Bloomingdale's Shower Boy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

An out-of-wotk office drone, a well-built, widowed father of three, accepts a holiday job at NYC's famed Bloomingdale's department store in their bathwares department, demonstrating a new glass-enclosed shower and shower head unit. Trouble is, the father fails to read the fine print in his contract, which explicitly states that he must shower three times per hour, for eight hours, in the nude; And all this has been cleared with the store and the laws of NYC. To make matters more intimidating, the father's new boss is a gay man with a strong predilection towards humiliation, especially of shy straight hunks..

Here's another partially true story--I'm churning it out fast, so overlook the typos, they will eventually all be cleaned up.




"I got the job kids!" Cliff Marks, a 6'2", auburn haired definition of a clean-shaven hunk with a full wavy head of hair, threw the Bloomingdale's packet down on the kitchen table, his arms laden with packages. "I signed the updated contract Lara mentioned. That's it there. They've already given me an advance, so here's dinner!" Cliff emptied grocery bags, excitedly. He'd been out of work for months; his job in an Upper East Side high school had been a casualty of COVID-19.

In the elevator, on the way up, Cliff had been propositioned twice. Many people considered him a dead ringer for the Australian actor Bryan Brown (of the "F/X" films).Tonight, in the elevator,  it was two different women making the moves on him. Sometimes it was men. It was the norm; he took it in stride, found it flattering, although he was primarily an extremely shy person. He was into the single life now aad dated only sporadically and not always wisely. Cliff was heterosexual but he had experimenteds, in college and not satisfactorily.

"Congratulations, Dad," said Josie, his oldest, dubiously. "I want to read that 'updated' contract--because you didn't rea;lly examine Lara's original one too carefully.You just took this gig because  Lara recommended it saying they couldn't find anyone and she was pushing it on you while you were both DRUNK."

Lara was Cliff's often toxic ex-girlfriend. Josie hated her and the feeling was mutual.

Elsie, his middle child opined,"I don't get why you want to shower all day in front of tourists. Won't that be embarrassing? And what if my friends see you half naked in the shower?

 Cliff laughed as he began to make a big spaghetti dinner. "Honey, I'll be wearing a bathing suit, don't worry. I'm demonstrating a product. And just don't tell your friends, none of you, OK? I mean, how many of them go to BLOOMINGDALE'S?"

13-year-old Elsie did not want to tell her handsome father. who all her friends swooned over, that A LOT of her friends roamed around Bloomingdale's, and they certainly would be roaming around in drooling packs when they found out about THIS.

Jimmy, his youngest, said, "But still, you'll be half naked all day. The old biddies in the park dowstairs talk about yout "pectorals," Gays will see you. They'll talk about---"

Cliff laughed, "Jim, gays see me everday. They don't pounce on me or anybody else. I've told you  to be respectful of the gay community. Jimbo, I'm in great shape. People look at me. Maybe I'll get an acting job."

Josie had reached the second page of her father's new five-page contract. Solemnly, she said, "Dad. There is NOTHING HERE about you showering in a bathing suit. In fact it states that you are to shower NAKED and THOROUGHLY. "INCLUDING ALL INTIMATE BODY PARTS." Three times an hour. For eight hours a day. The showers are to be 'at least fifteen minutes each.' Tha's hardly any breaks. It appears they want total, sustained nudity from you for eight hours. Eight hours, Dad! HOW could you have missed this paragraph? And how can this store get away with something like this?"

Cliff meekly countered, "the word naked was NOT in the paragraph. All it said was the store had the right to make alterations to wardrobe at any time. Lara said other stores are doing stunts like this and Bloomingdale's wants to jazz up its image."

Josie knew this: bare-chested, her father was the stuff of dreams. Naked, he would acquire unwanted stalkers. It was just a fact. Her father was physically stunning, and if you knew him as a person, even more so.

Josie said, "Welll, they sure have made alterations, all tight. They've gone from wardrobe to no wardrobe at all. They've stripped you naked, Dad. That should jazz up their image. At your expense."

Cliff stopped chopping tomatoes. "There must be some mistake. Lara said I'd be wearing a bathing suit. Bloomingdale's can't have a naked man showering in front of kids and old ladies."

Josie said, "I think you had better call the bitch. I think this is her revenge. Do it NOW. I'll continue dinner.".

Jimmy cried., "I don't want people to see Daddy NAKED."  Cliff consoled his son, "Jimbo. don't worry. I won't be naked, it is just a job."

Josie said to her father, with emphasis, "She just wants to humiliste you--and us."

"The only ones who should see Daddy naked is us, when we see him late for work and stuff," insisted Jimmy, "or when he fell down in the tub that time....."

Cliff told his kids, "NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE DADDY NAKED AT BLOOMINGDALE'S.." He felt sick to his stomach.

1he 13-year-old Elsie had very different thoughts about this topic than her siblings and she felt guilty about them, since they involved "intimate body parts."  OF DEAR OLD DAD. Yeesh.

Cliff called Lara. He had begun to perspire. Lara answered on the first ring.

"Yes, darling?" Cliff had put her on speaker; he wanted Josie to hear everything.

Jimmy wondered why Daddy was perspiring when thr A/C was on to its usual 65 degrees. Jimmy went and put on his Spider-man hoodie annd got his dad a cold beer. Cliff hugged his little, ever-loyal son..

Elsie looked at her father's strong neck, where his veins were bulging. Hr was clearly agitated. Elsie felt a stirring, but she dismissed it after receiving a withering gaze from Josie.

Joxie, the matriarch of the house since Cliff's wife had died, observed all this with a keen eye.

Her immediate thought: OH FUCK.

Cliff spoke to Lara, jitteringly. "Lara, you're on speaker, uh, that contract....."

Lara could then be heard, laughing hysterically.

OH FUCK, thought Josie. Dad needs a lawyer. We can't afford one for something like this. Dad will have to break a contract.

