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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The Build-Up

I had met "him" on a writing site that I frequently wrote on. Our exchanges in the beginning were quite chaste. What we soon came to find was, we shared A LOT in common, and from there our friendship kinda took off on something extra all on its own.

Oh we did the whole private messaging on the site, then moved to email ( because the captcha's on the site were such a pain in the ass), then soon led to a picture exchange which slowly migrated to exchanging phone numbers and firey hot text messages.

I had to admit, those text messages alone were enough to perk up a boring monotonous day at the office. He liked to play with fire as much as I did. We did this for months, teasing and calling each other by sweet nicknames.

Oh, he was so crafty with words. He knew how they moved me every single time I read them. I could almost picture that devilishly handsome grin he would most likely be wearing, satisfied with himself knowing he left me drowning in a pool of my own cum and that he caused it..

Damn him!! I couldn't concentrate on my work, so I sent him a pic I'd found on Pinterest to stir his imagination. 

It only seemed fitting he'd throw one right back at me. It seemed he kept pics of his own, handy in his wallet for such an occasion. At the speed of light, his response came in. It made me giggle when I opened it and smiled. Yes, he understood. 

I looked at my watch, by this time he would be boarding the plane and headed my way for the week-end. He was to be solely mine and I would be his, to do as he pleased.

I went to work at the office. Two hours had passed by, then my phone made a "ting" sound to alert me I had a text message come in.

"Tell me one of your hottest fantasies,....make me hard....make me drool". I set my cell phone down and sat back in my seat.

Heavens me, what was I to do with him? I raised an eyebrow. Naughty pics he'd sent me of himself came to mind. Oh dear Jesus, he hadn't even made it here yet, I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

" Hey, are you ok?" Winston asked me from the next desk over. Recovering quickly, I sat up and turned to look at my co-worker "What? Oh yeah, I'm cool".

Unconvinced, he stared at me for a moment then went back to staring at his computer. My phone's notification bell went off yet again "ting". I picked it up and looked at it.

"What, no comment?" was what the text message read. Then another came in. I read it and it had directions to a hotel in the heart of downtown. I did what I knew he'd expect me to do, and looked up the place. It had rave reviews and was simply beautiful. One thing he hadn't sent me was the room number. Oh well, I'll worry about that later.

It was hard to concentrate those next few hours. He so graciously left me alone, after I returned a text to him "Let me work, man". He sent me a smiling angelic emoji and replied "see ya sweets !!".

By the time I was done with work, and turned off my computer, I couldn't wait to race home through traffic and throw a weekend bag together. He had stayed on my mind the whole day, and even though feelings of "you better not, he could be a psycho nut" ran through my mind, warning me to ditch my plans with him, something else inside kept making me press forward.

I shot him out a quick text asking for the room number, and he quickly sent me an answer "69".

"Very funny!!" I sent back. His next reply was a pic that had me in a fit of laughter. How could I even think of stopping my plans to meet with this incredible person? 

"I saw this and thought of you and me" was his comment.

When I got to the lobby of the hotel, the receptionist was busy arguing with a businessman. I breezed right past them and went straight for the elevator and pushed the 6 button to this 6 floor posh hotel. It shot straight up fast, and gave me a queasy feeling in my stomach.

When that door opened, and I stepped out into the hallway, there was only 1 door at the end of the hall. It set off a whole new set of butterflies flying around in my stomach. I took a deep breath, and proceeded to the door.


The Meet-Up

"So what do U know, U and me, finally face 2 face

Checking each other up and down in all the obvious places

Was there ever a reason for us 2 be apart?

The air that fills up in this room, says not hardly

So this is where you end

And you and I begin...


Lyrics by Prince

The Greatest Romance Ever Sold


I knocked softly on the door, waited a few moments, then rapped again. He opened the door with a genuine smile of approval. He took my hand to kiss it, as he led me through the door. He stepped back into the hall to retrieve my bag, brought it in and set it on the floor next to his own, closing the door behind him. 'Before I have a chance to run', that defensive part of me, mused.

