Jada Plays Secretary

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jada pretends to work for her new lover, Ayano, as his secretary.

"Jada, do I look like the kind of guy who takes acting classes?"
"No, that's why I'm tell you all this!"

"I guess I can keep this teeny, tiny secret from my husband..."



(Preview of later chapter in Jada Versailles and Ayano Ilanescu book. Jada is a Brazilian/Japanese American art gallery owner and cat burglar. She fell in love with her martial arts trainer. Now, she has revealed her dual identity as Chesha Neko (CHE-shah NE-ko) and met with his very shady lawyer to plan for emergencies.)


After about an hour, they all felt satisfied that they had covered the basics, at least, to prevent a legal disaster. The ball was rolling. Jada had a good feeling about Dovydas. All of his advice had been well thought out, practical, and creative.

Ayano had walked Dovydas out and returned to his office, where Jada was going over some notes she took. 

“So, Chesha Neko… are you going to let me see the costume? Can I fuck you in it?” Ayano asked, leaning over her shoulder. He swept aside the curtain of her long black hair and nuzzled her neck. She smelled like plumeria. “I still can’t believe you were mad about a gunshot and some drugs when you’ve been little miss international Yakuza ninja thief.”

“Ayano, it’s different. I was in danger and I want to be prepared. Wasn’t it you who said we shouldn’t surprise each other?” she said. She was so excited that she remembered something he said to use against him. She stood up and faced him. 

“Ha,” Ayano said, looking down and smiling. He ran his hand through his hair. “We’ll just have to see how this all plays out. You might be safer if no one knows you’re in on all this, if my enemies think you’re just a girlfriend and not a… an ally? You want to be my ally?”

“It depends how big and bad you really are,” she said cautiously, and a little flirtatiously.

Bine, bine… I’ll run it by my inner circle. See what we decide to tell you about. But if you wanna know how bad I am, it’s pretty bad…” he said, stepping closer. “And if you wanna know how big I am… it’s pretty big…” he told her in a low voice, pushing his cock up against her. Sometimes, his movements made him seem like a bullfighter. So elegant and skillful. But, other times, he seemed like a dark rock star like Dave Navarro. If Dave Navarro was a built, violent maniac. “Maybe too big for you. Is that what you’re afraid of?” Jada smirked at him. 

“I’m not afraid. Just don’t think I’m going to work for you.”

“Aw…” He frowned, holding her hands at her sides. “Can we pretend that you work for me?” When he wore all black and a large silver belt buckle, it looked like his cock was leading him everywhere. Which was probably somewhat true.

“You want to role play?” She grinned. He was an out-of-control, sex maniac criminal. A violent, drug-using criminal. Unfortunately, the wrong parts of her took note of this. 

“Yeah. Be my secretary,” he requested, running his fingers firmly down her back. “Can you put on a short, short skirt? And that black shiny little top? And high heels.” He caressed her breasts, groping her over the bra.

“Okay. How long have I worked for you?” she clarified, now grabbing his wrists.

“Uh, you’ve just settled in. A month,” he said, humoring her. 

“Am I married?” She fluttered her eyelashes.

“Yes, you’re definitely married. And your husband just lost his job.” 

“What about you?”

“I’m not married. Because I’m a pig, I’m awful,” he said, baring his teeth at her.

“Oh, so this role isn’t a stretch for you, is it?” she teased. He pinched her ass. 

“Go get changed. Bring me a tie,” he ordered. She glared at him but left with her head held high. 

Jada came back in the requested outfit, adding thigh high stockings and a black cardigan as well. Ayano had cleared most of the actual important office materials out of harm’s way. 

“Ok, how do you do this?” Jada asked, handing him his tie. 

“You call me Mr. Ilanescu. I call you Ms. Versailles. I threaten to fire you,” he said, setting up the scene. He buttoned up his shirt for once and tied a windsor knot with his tie.

“Well you know the agreement rule, right? In theater, in improv, you can’t disagree with your partner. You have to roll with it, whatever they say or you’re blocking the scene’s flow,” she informed him, putting on a little lipstick. 