Josie then knew: Her hunky but shy father would be showering, in thr nude, at Bloomingdale's. A lot, The department store had him, literally, by the balls.

Lara said, on the phone, "I figured you'd be calling me when you got to page 2, paragraph 3. I can't help you. You've signed it. They decided they want to get in the news. Their lawyers have cleared the nudity aspect. What did you think "alterations" could possibly mean? They'd put socks on you in the shower? The only thing it could have meant was that more of you would be exposed, not less."

Cliff moaned, "Lara, don't do this to me. You know I'm kind of shy about being naked even in private. I can't imagine doing this."

Lara replied, "You'd better start imagining it. You begin in two weeks. I'd be hitting the gym if I were you. You've gotten a little puffy."

BITCH, thought Josie. This was simply not true. Dad was in peak physical form.

Cliff moaned aagain. "And THREE SHOWERS FIFTEEN MINUTES EACH. I'll be waterlogged and then I WILL be puffy."

Lara giggled. "I can probably make 'alterations" to THAT. I'll see what I can do. But prepare to be nude at Bloomingdale's in the new EZSpray portable shower. You'll be adorable. I gotta run. Everyone will love your nudity. I'll call you tomorrow."

Cliff stammered, "B-b-butttt."

Lara hung up with another laugh, an evil one, thought Josie. What had Dad ever seen in this titless drunken bitch?

Cliff looked crushed. He turned to his kids. "Do I look puffy?"

"Of course not," said Josie. Anything but, thought Elsie. Jimmy didn't like seeing Daddy look defeated. He said "The old ladies call you a 'specimen', Daddy. Is that good?"

Cliff smiled wanly. "I'll take it. Today, I'll take anything. I need another beer. No wait, I think I'll have vodka."

Cliff poured himself a vodka on the rocks. He rarely drank but kept it in the house out of habit; his late wife had liked martinis.

"Damn. I don't want to be nude for eight hours in a New York City department store. I don't care if it IS Bloomie's. But do you know what they're paying me, kids?"

"Yes, it's a lot of money," replied Josie. It was $70 an hour with a bonus at tne end of the first week. It was a three-week gig "with the possibility of extension." It was possible that Cliff would be seen by hundreds of people, if not more. The shift was from noon to 8 o'clock, Tuesday through Saturday. Cliff hated Mondays by nature, another reason he had been a little careless about jumping on the job without examining the fine print.

The kids all pitched in to make dinner, something they often did when Daddy was in a funk. They'd gotten quite adept at it, too.

How will I wash my dick in front of people? Cliff could not stop thinking along these lines. And my ass? And well, all of me. For eight hourr a day. FIVE DAYS A WEEK. Saturdays! When a lot of people went shopping! He just couldn't get his mind around it. He would have been fine in a bathing suit, but naked was naked. Nude. Undraped. NAKED. What if I get an erection? I would just kill myself.

When was the last time I was naked in front of anybody? Cliff racked his brain. Oh, yeah, it was Lara, the night before he broke up with her. She had really gotten into him that night, doing stuff she had never done before, particularly to his asshole. This was not why he had ended their relationship. He had ended it because Lara had insulted Josie, calling her "manipulative" and "cunning." Why had Lara called him puffy on the phone? Was she trying to fuck with him and drive him crazy? She was doing a good job. Cliff finished his drink, and poured another.

"Dinner will be ready soon," advised Josie. "Don't sweat this, Dad. I'll try to figure something out. I'll speak to Tony." Tony was Josie's boyfrriend; he was in law school. This gave Cliff a minor boost. He liked Tony; he was straightforward and an honors student.

"I'm gonna change clothes, kids," Cliff announced, and he went to his bedroom. He locked the door, took off everything and located a clean pair of sweats and fresh underwear and socks. Before he put these on, he examined his naked body in a full-length mirror.

Cliff was indeed a specimen, although he would never call himself such a thing. He was not vain, but he liked to look good. Very little body hair except for his armpits and pubes, which he manscaped because Lara had asked him to and he found he liked the look  himself. Auburn hair, like the hair on his head. V-shaped torwo. Zero body fat. Just enough muscle. Smooth chest with a slight treasure trail. Washboard abs he worked hard to maintain. His navel was an outie. Toned arms, not too bulgy, Cliff found overly developed muscles didn't suit his frame. Strong masculine legs, as he jogged a lot. His nipples were pink and prominent, with sprawling areole and strong nipples. His wife had loved to suck on them, which drove Cliff to distraction. Lara liked to bite them; Cliff preferred them sucked. or even just played with or touched.

Cliff reluctantly surveyed his genitals. His penis was a generous, long one, with a pretty big head. His balls were, to quote Lara, "beautifully formed and so, so, smooooooooth." Clifff tturned to look at his smooth, naturally hairless and developed ass, which his wife had deemed "a work of absolute, luminous art." Cliff had not sunbathed in months, and he jogged in a T-shirt, so he currently had no tan to speak of, but he wasn't exactly pale. He had flawless skin without significant moles or blemishes.

Elsie had once said to him, as he was walking around the apartment shirtless and in a wet towel on the way out of the bathroom, something he didn't often do when the girls were close by, that he had "the most perfect male body in  the building." Cliff had blushed and, chuckling, had told Elsie never to say that again. His late wife, sitting in the kitchen, had laughed and said, "Why not? She's right. He's also got the most perfect ass on this planet." Elsie had giggled, enjjoying her father's genuine embarrassment. From then on, Cliff wore a bathrobe.

I don't see puffy, Cliff said to himself. Fuck you, Lara. There is no puffy here. I am going to have another drink.

Cliff got dressed. He was in no hurry to be naked in front of New York City.

