Wiggly Wendy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Andrew meets Wendy at the "Speedy Kids" club where he has to defend her and his sister Flo against a bully. After the incident, Wendy is afraid to go home alone, so Andrew goes with her. Once arrived at her home, Wendy invites Andrew to come in...

Wiggly Wendy


When I met Wendy Wrigley, I hadn't had sex with a lot of girls yet, even though I was almost seventeen. Meeting Wendy didn't exactly happen by chance. One day my sister Flo wanted me to go with her to the “Speedy Kids” youth club on Bakers Lane in Rincks. At first, I didn't want to. I had already been there two or three times. Twice, I had tried to pick up a girl there to fuck her in the tall grass on the wasteland past the youth club. Each time I had had no luck at all, and I had to cycle back home frustrated. Luckily, in the beginning, there was Prudence, my sweetie Cindy's aunt who I could have sex with once a week. In the meantime, Prudence had met a man with whom she wanted to start a committed relationship. So, it was totally out of the question that she would allow me to fuck her any longer.

At that time, I was still humping two other girls almost every week. But that also came to an end. Those two both found someone with whom to build a future, and after that, they didn't want to open their legs for me anymore.

A lot of attractive girls came to that Speedy Kids youth club. More than half, I reckon, came to snatch up a guy and let them themselves be spoiled. No success waited there for me, I thought. Even at seventeen, I was actually too small for my age, and I was still too fat. I was strong, much stronger than the average boy my age. That was because my father Jack put me to work, lugging metal pipes to build scaffolding and I had to carry buckets of paint that weighed more than 5o pounds each.

One day, Flo insisted that I go to that youth club. I didn't know why that was. I thought it was a little weird. I did notice that she was nervous. Flo often helped me, so this time, I did her a favor and went to the Speedy Kids with her. Pretty soon, I knew why she had invited me along. We were sitting there having a drink at a table, Flo and I. A friend of hers called Wendy Wrigley came to sit at our table with us. We hadn't been there for five minutes when a guy came and sat down with us too, without being asked. He was a head taller than me and had muscular arms covered in tattoos. He started talking to the two girls. Nothing but lewd remarks came out of his mouth. He talked about their tits, their hot cunts, how big a cock he had, and what more. They seemed to know the guy, but they didn't answer him and tried to look away from him. He held on for a moment, but not much longer. Since the girls didn't respond at all to what he said, he got up and left us alone.

Flo told me that the man's name was John Millar and that he never left her and her friend Wendy alone when they were in the youth club. That was why she had invited me along, as a kind of bodyguard. Meanwhile, Millar sat down with another guy on a bar stool on the other side of the room. He kept squinting at the two girls, though. They found it annoying, but they tried to look at Millar as little as possible.

At one point, Wendy Wrigley had to go to the bathroom. As is often the case with girls, my sister Flo went along with her. It seemed that John Millar had been waiting for that moment. He jumped off his barstool and went to the toilets too. I didn't know what his intention was. Did he want to pee too? I suspected not, and that he was planning something completely different. That was true. Suddenly I heard Wendy scream, and Flo yelled something in anger that I couldn't understand from where I was sitting. I didn't think twice and went to the toilets. It was as I imagined. Millar was harassing my sister and her friend in the hallway in front of the ladies restroom. He held Wendy against the wall with his left hand and felt between her legs with his right. I stood behind Millar, tapped him on the shoulder, and calmly asked:

"Would you please stop that? Leave those girls alone!"

He let go of Wendy and turned slowly toward me. He sampled me from head to toe and then said:

"What are you doing, kid? Run home to Mama. She baked you cookies. Let me have my way with Wiggly Wendy."

Why Millar called Wendy “Wiggly” and not “Wrigley”, I didn't understand at the time. That came later.

John Millar wanted to turn away from me and grab Wendy again. He didn't get that chance. I didn't wait for a second this time, but I lunged and punched Miller in the stomach as hard as I could with my fist. I put all my weight behind it. That blow hit him hard and cut off his breath. He doubled over with a look of disbelief in his eyes. I didn't stop there. As his head came down, I pounded him, just like I had done at school with my bully Patrick, with my left fist right on his nose. He also got an uppercut under his chin. Millar didn't moan like Patrick, and he didn't fall to his knees for me either. He did, however, gasp and give me a menacing look. I wasn't scared, but I definitely wanted to play safe. I lifted my leg and slammed my knee as hard as I could between his legs. That way, I hit John Millar full in his balls. He yawned and made a sound that resembled gargling, and only then did he fall over. When he lay there on the floor near the toilets with his hands around his scrotum, he stopped gargling. It now sounded a bit like the peeping of mice, but of course, it wasn't.

I didn't think it advisable to stay in the youth club any longer. The two girls agreed with me when I said that. All three of us decided to break up so as not to run the risk that Millar would come after us, perhaps along with his friend, when he regained his senses.

Once we were outside the youth club, I wanted to jump on my bike and cycle back home with Flo. But Wendy grabbed my arm.

