Military Physical in the Country of Doria

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

Doria is a small absolute monarchy in Eastern Europe ruled by a queen according the female primogeniture. A young man reports with many other young men to a military induction physical. The physical as in traditional military induction physicals will take place in the nude with male modesty not respected.

Military Induction Physicals in the Country of Doria

I grew up in the country of Doria, a small European country in the Balkans.  Doria is an absolute, distaff monarchy.  When the queen dies, she is succeeded pursuant to female primogeniture, the eldest daughter or eldest female first cousin becomes queen.  When I turned 18, I was required not only to register for the draft but to undergo a military induction physical.

 When I appeared for the examination, I found the men’s locker room filled with dozens of other young men.  Shortly, a female military officer in uniform came in with several uniformed, enlisted females and dozens of young girls.  The officer read off our names.  With each name, a young girl approached the young man.  When my name was read a petite, comely young lass approached me.

The military officer said, "These girls are your escorts.  They will guide you through the various stages of the physical."

Then she said, “Take off all of your clothes and hand them to your escort.  She will put them in a bag, put your name on the bag and we will keep them for you until your physicals are over.  Then she will escort you through the various stages of the physical.”

There was a large murmur throughout the group of young men.  Finally, one man spoke up, “You mean you want us to strip naked in front of these young girls?”

“Yes, of course,” the military officer said.

“Why?” asked the man.

“It is a physical.  We have to examine your body,” she said.

"We do we have to be naked in front of a bunch of girls," asked a man.

"The use of escorts makes the physical go smoother," said the officer.

"it is humiliating," said the man.

"This is a military physical, it is about doing things in large groups efficiently," said the officer.

What are they doing here? was the next question.

“They are here to assist you,” she answered.

“Assist us how?” said the man.

“They are escorts, they are here to help you through the examination process.  You should be grateful for their assistance,” said the female military officer.

"But why do we need them?  he asked.

"They make the process go smoother," she said.

“Why do we have to be naked now? Why can’t we just strip to our shorts until the genital check?” the man asked.

“More is required than just a genital check and it is more efficient if everyone is naked at the start,” the officer replied.

“Why can’t we have our own doctors do the physical?” the man asked.

“Civilian doctors don’t do all the things we require,” the military officer answered.

“I don’t want to be naked in front of all these girls,” the man said.

“You have to do it.  It is the law,” was the response.

“I don’t care.  I am not going to do it,” said the man.

“If you refuse you will be arrested, stripped, taken to jail and prosecuted for violation of the draft laws.  The punishment will be a year of being a nude practice patient for medical students, nurses, nurse’s aides and anyone who needs a nude male model like Brazilian wax estheticians.  You will be used as practice for bed baths, catheterizations, enemas, hernia checks, prostate examinations and anything else needed.  You will not be allowed to wear clothes for the entire year, not in jail, not in court, not in prison and not even when going to and from your assignments.  Being a nude male patient will literally be your job for a whole year,” the military officer stated.  “You will, however, be paid minimum wage,” she added.

“I still won’t do it,” said the young man. 

The military officer gave a signal and the enlisted women descended upon him, forced him to the ground and cut his clothes off.  Then he was handcuffed behind his back and taken away naked.

“Are you a nurse?”  I said to my escort.

She answered, “I am a high school student.”

“You are a high school girl!”  I exclaimed

She answered, “Yes.”

“What are high school girls doing here?” I exclaimed again.

She answered.  “This is part of our sex ed class.”

“Your sex ed class!” I exclaimed.  “What has my physical got to do with your sex ed class?”

“Queen Gabriella believes in sex education.  She wants to remove the mystery of men for young girls.  She feels being familiar with men will lower premarital pregnancy.” she answered.

“You mean, I am to be your own nude model?” I asked.

“Yes, I suppose so,” she said.

“Do you think that is fair?” I asked.

“It is isn't about being fair,” she answered, “It is about what is convenient for the military."