The next day, Josie and Tony had lunch in a cafe. Josie had briefed Tony as best she could, and Tony had read the contract Cliff had foolishly signed. A gym-toned, extremely handsome, dark-haired young man, who resembled the actor Danny Pino from television, Tony was dressed conservatively in a button down shirt, khakis, and scrubbed white sneakers. Tony was a real head-turner and Josie considered herself lucky to have snagged him.

Even now, Josie noticed other women staring at him. Josie smirked to herself; if these gals saw Tony in the nude, they would lose their minds. And Tony was an excellent lover to boot.

Also, he was reliably hygienic, to the point occassionally Josie would have to tell him to relinquish the shower. Josie smiled at the memories of Tony walking out of showers, naked and shaking his beautiful head of brunette wet hair. "OK, I'm out," he'd say. "Give me a towel." Josie would laugh, enjoying her lover's gorgeous nudity. "Eventualy." Tony would always blush; he was so cute and modest, which amazed Josie every time.

Often, to save time, Josie would just suggest they shower together. However, this usually led to a romp in the sack, which defeated the purpose of puncuality. Jose could never shower with Tony if they had dinner reservations. They would never make it on time.

But today they were to discuss Cliff's reluctant shower boy gig. "Wow, Jo," Tony said. "Your dad has made a catastrophic mistake."

Josie frowned. "There's no way out?"

Tony said, "Not from what I can see. I am surprised Bloomie's would propose a stunt like this. Their press will be, uh, interesting, to say the least. Did your father not comprehend the first contract at all, about "alterations"? I mean, I don't have it in front of me right now, but the only logical way to interpret that would be that any swimsuit attire might be, uh, shortened. Or in Cliff's case, removed entirely. Which would as it says in the second contract, which he signed, render him completely nude. I have to admit I've never read a contract quite like this, outside of a film contract with a nudity clause. But legally, Bloomie's has done everything ahove board, as cruelly exploitive as it will be for your naked father. Be thankful Clifford is in excellent physical shape."

Josie sighed, "He is also broke, and that's how this bitch talked him into it, preying on his ego, even though Dad is not vain. And they were both tipsy. I should have stopped this from the get-go!"

Tony groaned.  He felt bad for Cliff, who he genuinely liked. "I know Cliff is not vain. But, your dad does realize he will be nude for entire days, right? No towel, no loincloth, nada. NAKED. It would be almost unbearable for any man. I can't imagine doing something like this. I can't sugarcoat this situation. Your father will have to take naked public showers, eight hours a day, five days a week, and he will receive extensive attention for doing it, I'm warning you now. I couldn't do it, and I don't mind being seen naked. Bit there aren't enough drugs in the universe for me to pull off something this crazy. I'm sorry, honey."

Josie was becoming distraught. "Oh, Tony, I don't want this to happen to him."

Tony said, with feeling, "I can understand that, baby. But the problem is, he signed this thing, and that is what they want. They want Cliff to shower naked in this EZSpray portable shower. You've noticed that he will be advertised as the Bloomingdale's Shower Boy. Your dad is 40 years old although he could pass for 30. The store will sue him if he does not comply. He'd have to hire and pay an attorney. I can't see any lawyer taking this on pro bono. It's too unprecedented, and too odd. I don't have enough experience and I don't have a license to practice. Cliff will have to get buck naked for Bloomingdale's. His only hope is that maybe the goddamn shower will fog up."

Josie said, "He's drinking a lot because of this. I hate that bitch Lara."

Tony replied, "You did say she is willing to loosen some of the details about how long the showers will be, and breaks, and at least, that is something, but it is crystal clear they want him nude and they want him nude and soaped up in front of shoppers."

Tony suddenly almost laughed, and bit his tongue. He could not really imagine Cliff Marks pulling this off, as handsome and fit as he was. Tony recognized humility when he encountered it, and Cliff was no show-off. But Tony was a realist.

"There's little to be done, Josie," Tony said, sympathetically. "Try to keep him off the sauce, and just keep up his spirits. Your dad is going to be famous very soon."

"Famous. For being naked," Josie moaned.

"I'm afraid so," answered Tony. "Quite naked indeed. Let's have a cocktail. I'll call Cliff tonight and give it to him straight. I think he will appreciate that."

Josie sighed. "Yeah, let's get drunk. And thanks. He likes you a lot. He will definitely sppreciate your support."

Tony motioned for the waiter. "And he will receive it. I like him a lot too." Tony now was intrigued about the concept of seeing Cliff showering naked in a NYC department store. Tony had never seen Cliff even without a shirt. Tony was 100% straight, but he had always appreciated male beauty aesthetically, and Cliff represented that completely.

Also, Tony did enjoy seeing another man embarrrassed from time to time. He didn't know why this intrigued him, but the concept and the reality did ring a little bell in him. He'd once seen a frail little student stripped in his dorm, totally naked, and he'd never forgotten the handsome boy's wails of despair or his futile attempts to cover himself while everyone laughed at the kid, who regrettably had a terribly small penis, with equally small, red balls that jiggled hilariously. It had happened on a Friday night, and the dorm  had been fully occupied, with couples on dates. The girls watching had been more derisive than the guys, which had fascinated Tony. The naked boy, Farley Oakes, had burst into tears, and no one had tried to help him, even after two guys spread his legs open and photographed Farley's anus. Someone had stuck a carrot in Farley's asshole. Tony had a few pictures of this in a drawer somewhere, furnished by a girl named Mabel-Anne.

Tony wondered if Cliff was circumcised, as the shower water would drip differently if this was the case. He guessed he'd find out soon enough!

Back at the apartment, Cliff Marks examined his nude body in the mirror, behind locked doors. Cliff stared at his circumcised penis. Then Cliff turned and looked at his so-called perfect ass. Cliff pulled open his buttocks, and saw his anus. Will I be forced to show THIS? he wondered. He drank a vodka. No one was in the apartment. Jim and Elsie were in school, and Josie and Tony were on a lunch date.

