Stepfather plays with my wife's feet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My wife's stepfather had taken an unusual interest in her perfect little feet, but when he had a chance to play with them in the car while I was driving... it just about made me drive into the ditch.

On Saturday we were driving home from the dinner theater. My wife Michelle was in the back with her mother, and I was in the front with her step dad. He has made several comments about Michelle's little feet and toes; the color of her nail polish and the size of her feet (6) over the years, so we have suspected him as a foot lover even though my wife's mother doesn't take care of her feet at all. I have encouraged my wife to tease him just to see if he will take the bait, but she refused thinking it was incestuous or something, even though they are not at all related.

At the theater we were sitting around a small dinner table eating while watching the play. It was winter in Canada, and my wife's new boots were uncomfortable so she was moving them around a lot during the evening. Her stepdad was sitting across from us and slipped his foot between us for about the last hour of the play. I kept track of my wife's perfect feet, so I could see Michelle's foot touching his under the table while thinking it was my foot she was against. She would place her little bootie on top of the toes of his shoe, and he would lift his foot up and down. When she moved her feet back under her chair, his foot would meet up against hers from across the table too. But the sly old fellow was careful only to place his feet in positions where she thought it could be me in the dark room. I enjoyed watching him playing with her feet, now fully understanding his interest in her feet was something very real and sexual. I would have to say my wife and her mother enjoyed the play portion of the evening more than the two distracted men.

As soon as we got into the car after the play for the ride home, my wife reached down and unzipped her boots - freeing her beautiful feet now fully visible and encased in a taupe colored nylon with sheer toes.

After we drove off she set both feet on the back part of the front center arm rest console. Both her step dad and I shared the armrest and we could feel the movement of the console when she placed her feet on its back end. I slid my elbow back until I could actually feel her pretty pink toes touching my arm, and her step dad noticed too and turned his head to look at them. He smiled at his stepdaughter. Although the car was still chilly, her feet were still hot from the boots and the aroma was like lotion and bubble bath combined in a delicate bouquet. My wife's feet never smelled bad no matter if she was shopping for an entire day.

"Ooops," she said. "Sorry. Would you like me to move them?"

"Oh, no," said her dad. "You must be uncomfortable, relax yourself."

Her mom was on her phone, texting a friend about the play. "Let her stretch," she said, not lifting her head.

"Sorry," said Michelle. "My legs feel like they need stretching, and my boots were terribly tight tonight," she said to her step dad as her mom began intently scanning through Facebook on her smartphone next to her in the back seat.

"Listen to your mother," said the step dad. "Put both of your feet up here." He tapped the armrest and moved his left elbow from the console.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I mean, I was nervous and getting horny. This was like a dream and it wasn't even me having to trick her so that I could enjoy her feet.

Unfortunately she declined, likely feeling uncomfortable herself wondering if they smelled. I was so disappointed that I visibly shook my head slightly, gritted my teeth and closed my eyes momentarily in disbelieve of my bad luck.

But as the trip went on, she did slide her right foot down the length of the arm rest. She batted her toes against both of our arms as if to say get over and leave me some room. I felt my stomach rise to my throat. Her foot was beautiful. When the street lights were just right I could see her perfect toes descending in a perfect angle from big to little, and the nylon stretching across her high arch. I literally gasped with the thrill.

My heart began racing, but not as much as it was about to.

The beauty of her tiny hosed foot made me quietly exhale deeply, I could barely handle the excitement. My hands were shaking on the wheel and my dick was secretly growing in my pants.

I glanced at her toes, which were perfect from a recent pedicure, and hot pink. Her step dad noticed too, and I could see him setting his left hand partly on the side of the arm rest so that it was very close to touching her soft and sensuous stocking heel. I reached over to the top of her foot, glancing from the road for just a second, and patted her toes in approval of her newfound ease. The feel of those little toes cupped for even a second in my hand made a whole new rush of blood engorge my cock.

I lightly rubbed her toes to let her know that her right foot was very welcome in the front seat of the car.

Her step dad was busy with his own pleasure, now fully touching the outside of her heel secretly with his large hand. Michelle slid her tiny foot over slightly toward me, but there was little room to move it and he just brushed his hand into contact with her perfect foot once again anyway. As I looked over, I could see his left hand stroking the outside of her foot.

Seeing him touching her lovely foot, I nearly went off the road. His left hand made her foot look so tiny, and I could see him gradually moving his hand up and down the sole of her helpless little nylon foot. I couldn't believe how comfortable she was allowing him to make contact with her foot. But when I looked back, I could see that she had closed her eyes now and may have even dozed off. In any case she had little care about what the two of us were doing to the foot in the front seat of the car.

