Chapter 42: Father and Son Double Teamed

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Hot Wives  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I'm over at Brandon's in the kitchen half bath, naked as a Jaybird. I just finished getting double teamed by Dirk and his son downstairs in Dirk's "Sin Den" as he fondly calls it. He had a couple cameras on us, flipping pictures back and forth on the 50-inch Samsung which Dirk used the first time he fucked me.  He's got some universal remote that moves from camera to camera, zeros in on the closeups, and even changes the angle.  He loves a hot cum shot and a cunt full of jizz.  Just a technical wizzard who relishes making his own porn.  I keep running into those kinds of guys putting me in their movies.

Brandon undressed me right in front of his dad, then leaned me over the couch with my legs spread wide open, waiting for the slow-mo shot. I thought Brandon was going to take me while his dad was videoing, but Dirk stepped up behind me and fingered my pussy until I squirted with a vengence across the silver screen lens. 

*Megan: Take One*


Brandon watched a few minutes, then he came around front, removed all the couch cushions, stripped off his clothes, and stood in the bare bed of the couch where he squatted just enough to put his dick in my mouth. As soon as he did that, I felt his father slide his cock in my cunt from behind.

I have a hard time climaxing when I'm concentrating on sucking another guy. Brandon fisted my hair and started fucking my mouth. He knows that I gag. He was careful not to go too deep. Still, I couldn't relax enough to cum on his dad's penetrating dick even though he fucked me for 20 hard minutes. Right before Dirk shot his load inside me, he slipped his finger up my ass. It felt nice, but Dirk had something else in mind. I felt him slide something small and cold up my butthole. Once he shoved it deep up my chute, I realized it was a suppository!!

I immediately suspected that Dirk wanted to clean me out and then finish up by coming in my ass. That's not what he wanted. It took him twenty more strokes to drain his balls in my pussy.  He just stood there in front of the camera, sliding his creamy prick in and out of my slot until it softened and just fell out. His steamy load came behind it, and he asked me to push it out for a video climax.

*Megan: Take Two*


By then, I was concentrating on Brandon, licking him the way he likes it and bringing him to launch in my mouth. He dumped a seriously massive load down my throat, some of which bubbled down my chin much to his daddy's frantic elation.

I was thinking to myself, 'this whole thing is majorly wrong.' It didn't slow me down or gross me out, but I was just surprised that a father and son would feel that comfortable with each other to have sex with the same woman at the same time. I mean, they seemed totally at ease with it. I was kind of freaked out. It made me wonder about Cecelia, Dirk's wife.

Dirk was watching his son drill my mouth, the semen dripping from the corners of my lips, when he told me to "Keep sucking, Megan. Keep sucking! Make him nut in your mouth again."  Brandon has a gift.  He can cum twice without losing his erection.  It makes for an amazing fuck, but he had never done it in my mouth before.  There's a first time for everything.

*Megan: Take Three*

Well, that suppository was taking effect, and I told them both I had to go. I was absolutely horrified when Dirk shoved that thing up my rectum without telling me what he was doing. Once it was up there, I had little choice but to play this thing out. I vehemently hate doing number two anywhere but at home, but there were no other options.  I was just thankful they didn't insist on videoing me taking a dump.  That's totally not my scene.

After I got out of the bathroom, I got on my knees and sucked Brandon barbell stiff. Yes, he was ready to give me a third load, and I knew by then what he was planning to do. He led me over to the couch without a word and bent me over the back of it, spreading my cheeks and spitting on my puckered poop chute. Dirk had already stretched me with his thick, pudgy finger. It didn't take long for Brandon to get two of his long digits deep up my ass. Still, his cock is pretty big, so it took some serious patience for him to ease that thing through my nearly virgin sphincter without splitting me in half.

Brandon was only a few inches deep when Dirk came around to my front just as his son had done previously.  He slipped his limp dick in my mouth, and I tasted the medley of our combined juices as his organ started swelling on my tongue. Brandon was going slow, so it was physically much easier to service his father. I was using my hand against Brandon's thigh to signal how hard and fast I could tolerate his thrusts.

By the time Brandon was completely up my butt and pumping my rectum passionately, his daddy was fully erect between my lips and scraping his cock across the edge of my incisors. Brandon is bigger than his dad. I haven't measured either of them, but Brandon is thicker and probably two inches longer. When Brandon finally came in my ass, he had fucked my butthole raw... even though he was spitting on it constantly.

I was surprised that I could get Dirk to come again, but he said he loves how I blow him. I wasn't too aggressive sliding up and down his shaft or sucking his helmet super hard. I use my tongue where I know it feels nice. He loves me swirling around his bulbous glans. When he launched, it was just two small shots followed by some salty oozing. He doesn't have his son's fist sized testicles, so he doesn't shoot sperm by the gallons.  Still, he wanted me to show him the results.

*Megan: Take Four*

After Dirk and Brandon finished filling all my holes, they went to work on unfolding the bed from the couch. I'm supposed to stay down there with Brandon tonight. I'm guessing Dirk will sleep with Cecelia in the master. Andy is in the main guest room with Sabine. She's here alone without her friend, Sophie, just to visit my husband.  I haven't seen either of them since we finished dinner.  I should be jealous, but I've been thoroughly fucked, so I decided to go upstairs to the kitchen bathroom. The guys can use the one downstairs in the basement. I need a moment to myself. My clothes are all over the room downstairs. I just decided to walk up here naked.


Before I left, Brandon wanted me to 'push' the cum out of my ass while I was leaning over the back of the couch.  Another video climax, he told me.

"You want me to shit out your cum?" I asked.

"That's exactly what I want."

*Megan: Take Five*


I squeezed a big glob of Brandon's seed out my butt and let it run down the length of my crack. He fingered it into my sloppy twat and made me suck the cream off his middle digit.

"Go clean yourself up," he ordered. "You're such a cum whore." He smacked my ass playfully, then Dirk followed suit, both of them chuckling.

What a sight... father and son standing there beside each other with their dicks swaying in the breeze. Crazy. I think I'll slip down to the guestroom and listen through the door.  I'm just wondering what's happening between my hubby and Sabine.

Submitted: April 09, 2023

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