But oh no, I was already committed and I wasn't going anywhere. This gorgeous man stood before me 6 ft tall, short slightly wavy black hair with sky blue colored eyes that hid behind thin black framed glasses and a full on beard. He was dressed in a gray silk shirt and a black tie to match. But oh, those gray slacks of his.

Oh the thoughts that were running through my mind, as my eyes ran down quickly to his waistline and stopped at his zipper where I could just make out the long contour of that all male part of him pushing against the fabric of his pants, demanding freedom. I could tell he was well endowed. That's as far as I got, before he cleared his throat to get my attention. Oh God, kill me now! I beg you. Why must I always be so obvious about everything?

He noticed me staring him down hard as he took a step back, extending both arms out and asked with a teasing grin "Do you approve?". Oh hell yes, I do!! That picture of the rabbit with his tongue hanging out, sprang to mind.

"Nice pants, can I test the zipper?" I asked in a forward and very flirty tone. I was surprised. He chuckled and ran his hand through his hair, and glanced away a moment, then returned his eyes to mine.

"Honey, I'm all yours for the weekend, feel free to test whatever part of my body you want".

Hot damn!! I thought. I felt my cheeks flush. He had a slight raspiness tone to his deep voice. There, right there came the beginning of that hold this man had on me, I felt it in the trace of wetness in my panties.

 Now, it was his turn to drink me in slowly, as we stood facing each other. From my white sandals that showed off my red polished toenails, climbing slowly up my bare legs, resting his eyes for a moment on my middle, then continued skimming over my black and white thin summer dress resting his eyes upon the v-cut that teased what the size of my breasts may actually be. Curious and thoughtful, was what I read on his face. But there was approval on his part as well, when I saw his serpent twitch.

"So finally we meet, come... sit" he gestured toward a black leather arm chair. He pulled up a matching ottoman and sat in front of me. He too seemed a bit nervous.

"Did you have trouble finding this place? Would you like a drink from the mini bar?" he asked as he jumped up to walk over to a cabinet, and upon opening it, it hid many mini bottles of wine, beer, whiskey, and vodka. He called them out to me and asked for me to name my poison.

"I'm fine really, come please" I told him, patting the seat he'd just left. He returned with a small bottle of whiskey.

"I just got here myself, the place is a little cozy. It has a balcony with a magnificent view of the city. Fucking spectacular!!" he gushed."Oh and you're gonna love the bedroom". As an afterthought and not willing to risk the chance of sounding presumptuous, he informed me there were two rooms and I was free to choose whichever I liked.

"Would you like to see them?" he asked politely. Sure, I nodded my head, but my mind was already made up, that by the time the night was finished, we would have torn up one of those beds if not both . He wasn't getting away from me that easily. He sprung to his feet and took me by the hand, rubbing the top of it in circular motions with his thumb. He showed me one that was modest with a queen size bed and white silky bed sheets, a long dresser with a flat screen tv on it.

Then he led me to the patio to show me the balcony. We stepped out to the confined space with the black wrought iron railing and the two matching chairs and round table, the kind you would find at the patio of a french bistro, maybe.

As night came upon us quickly, the stars came out and provided us with quite a light show. He was right, the view from where we were, was breathtaking. We sat on the patio for a spell, talking and getting better acquainted. He seemed to relax more as did I, but something replaced the tension of the getting to know you factor. It was that feeling that carried us all the way from the get-go, here at this moment and realized we had the same voracious appetite for sex.

We had a few drinks from the mini bar that he frequently raided, till I felt myself a bit tipsy. Okay we had quite a few. But something else would soon follow, that I had tipped him off to. How I had a tendency to become easily aroused and I'd want us to fuck. He raised an eyebrow in interest and replied with a smile "Well alright then, we can take the beer bottles and tequila to bed for a refresher between courses". Oh man, there went the 2nd dribble in my panties.

"Would you take care of me?" I asked.

"Of course I would , I'll cater to your every whim" he replied with the most sexy bedroom eyes I've ever seen on anyone. Fuck! I knew I was in trouble...I couldn't wait.

Our time out there was limited,  hearing the far off rumble of thunder.  We looked up to see some angry bruised clouds rolling and tumbling over themselves, almost racing it seemed, to get to us and spoil our fun. That didn't stop him however.The moment we felt the firm pelts of raindrops on us, he offered his arm to me while his hands carried in our empty bottles. I looped my arm through his, as we breezed through the sitting room, he sat everything on the table and took my hand again.