Cliff was turning himself on, to his surprise. He decided to masturbate, naked, on his bed. He even played with his nipples, and felt quite lascivious since he didn't often do that unless his late wife requested him to. At least he'd have money soon. But at what cost? Cliff glimpsed his nudity in the mirror. I ain't puffy, he thought. The phone rang. Cliff didn't answer it. Leave me alone, world,  he thought, and he fondled himself all over, even fingering his asshole, another rarity unless his late wife requested that too. After Cliff ejaculated, explosively, he went back to his drink, thinking, I've gotta slow down on this boozing, the kids are noticing. So he  smoked a joint, in the nude, with cum on his glorioius naked body.

His late wife, Carol, loved to watch him masturbate and requested it often. Cliff at first was highly embarrassed, but grew to love Carol's enthusiasm at watching him play with himself in the nude. Carol always insisted on cleaning up his "jism" with her tongue. "It tastes like nectar," she'd say. Carol died of cancer. Cliff missed her terribly.

Life sure was strange, thought Cliff Marks, as the joint did its thing. He wiped himself clean with yesterday's T-shirt. Remind me to do laundry, he said to himself. Tonight.

At Bloomingdale's, Lara drank coffee in Joel Shapiro's office. "Cliff is not answering his phone," she told Joel, who was head of bathwares.

Joel had seen Cliff with Lara in the cafe downstairs. "He is probably freaking out about being nakey, nakey, nakey," said Joel, derisively.

Lara laughed. "You can be sure. So we're OK with these changes in the shower times and breaks, right? At least I can keep him off the suicide ledge for a bit."

Joel Shapiro was a typical suit. He was young, gay, and ambitious. He was also chomping at the bit to boss this Cliff Marks and his stunning body around. Joel was lanky, handsome in a bland way, and always horny. "I am fine for the moment with these changes, but I will make it clear to Mr. Marks who is in charge," Joel announcd, imperiously.

Prick, thought Lara. But she'd use Joel Shapiro accordingly. Deep down, he was, to her, just a stupid, socially inept faggot.

"Marks looks good in clothes," remarked Joel. "But does he look acceptable without them? We want model-type physique for this."

"I don't think you will be disappointed, Shapiro," replied Lara. "But don't waste your time hitting on him. He is as straight as they get, and he is actually shy although once you get him going in bed, he fires on every cylinder. We had great sex."

Joel poured Bailey's into his own coffee. "He's SHY? And he's doing THIS? How did you pull this off, bitch?"

Lara laughed. "I'm a bitch."

They toasted, and Joel admitted, "I do want to play with his head, I admit."

"Which one?" Lara snorted. They laughed and toasted again.

"Why did he dump you?" Joel asked Lara.

"I made a little remark about his bratty kid," Lara snarled. "I made a mistake. But I have RECTIFIED IT NOW. I WANT HIM THOROUGHLY HUMILIATED!"

Ooh, thought Joel Shapiro. Don't cross THIS cunt, he thought. But he was technically her boss, so she could just go fuck herself, as beautiful as she was. Everyone in the department hated her guts (and his as well, but he did not accept the latter as fact).

"Can I have a shot of Bailey's?" Lara wondered, grabbing the bottle and pouring as she asked.

Joel grunted. "I guess so. How big is Mr. Marks' penis?"

Lara giggled. "Wow. Just say what you mean, Shapiro."

Joel implored. "Well?"

Lara got serious. "It is big, and he has fantastic balls. And his nipples are great. He likes to have them chewed on."

Joel shuddered, and got hard. He crossed his legs.

I will EXPOSE all of this hunk, Joel thought. And maybe more, since I hear he needs moolah. Joel knew how to exploit desperate employees. He'd done it many times under many different circumstances. It was what kept him employed. Joel Shapiro had no shame, only lust for handsome men, and lust for power.

"Show me his picture again, the one with the tank top," Joel commanded Lara.

"Oh, all right," Lara fished for her phone and located a photo of Cliff, sitting on a bench in Central Park on a sunny day, wearing a white tank top, blue cutoffs, sunglasses and sandals. It was a very flattering photo of Cliff. He had his arms draped around the bench, exposing his enticingly sweaty armpits, and his nipples poked the shirt, coming close to breaking the fabric. The cutoffs showed alluring bulge but it was sadly obvious Cliff was wearing underwear.

Joel almost drooled looking at the pic. "He has beautiful hair."

Lara chortled, "He sure does. Everywhere. He manscapes, and not just under his arms."

Joel's erection threatened to erupt. "Send this photo to my phone, Lara. Immediately."

God, Lara thought, rolling her eyes. How desperate can you be? But she did as Joel asked, smirking and knowing SHE had many times touched everything the repellent Joel Shapiro would be jerking off to later.

Back at the Marks residence, Cliff took a load of laundry downstairs. He encountered Josie in the elevator, coming in from her lunch date.

"From the look on your face, I take it there is no good news," said Cliff.

"I'm afraid not, Dad. But Tony is calling you later tonight," said Josie.

"I appreciate that. I'll be downstairs for a bit."

"I'll order Chinese in an hour or so," said Josie.

"No hurry. I'm not hungry," said Cliff, "but I guess the brats will be. Just keep it reasonable. This ole bod hasn't gotten us rich yet."

"Oh, Dad," said Josie. "Ole bod? Hardly. I'll see you upstairs. You've smoked. Can I share one with you?"

"Sure, Josie," said Cliff. "Let me get this in the wash. If I don't do it now, it won't get done."

"See you in a few," replied Josie, looking at her stunningly handsome father and wishing he wasn't so obviously in a funk. Cliff was wearing a  old, faded blue T-shirt and sweatpants, an ensemble that clung to EVERYTHING on her father's masculine body. Josie tried not to stare, as it appeared that Daddy had decided to go commando for the day. Josie would have to remind Cliff to put on underwear and change shirts before Elsie got home. Her father's cockhead showed through the too-sheer sweats and his nipples almost ripped holes in the ancient beach-pub T-shirt. In fact, one of them did, if you looked closely.

