Come to Auntie

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Andrew has a sweetheart, Cindy, but she doesn't allow him to have sex with her. He can play with her titties, but that's all. One day, Cindy's aunt Annie stops Andrew in the street. She wants to talk to him about his relationship with her young niece...

Come to Auntie



Cindy Smith, my first sweetheart, let me play with her tits. However small they were, I loved that. It gave me a hell of a stiff dick. I didn’t leave her alone ever since. I had noticed that she got very wet between her legs when I put her nipples in my mouth and sucked on them. So, I knew she wanted to have sex too. She refused to let me have my way with her. She didn't even want to show me her pussy. I must say that for her part, she hadn't shown the slightest interest in seeing my cock.


"At the right time..." she'd say. Then I got to see her pussy and fuck her. That's what she promised me.


"When?" I asked her more than once. Cindy always had very vague answers like:


"When I feel ready."

"If we're old enough for it."

"If I'm not at risk of getting pregnant."

"If you have patience, you will see..."


Of course, all lame excuses and vague words. I didn't know what to think. Maybe she would keep her word, maybe not. I was mean to her, I must admit. That was because I was so eager to put my cock inside her wet pussy. To convince her, I lied with a straight face:


Okay, you do what you want. There are other girls who are interested in me. I'm sure I'll have no problem fucking them. I just have to ask them.”


That was a lie. It didn't matter. I was a short, way too fat boy then. Apart from Cindy, whom I knew better, I just didn't dare ask a girl something like that.

Cindy, however, was curious and also a little concerned. I could read it on her face.


"Who then?" she asked me. "Are they girls who also attend our school?"

"You have nothing to do with that," I answered her brutally. "Do you think I'm going to tell you their names? You could go find them and harass them just because you're jealous."


Actually, I should have known. Cindy hadn't kept her mouth shut. I heard that immediately from my sister Flo after I got to play with Cindy's naked tits for the umpteenth time. But that my sweetheart had not kept silent to Flo, alright. I didn't mind because Flo herself didn't mince her words when she told me about her sex life. But now, it suddenly turned out that Cindy had also told her mother everything we had been doing. Was it because her mother had questioned her after she caught us coming down the stairs from Cindy's room? Or was it because Cindy was in the habit of always telling her mother everything? It didn't matter.


It was on a Thursday afternoon. I had cycled to the “Speedy Kids” youth club on Bakers Lane for the first time on the advice of my sister Flo. Flo said I might as well forget about Cindy. She claimed that that youth club attracted a lot of hot girls and that I wouldn't have a hard time hitting on one. She also said that next to the youth club building, there was a fallow piece of land with a shelter at the very back. Cattle used to take shelter there from rain and sun, when the Rincks district was not yet so densely built up, but the cows were no longer there. Under that shelter, Flo said, it was almost never your turn to have a fuck. Youngsters lay there on blankets they had brought along, sometimes three or four fucking couples at a time. But that wasn't much of a problem, provided the weather was dry. The fallow land was overgrown with quite tall grass. According to Flo, also there a lot of fucking was going on. In the grass, you saw used condoms almost every two yards, and then you knew enough.


I didn't ask Flo if she had also been lying with her legs open in the long grass. As I knew her, she would have done that more than once. Or maybe also under the shelter...


Well, I was unlucky that afternoon. There were few visitors in the club, and very few girls. Besides, the youngsters there were all guys and girls older than me. As a little fat boy, I made a bad figure there. Not a single girl took the slightest interest in me. That would change later, but that afternoon, I left the Speedy Kids disappointed. With a dull feeling, I cycled back home on Lutetia Road. On the way, as I passed the Seven Eleven, I changed my mind. I made a detour to Poppy Street, in the vague hope that I might see Cindy.


I didn't see her when I was almost at the villa where she and her mother lived. Another woman who looked a lot like her mother, except she had jet black hair, was getting something out of her car’s trunk. Like Cindy's mother, she also played tennis, as she was unloading tennis equipment from the trunk of her car.

I wanted to turn around immediately, but it was too late. The woman had seen me coming. With a broad gesture of her arms, she beckoned to me to signal that I should come to her. Not that I broke into a sweat of fear, but I was still apprehensive about what might follow.


"Come, Andrew, come here!" she shouted. I couldn't help but cycle toward her. As I stood by her, she stroked my head for a moment, perhaps to reassure me, and said:


I'm Annie, an aunt of Cindy. I need to ask you something. Have you got a moment?"