The excitement of seeing another man making physical contact with my wife's foot was a rush of both jealousy, and desire at the same time. It was a powerful feeling of lust which continued as I drove.

I thought it couldn't get better until suddenly he actually groped the top of her foot. Then he brought his other hand to her sole, and began lightly tickling the perfect foot. He looked back at his stepdaughter to get a rise out of her - as if he was just messing around - but then said to me "I think she is sleeping."

Although he pretended to be messing around, I knew he secretly had to find a way to touch those wonderful toes. All five lovely digits descended across symmetrically, beneath the thin see-through fabric. The toe tips round and from the side you could see the end of her big toe tip up slightly. Who would pass up such an opportunity? Certainly not a foot guy. He must have been in heaven too. Michelle's mom never took care of her feet, and they were always crusty and half pedicured. But now he had his hands on perfection. Something he must have secretly lusted about. I know I was in deep lust, just watching.

Michelle opened her eyes and tried to slip her foot back toward her, but her stepfather is a large and powerful man who easily held her little foot in place.

I would glance at him, to see him lightly gliding his man-hand and thick fingers across her shapely nylon soles while his left hand gripped her ankle and top of her foot. Meanwhile I tried to keep the vehicle on the road.

My wife squirmed a little, but he was being careful and slow as he got between her toes, stretching the fabric almost to its ripping point and then moving on between two other gorgeous toes. If I looked at just the right time I could see his bulbous finger pushing between her tiny toes. Finally when he got to her baby toe, he actually wiggled it between his thumb and forefinger. He gently pinched her baby toe and held it in place while looking back mischievously at Michelle's twisted mouth and disapproving stare.

My gawd I was in heaven. I began driving with my right hand now so that I could quietly place my left hand in my darkened lap where I could stoke my finger against my erect penis.

Her Mom became conscious from her smartphone glaze for only a moment, and told her husband to knock it off. But she was also in the middle of a fascinating social media event, so she couldn't be bothered with the innocent fun in the front seat for long. Her mom had absolutely no foot awareness. Her husband might just as well have been touching her daughter's purse, as her beautiful foot, as far as she was concerned.

I was now shaking at the steering wheel worse than ever, and on the verge of coming in my pants but I so wanted to touch Michelle's foot too. I quit secretly playing with myself and switched hands on the wheel so that I could reach for her beautiful foot with my right hand, and her stepfather respectfully released his grip seemingly enjoying watching me. It was a tag team of pleasure.

He tapped my hand to get me to move from her foot for a moment and then he leaned in toward her foot with his face, and winked and smiled at me as he slid his hand right under the soft foot while he examined her toes close up. His mouth was just inches from her lovely hosed toes and that was almost too much for me to bear.

"I think I see a flaw in your pedicure," he joked. "What?" she said, before realizing he was messing with her.

I am sure he could smell the pretty perfume scent coming from her toes. He was that close. In fact his tongue would have reached the netting of her pantyhose.

I watched him hold her foot in place, despite her objection, while this man had his way with her lovely foot. Although he was tickling her, it was delicate like her foot itself. He began touching her so gently and lovingly, gliding his finger under her foot and across her soles; then from her heels to her under-toes. Although Michelle tried to pull away, her foot was quite trapped by her powerful step dad to enjoy. He bumped my arm with his elbow, smiled and went in for a bite. He held her heel with his left hand and bent her foot to an arch with his right hand and guided her big toe to his lips. He turned to me so that I could see Michelle's big toe between his front teeth and his tongue enjoying the taste of her toenail.

I nearly came in my pants. That was too much for my heart, and too much for my wife too. She pushed her left foot against his back and slipped her captive foot away from her step dad before he could kidnap it once again.

"You guys are so bad!" she objected.

It really didn't matter though, in a few minutes she had slid her boots back on, but we were home.

I often think of the little bit of fun we had on the way home, innocent to all involved yet not innocent at all.

Not another word was mentioned of it but my thoughts have been consumed with wondering just what he wished he could have done with her beautiful foot, and how long I could have watched without exploding with ecstasy. What if we both had a foot to enjoy? Many perverted notions have entered my mind over the many months.

I have been so horny lately thinking of it; the memory serving as the perfect source of fun when I am alone. But I knew there would eventually be another opportunity. There would have to be.

Submitted: February 24, 2022

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