This was how Josie knew Cliff was stoned; he'd never walk around the building in an outfit like this otherwise. Josie realized her long-postponed chat with her curious sister was going to have to transpire sooner rather than later. She dreaded it, but knew it necessary. She was the woman of the house now.. She decided to call Tony over for sex later. Dad was cool with it, albeit not overly enthusiastic. But Josie was twenty, she and Tony were obviously in love, and Josie had a head on her shoulders. Now, she giggled, she wanted a head inside her. And Tony had asked her if he could come by later, saying it might be better to talk to Cliff in person rather than call him  on the phone about his massive upcoming exposure.

In Tony-speak, this meant: I want to have sex and my roommate has the apartment tonight. 

Plus, Tony had a killer soccer player's body and he knew how to use it.

Now, what's for dinner? Chicken with broccoli, or pork lo mein? Definitely spare ribs. Josie thought of Tony's ribs. She began to feel like a downright cannibal. She would call Tony before she ordered Chinese. She knew Tony liked lemon chicken. She would definitely order THAT. She liked watching Tony eat. She liked watching Tony period. Josie knew she would probably marry Tony.

As Josie put her key in the lock of the apartment door, she encountered Mrs. Kramer from #217. Mrs. Kramer gushed, "Ms. Marks, your father just looks younger by the day. I love what he's wearing today, swinging free. More, please!"

Josie smiled and giggled but said nothing else because she knew Mrs. Kramer shopped at Bloomingdale's. Often. And so did a lot of the gossipy old biddy's companions.

Downstairs, doing laundry, Cliff finally noticed what he was wearing. OH MY GOD, he thought. No wonder Mrs. Kramer had ogled him so openly, and that guy in the elevator had asked him over for a drink. Hie nipple was showing and he'd forgotten to put on underwear! Was he drunk? He didn't feel drunk, just a little high. OH MY GOD, I'm losing it. I'll leave this stuff in the washer, and sneak back upstairs and put on proper clothes. DO IT NOW, don't think twice.

Cliff Marks fled to the elevator praying he would run into NO ONE.

He crossed his arms over his chest. At least he could hide his nipple. The pants were  another story.

He made it without incident, and got inside the apartment. Josie was home. She looked at him with a grin. "Forget something?" she teased.

"I have to change my clothes, and then we can smoke. Do we have time before the kids get home?" Cliff thought he sounded frantic, didn't wait for Josie's response, ran to his bedroom, locked the door, and took off everything and started from scratch. First thing: UNDERWEAR. Then new, sturdier sweat pants. Then, a loose, oversize BLACK t-shirt.

OK, I am dressed for success, thought Cliff. He rolled a new joint and went to join his daughter.

Josie saw him and sighed with relief. "Mrs. Kramer told me to tell you to wear those old sweats more often."

Cliff blushed. "I don't know what I was thinking, honey. I just threw stuff on. Let's smoke."

Josie laughed. "Don't freak out. I mean, you weren't naked," and she instantly wanted to backtrack.

Cliff actually chuckled. "Not yet anyway," he said. He smoked and handed the joint to Josie."Be careful, honey. This stuff is obviously potent. I was showing nipple."

Josie was pleased  that her father's  sense of humor had returned. "Only one nipple, Dad," she said.

"You noticed? Why didn't you tell me?" Cliff admonished.

"Dad, I just saw you for a minute in the elevator. It wasn't exactly poking anyone's eye out. It was kind of cute in an Oscar Madison kind of way."

"That T-shirt is officially retired," retorted Cliff.

"Oh, Dad, don't do that. It's a great beach shirt," said Josie, sincerely.

"Hmmmmmmm," mused Cliff. 

"I've ordered the food, and Dad, Tony is coming over later....for the night," reported Josie, smoking.

"All right," responded Cliff. "So what did Tony say?" He wanted to know, but really didn't want to know.

Gently, Josie answered, "He sees no way for you to get out of this without being sued for breach of contract."

Cliff went to the liquor cabinet. Fuck. "Shit," he said.

"Try to think positive. Think of this afternoon as kind of a trial run. You showed nipple, and you showed outined penis," Josie offered.

"Oh, God, Josie, you noticed? So did this guy in the elevator, and Mrs. Kramer!" shouted Cliff.

"But you weren't naked," soothed Josie.

"BUT I WILL BE IN TWO WEEKS!" wailed Cliff.

Josie was at a loss as to how to respond. She smoked, and poured herself a drink. The kids were due any minute. Josie hoped Tony could inject some levity into this situation when he arrived in an hour or so. The Chinese food was on the way. Josie felt suddenly stressed, and smoked more weed. She hoped Tony was in an amorous state of mind. She thought of his body, and tingled.

"Hey, the old man could use some of that," Cliff interjected, softly.

Cllff's phone rang. It was Lara. "Oh fuck, it's HER," he complained. "She's called all day. I can't deal with her now."

"Understandable. Call her after dinner, the bitch," spat Josie.

"I need to gather my thoughts. Good idea," said Cliff. Cliff turned off his phone.

Key in the lock. Jimmy and Elsie were home. Ciff smoked and Josie drank, thinking about Tony's body and how ticklish his ribs were going to be later tonight. She'd have to put on music, because Tony wailed in incoherent Italian when she tickled him naked. He also got hard. Josie decided she would tie Tony up for this tonight. She had some of Cliff's old neckties for this very purpose. Cliff knew this and had said to her privately, "Salvation Army's loss is your gain. I didn't realize you were such a wicked young lady."

To which Josie had replied, "I'm not, Dad. This was Tony's idea!" Cliff had laughed hysterically. "I highly doubt that, for some reason."