“But how you do feel,do you think it is fair?” I asked.

“It is very unfair.  That is why it is so sexy.  It will be so humiliating for you to be naked while I am clothed.  You will be so embarrassed.  You will get an erection and I will get to watch it grow. After your penis is erect, I will get to play with it!” she answered.

“Does your mother know you are doing this?” I asked.

“Yes, of course, she is sitting in the audience,” she said.

“There is an audience!” I exclaimed.

“Yes,” said my escort.  “The officer will explain.”

The officer then explained the history and rationale of military induction physicals in Doria.  “At first all the military induction physicals were done in private without escorts.  When escorts were used the process went much smoother.  At first, outsiders waere not allowed. When mothers of escorts found that their daughters were being used as escorts for sex education, mothers of escorts demanded to know what their daughters were being taught.

Then when mothers of recruits found their sons were being used for sex education, they demanded to know how their sons were being used.  When military induction physicals became controversial, high-ranking military officers, and government bureaucrats came to find out how they were being conducted.  When the policy of transparency in government was adopted, even reporters were allowed to attend.  Even when the reporters wanted to videotape, the queen acceded.”

“Will there be males in the audience? I asked.

No, males are prohibited.  We don’t want homosexual males to attend.  There is no reason why males need to attend,” she said.

“Did mother of escorts accept how their daughters were treated” I asked.

“Mothers of escorts are enthusiastic supporters of behalf of their daughters.  They think it is valuable for them to learn male physiology,” she said.

“How did mothers of recruits respond?” I asked.

“They thought it would be beneficial for young girls too,” she said.

“They didn’t object to their sons being stripped naked in front of high school girls!” I exclaimed.

“Mothers of recruits have never complained about the nudity of their sons,” said the officer.

“No objections, really!  Why not?” I asked. 

She explained: “We send questionnaires to mothers every year.  With regard to nudity in military induction physicals by mothers of men the most common responses are: “Men have no reason to be modest in the first place and young girls need to learn about male physiology..”

"But why do mothers of recruits attend?  Do they come to look at nude males?”

“Mothers of recruits emphatically deny voyeurism!”  she said.

I decided to change the subject.  “I really don’t want to be naked in front of an audience.  Isn’t there some way I can avoid this?” I asked.

“You saw what happened to the other fellow,” the officer said.  “Is that what you want?”

I decided I didn’t want to be a nude paractice patient.  It would be better to be a nude model for one young girl.  I undressed and handed my clothes to my escort who put them in a large plastic bag. She put my name on the bag and handed the bag over to the woman in charge of keeping our clothes. My escort never took her eyes off me as I undressed.  When I took off my underpants her eyes went immediately to my crotch.  I covered myself with my hands.  She immediately slapped my hands.  I said, “What did you do that for?”

She answered, “That is what we have been taught to do.  How do you expect us girls to become familiar with male genitals if we don’t get to see them?”

I asked, “Have you ever seen a naked man before?’

She answered, “No, you are my first one.”

“You are really enjoying this aren’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she answered.  “I certainly have not seen anything like this before.  I have never even seen a man nude and now I have dozens to look at.  I am amazed at the different sizes and shapes of penises and testicles. This is so exciting! I have been looking forward to this day for weeks.  I will remember this day for the rest of my life.” 

I returned to the issue of motivation for attendance of mothers of recruits, “How is it that young girls say they enjoy male nudity but mothers of recruits say they don’t?”

She said, “What mothers of recruits say is, ‘They have nothing we haven’t seen before.’ “

I was going to say, “women always say that,” but the officer and her assistants had turned and left the locker room.  It was obvious to me why mothers of recruits attended.  They were voyeuring!  They wanted to see men naked.  They didn’t object to the exposure of their sons in front of girls because that would jeopardize their chance to watch.  They were opposed to male modesty in general and specifically opposed to their sons’ modesty.  Women have always been curious about sons’ sexual development.  They want to see if their sons have developed properly.  It is a way to see nude young men, to satisfy their curiosity about their sons’ development and have vicarious sex with their sons at the same time.

