on websites. Teddy knew the rules. If he puked up the doggie slime or cum, he had to eat it again including his own vomit. He was starting to know his place in the world.


Teddy’s dad has started drinking from guilt, and he soon lost his job totally.

I told him I would help to support him if he agreed to let himself be fucked up the ass for some videos I would sell.  Teddy with his tiny dick could not fuck his father, but I did shoot some nice ones where he shoved a twelve -nch rubber cock up Daddy’s tight straight ass.


One day, I dressed Teddy up in pink see through women’s panties with a cut out crotch so his tiny dick showed, fish net stockings and a garter belt, a bra with nipple holes cut out and high heeled shoes. He stood like a zombie, knowing what a freak he must look like. And to think of the jock handsome teenage heartthrob he had been only a few short months ago. He now had permanent tattoos on his body saying to the world what he was. He also had a stud through his tongue, so that on the few occasions when I had him speak, he talked with a sissy lisp.


With Teddy dressed this way, I took him into an outer room of my place to meet a guest. It was a muscular young boy of his own age. A kid named Cheyanne.

With dark hair and a killer smile, the boy was fucking gorgeous. He had been a schoolmate and teammate of Teddy’s in school, and Teddy had gotten the captain position on the sports team and Prom King instead of Cheyanne.  No one in the school was happier than he was when Teddy was expelled for shitting at the dance and humiliating the entire school. Of course, all the kids had been sent photos of Teddy’s tiny dick, courtesy of yours truly. Cheyanne hated Teddy.

When he saw him, he shook his head at what a pathetic queer faggot Teddy had become. He spit over and over into Teddy’s face, at my encouragement. The more the cute jock spit, the more worked up he became. I am sure I saw his dick getting hard in his jeans. Teddy stood there trembling. Once he said to Cheyanne, ‘I never did anything wrong to you…”  And the other kid hauled off and slapped him hard.


“You exist! That is wrong enough!”  He reached out and grabbed Teddy’s forehead and pried his eyelids open one at a time and spit huge gobs of spit into the boy’s eyes. That gave me a great idea.  I tied Teddy’s hands behind his back, then said to Cheyanne, “if you want to have a real go at him, beat the shit out of him, be my guest, but promise me you won’t neglect his balls!” 


Cheyanne did a grand job. First he slapped Teddy’s faggy face over and over, until the boy’s cheeks were purple red. Then he punched Teddy in the face to give him a black eye.  Teddy felt to the floor, I kicked his legs apart so Cheyanne could send a booted foot into the teen’s nutsack. Over he kicked the screaming boy in the balls. I leaned down to Teddy and gently told him he should not worry about his nuts, as he would never fuck a girl and have kids anyway.  I handed Cheyanne a twelve-inch wrist thick dildo and said It would look great up Teddy’s asshole.


Cheyanne, who it turns out was quite a creative high school senior said, “How about my fist instead?” So, Teddy was fist fucked for the first but certainly not the last time.  Cheyanne was not a terribly large boy, so his fist was not awesomely large, but it certainly was enough to actually make Teddy black out. Since Cheyanne had his arm almost up to his elbow up inside the boy, I helped out by pissing on Teddy’s face to revive him. We didn’t want him to miss any of the fun.


There was a method to my madness. I made a deal with Cheyanne. I asked him to help me round up as many high school seniors as possible who now hated Teddy the Small Dicked Faggot.


Then, I arranged a special graduation party for these boys, after the ceremony.  For the graduation ceremony itself, I made Teddy attend in the audience, dressed in a very, very short micro plaid skirt with no underpants or panties beneath, a tube top and six inch heels. We painted his face like a whore, had his ears pierced and filled with large hoop earrings, his nose pierced with a large silver ring and the word CUNT tattooed on his forehead.


When the school tried to stop him from attending, I pointed out that I was willing to start a law-suit over anti-diversity treatment.  Teddy’s heavy eye make-up ran down his cheeks with the tears, making him look even more like a cheap whore. And to think some of these boys and girls had been best friends with him!

They booed him and called him filthy names.


But the main event was the party I had created. Plenty of booze and drugs to relax the graduating senior boys who showed up. Of course, some of the three hundred boys who graduated did not attend, they were too uptight or upright, but I was over joyed when thirty-six wild, horny, healthy jocks did show up.

My friends and I got them drunk and high, and then presented Teddy to them.

Teddy was now naked except for a pink ribbon tied in a bow around his clit.

His big nipples had been roughed.


I announced that to apologize for the way he had fooled and used the boys in the school, Teddy would now be happy to suck all thirty-six teenage dicks. After that, any boy who wanted to could show their power over the fucking faggot by fucking him in the ass! I pointed out that this fucking tiny dicked faggot had secretly lusted after his fellow students and the least they could to would be to punish him for that. A good ass fucking from thirty-six horny dicks might be a great way to start.


I am delighted to report that all thirty-six boys, led by the charming Cheyanne, came through for me and fucked Teddy in his cunthole.  Teddy was not even hysterical any more, he was mindlessly out of it. His ass bubbled and oozed cum, and every six or seven boys, we scooped the cum from the kid’s ass and fed it to him. His normally flat tight tummy was already bloated from the thirty-six loads of sperm he had swallowed. He mumbled incoherently and burped up cum.  It ran from his nose and mouth.  As each boy finished shooting up his ass, he presented his greasy spent prick to Teddy to clean off with his mouth.  Teddy knew it was part of his job to clean up any dick that was kind enough to use him. Teddy passed out from pain four times, but was always revived by some cute kid needing to take a piss.


After the last dude had finished fucking him, the drunken naked boys lounged around, some gently massaging their spent fuckers, others already getting another hard on. Teenage boys can do that.  One boy moaned it was a shame that there weren’t any real cunts at the party. I needed to be inventive, so I suggested that Cheyanne demonstrate his fist-fucking skills on Teddy, and then any other boy who wanted to try could as well. This started a whole new game. And yes, I was taping it all to sell. It’s not often you get that many healthy eighteen-year old jocks in a sick perverted orgy like this. Before half the dudes had fist-fucked our boy Ted, they decided to try to get two hands up him at the same time. Some of the boys looked at me to check for permission. “That’s fine with me…” I said smiling. I was pretty much finished with Teddy anyway. His mental condition was now so deteriorated that he hardly felt any humiliation at all, he just mindlessly took whatever abuse was given him. Teddy’s father was now a hopeless drug addict and alcoholic and his wife divorced him.


I quickly forgot about them, as I received a letter and a photo in the mail from a friend of mine showing me the picture of an eighteen-year old high school senior who was built quite small, only five-foot four, and looked like a fourteen-year old. Evidently, he was maturing quite late, and my friend thought I might be interested in meeting him. Would I be interested? But that is another story!


The End

Submitted: March 08, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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