“Jada, do I seem like the kind of guy who takes a theater class?”

“No, that’s why I’m telling you. Now, first you’re after my tits, then you make me blow you. You can take it from there,” she said, holding some prop papers.

“You’re pretty bossy for a secretary. Get in character!” he said, sitting at his desk. 

“Mr. Ilanescu, these documents need your signature,” Jada said, walking to his desk slowly, her hips swaying. She leaned over the desk, her tits perilously close to popping out of her pushup bra. He drew a blank for a minute, distracted.

“Thank you, Ms. Versailles. How are you liking it here?” he asked in a serious boss-guy voice, signing the papers.

“Everyone’s been great, Mr. Ilanescu. Thank you so much for hiring me. It means so much, especially since my husband lost his job,” she said, gathering up the papers.

“Great, great. Ms. Versailles, could you get me those red binders on the shelf up there, please? And do be careful with them. I’d hate for you to drop them,” he said, grinning at her. Jada reached up to get the binders, which were empty, and one fell to the floor.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Mr. Ilanescu!” she said, bending over to get them and giving him a look at her thong and thigh high stockings as her skirt rode up. Ayano’s hands gripped the armrests on his chair more tightly. 

“You know, Ms. Versailles, I want to let you in on a little secret,” he said, standing and walking to the other side of his desk. “There are going to be layoffs in this office next month and the higher-ups, well, they like for me to keep on people who have been here a while and fire any new people…”

“Oh no! Is there anything I can do?” she begged, standing a few inches away from him clasping her hands. “Anything I can do to secure my job, Mr. Ilanescu, I’ll do it!” 

She could feel the heat radiating from Ayano’s body. She wanted to rip his shirt off, but she stayed in the game. 

“Well, I’ve been…” he started, taking off her cardigan. “...admiring you from afar, you see… and if you would let me admire you up close, I could be persuaded to secure your position,” Jada smiled. He was too good at this.

“I don’t know, Mr. Ilanescu, I’m a married woman! Wh-what did you have in mind?” Jada blinked, acting timid and shocked.

“I want you to sit down in that chair and let me suck on your tits,” he said through clenched teeth, centimeters away from her face.

“I had no idea you were such a pervert, Mr. Ilanescu! But if that’s all you want me to do, I suppose I can keep this teeny, tiny secret from my husband,” she agreed, sitting down in a chair in front of the desk and trying to act nervous and not excited. She deliberately let her skirt ride up as she sat down, nearly showing her underwear. 

Ayano swooped down and took down the straps to her satin camisole and groped her tits over the push up bra. Then, he breathed heavily and took one out and desperately kissed and sucked on its nipple. She shuddered as if she weren’t enjoying it at all. Her tits rested completely outside the bra cups. He licked each nipple noisily and squeezed her tits hard. Jada started to respond by moaning and heaving her chest. She rested against the back of her chair and let him devour her tits. He started sucking them hard and gently biting her nipples.

“Mr. Ilanescu, I think that’s enough!” she cried, pretending to be outraged at his perversion. He stopped and she quickly put her tits away. 

“Of course, Ms. Versailles. I got carried away,” he said, returning to his chair behind the desk. “Oh, but there’s one more thing.”

“What is it, Mr. Ilanescu?”

“Please take a look at this… drawer…” he said, breaking character by grinning.

“Certainly, I’d be happy to help,” she said, traipsing behind the desk.

“It’s the bottom one. The lowest one, there,” he instructed. As Jada knelt down to take a look, he unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. Jada heard him doing it and was almost laughing.

“Oh, my word! Mr. Ilanescu!” she exclaimed, clutching her heart. Ayano, of course, had taken his dick out in close proximity to her face. He pulled his foreskin back as he slowly jerked his shaft up and down. 

“I think you can be a little more accommodating for me, Ms. Versailles. After all, lots of people are going to be fired. If I’m going to save your job, I need to know you’re a real team player,” he said wickedly. 

“This is so awful! But I have no other choice!” she lamented.