While my escort was saying how much she was enjoying my nudity,I grew an erection.  It embarrassed me but the more embarrassed I got the harder I got.  I couldn’t cover up so I just stood there at full mast.  My escort smirked when she saw my erection.  Then she said, "Oh, this is better than I imagined!"

"I am glad you like it," I said sarcastically.

She looked at my cock and said, “Well, you seem to be enjoying it at least as much as I.”  

I looked around and saw that all of the other young men were also erect.  Then she reached down and cupped my balls.  Then she pulled my cock forward and inspected it.  When she let it go, it rebounded against my stomach.

"Please don't do that," I said.

"You don't have anything to say about it.  We are encouraged to satisfy our curiosity as much as we want,” she said.  Then she grabbed my balls and said, "I can feel you up as much as I want.  Go ahead refuse me! If you do, you will be arrested, stripped and taken to jail in the nude."  Then she kneeled in front of me and began exploring my cock and balls as much as she wanted.  She only stopped when the officer returned.

When the officer returned, her enlisted assistants were carrying cock rings, leashes and handcuffs.  She looked around to see if everyone had complied with her orders.  She then ordered the recruits to “put your hands behind your backs”

“Why?” I asked.

“We are going to handcuff you,” she said.

“Why do we have to be handcuffed?” I asked. 

“We have had incidents where angry recruits have injured escorts.  Handcuffing you will keep our escorts safe. It will also make it easier and quicker to process you.  It is a lot easier than using military police,” she said.

One of the enlisted girls proceeded to handcuff me with my hands behind my back.  Then she put a cock ring around my penis and testicles.  After that she attached a short leash on to the cock ring.  With our hands handcuffed behind our backs and cock rings leashed to our testicles, we were completely at the mercy of our escorts. The leash was handed to our guides and we were led out into the hall outside the gymnasium.  There we waited while the military officer went inside to see if they were ready for us.

As we waited naked in the hall, numerous women entered the building and walked past us.  The all stopped and  gawked at us before entering the gym. Why wouldn't they.  We were standing there naked with erections and being led by girls using cock rings and leashes.  Some took out their phones and took pictures.  We weren't allowed to cover ourselves.  A few made comparisons and named their preferences. I looked to my guide for her help but she just smiled back at me.  It was humiliating standing there naked while women sauntered by.

Finally, the military officer returned and we were led into the gym.  As I was led in, I could feel the tug of the leash against my balls and understood why chaining and leashing made us docile. If a man moved too slowly his escort would make a quick jerk on his leash and he would comply.

When we were inside, we found that the man who had refused to strip had already been placed in front of the audience.  He was strapped upright and naked on a board in the shape of an X, facing us and the audience.  He had been gagged so that his protests could not be heard.  He was catheterized to prevent him from urinating on the floor or anywhere else.  He was a lesson in what would happen if we refused.

The doctors, nurses and clerks were all female.  As my escort had told me, there was a large audience of women sitting in stands as if this were a show and we were the entertainment.  We were the entertainment!  These were the same women who walked past us while we waited in the hall.  There were too many of them to be just the mothers, military officers, government officials and reporters.  Moreover, many of them seemed too young.  I found out later that tickets had actually been sold to the event.

There were also the enlisted women standing around.  They all stared at us and smiled as we entered.  I could tell they were really enjoying the show.  They were being rewarded for good performance reviews.  Their job was to run errands for the doctors and nurses to get things as needed. As I walked around with an erection my cock swayed back and forth.  Some if the girls pointed at me and giggled.  It just made it worse.  So, our group just waited there with erections pointing to the sky. letting everyone in the gym see us standing there erect.  Our escorts for their part seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly, comparing us, taking pictures with their phones and conversing briskly among themselves. 