"I forgot to show you the other room, I sort of fancy this one for a good fuckfest" he smiled. Opening the door, I was blown away by the room, and I understood immediately what he meant when he made that remark. It was a dark intense looking room with two light wall sconces a foot over the bed.

There was a queen size bed with a glass ceiling overhead. Oooh nice and romantic looking then with the rain hitting on the glass and sliding down? It was the most perfect erotic setting, like he said perfect for a fuckfest. While he was going on talking about what the hotel had to offer us for our week-end stay, I couldn't help but imagine him taking me on that bed, right then and there.


He had to call my name several times to snap me out of my lil wet dream.

With a concerned look, he asked me "Perhaps you've had a bit too much to drink, would you like to take a warm shower to relax? I'll put some coffee on for us and we can snuggle up and watch a movie or whatever you want".

I know he was just trying to be a gentleman, but ...

"No dammit!! I just want you to fucking throw me down on that bed, and fuck the hell outa me!!" my raging hormones yelled. I wasn't aware if I had actually given voice to my secret put away horny thoughts, but fuck it if I did. Ha !! This was gonna be one hell of a night.


The Fuck-Fest

......Now your mind is open

2 poetry seldom heard

Ur heart has never been broken

Until U've heard these words:

"Your body was designed 2 respond 2 mine

In spite of your desire 2 mold me"

And in the middle of it all -

We kiss and like rain (like rain) we fall into ...


The greatest romance that's ever been sold.....


Oh God, the way he looked at me. Did I blow it?  Leave it to that old foot in the mouth disease of mine I call "STUPID". He's staring at me like he's thinking hard about something.

"Start your shower, love" he tells me as he kisses my forehead and walks out of the restroom. I scowl and with shoulders slumped, I walk slowly towards the walk-in shower, kick off my sandals then reach in and turn the hot water on. I keep on mentally punishing myself. Adding the cold water slowly now.

"He let you down easy, dummy, cause no one wants to have sex with someone half dead, there's just no fun to be had like that" I tell myself bitterly.I know I was a bit tipsy, especially when I told him I was prone to be easily aroused. But he must have seen something else on my face that made him think I may need sleep instead.

I lean in one more time to check the temperature of the water, when I feel him rush in behind me wrapping his arm around my waist, while he uses the other hand to run along the side of my face caressing it, then pushes my hair to the side, and kisses my neck. His hand drops from my waist to cup my pussy in it. I threw my head back and moaned. Oh this man doesn't know what power he wields over me, but he sure knows exactly what to do.

His whiskers tickle me and I moan. He tells me to brace myself. I obey instantly, propping both my hands on the shower wall, as he drops to his knees,  I feel his hands run up my legs lifting my dress over his head and grips the waistband of my panties in his teeth and drags them down slowly, while his hands are roaming all my girly parts. His every touch sends electrifying tingles all over my body. I suck in my breath and hold it. I can feel the goosebumps forming all over my skin.

Then he kisses my ass cheeks, both sides and bites on them. All this, while the water is pelting on us both in a steady stream. He slips my panties out from underfoot, sniffs them and whispers "Yes, so good" then tosses them to the side. 

I hear his belt whip thru the belt loops, as he also tosses it with his pants, I hear a "clunk" sound the belt buckle makes as it hits the floor.

 All the while he's managed to graze his 3 digits gently along my clit to give it a nice massage. My mouth forms an O, as I look down to see.

"NO, close your eyes" he orders as he stands up.Then, he turns me around and backs me against the cold shower wall. I jerk my body away from how cold it is. He adjusts the shower head on the shower to make the water hit behind me to warm it up, then backs me up against it.

He pressed his body firmly against me, lifted my dress up and over me then discards that as well. By now he knows I'm not wearing a bra. His hot mouth closes around one of my tits as I feel his tongue flicking the tip, then biting, sucking, and pulling, then moves to the other repeating the same treatment. The sensations this gives me has me on the edge already, feels so fucking good, I never want this to end.