Actually, I had no reason to be afraid. Cindy's aunt smiled kindly at me and invited me into the villa. There, she left me alone in the living room for a while because she had to deposit the tennis equipment somewhere. When she came back she said to me:


Cindy isn't here. She's still at the County Tennis Club with my sister. Perhaps we can take the opportunity to get to know each other better. Would you like something to drink?”


I wanted to.


"Come with me to my house," said the lady. “I live nearby, on Admiral Nelson Street. It's not that far, not even a mile. Do you know where that street is?”


I knew, because a boy who was in my class also lived on that street. I said that to Aunt Annie.


Okay then, then you know where to find me. We’ll sit comfortably under my pergola, where we can talk and get to know each other better. I'm driving home now. You’ll see my car in front of the house, so you’ll know where I live.”


I found that house easily. Aunt Annie was already waiting for me in the open front door. She beckoned to me, and behind the house we sat in the shade under the pergola. I didn't get anything to drink at the time. When I was sitting across from her, I noticed to my surprise that she had meanwhile put on a sexy dress with a large cleavage in which half of her breasts were clearly visible. But it got even more spectacular: she parted her legs, I guess on purpose, and I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. She did have a lot of pubic hair that partially hid her cunt. It was the same dark color as the hair on her head. Needless to say I had an erection within half a minute… I tried to cross my legs to hide the swelling in my pants, but aunt Annie must have already noticed that too. She smiled and said:


We're not going to stay here, it's too windy for me outside. Upstairs, I have a room under the roof with a small bar. I use that space when I really want to be alone or to rest. I meditate there too. Come on, that's where we're going."


I didn't know what was going to happen. It seemed to become exciting in any case. So, I liked to go up the stairs behind Aunt Annie, trying to look under her skirt to get a closer look at her cunt. No luck, I wasn’t close enough.


Once in that room she had mentioned, I looked around. It was very sparsely furnished. There was a wall bar with a small washbasin, a table with four chairs, and also an iron bed. On the wall above that bed was a single print depicting a fat Buddha. Otherwise, there was no other decoration in the room. I didn't know what meditation was at the time, but in retrospect that space was suitable for it. I didn't meditate there, but I did something else for six or seven weeks…

Cindy's aunt didn't ask me what I wanted to drink. She just poured me a glass of red wine. I had never had wine before, but it tasted really good.


Relax, relax,” she said to me. “I would like to have a serious talk with you. What I'm about to tell you, you'll have to keep to yourself. It must remain between us two.”


She treated me as her equal, as an adult. I was proud.


Cindy… You’re crazy about her, aren't you?”


I couldn't deny that.


And you want to have sex with her. That's normal when you're crazy about someone. But at your age… There's too much risk involved. Do you understand?"


There you had it. Her aunt Annie said the same thing as Cindy.


My niece is only sixteen. Imagine getting her pregnant… Then what?”


I didn't tell her aunt that I would agree to fuck Cindy with a condom over my cock. There was silence. We sat there in that meditation room at the table opposite each other, staring at each other. I said nothing and waited. At one point, the aunt stood up. She went to the bar, took the bottle and poured me a second glass of wine.


You'll have to excuse me, Andrew,” she said. “I'm going to the bathroom now. I'll be back in a moment. Just relax.”


Relaxing, that was difficult for me. So, I took another sip of wine. That did me good, and I was already feeling better, albeit a little drowsy.

A few minutes later, the door of the meditation room opened again. I nearly went into cardiac arrest: Cindy's aunt stood there naked in front of me. She had gone to undress in the bathroom, and she was stark naked. In all her naked glory, she stood there before me with a small bottle in her hand. There was an ironic smile on her face as she noticed that I was flabbergasted.


Well, you wanted to fuck so badly, didn't you? You don't even have to think about it with Cindy, but you can with me," she said. “What are you waiting for? Just undress. Come to Auntie Annie. We will lie down on the bed and have a good time together.”


Automatically, I did what she asked. Before we lay down she took me to the sink and carefully washed my erect cock.


Well, for your age you have a nice penis,” she praised me. “Not the longest, sure, but a trifle thicker than average, and with a beautiful head. It reminds me of a German steel helmet.”


In the iron bed, I lay down on top of her. My cock was about to burst, that's how I felt like sticking it into her cunt and starting to pump. She'd noticed:


Then, no foreplay this time,” she said. “I don't mind, come on, come on, stick it into Auntie Annie. Now, wait a second before you penetrate me. Something has to be done or you're going to hurt me."