Jimmy and Elsie entered the room. Elsie said, with disdain, "Weed? Mom would freak. It's not even dark."

Cliff said, "Elsie, calm down. How was school?"

Josie smoked, just to get on Elsie's petulant little nerves. Jimmy went to his room. He didn't enjoy sister drama and no one allowed him to drink or smoke yet. Life sucked.

"Jimmy, dinner's on the wqy," Josie yelled. "Chinese!"

Jimmy decided he could live another day. He hoped Josie had ordered egg rolls. He knew she had, they were his favorite.


Egg rolls, pork lo mein, chicken w/broccoli, lemon chicken, szechuan beef, short ribs.

Tony, Josie, Cliff, Jimmy, Josie, Elsie.

No one was mentioning Bloomingdale's, but it hung in the air like a dark cloud. The adults all had cocktails. And they had shared a new joint before sitting down to eat.

Finally, Cliff could no longer wait to  talk to Tony about his the mess he was in.

He said to him, "There is NOTHING I can do to get out of this? NOTHING AT ALL?"

Tony swallowed  a bite of lemon chicken. "I don't think so, Cliff. I'm sorry. Unless you want to fight it in court, which you WOULD have to do, since you signed that awful contract of theirs."

Elsie blurted, "I think you should just show off your body just to spite them, and Lara. Show them you have a sense of humor, and take the money."

Everyone stopped eating and looked at Elsie. Josie looked at her with fury. "Shut up, Elsie. You don't know what you are saying."

Elsie pouted.

Cliff said, "Elsie, honey, I don't like SHOWING OFF MY BODY, ok, honey? It's a serous thing for a man to SHOW OFF HIS BODY in a public place."

Tony agreed, "Very serious. There will be publicity."

Cliff groaned and refrsshed his drink.

Josie and Tony exchanged a glance.

Cliff said, "I can't handle this. This is a lot of pressure."

Tony said, "At least Cliff, if it means anything, you are in great shape to pull off something like this. Take off your shirt, let me see."

Josie exclaimed, "Tony!" But she realized Tony was attempting to lighten Cliff's mood. She was not sure this was the right approach, though.

Cliff was startled, but he said, "Right now?"

Tony said, "Yeah. Let's see what you got. I've never seen you topless, and you're going to have to get used to it. And more."

Cliff blushed, but he stood up and pulled off the oversize black T-shirt. Elsie smiled. Jimmy smiled too. Josie was mortified. Her father NEVER was shirtless at dinner.

"My goodness, Cliff. You have a magnificent torso," said Tony, grinning.

Cliff stood there, motionless, slightly in shock. His daughter's boyfriend was leering at her father's naked chest. This was weird. "This is a bit much," Cliff said, and put the shirt back on.

"Sorry," said Tony. "I was curious. Again, you will be at least heavily admired. That's some CHEST you got on you, sir."

Cliff drank. "Thanks. I think."

Tony asked, "What are these changes in the shower schedule, have they gotten back to you on that yet?"

Cliff answered, "She's been calling. I've avoiding her."

Tony advised, "I'd get on that right away, just so you'll know. That, I may be able to help you with, if you want me to. I'll pose as your advocate."

"I'll call the old witch after dinner," Cliff promised. "Let's just eat. If anyone still has an appetite after looking at my damn tits."

Elsie opened her mouth, and put food in it instead of saying what was on her mind.

Josie said, "Elsie, I want to talk to you after dinner."

Elsie knew this was coming. "OK," she replied, drearily, wishing Daddy had just left the damn shirt off so she'd have something to look at.  She didn't dare flirt with Tony. Josie had warned her. Josie didn't seem to realize  that Elsie was not a child anymore, she was on the brink of womanhood, boys were approaching her, and she was beginning to approach them back. Josie got to fuck in the apartment with Daddy's permission, and the unfairness was beginning to chafe.


Cliff: "This new shower schedule is hardly an improvement: You want one 'quick, in-and-out' ten minute shower, then a five minute break where I can wear a robe, THEN you want a FORTY MINUTE 'luxury' shower--FORTY MINUTES!--and then I get another spectacular FIVE MINUTE so-called 'break'.with a robe. And that's the whole hour. AND THEN you want me to start all over again. EIGHT HOURS OF THIS."

Lara: "It's the best I can do, Cliff. They want to show EZSpray can accommodate everyday needs--a quick hurried shower, and also a LOOOOOOONG Saturday afternoon shower where a person can take their sweet time bathing without being in a rush."

Tony had introduced himself when the phone call began. "Miss Jennings, what you're prroposing is quite arduous for a naked man in a public place. Can you not provide Mr. Marks with more breaks and shorter showers. I've never taken a FORTY MINUTE shower in my life."

Lara: "Well, people do. This was suggested by a female at the meeting. I did try my best." (This was a lie, this whole scenario was Lara's suggestion, and the horny Joel Shapiro had agreed instantly.) "The store will not budge. I'm sorry, guys. Listen, I'm in a rush. I'll call you tomorrow. Don't worry Cliff, you'll be fine. And CLEAN!"  She laughed musically and hung up.

Tony said to Cliff, "She's a piece of work. I can see why you ended it."

Cliff drank and smoked a joint with Tony. "She is the biggest mistake I've ever made."

Tony said, "I think not. THAT CONTRACT wins that prize."

Cliff laughed, "I suppose you're right." But his heart sank to the floor. "Tony, will you do me a favor?"

Tony replied, "Anything I can do."

Cliff shyly said, "You asked me to take my shirt off earlier. Can i ask you to look at me, uh,  naked, and tell me if I look OK? I realize that is a strange request, but...."

Tony instantly said, "Not at all, Cliff. But I think we should make sure the door is locked."