One by one our escorts led us by our leashes to the first station where our escorts filled out forms of our health history for us.  The second station was a nurse who looked us over one by one for any apparent skin or health problems. She also ordered us to bend over and spread our cheeks which she then inspected.  Subsequent stations would check our hair, our mouth, our eyes, our hearing, listen to our lungs, we were told to squat, bend over and run in place.  Then they took body samples, first blood pressure, then blood, and finally urine. It was difficult for us to produce urine since we all had erections and especially since we couldn’t even hold our own penises to pee.  Our escorts had to help us.  It was humiliating but at least we got to do it like men, standing up.  Those of us who couldn’t manage to produce urine were catheterized.

A doctor had us stand in front of her. One after the other she first inspected the glans, then the underside of the recruit’s erect penis, then pushed it down to inspect the back of the penis, then she lifted his balls to inspect his scrotum front and back. Next, she grasped his balls and felt them for abnormalities and finally checked him for a hernia.  She put a finger in one side of the testicle and ordered his to turn our head and cough, then the other side and finally held both balls and cough again. 

Then another doctor taught the escorts to do the same thing.  I had to stand there while my escort fumbled with my testicles until she finally learned how to check a man for an inguinal hernia.  Why she needed to know how to do that, I don’t know. 

In the next station a doctor directed each of us in turn to lay on an examination table facing the audience with our feet spread apart and in stirrups.  Then she taught the escort how to identify the various parts of our genitals.  She identified the glans, the urinal meatus, the frenulum, the shaft, the scrotum, the testicles and the perineal raphe.  Then the escorts were required to point at the various parts and repeat their names.

At the next station our escorts were taught how to do a manual genital inspection.  As each recruit came through his escort felt his glans, shaft, testes, vas deferens and epididymis.  Then the doctor had each escort put on a rubber glove, put Vaseline on one of the fingers the gloves and ordered us to bend over. Then the escorts inserted her finger into her recruit’s anal canal and learned how to stimulate him by massaging his prostate gland.

After that the next doctor said, "Now we need you to take his semen.” 

I asked the doctor, “Wait a minute, what does my semen have to do with military service?

She answered, "It doesn’t have anything to do with military service.  It is being done for civilian health reasons. First, the queen wants all young girls to know how to masturbate a boy to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  Second, we need a semen sample because male fertility has been declining.  We need to keep a record of male fertility.”

"I doubt you have a fertility problem," my escort said.

"How would you know?" I asked.

"You are so virile.  I cannot believe how hard you are," she said

Suddenly the door to the gym opened and a large retinue of women entered.  As I watched, I realized that Queen Gabriella was with them.  I wanted to cover up but my hands were handcuffed.  She looked around and talked to some of the doctors.  Then she came over to me.  Oh my God, I stood before my queen naked with an erection!  She asked me my name and where I was from.  Then she looked me up and down and said, “You certainly seem like a fit young man.  I am delighted we have such virile young men like you to protect our country.”

I answered, “Thank you my queen.”  Then I added, “Would you please remove my restraints.”

She answered, “I am sorry, I can’t.  Handcuffing is safer and more efficient.”

Then she bent down in front of me and looked right at my cock.  She reached over grasped it and tested its firmness.Then she grasped my balls and felt their weight.  She half smiled, seemingly pleased by what she found.  She stood up and said, “Yes, indeed, fine young man, very virile, I’ll bet you don’t have a problem with potency.”

Then she turned to my escort Sharon and said, “Young lady, do your duty and extract his semen.  We need to see if this young man is as potent as he is virile. “

I was directed to sit on a stool and spread my legs facing the audience. My escort was directed to sit on a stool in back of me. My escort said to the queen, “How do I do this?”. 

The queen responded, “I’ll show you.”  She had my escort stand up and took her seat.  Then the queen reached around me, lubricated my penis thoroughly, grasped my cock firmly and began stroking it and said, “This is how it is done.  Do you think you can do this?”

“Yes,” said my escort.  The queen then stopped and got up from her stool.  My escort sat down on the stool behind me, reached around, grabbed my cock firmly and began stroking my cock as she had seen.

