Chapter 30: Banging an Old Flame

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Brandon and his family went to Florida for the July 4th holiday.  They left the Thursday before and returned on Monday, the evening of the fourth.  I was surprised how much I missed him and how horny it made me feel to be apart.

It occurred to me that I hadn't heard from Dan in a while. Dan was my first secret lover after marrying Andy, one of the groomsmen in our wedding and my husband's best friend.  We started our affair in August five years ago, just after Samantha was born in December.  It ended abruptly in October when we were discovered by Dan's ex wife, Susan, who 'happened' upon a video on his phone.

Dan and I had lots of unprotected sex, but he never got me pregnant.  I suspected he had a problem and finally convinced him to get it checked when he incidentally showed up in my clinic a few weeks before this past Christmas.  It had been forever since I had seen him, and he insisted that I attend his case.. a minor but slightly embarrasing issue of rectal pain which he would rather not explain to a stranger.


By the end of his visit, we were discussing in earnest Dan's concerns about never having children with Susan.  I suggested he be seen by Urology for a sperm sample.  He asked to provide the sample at our clinic, then have it delivered to Urology.  After an argument about protocol, I reluctantly called Urology who agreed to accept the sample if Dan or myself brought it over personally.  I handed Dan the specimen cup and told him to get busy.

The next thing I know, I'm being summoned back into Dan's exam room for assistance.  There he was with his cock and an empty cup, begging for my help because he just couldn't get off in such a 'sterile' environment.  One thing lead to another.. hand job.. blow job.. and finally - 

"Meg, can you just let me put it inside you.  It's been so long.  I know you can make me come."

Well, how could I refuse?  Never mind there were nurses hanging out by the door, one of them recording everything like some government spy.  Of course I wasn't quiet.  Of course he didn't pull out.  I ultimately squeezed his hot load from the depths of my pussy and managed to collect the majority for microscopic analysis.  It was far from acceptable semen sample etiquette, and the report from Urology offered little information.  The whole thing turned out to be an excuse for a fuck, and I had admittedly forgotten how good Dan could make me feel.

Some weeks later, we were back to seeing each other secretly.  We met and we fucked on a regular basis.  It felt like old times. Andy was commonly hunting, so our meetings were easy to manage.  December was deer season.  I arranged to get Dan an appointment in Jackson where he was discovered to have a varicocele that needed surgical correction.


Once the holidays were over, Dan and I called it quits.  Deer season was done, and it was much too risky to continue our affair.  If Andy were to catch us again, I was sure it would be the end of my marriage. 

Several months after Dan's surgery, I decided to visit him unannounced on my way home from work.  It was the Thursday Brandon left for Florida.  He was supposed to call me to remove his stitches, but he had them removed by some nurse he was dating. When I arrived, I debated about knocking because a strange car was parked in the driveway.

Finally, I decided 'what the fuck' and walked up to the door. As luck would have it, Dan had already spotted my jeep and greeted me before ringing the bell.

"I didn't want to bother you. I almost didn't come up when I saw you had company," I said. He explained he was seeing a nurse who works shifts at the hospital.

"She's doing nights right now, so she sleeps during the day."

When I showed up, she was in the back bedroom. Her shift was 7PM to 7AM.  I've worked the same shift at the hospital myself;  I knew the routine.

Anyway, Dan invited me inside and we sat in the kitchen where we talked for a while. He actually met this girl in the grocery store soon after I last talked to him about his surgery. I can't even remember her name, but I had never heard of her. She was about my age, divorced with no children. He told me, "Things are moving quickly."

I took that to mean he was considering a ring. At least she had a job. "Nurses are good," I told him.

"Oh, I agree," he said.

I confided in him about Brandon. Needless to say, Dan was very surprised and a little disappointed. He couldn't believe I was fucking a teenager. All I could do was concur. He asked about Andy and how things were going with my quest to get pregnant.

When I told Dan I was willingly letting Brandon screw me without protection, he almost went ballistic. It totally caught me off guard. I had to tell him to calm down so he didn't wake up sleeping beauty.

The next thing I knew, we were kissing. He had me pinned against the fridge, knocking off magnets and notes. Dan had become so domesticated, it was ridiculous.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded. He was pulling off my scrub top. My arms were all tied up in my shirt with my hair going everywhere. "We're not doing this," I insisted. "Your girlfriend could wake up and walk in here."

"She's a heavy sleeper," he countered.  "She's not due to get up for an hour. I kept her up all morning after she got home from work."

"Sounds like she kept you up," I snapped as he finished jerking off my top and reached for my bottoms. A quick flick of the wrist had my pants and panties both bundled at my ankles. Dan has a way of being forceful. I have a way of being submissive, particularly to him.


When he shoved me over the table, he gave me a hard slap on the ass before pulling off my sneakers and slinging my medical wardrobe into the kitchen corner. He's all about drama, and there's no hesitation after all that we've been through. Dan is comfortable and confident in taking me wherever he wants, whenever he feels like it.

I guess if I'm honest, I wanted it too. I just didn't expect it, nor did I think it was safe. But hey, it was Dan's girl in the bedroom... not Andy. If she came out and saw us, it was Dan's problem.

I tried to be as quiet as possible, but I wasn't any better at it than I was with Brandon in the kitchen. Dan usually tempers his approach based on the circumstances, but today he was rough and ready. It had been a while since I had felt his cock inside me. My pussy welcomed him with creamy anticipation.


Brandon's not as big as Dan. I was tight but plenty wet for him. He shoved that dick all the way up my tunnel with his very first thrust. I started coming in less than thirty seconds as I mumbled under my breath, "I've missed you so much."

Dan unclipped and disposed of my bra before he finally got around to nutting inside me. I wouldn't have known he had fucked his girlfriend that morning. It was a pretty impressive load.  As it started running out of me all over the table, I couldn't help but remember he had completed his operation that would make him more virile and his semen more robust.

This was day 11 of my cycle.

I left with a mess between my legs, still horny as shit. Yes, he made me come, but I wanted some more. I just laid there on the table hoping he wasn't finished while he admired his deposit leaking out of my cunt.


Dan sent me home to Andy with instructions to soak my husband's dick in my freshly polllinated pussy. Naturally, I obeyed as soon as we got through our dinner. Sam headed up to her room, and I pulled Andy away from the TV so he could attend to his manly duties.

I didn't make him eat me. I sucked him to attention, no blue pill necessary. He commented on how wet I was, and I attributed my excitement to his pulsating erection. He believed me.  (So gullible)  He didn't bother looking at the crotch of my thong which was caked in our groomsman's cum. Thankfully.

Andy was already struggling to accommodate my new boyfriend, Brandon.  The last thing he would be able to handle was me going back to Dan.

Fuck, I should have made him lick out that cum..

Submitted: October 23, 2022

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