While one hand is holding firmly to my ass, the other has found its way down between my legs and is fisting my "gina" moving his fist all around then slips his fingers inside me moving them in and out of me, giving me the finger fuck of my life. Just as he told me he would. I'm panting and moaning like his little whore in heat.

"Oh yes, that...just like that...ooh so good !!" I croon.

" Talk to me sweetheart, tell me how you wanna be done" he whispers.

"Oh please like that, more. please I wanna feel you in me, please" I pant and plead for him to show me some mercy. He has none, and I love it. Every bit of it.

"You mean like this?" he tells me and spins me around yet again pressing my body against the shower wall and slides his cock into my pussy and really grinds himself deep in there, then gives me a series of  movements where he's pumping himself in and out and when he goes into me this last time he does it real slow and presses his whole body against mine, then stops, leaving himself in me for only a moment then pulls out just as slowly.

Then what he tells me next has my mind blown. That's it, I'm toast!!!

"Wrap your arms around my neck, babe" he says suddenly. Again obeying his command, I turn to face him, and lock my arms as told. "Now one leg I want you to stand on tiptoe" he whispers "with the other, I want you to drape over my shoulder.When I push you up, swing your leg up around me like the other. Keep your eyes on me baby".

Ok, by now I feel like I'm gonna faint, this man is waaaay too much for me. His stamina can't be matched or compared against anything I've ever known in my life.Is he enjoying torturing me,I think to myself. It's quite maddening.

 He takes a quick look at me, kisses me on the lips then bites down on my lower one gently and pulls on it slightly, then shoves his tongue in my mouth rolling it around with mine then pulls out and smiles.His arms are holding onto me tight.

"You're not dead yet sweets, you're still nice and warm" his raspy voice tells me. I love the sound of his voice. I burn/etch his voice into my brain, so I'll hear it over and over again, long after we have parted ways. It will become like my favorite song I play on loop.

This man lifts me up onto his shoulders, where his face is buried in my crotch and he slides his tongue inside me. Both my legs are now resting on his shoulders, his hands are both on my ass squeezing them.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck ''His whiskers give me a million little heart attacks, the fucking awesome way they feel poking at my girly parts. With his face buried in my pussy and feeling his tongue deep in the honey pot doing all kinds of fucking amazing things. I didn't know sex could be like this. I have nothing to hang onto but his head. My body is jerking all kinds of ways like I'm on a bucking bronco. Oh he has me so horny, I want to feel him go yet deeper. .

I'm getting weak, I'm getting to this point I may burst, cause I can't take much more. I begin to cry out, my breath coming faster and heavier. My hearts racing and I get to feeling a bit light-headed.

"Go on baby, give it to me" he croons. My back against the wall and my head dropping to the side, my hair keeps falling forward into my face. I'm holding on for dear life. 

"Oh, I can't...can't hold it much more" I cry out now, thinking I may die from the rush.

"I DON'T WANT YOU TO HOLD IT !! DAMMIT !! GIVE IT TO ME, NOW !! he growls from below me.

I squeal and whimper, cry, moan and shout "Aaah, aaah, baby please..slow down. Stop" I whisper breathlessly. Weak he has made me, I have no more strength, not even to pull on his hair.

"FUCK NO !! Come on baby, let me hear you" he chants over and over.

And in that moment I let go of everything in me. I feel my cum pouring out of me, gushing while he's drinking it up. I feel myself go limp. When he's done, he slides me down the wall slowly afterwards and uses his body to hold my weight up for me till I can get my legs back to stand on my own.

 He watches me quietly for a few minutes, the only sound is just the shower and my breath coming to a slow down.

He reaches over to turn off the shower with one hand keeping the other on me. He leans me back pushing the hair from my face and lightly kisses me on the lips with little repeated pecks and cups my face in his hands.

"Is that what my babe wanted?" he croons as he looks into my eyes searching. Yes, I nod my head slowly.

"Well you only need to ask" he teases me when I look at him abruptly.

"I thought...I had " I told him.

"You did, I just wanted to hear you say it", he winked and kissed my nose.