"I'm afraid to go home alone," she said. "Won't you ride with me until I get home safe and sound?"

So I did, and I let my sister Flo cycle home alone. Wendy Wrigley lived on East Meuse Road in a bungalow not far from the Gamma Construction Market. When we got there, she said that her parents weren’t home and she asked if I wouldn't come with her to her room. I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but I was hoping she invited me to have sex with her.

That turned out to be the case. Once we were in her room, Wendy undressed like lightning. She was quite thin, but still pretty when naked, I must say. Her tits were rather small, but her body was very attractive. She had shaved her pussy partly on the sides, but her pubic hair was already growing back. I undressed too and lay next to her on her bed. I was really looking forward to fucking her, and my cock immediately stood like a pole, straight up. To get Wendy in the mood, I started playing with her tits. When I wanted to suck on her nipples she pushed my head to the side and said:

"Don't try to get me hot like that. Kiss and lick my cunt. Especially my clit, and suck on it. That makes me so damn horny."

I did what she wanted. I was first busy with her labia, the inside of her legs and after that, I started sucking on her clit. It helped her to get in the right mood for sex, just like she had said. I felt her cunt with my hand and noticed that it was swollen and dripping wet. So, I thought the time had come to squeeze my cock inside her pussy. Wendy thought otherwise. When she felt I was about to put my dick into her snatch, she grabbed my cock and held it away from her fuckhole.

"Me first," she said, panting. "Let me play a little game with your dick."

That game came down to her using my cock as a kind of dildo. She rubbed my hard cock head over her clit, and every now and then, she would tuck it into her pussy for a while, go back and forth with it, but never very deeply. I can't say exactly how long Wendy's "game" lasted. At first, I didn't really find it unpleasant. I liked it when she put my cock into her cunt and went up and down with it before she started rubbing my dick head over her clit again. Unfortunately, that nice feeling ebbed away after a while. That was because she also rubbed my cock head through the stubble of her pubic hair. That stung, and eventually, I had a burning sensation on the tip of my cock.

But then, I guess after Wendy had massaged her clit with my dick for seven, eight minutes, she came. Her eyes rolled away in their sockets, and saliva poured out of her mouth. She didn't make much noise. What Wendy sounded like at the moment of her orgasm reminded me of the kind of squeak John Millar had produced after I rammed into his balls with my knee.

"Your turn now," Wendy said as she put my cock inside her cunt. "Now fuck me nice."

Wendy didn't have to tell me that twice. She was lying on her back with her legs apart and I started pumping into her fuckhole. She had come, so I thought I should too. I wanted to quickly spray my cum into her puss, but that was out of the question. Maybe I'd bounced up and down her four or five times as she was laying on her back, but then suddenly she rolled away from under me and got on her elbows and knees. She wanted me to fuck her doggy style. I had nothing against that. I also got on my knees behind her and humped her with the intention of cumming. That went wrong again. After I had gone back and forth inside her cunt a few times, she pushed me away from her with her ass. Now I had to sit up on her bed, and she lowered herself until my cock slid inside her again. I had to sit still, and she moved her ass up and down with my dick in her snatch. Just for a little while, then she wanted us to try another position.

It was very tiring in the long run. I started sweating profusely. I said to myself that I understood now why John Millar had called her “Wiggly Wendy”. He probably had had the same experience with her. She couldn't hold on to the same fucking position for more than a minute, or maybe she didn't want to? I didn't like that Wendy kept being "wiggly". She tried half of the positions from the Kamasutra with me that night. That may be an exaggeration, but time and again, Wendy wanted something different. Finally, she wanted me to stand up by the bed. She lay across it with her legs wide apart hanging off it. It wasn't nice what I did, but the game had lasted long enough for me. I put my hands on Wendy's thighs, preventing her from moving much as I fucked her. It only took a moment before I injected my cum deep into her slit. She was a little mad at me for not letting her go on with her game of trying different positions. I could see it in her face and the way she bit her lip a little grudgingly.

That was the first, and also the only time that I fucked Wiggly Wendy. I thought about her for almost a week, but those weren't lustful thoughts at all. The growth of her pubic hair stubble had irritated my glans and turned it completely red. That burning sensation wasn’t really pleasant. Every morning and every evening, I pulled my foreskin as far back as possible and I smeared my glans with an aftersun cream from Nivea. That helped, and after about a week, the pain and the itching were gone.

I saw Wendy Wrigley back more than once after that. It sometimes happened in the youth club, but we never sat at the same table there again. I also occasionally met her in town. We raised our hands and said "Hi!" to each other, but nothing more. Fucking Wiggly Wendy, I didn't feel like it anymore. That wasn't necessary either. The way I had taught John Millar a lesson was a magnet for the girls who came to the “Speedy Kids” club. From then on, I could, so to speak, fuck whoever I wanted there. And I have not denied myself that pleasure...

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Submitted: February 25, 2022

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Anybody who teaches a bully a thing or two is ok in my book!

Sat, February 26th, 2022 4:29am


Exactly my idea.

Sat, February 26th, 2022 12:56am

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