“Yes,” said the queen, “only hold his penis a little firmer and stroke its entire length. The glans of the penis is extremely sensitive and needs to be stimulated.”

“Like this,” said my escort as she followed her instruction and began stroking the entire length of the penis including the glans

“Precisely,” said the queen.

Then the queen said, “He will come quicker and produce more semen if I massage his testicles." Whereupon she reached down and began caressing my testicles. 

While fondling my testicles the queen said to my escort, “He has nice big balls.  He is really well hung. He should produce a lot of semen.”

Then the queen asked me, “Does that feel good?”.

“What was I supposed to say?  “Yes,” I answered. 

Then my escort asked me, “How am I doing?”

I was less concerned with technique then I was with whether she was enjoying herself. I am excited by feminine desire.  I responded, “Are you enjoying doing it?”

“Immensely,” she answered. "I have long wanted to see this happen and now I not only  get to do it but I get to feel your orgasm while you ejaculate.”

“The more it pleases you, the more exciting it is for me,” I said.

“So, my lust excites you,” asked my escort.

“Oh yea,” I answered, “there is nothing more stimulating than being desired.”

“Are you going to cum for me? She asked.

“Pretty soon now,” I answered.

The queen then said to my escort, “Is he good and hard?”

My escort replied, “Yes, he is really hard.”

The queen said, “Tell me when he suddenly gets even harder.  That will signal he is ready to ejaculate.”

A couple of minutes later my escort said, “Oh, he is suddenly harder.”

The queen said, “I have your vial ready.”  The queen held the vial at the end of my penis even while she continued fondling my testicles.My escort pointed my cock at the vial even as she continued to stroke my cock.  My sperm spurted into the vial.

When it was done, the queen gave a wet wipe to my escort who thoroughly cleaned my cock. While my escort was cleaning off my penis the queen screwed the cap onto the vial and handed it to the doctor?"

The queen asked my escort, “Have you learned anything today?”

“Oh, yes,” my escort responded, “I never knew penises could get this big and hard and I certainly wouldn’t have known how to manipulate them like this.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”  the queen asked.

“No”, she answered.

"Men think that sex is a bodily function that needs to be relieved. Well then, every girl needs to know how to relieve them. When you have a boyfriend, you should masturbate him regularly.  If you want to keep a man before marriage you need to know how to satisfy him without having intercourse.  Do you think you will able to do that now?” asked the queen.

 “After today, certainly,” my escort said.

"Has your patient been cooperative?" the queen asked.

"Well, I had to tell him what would happen if he didn't cooperate," my escort said.

"What instigated that response?" asked the queen.

"I was making a digital examination of his genitals," said my escort.

"So, you were feeling him up?" asked the queen.

"Yes,” my escort said. “I wanted to feel how hard he was and what his testicles felt like.  I was told we were allowed to do that."

"Yes, we want you to become as familiar with male genitals as possible.  Did he then allow you to fondle his genitals as much as you wanted? asked the queen.

"Yes, he did," said my escort. 

“So, you got to feel him up to your satisfaction,” asked the queen.

“I explored him thoroughly,” said my escort emphatically.

Then the Queen asked, “So when you have a boyfriend and he wants you to have sex, have you learned how to relieve him?”

My escort answered, “Yes, I do.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to become familiar with men. I never would have been able to learn all of this on my own."

“Good,” said the queen, “so you think this is a worthwhile practice.”

"Oh, most certainly,” said my escort.  "Every young girl should be given a chance to participate in these examinations.  We need to know about men and how to please them.  How are we going to find out without experience?"

“Have you also enjoyed the experience?” asked the queen.

“Very much so and because I enjoyed the experience, I will always remember what I have learned,” answered my escort.

Then the queen, turned to me and said, “Young man, you have performed well for your country and you have contributed to the education of this young lady. How do you feel about that?

