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Ash came over Friday night for dinner. She brought Chinese take out, which Sam and I both like. I washed the sheets and pillow cases to the master and Sam's bed while Sam sang karaoke to Ashley. With Andy at Steph's house, I had planned for Ash to stay with me in my room from the beginning. She has stayed in the guest room previously. We were all three up late watching TV.

Ash and I were pretty cordial in front of Sam, essentially waiting for my daughter to pass out from exhaustion. I ushered Samantha upstairs about midnight after making her bed, then Ash and I put the sheets on the master together. We didn't say much until we finished except I did ask about Milt.

I got the impression that Gordon threatened to expose the strangling video to the sheriff's department, but provided the option for Milt to just move on as long as he stepped out of law enforcement all together. Ashley was not very forthcoming. I was suspicious she was still seeing Milt, but Gordon wasn't supposed to know that since Ash had agreed to terminate the relationship as a requirement for Gordon's silence. 

After fixing the beds, Ashley wanted to take a shower. Initially, I planned to let her have that to herself, but I ultimately walked in the bathroom, locked the door, and joined her. There was a look of relief on her face as I stepped into the spray. I felt it too, though it was me who was offering forgiveness. We took turns soaping each other and even washed each other's hair as we became reacquainted, sifting our way thorough the wreckage.

We've spent rushed moments in restrooms at the clinic, an occasional tryst in an empty physician's office, a quick fingering in a vacated exam room. We've had rough and tumble sex in front of Andy and Gordon, but never anything quite so wonderfully intimate as our shower Friday night.

Ash has wrestled me naked to the floor with a vengeance. She's pinned me helplessly to the mattress in the guest bedroom. She's a dominating mistress who has imposed her will, and I've embraced her angry fetishes. But, she stepped over the line when she doubled up on me with Milt. We both knew it.

I've talked with Ash over the phone for a few minutes since the night that she strangled me. We have exchanged some brief texts to just feel each other out. This was the first time we'd actually been alone together, and the weight of it seemed imposing. I needed to see an apology. I needed to see regret.

Once we dried each other off and slipped into bed, we both sort of broke down. She gave me the tears I needed. I guess it all could have been bullshit. She's probably a sociopath. But on that Friday night, I needed it to be real. I was ready to believe a lie, and I needed her to hold me. I needed to hold her too. I needed for us to move beyond the kink that Gordon focused between us.  We needed to be ourselves.

I asked Ashley if she had choked out other girls and if she and Milt had sex with them. She told me she had done 'some things' with Milt that she wasn't very proud to reveal. She told me Milt was out of the picture, and she was sorry for everything. "It will never happen again," she promised. "I never wanted to hurt you."

Thinking back on the video, I don't believe Ash wanted to hurt me so much as incapacitate me. She didn't respect how dangerous it was to choke me out repeatedly.  She's into marshal arts. I'm guessing she has done this with other people.  She promised that I was the last.

"I can't believe you let Milt fuck me," I told her. "We've been over the rules for sex."  I had originally refused sex with Milt all together, but Ash convinced me it would be okay with a condom. I'm not racist, but I can't risk having a black baby. Gordon is enough of a risk. 

I vented my frustrations, and Ashley responded accordingly, bandaging my wounds and salvaging my trust. In the half-light of the bedroom, she was pretty convincing. We ended up having sex well into the early morning hours. I had to wash the sheets again while we cooked breakfast.  I'm a messy lay.

Cleaning up the bedroom, I remembered all of it.  Ashley and I had been kissing and fingering and eating each other out for several hours when we took a quick break, and I fetched us some water. Upon my return, she was standing by the bed with that black cock apparatus strapped around her ass.

"Do you want me to use this on you?" she innocently asked. Somehow, seeing that thing reminded me of everything that had happened, and it gave me the shivers. "I'll be gentle and slow," she whispered, obviously sensing my agitation. "Any position you like."

I handed her a water bottle. "What about missionary?" I asked. "Can you kiss me and hold me while you do that?"

She took a long swig and then wiped her mouth. "I was hoping you'd ask for that. My lips are chapped, and I still want more. I wish I had a real dick to give you."

She sucked down the rest of her water and tossed the bottle in a chair. "Can you suck this one anyway?" she asked, bouncing the black dildo in the palm of her hand. It was the one Gordon had given her, and she had used on me before. She had been pretty rough.

"You want me to suck on that dildo?" I was seriously confused as to what she could possibly get out of that. It's not like she could feel anything.

"Yes," she insisted, putting her hands on my shoulders and ushering me to my knees. She pressed the tip against my lips and tapped my jaw impatiently. I opened up and let her slide it in my mouth. She didn't try to choke me or rip out my tonsils. She was comfortable with me taking only as much as I could.

I don't know what that dildo is made of, but on close observation, it must be expensive. The surface is soft like real skin, and the anatomy is perfectly duplicated. It's not a hard, plastic missile. It's like a huge black man's erection that's become slightly soft. I've got some silicone vibes, but they're not nearly this nice. (It doesn't vibrate)

We laid down on the bed together after I sucked her dildo slick. Ash took her time sliding into me, and I wrapped my legs around her beefy white butt, the leather from the harness lightly scratching my skin. She pushed it in deep and slowly while we kissed. Her hands were all over me, and we rolled back and forth.