Cliff was relieved Tony had not found this suggestion repellent. "I'll make sure," and he made sure the door was locked. Tony poured himself another drink. "What an interesting day," he said out loud, and Cliff chuckled in embarrassment. "I just want another man's frank opinion," Cliff stammered.

Tony smiled. "Go ahead. Strip. I'm straight, but I do look at other men, just not erotically. Don't you, I mean, don't we all?"

Cliff admitted, 'Yeah, sometimes, just to see what I'm up against."

Tony waited. Cliff hesitated, smoked, drank his drink empty, and began to undress. He did it slowly, then decided that this might be coming off as seductive, and finished stripping quickly. He removed everything, and stood in front of Tony, facing him, naked and crimson.

Tony whistled. "I cannot believe you are a single man. You have the body of death. Wow. Turn around, let me see  your back, you can't possibly be worried about size. Oh my God, Cliff."

Cliff shifted from foot to foot, feeling his "size" sway back and forth, remaining with his back turned to a clearly appreciative Tony, a very handsome, younger man. "You're not just saying that? You really think so?"

Tony was amused that someone this physically perfect could be the least bit insecure about his body or how he looked in the nude. "I'm not just saying that, Cliff, and I really think so. If I WERE gay, it would be very difficult for me not to be touching you right now."

Cliff sighed in relief. "It's just very hard for me to be objective, you know?" Cliff began to put his clothes back on, and Tony felt a pang of regret. "I don't think we should tell Josie about this, if you don't mind," said Cliff.

"Of course not," said Tony, who was startled to find he had developed a semi-erection. Tony found a pillow on the couch and covered his crotch. Now fully clothed, Cliff noticed this, and smiled to himself. He felt an erotic charge himself, and this worried him somewhat.

The two men refilled their drinks. Both knew their relationship had been a little altered in the last few minutes. Cliff wondered if he had made a mistake stripping in front of his daughter's boyfriend just to get his own ego stroked. Tony wondered if he somehow could have prolonged Cliff's nudity, which he had thoroughly enjoyed. Oh well, thought Tony, there's always Bloomingdale's. 


"Elsie, you've got to stop leering at Dad and making comments about his body. He hasn't said anything to me, but I know it makes him uncomfortable, and I think it confuses Jimmy," Josie said to her scowling little 13 year old sister.

"I don't LEER," Elsie said. "And I just complement him, that's all, you do the same thing."

"You DO leer," Josie replied, "and when I complement I do it jokingly, which is the appropriate way."

"It's just that he is so gorgeous," said Elsie wistfully, and Josie shivered for multiple reasons.

"I know that, honey, but he is our father. He is not a sex object in this house or anywhere else. He is a person with feelings. Do you understand? And right now is the worst possible time to add to his anxieties. Please understand, it does not help his situation," Josie implored.

"Oh, all right," Elsie groaned. "I'll watch myself. But I'm glad to hear you acknowledge how hot he is."

Josie moaned. 'Oh, Elsie." Then both girls giggled, Josie despite herself.

Josie wondered if she had accomplished anything with this little chat. "Do you want to smoke a joint?" she asked Elsie.

"REALLY?" gushed Elsie. "Oh wow."

"Just don't tell Dad or God forbid, Jimmy," said Josie, lighting up. Josie wasn't above bribery if it was necessary, but she would draw the line at allowing Elsie any booze.


"Cat's in the bag," Lara Jennings informed Joel Shapiro, in his office, over pizza and wine. "We've got him." She relayed, with relish, the details of her phone call with Cliff and the hot-sounding Tony.

Joel looked at Cliff's Central Park photo. Such a kind and handsome face, and Joel couldn't believe he was going to be able to see this beautiful man naked for hours a day at work. SHOWERING! WASHING THOSE GORGEOUS ARMPITS! Life was sweet!


Lara and Joel had plastered adverts all over tthe city, and Bloomie's, of the upcoming EZSpray portable shower demonstrations featuring TOTAL, TASTEFUL MALE NUDITY. Cliff and Tony were in conference calls every two days with the architects of this cheapjack enterprise, and no one got anywhere as it pertained to Cliff and his exposure. The store would not yield an inch, and Cliff hadn't a clothed leg to stand on.

The ads featured Cliff in street clothes sitting on a bench, buying tickets to a movie, walking a dog (the dog was Lara's), and doing laundry. They were print ads, and they were on bullboards, and they were on the subway. They were also in a few high end gay bars, which infuriated Josie when she was informed of this by her gay friends. "Since WHEN does BLOOMINGDALE'S advertise in GAY BARS, Lara?" Josie had screamed at the bitch on the phone.

Lara calmly responded, "You will have emails by midnight. We've done it many times. You might want to take a Valium, sweeheart."

Then she hung up. Cliff heard it all. He came into Josie's room, wearing a rather short bathrobe, just, ironically, out of the shower. "Baby, I'm down for this now. Let's just get through it. Have a toot," he offered his daughter a joint.

They smoked. "My therapist says I should just put it out of my mind until the first day, and then just do it.," Cliff said.

Josie smoked, and held her dad around his strong arms. He was sad, and he'd been drinking. Elsie walked by, and snarkily said, "Can I join this party?"

"Come on in baby," said Cliff, wishiing he had something underneath the robe but thinking, WTF. 

Elsie came in and within seconds her hand was inside Cliff's robe, on his chest. wandering down to Daddy's right nipple. Josie decided to let Cliff take over the situation. He just sat there. Josie was shocked to see Elsie's hand caress Cliff's breast. She stood up and announced it was time for the house to shut down for bed;

Cliff, drunk, fell on the bed. His robe opened and his testicles were visible. Elsie gasped and Josie threw a heavy blanket over her father. "Come along, little sister." she hissed. Elsie glared at her balefully. The girls left the room. "Do not go back in there tonight," commanded Josie. "Let's have some ice cream."


