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Wednesday afternoon following Gordon's visit, I got a text from Stephanie at lunch. She wanted me to go back to that physician's office where Gordon had screwed me on Tuesday morning and wait by the phone until she called on the land line. I was totally befuddled. For one thing, I'm not supposed to be in that office. For another, I was running my ass off in clinic.  She must have copied down that phone number while the two of them were in there with me.

Somehow I managed to get back to the office just as the phone started ringing. "Megan?" she asked as I picked up the receiver.

"Yea, what is it, you brutal bitch?" My crotch was still unhappily throbbing from Stephanie's relentless beating, even though Gordon had made it feel better that morning - another rough ride on his cock before work.  I was still sopping wet with his cum which I had neglected to clean up due to my busy schedule.  I guess I rather liked how it felt up inside me...soothing.

After Tuesday night's discussion, I actually thought my husband was going to stand up to Gordon.  Instead, Andy watched from the shower like an abused puppy as Gordon boned me from behind with my palms on the mirror.  My tiny tits danced in our hazy reflection as he fucked me in front of my spouse.  My little raspberry nipples knotted up into pimples when I climaxed again and again.  Just as Gordon had planned, it was ovulation day, and he pumped my pussy full with his fourth and final load at the end of his two day visit.


"How's your slutty slit?" Stephanie bluntly inquired.

"How do you think it is?" I responded.

"I bet it was pretty sore when Gordon fucked it this morning."

"How would you even know about that?"

"I told you, Meg. He tells me everything. He told me he made you cum on his dick right in front of Andy. Well, that's nothing new. Gordon has done that before. Your husband is such a pathetic little cuck.  He deserves what he gets; another man's baby in his wife's unprotected twat."

"I don't have time for your shit, Stephanie. Some of us have to work."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Meg. I didn't want to interrupt your day. Look, if you have a quick minute, take a listen to this. I recorded it last night while Gordon was driving me home after I beat the shit out of your snatch. Thought you'd like it."


Stephanie: "So, did you like how I bitch whipped Meg's mound for you, baby? She squealed like a virgin getting sizzled in the sacrificial fire. I think she finally passed out from the pain." There was some rustling of clothing, a belt buckle clanking. "Your belt was a perfect fit for her cunt, like it was specifically made to punish her pussy. Judging by the size of your cock, I'd say you enjoyed what you saw once I finished working her over.  You got another load for me, Baby?"

Gordon: "I probably don't have much cum left for you, Steph. I shot four loads in Megan counting yesterday and today. I can definitely give you a butternut swirl, but I can't promise much topping."

Stephanie: "Oh, that was hours ago, Gordon. You'll do fine. You want to wait until we get home or just pull over somewhere on the side of the road?"

Gordon: "Just stroke me baby. Make me ache like you did Monday night before Megan. I've never been so ready to rip open a pussy.  You had me so hard and full in my balls.  I wanted to split her in half while you watched.  It was so hot having you next to me, the two of us together just wearing her out."

Stephanie: "You want me to just stroke you?"
 I could hear the soft purr of the engine.  The radio was playing low. "I can do that. You're already leaking your pre-cum on my hand. I think you've got plenty of jizz left over. I'm not going to let Megan have all of it. What you gave her today ought to do the job."

Gordon: "You think so?  Do you think I got her pregnant?  You did quite a job yourself." Gordon was groaning. "It was a good idea to wait for the building to clear before you started her punishment. She was kind of loud."

Stephanie: "Sorry. I should have gagged her first. But once I crammed her panties in her mouth, all that screaming and crying muffled down to a much more manageable moan, don't you agree?  It sort of turned me on. The GYN exam table worked great with her legs tied to the stirrups. Perfect position for a cunt busting mission."
Stephanie giggled at her terrible rhyme. "Don't cum on me, Gordy. We've got a few miles to go. I want to fuck you when we get to my place.  You're really getting excited aren't you? Did you follow on video while I was whipping Megan's clit?"

Gordon: "I couldn't help myself.  You're so fucking brutal and nasty."

Stephanie: "Were you jerking your cock to the rhythm of that leather belt smacking Megan's tender flesh? Did you see her pouting lips turn from pink to glowing red. Did you see them swell up like yeast rolls in the oven?"

Gordon: "Fuck!"

Stephanie: "Dammit, Gordon. I told you to wait."


Stephanie came back on the phone. Her little recording was over, and she was breathing heavily into the receiver. "Megan.." she whispered.


"Did you get all that, Megan?  Did you hear how much Gordy loved it when I punished you?"

"You're both sick, Stephanie.  You're both psychopathic monsters."

"Do you understand what I mean when I say that if you take something to keep from getting pregnant or if you find out you're pregnant and get an abortion, I'll be coming after you?  No Plan B pills, Megan."

"Stop threatening me, Stephanie."

"Do you understand what it would be like for me to shove a thick metal pole up your ass until it comes out your mouth and then roast you over a fire like a pig at a banquet?"



"You're the sickest bitch I know, Steph."

"I'm the most dangerous bitch you know, Meg.  You better pray that you're pregnant.  And stay away from your husband's pathetic little dick.  We don't need any confusion.  If  Gordy wants you to have his fucking baby, that's what you're going to do.  Comprendo?"

"Bite me, Stephanie."

She cackled like a witch.  "I bet your ass will be a pretty sweet mouthful after I roast it.  We should invite your boyfriend, Dan, for a taste.  He's probably a breast man.  Too bad yours are barely hors d'oeuvres.  I'll stick 'em on a couple toothpicks for him ...dip them in BBQ sauce.  Maybe I'll ride his dick while he's chewing them up."


"You need to be locked up like an animal, Steph."  I was dabbing the tears from my eyes.  "Gordon would kick your ass if he knew you were talking to me this way."

"Gordon does what I tell him to do," she chuckled.  "As for you, Megan, my little slut nurse.."


There was a painfully pregnant pause -

"Go fuck yourself in the ass, little girl.  It will help you get ready for that spit rod..."

She cut the call.

Submitted: May 08, 2022

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sweet lemon

Queen Megan what would you tell the Megan just prior to stephanie and Gordon.

Fri, June 17th, 2022 3:39am


Tie yourself to the mast and listen to the music, but don't sail your ship into the rocks..

Fri, June 17th, 2022 8:20pm


Stephanie and Gordon are some weird ass people.

Sat, June 18th, 2022 10:56am


Yep. Rough too.
But you're just as sweet as pie, Will, and I could just eat you up!

Sat, June 18th, 2022 2:50pm

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