I said, “I am glad to have helped provide medical knowledge to my country and to have participated in this young lady’s education.”

The queen continued, “Some people have criticized group physicals as humiliating. Has this experience been humiliating for you?

I didn’t know how to answer.  I wanted to say that I had been utterly humiliated but that would have insulted the queen so I lied and said, “No.”

Mothers of recruits think that their sons enjoy having young girls at their physicals.  Do you like the attention of young girls?

Even though the presence of female escorts was embarrassing and humiliating, I do agree that I like the attention of girls so I said, “Yes.”.

The Queen then asked, “I have been told that for a man sex is a bodily function that needs to be relieved. Is sex for you a bodily function?”

I had never thought of it like that but when I did, I agreed, so I answered, “Yes,”

“Did you feel relief after you expelled your semen?” asked the queen. 

It was trapped, so I said, “Yes.”

The Queen then asked, “Your erection and ejaculation seem to indicate you have enjoyed yourself.  Did you enjoy yourself as much as it appeared?” 

I actually felt that in addition to the whole examination humiliating, degrading and utterly sexist, I didn’t want to disagree with the queen so I lied again and said, “Yes, my Queen, yes, I did,”

Then the Queen said, “That’s wonderful, I’m glad to know that this experience is as useful for boys as it is for girls.  I am sorry we had to chain and leash you but it makes the physicals safer and quicker.  If you join the military, the next time you take a physical it won’t be necessary to chain and leash you.”

“Will we have women present at subsequent military physicals?” I asked.

“Yes,” said the queen.  “We have to, we don’t have enough male medical personnel.  Furthermore, when we used both men and women to give physicals the soldiers complained.  The said mixed company made them feel more aware of being naked.  Some recruits complained about the presence of male medical personnel.

“You mean they wanted girls to be present?” I asked.

“Some of them said they did.  Others said they didn’t want homosexuals examining them,” the queen said.

“Are the subsequent escorts high school girls?” I asked.

“No, they will be enlisted women,” the queen said

“Do they still take semen samples? I asked.

“We don’t need medical samples anymore but our volunteers enjoy taking samples and most importantly our soldiers enjoy letting them,” she answered.  “It improves morale for both genders.”

“Do military females get physicals? I asked.

“Yes, they do,” answered the queen.

“Do men assist with their physicals? I asked.

“No, they don’t,” answered the queen, “and to anticipate your next question:  Most medical personnel are female so there aren’t enough men to do it.  More importantly, if I were to impose that on women, I would have a revolt.  Women are taught from birth to be modest. Men are not!  All males are bathed by their mothers.  Fathers do not bathe their daughters.  Most men have a pleasant memory of being bathed by a woman; women do not have that memory."

“Just the same,” I said, “it’s a double standard.”

“You can’t always treat men and women alike,” said the queen.  “Woman have been caring for men since time immemorial.  The reverse is not true.”

I decided to let the issue go.

The queen continued. “I want to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. We not only need for young women to know how to give hand jobs but their boyfriends need to accept them in lieu of intercourse. If your date offers you a hand job, will you accept it?”

I answered, “Yes, if a girl offers me a hand job, I will let her. 

I continued, “If girls need to know how to masturbate boys, shouldn’t boys need to know how to masturbate girls.”

The queen thought for a moment and said, “Girls aren’t like boys, they don’t need sexual relief as a bodily function. The whole reason for teaching girls about men is so that they don’t get pregnant out of wedlock.  Men don’t get pregnant!  It would be better if girls keep their panties on until they are married.  Now whenever you are given a hand job you can thank me. Receiving a hand job will be fun for you and provide valuable experience for the young lady.  I have to leave now.  It was nice to meet you,”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered.

The queen then looked down and noticed that I was still hard.  She kneeled grasping my cock, testing my hardness again.  Then she tested the weight of my balls again.  While the queen tested the weight of my balls one of her assistants said, “Is he really still hard?”

“He certainly is,” said the queen.