“And take your tits out again,” he ordered, looking pleased with himself. Jada crawled closer to him, still on her knees. She took out her tits again and tentatively grabbed his thick cock. She pumped the shaft up and down until it was hard enough to go in her mouth. It slid down her throat and she closed her lips around it, bobbing her head up and down it obediently, watching his expression. She kept sliding her tongue all around and under his foreskin. She let her lips graze his mushroom tip, precum getting all over her lips. She sucked on his cock until it was so hard, she could see the blood vessels on it. Ayano moaned and put his hand on top of her head, pulling her closer to his cock. He controlled her speed this way until he was ready to stop and cum in her mouth. She daintily dabbed the dribbles of semen from her lips and chin and licked her fingers clean. 

“I’m so ashamed of myself! I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to look my husband in the eye!” she whined, standing up and leaning against his desk.

“Give me your panties as a souvenir,” he demanded. Sheepishly, she took them off underneath her skirt and sat on the desk to take them past her ankles. He snatched them up, the black lacy thong slightly damp from her arousal. He smelled them.

“Oh my god, I have to taste you now. You can’t tease me like that, Ms. Versailles, shame on you!” He grabbed her hips and placed her on the middle of the desk, right at the edge. She shrieked as he hiked up her skirt and knelt in front of her pussy. Practically drooling, he stroked her pussy, between her lips, with his finger. She pressed her legs together.

“No! I can’t! That’s only for my husband! I could never!” she gasped. Ayano sat down in his chair and pushed her back, spreading her legs wide. Jada laid back on his desk while he lapped up her juicy pussy, his tongue feeling hot and naughty. “You’re a pervert, Mr. Ilanescu! How dare you! Don’t think I’m enjoying this!”

Ayano stuck his fingers inside her, sliding them in and out as he licked her clit. Then, he rubbed her clit as he stuck his tongue in her pussy. It felt amazing, his hot, strong tongue massaging all of her sensitive parts. 

“I see you walk around the office in your little outfits. Practically begging for it, leaning over my desk. Pausing as your cross your legs. You want me to look. Do you like it when I eat your pussy?” he asked her.

“Of course not! I’m not like that! I’m not like that at all!” she protested. He licked between her legs rapidly, his tongue sleek and smooth on her labia. Making as much noise as possible, he slurped and moaned as he went on. 

“Mmm, you love it when I eat your pussy, when I fuck you with my fingers, don’t you?!” he asked, spreading her pussy apart and watching her precious pink hole gleam and shine from all the juicy cum. 

“Oh god, I do. I do! I’m so fucking wet for you!” she cried. He went back to licking her like a pervert. Then, he pinched her clit with his lips and shoved his fingers in her pussy. She couldn’t hold back any longer. She came so hard, her thighs trembling. She moaned loudly. Right as she thought she was finished, Ayano got on top of her and continued fucking her with his finger.

He gave her messy, forceful kisses, her cum still on his lips. Their tongues mingled and they could both taste how aroused she was. This wicked man had won her over despite herself! The thought was so arousing, it made Jada cum again, squeezing his finger inside her. 

“You naughty girl, Ms. Versailles,” Ayano said, standing upright. He put Jada’s legs on his shoulders, on either side of his neck, and crammed his cock in her desperate pussy. He plowed her, hard, for so long. It felt so good, he climbed on top of her and pinned her arms down on the desk as he thumped against her aggressively. Most of the things on his desk fell on the floor. 

“Does your husband fuck you like this?” he growled.

“No! No! He never… aaaahhhh… keep going…” Jada moaned. 

“Get on top of me!” he yelled, rolling over and knocking more things off his desk. Jada rode his cock hard, her tits bouncing wildly. Ayano grunted loudly when he came. 

“Ohmigod, Ayano,” she panted, still on top of him with her clothes barely still on her body. 

“Was it good for you, too?” he boasted. 

“You’re so bad… and so big…” she purred as she laid her head on his chest, every thought in her head spent on her bad man. She was faintly aware of how much she was getting entangled with him, but she convinced herself it was worth it. 


Submitted: March 07, 2022

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