I discovered that I loved the sensation. It didn't feel quite real, but it was very close. The depth and the rhythm were perfect. She didn't slam it to my cervix or try to pound me senseless. It was slow and sensuous and easy. I climaxed repeatedly until it reached the point where I was continuously cumming, wave after wave, spurt after spurt.

"You've got a flood going on down here," she moaned.

"Uh-huh," was all I could manage.

"Let me get you a towel before you ruin your mattress." When Ashley came back, I had assumed the doggy position, and she was happy to oblige. She fucked me substantially harder, but by then it was what I wanted. She fisted my hair. She dug her fingernails deep in my ass. "Mind if I mark you, Megan?"

"Mark me," I begged. "Fuck me and mark me." She smacked my bare ass and clawed me like a panther. I inadvertently squealed, but she didn't slow up. I felt her nails on my back and then she ripped at my sides. When she was done, I looked like I had been attacked by a werewolf. The next morning, I was horrified when I looked in the mirror. "Andy's going to have a fit when he sees this."

"I thought your husband was gone for the weekend, visiting that crazy girlfriend you mentioned."  Ash admired my fresh injuries, intrigued by her work.

"He will be back today," I told her. "At least, I hope he will be back."


Ashley smiled at me.  "I don't know how you put up with him and his little dick.  He should be on his knees worshiping you, not subbing himself out to some dominatrix who's hanging him from the ceiling by his tiny nut sack.  He's a long way from breeding material if you ask me."

"Maybe Stephanie will castrate him for me," I giggled half-heartedly.  "If she does, he won't have any reason to stray, and he'll be forced to let another man impregnate me.  I might even reconsider Milt."

"If that's what you're waiting on, then let me castrate him." Ash sneered as we walked in the bathroom.  "I'll feed him his own testicles as a reward for this weekend."

"OMG, Ash.  You're freaking rough.  I'm sure Lorena Bobbitt wishes she'd thought of that."

"Oh, it won't be that rough," she said.  "I'll use a sharp knife, and I'm sure he can suck them down in a single swallow."


Ash and I popped back in the shower to rinse off. I don't think either of us got more than an hour of sleep all night.  Andy came home about 5 pm on Saturday. I texted him after Ash left to ask if he was okay. He was short...sent back a 'yea'.

After 15 minutes, I texted him again, asking him to let me know if and when he was leaving Stephanie's. He asked if I needed a warning so I could get Dan out of the house. I just sent him a single word.


Then, I texted to tell him I just wanted to be sure he made it back home alright. He let me know when he left, and when he walked through the door, I had already fixed something for dinner. I had to keep myself busy. He went up to the bedroom without a word, unpacked a few things, then came back downstairs to eat. The Final Four was on TV, so he engrossed himself in that while I cleaned up. Sam visited with him on the couch.

There was a brief break between the two scheduled games where I sat down and asked him if he was alright. He shrugged very nonchalantly and said, "sure". I told him that Ashley spent the night. He asked me why, and I admitted it was for the company. He asked if we slept together, and I told him 'yes'.

"Does that bother you?" I asked. "It never bothered you before."

"No," he responded. I could tell he was agitated about it. I guess he was hoping I had spent the night alone.

"At least I didn't bring Dan over." Andy just looked at me. "Can I ask about your visit with Stephanie?"

"It was fine," he responded. "Not that you deserve an answer or to know anything about it."

"You're right, I don't deserve to know. I just thought you might want to talk about it, so I'm open to discuss it." He didn't want to talk about it. Instead, he watched the Carolina game and was elated at the outcome. 


At bedtime, I got undressed by the bedside without thinking. Andy's got me in the habit of sleeping naked unless I'm on my period. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw all the scratches. I had completely forgotten.

"What the hell happened!" he interrogated. It took me a second to realize what he talking about. Then, I looked at myself.

"Ashley," I whimpered. "She's got really sharp nails."

"Why did you even have her over? I thought we agreed she was dangerous."

"We did, but I needed some company, and she made an apology."

"An apology? She nearly strangled you to death, and she made an apology? Then, she ripped all your skin off?" Andy picked up his phone and pointed it at me. I guessed he was taking a picture, probably to send it to Gordon just to get me in deeper shit.

"I liked it," I said.

"You liked it?" Andy was still focusing and tapping his phone. "She was ripping you apart and you liked it?"

"I guess so," I said meekly. "I kind of liked the pain. You know, I gave you the chance to spank me, Andy. I gave you the chance to punish me, and you didn't take it. I've been a bad girl. Really bad. You think I don't know I've been bad? You think I don't know that I've hurt you? I'm sorry, okay. I'm sorry, but I know that's not good enough. So maybe I just wanted the punishment - if not from you, then somebody else. Maybe it felt good to be punished for what I've done."


It took me a second to comprehend what was happening. The voice wasn't Andy's. It was a woman; a voice I had heard before. It was Stephanie. Andy was face timing her. He was showing her my body.  He was showing her my scratches.

I guess I'm just damaged goods.

Submitted: May 08, 2022

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sweet lemon

Well written
I think too personal now
More fantasy needed

Sat, May 14th, 2022 7:32am


Thanks, Lemon. Probably right.

Mon, May 16th, 2022 6:07pm


you're the best, Meg! x

Sun, May 15th, 2022 9:10pm


Thank you, G! You are the sweetest!

Mon, May 16th, 2022 6:07pm

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