She quickly unscrewed the cap from the bottle and put some lubricant on her hand. She smeared it between her labia. Then she took some of that oil again with the intention of greasing my cock head with it. To do that, she pulled back the foreskin of my dick. Auntie Annie shouldn't have done that. I couldn't hold it anymore and while screaming, I shot my cum away. I shot the first load away in a curve and it ended up between her navel and her tits. The rest I sprayed into her pubic hair, and a little on her right thigh. This time, it was her turn to be stunned:


"I'm sorry I made you cum that way and so quickly," she said. “But your sperm, that's quite a lot. I never expected a boy like you to unload such a load…"


Laughing, while my semen was dripping down from her belly, she took me by the hand and made me get up from the bed with her. She led me to the sink. First, she washed my dick there again, then she washed my milky white sperm from her pubic hair, her thigh and from her belly.


When that was done, we sat down opposite each other at the table, and she poured another glass of wine for me and herself. The bottle was almost empty after that. It was a strange sight, we both stark naked opposite each other. I felt relaxed after my orgasm and had to smile a little at the incredible situation I was in.

"Good, Andrew, relax," Nicky's aunt said. “It didn't work the first time, but it will, don't worry.”


She was right. It came too, and relatively quickly. After twenty minutes, or maybe it was half an hour, my dick started to straighten up again. It wasn't fast, and I'd be lying if I said its hard head was hitting the underside of the table top. But it didn't matter, my cock got nice and stiff again, and I felt like it again. Cindy's aunt noticed it too, and this time, all went well. Oil came in handy again, despite the fact that I kissed Auntie Annie and played with her tits, just like I had done with her niece. Her breasts were much bigger, but also much more tender than Cindy's, and they were already sagging a bit at her age. It didn't bother me, and I raved about it until she gently pushed my stiff cock into her oiled slit with her hand.


It was my very first time going up and down a woman's pussy with my dick, and it was wonderful. I had to push hard to get deeper into her rather dry cunt, because the oil didn't really help. But the longer it went on, her fuckhole inside got softer and I could squeeze my whole cock up to my balls into her snatch. It took longer than I expected before I shot my cum into her warm vagina. That was probably because my first orgasm was not that long ago.


It was the first, but not the last time that I fucked Cindy's aunt on Admiral Nelson Street. We agreed that I would come to her house at the same time every Thursday. Then, Cindy was practicing on the tennis court and we wouldn’t be disturbed by anything or anyone.

However, Cindy’s aunt did warn me:


I want to let you have your way with me, but I'm telling you clearly: keep your dick away from Cindy. Play with her titties all you want, but your dick, stick it into my cunt, and cum inside Aunt Annie.”


That's how it happened. I don't remember exactly if it was six or seven Thursdays that I had sex with that aunt in her meditation room. What I do know is that, from then on, I got more confident. I also occasionally fucked a girl who was about my age, or slightly older than me. Not Cindy, however. We still kissed, but playing with her tits happened less and less. I did that with other girls, and sometimes I was allowed to ram into their pussy with my cock to my heart's content…


One Thursday, Cindy's aunt received me in the hall of her house. I could tell from her face that this was the end of our well oiled fucking bouts. That turned out to be the case. She kissed me goodbye after telling me that at a performance of the Royal Hazelstead Orchestra, she had met a man her age with whom she wanted to start a serious relationship.


Andrew, listen carefully!” said Annie. “What happened here between you and me must stay within these four walls. Don't brag about it to anyone. If I find out you don't shut up, I'll come and find you. I've got a bag of golf clubs here that I once won at a charity raffle. If you say one word about what the two of us were doing here, I swear I'll break your arms and legs with a steel golf iron!"


So, until now, I've always kept my mouth shut about those first times, so many years ago now, when I fucked a grown woman, Annie, the aunt of my then sweetheart Cindy.


© Robur Quercus 2022



Submitted: February 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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Enough years have passed that she won't go to jail anymore, LOL!!!

Thu, February 24th, 2022 12:46am

sweet lemon

Lovely to read
It felt like a true story
I suppose that many young men have their first sex with an older woman.

Fri, May 6th, 2022 10:29am


Thank you for your positive comment. In my experience, you're right.

Fri, May 6th, 2022 5:26am

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