The assistant responded, “May I see for myself?” 

The queen answered, “Be my guest.”

The assistant reached down and grasped my cock firmly feeling its hardness.  Then she felt my testicles, lifting them slightly feeling their size and weight.  She then said,” He certainly is virile!  He is not only well hung his genitals are as handsome as he is. Perhaps he should be considered for the palace guard.” 

The palace guard had strict fitness requirement so every month the entire guard was stripped naked and weighed.  It had been royal policy for hundreds of years for the queen and her court to make a personal inspection of the guard’s physical fitness.

Then a second assistant interrupted, “May I check him too?”

“Of course,” said the queen.

The second assistant then kneeled in front of me, firmly grasped my cock and felt my balls.  She was then followed by a third assistant who took her time squeezing to check the hardness of my cock and then feeling the size and weight of my balls.

“I agree with Diane,” said the third female assistant, “He has the most beautiful genitals I have ever seen.  This young lady might want more instruction in men. May I show her how to give a blow job?”

The queen responded, “Young lady, would you like to see how to give a blow job?

My escort said, “Yes, I would.”

I was getting annoyed about being treated like a piece of meat so I interrupted.  “Do I have anything to say about this?”

The queen answered with some annoyance, “Just relax and enjoy.  You will enjoy the blow job more than anyone.”

I guess I was right.  I was a piece of meat.

The queen said to her assistant. “Make him come a second time.”  The assistant kneeled down, grabbed one testicle in each hand and sucked my cock into her mouth. Then she forced my cock down her throat.  She sucked on my cock its entire length and licked the glans of my cock swallowing my pre-cum.  Then down again licking and sucking greedily.  Then she stood up, grabbed my head, kissed me full on the lips and stuck her tongue into my mouth. 

When the third assistant left my cock unprotected, the second assistant fell to her knees, grabbed my balls in her hands, took my cock in her mouth and sucked it down her throat.  I had one woman kissing me while another had her lips locked around my cock.  I was being kissed and sucked while dozens watched. I couldn’t control myself and ejaculated into her mouth. Even as I spurted, she continued to suck my cock and swallow my cum.  She continued to lick me until I was clean.  When she finally stopped, she stood up and greedily licked her lips. 

The queen then asked, “Did he taste good?”

She answered, “He was delicious.  He was so big and hard I thought I would choke on him.  That was the hardest cock I ever sucked.”

Then the queen said to me, “I have to leave now but if you serve in the military, please consider serving in the palace guard.  We can always use men like you.” 

Then she turned to my escort and said, “Remove the chains while I remove the cock ring.”  Then my escort removed the chains while the queen pushed each testicle out of the cock ring one at a time and lifted the cock ring off my cock.

After the queen had left, my escort spoke, "Before you can get dressed, I am allowed have pictures so that I can have a record of this experience.  I wish I could do this again but we only get to do it once.  Other girls need a chance to learn about boys too.

Then a female photographer took pictures of her standing next to me with my cock still in full erection. The photographer then took a picture of her smiling and holding my cock in one hand and my balls in the other.  The photographer even took a picture of my escort with a big smile on her face, seated in front of me and me standing. Her head was just below my genitals as though my cock was growing out of her head. They not only gave my escort copies of these photographs but me as well. 

The casual observer might think this experience was enjoyable for me but I found it humiliating and degrading.  I just wish to could stop myself from fantasizing about it happening again.  Sometimes I masturbate to the pictures of my escort holding my cock and sitting in front of me smiling as if my cock was growing out of her head.  Finally, my clothes were handed back to me and I was allowed to get dressed.

Submitted: March 08, 2022

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This is a delicious story! I especially liked the girl guides and the interview with the Queen. Very erotic and imaginative! You draw out every nuance of eroticism. Also reminds me of my own experience with an army physical, a mass production process where the only concession to modesty was there were no females in the gymnasium.

Thu, June 16th, 2022 6:31am


Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

Thu, June 16th, 2022 1:21pm

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