I don't know how long I was asleep under the warm covers. I woke up to the sound of the thunder crashing over my head. The lightning lit across the sky in a zig-zag shape. I could hear the rain's steady drizzle hitting against the window pane above.

I jumped when I heard the crackle of the next thunder bolt. He was lying next to me the whole time with a book in hand, using the dim 3 way lights on the wall overhead to see what he's reading.

He looked over to me "Are you ok, darling?".

Disoriented, I rubbed my eyes and asked him "What happened? How long have I been asleep?"

He smiled then looked down at his watch."You've been asleep for a couple of hours, Sleeping Beauty".

Scared that I may have ruined our special night by passing out, I attempted to apologize.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, baby, you were tired. We have the whole weekend to be together. I'm not going anywhere" he reassured me, then bent down to lift my chin up a bit so he could kiss me. "Go back to sleep, sweetheart".

"I can't sleep anymore" I sat up to yawn and stretch. He grinned then put his book down, then turned back to me to gently lay me back down.

"Well then I will simply have to make you sleepy again". He tucks himself under the covers with me, then rolls on top of me. I can feel his cock getting hard between my legs. He pulls the covers over our heads as he begins to tickle me and we wrestle, kiss, and embrace each other.

"Tell me, are you hungry?" he asks me. Hungry? Who can think about food right now, when I have this long thick anaconda slithering around my crotch rubbing and getting me all worked up? Fuck food!! At least for now, I'm hungry for something else.

" I really didn't think so baby" he says as he sits up and straddles my body.

Oh God, he sure knows how to make my princess parts tingle. He pulls out his serpent and lays him across my belly. He begins to work his serpent between my mounds in and out as he picks up the pace. I squeeze them together as I watch him fuck my tits. He then lowers himself down my body and slides himself inside me at a slow measured pace.

Its hard for me to think about anything when he gets to fingering me again. He likes to whip it up down there knowing it gets wet for him so quickly. He touches my nose and stops penetration .

"Hold up a sec, babe"  he rolls off me but pulls me right along with him so now I'm straddling him and he continues the push and pull.

My eyes rollback as I sit straight up and ride him, hands resting on his chest as I move up and down like a see-saw.

"That's right baby, take it all in, it's all yours honey" he whispers "take all I've got". He takes my titties in his hands and grips them hard demanding me to pound his hard desperate cock. I do as I'm told and smile to myself. Oh yes, I'm enjoying this to the extreme.

This time his moans and groans are music to my ears, I got this mother-fucker now !! He plays with my mounds, pulling himself up on his elbows to take one into his mouth, slightly sucking then tongues the nipple taking it again into his mouth, then moves to the other.

 It's not long before he's ready to burst himself, and he tells me so. Then he just mutters "Fuck this!!" and grips my waist firmly holding me in place while he grinds his cock all up inside me till I hear him roar and I feel his hot creamy lava shoot up into me.

I lay myself down upon his chest and listen to his rapid heartbeat. Even though this man has now spent everything inside him, I still feel the throbbing pulse of his cock jerking still, spasmodically then go limp. My work here is done. I gently pull him out from me and move down to kiss his tip and lick up the remaining cum from around it.

"Easy baby" he tells me as he pulls me by the chin away from his dick. I crawl back to lay by his side. It's there like that how we fall asleep in each other's arms.


The next day we wake up, fresh from a shower we shared, taking turns to scrub the other down. Then we go down to the hotel lobby area where they direct us to go for breakfast.

The conversation we shared was great, he truly is a wonderful soul, and his sense of humor is just so whimsical he keeps me laughing the whole time.We begin to make plans what to do for the day. But the truth is...to see the hungry look of lust in his eyes that he has for me, as I'm sure he's recalling to memory last night.The plans we make right now will only stay as a thought.

After breakfast, we walk back hand in hand down the hall to the elevator, then as it takes us up we're staring each other down. We walk back to our room, and we're at it again.

My mind stays reeling as I'm tossed and turned every which way but loose. He has a voracious appetite for sex. I'm glad I can match him and he says so too. Although I'm seriously considering excusing myself for a while so I can run to the closest convenience store and buy me a 5 hr energy drink just to make sure I'm up for the task.

He even goes so far as to tease me and mock me in his best rendition of a girl's voice "Oh stop, quit, you're killing me" then bursts out laughing. I am so embarrassed but its fucking hilarious to hear him, I bury my face in my hands and turn away. He pulls my hands away and kisses me then says "who even says that? Hell no I'm not gonna fucking bloody stop!!" then releases my hands and laughs some more.

So here we are, naked in bed, me laying in his arms close to his heart.We go at it another time. When it's over we're listening to the rain that's still pouring from the gray overcast sky above us.

It seems Heaven is jealous we've made our own playground in which to play. Another storm is brewing, we hear the crackle and boom from the lightning and thunder dueling it out in the sky for which would reign supremacy over the other, which the lightning wins out and provides us with another spectacular light show, till we drift off to sleep.

Night falls quickly, we wake up to the pissed off thunder as it takes up its shift for the night and grumbles loudly. In its angry resentment it booms louder. The lightning tries to fight back and hits on a power line somewhere close by knocking the power out.

He rolls over from his back to his side and pulls my body closer to him. He buries his face in my hair and mumbles something. I answer yes to him eagerly, and for the last time for our weekend he takes me and makes me HIS.

I tell him "Oh buddy, next time it's on, it's gonna be my turn, so brace yourself, mister. It may hurt a little" I tell him laughing, putting up a brave front. He pulls me in closer to him. "Baby, I wouldn't have it any other way.That's my girl" he grins.



I was all his for the whole weekend.




We didn't waste time with talks about the future, or where we would stand in each other's life. Life, we both knew, was crazy, busy and complicated itself. We decided we would just run with every day given to us, and if we could meet up again like we did this time around?- Cool, but that's where it stayed, with not another word spoken.



The End.


Submitted: February 25, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Nite-Owl. All rights reserved.

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Hers! (Right now, for sure!) A whole weekend? Wow! A right noble fantasy, with a very happy ending!!! All that, just for me?!?

Fri, February 25th, 2022 12:14pm


You just have to imagine it yourself

Fri, July 29th, 2022 11:26pm


OMG…. She is back.. and we’re fucked.. or hope to be. That was just amazing. You do realize you just destroyed the shower competition completely. Who the fuck can compete with this?!

Fri, February 25th, 2022 9:35pm


I can only hope I'm in the top running for the contest at best. Thanks for reading me, Sam

Sun, July 3rd, 2022 9:45pm


All mine,
you know to define,
Your smile I make to shine!
Your spirit so divine:
By design!

Tue, May 10th, 2022 12:33am


Why, thank you Spy : )

Fri, July 29th, 2022 11:24pm


Wow, this clearly tells us that you're a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it, over and over. There's a deep sense of need implied and I love how you strain to restrain yourself, waiting for what you both want. There is lust dripping off the page and the reader can almost smell her arousal. Terrific story. A shy guy like me could only dream of such an encounter with such a hot woman.

Thu, June 2nd, 2022 1:52pm


Thank you Will
You read me right on point : )

Sun, July 3rd, 2022 9:41pm


Nite, there's nothing I love more than fucking in a good storm...so this was right down my alley. I love the idea of meeting a stranger in a majestic hotel, someone you've toyed with online, someone you've fantasized about. Deliciously explicit. I like the messages and the anticipation. I love the raw sex. Very hot, girl.

Sun, June 5th, 2022 11:31pm


Thank you DK : ))

Sun, July 3rd, 2022 9:36pm


Damn Girl !!! You got this big head twitching and dripping ! Won't you be my plaything . Your shower scene almost made me do very Naughty things ...well Not Almost ????

Mon, September 12th, 2022 11:24am


Well if I caused that to happen then I did my job as a storyteller. Glad you enjoyed

Tue, September 20th, 2022 3:48am


Hi Damp Kitten ..????....shouldn't that be ..
" Up your Alley " ...????????

Mon, September 12th, 2022 11:27am

Matt Triewly

You have a 6 floor posh hotel... and I have Haskers... I just can't compete... but brilliantly written... love it!

Wed, December 7th, 2022 6:26am


Thank you as well : )

Tue, December 6th, 2022 11:24pm

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