Josie said, "I'm losing my mind. He's getting more careless by the day. Last night he sprawled on the bed with his BALLS showing. Elsie was there. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets."

"I'm going to make a suggestion to you, honey," said Tony. "One, don't tickle me so hard next time. No, seriously, that was great. My real suggestion is that I think you dad is trying to get used to the idea of being naked, at getting comfortable with it. Where else would he do this except his own house? I've heard of parents walking around starkers morning noon to night in front of their kids and no one got traumatized. Hell, my aunt did it and saw nothing at all wrong with it. She'd say 'it's the human body, we've all got one, theyre gonna see that eventually. My mother didn't exactly agree, but they never argued about it. Cliff is trying to lessen the shock he's gonna be getting next week hy being just a bit more...casual."

Josie sipped coffee. "So you think I should just ignore it? But what about the kids, especially Elsie? She could not be more obvious."

Tony said, "Cliff himself will have to address the Elsie problem. He seems to dance around it somewhat. I'm guessing you were never like your sister, so this is a new universe for him."

Josie took her boyfriend by the hands. "I feel like you want to tell me something but you are holding back because you think I will be shocked. What is it?"

Tony gulped but forged ahead. "I think, starting tonight, you should tell Cliff to walk around the apartment nude or even parrtially naked at all times. None of the kids should make comments, but establish it's OK for them to look BUT NOT TOUCH. You will know within a few days whether or not this is a mistake. I think it will do wonders for Cliff, and it will probably force him to confront Elsie about her interest in his body. I also thnk he will cut down on his drinking."

Josie was chastened, because this idea had crossed her mind. "But what about Jimmy?"

Tony chuckled, "Jimmy is a normal little boy. Explain to him it's to get Daddy ready for his new joh. I can help you with that. He will be bored within the first day. I promise you."

Josie sighed. "I'll talk to Dad tonight."

Tony patted her hand. "Have him call me."

Josie grinned. "Why not just come over?"

Tony moaned. "My ribs are still sore and my armpits are still red!"

Josie laughed. "I'll focus on your other areas."

Tony asked for the check and Josie put on her coat.

At breakfast the next day, Team Marks (Josie, Tony, Cliff) made their pitch to the gang and this was the reaction:

Jimmy: "Daddy will be naked all day at home?"

Josie: "Think of it as a dress rehearsal for his new job next week."

Elsie feigned disinterest. God forbid she be labelled a hussy. Inwardly, she knew she was an alley cat.

Jimmy: "Fine by me. Ronnie's dad upstairs is always naked, and he's fat, ugly and he farts."

Cliff: "You won' t be experiencing that here. Why didn't you tell me this before, Jimbo?"

Jim: "I thought the building just knew. You ever walk on that floor?"

Cliff: "I don't want you going up there again. Ronnie can come down here, and I will put on sweats."

Josie laughed. Cliff wore a robe at this point. He was not quite ready to take the plunge. He was afraid of child services showing up with a photographer or something.

Tomy had made breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon, home fries, toast, coffee. It was Sunday. Tony was casually dressed in an old T-shirt and faded jeans. He looked good enough to eat, thought Josie (and Elsie).

"Cliff, today is your first naked breakfast. Sir, hand me the robe," said Tony, in a friendly tone.

Cliff knew this entire idea of being naked all day belonged to Tony. He was a little resentful, to be honest, even if the idea did bring with it a degree of logic.

But the adults had decided not to be coy. Cllff's heart threatened to beat out of his chest, but he shucked the robe and handed it to Tony.

Cliff was naked. He sat down quidkly. No one said a word.

But they sure looked. And not at the spread of food on the table.

At Tony's suggestion, Clif made plates for everyone and the focus of the room was his armpit hair. Elsie wished some of it could fall into her eggs. When Cliff poured coffee, Elsie watched his pecs flex with such pronounced intensity that Josie was prompted to say "Orange juice, honey?" Tony laughed. He looked repeatedly at Cliff's nude body, to offer encouragement. Cliff was a little startled at Tony's gazing. It was undisguised.

Cliff finished making plates and sat back to eat his own breakfast. He had never eaten breakfast in the nude. He was glad he'd spiked his OJ with vodka. And smoked a joint with Tony earlier. "I'll never get through this first time without it, man," he'd said. And Tony had patted him on his rump thrugh the robe. Twice.

The breakfast went well. No one said much as they all knew (and hoped) this was the new normal for a while, the man of the house being and staying naked for an extended period of time. Tony was an excellent cook so this aided with the small talk. But thd minute Cliff finished eating, he grabbed the robe and threw it back on

Josie said, gently, "Dad, leave the robe off." Tony followed witth "Yes, Cliff, leave the robe off, for the rest of the day, sir."

Cliff  roboticallly removed the robe and went over to the couch, where he stretched out, naked, and read the Times making sure to spread it over himself strategically; Everyone watched, then cleared the table and did the dishes.

In the kitchen,Tony said to Josie, "He's trying; Give it another hour. You should be proud of your dad. He could pass for a decade younger than his age."

Josie said, "I think I should take Elsie for a walk in the park." Elsie sulked nearby.

"Not a  bad idea," said Tony. "But see, Jimmy's already back in his room."

'True enough, but Elsie likes the park on Sundays, so...."

"I don't want to go to the park today," Elsie suddenly blurted. "It's snowing."

"But you love snow," said Josie.

"I don't want to go to the park today," yelled Elsie. 

"Well, we're going, so put on your coat," Josie had had her fill of her bratty, horny little sisster. Elsie protested and screeched, but Josie got them out of the apartment within ten minutes.

This left a naked Cliff and a fully dressed Tony in the living room reading the Sunday Times. Cliff was actually reading it. Tony was browsing. Cliff relaxed enough to roll over on his side and put the paper on the floor, whish exposed him full frontally. Tony cleared his throat. Cliff asked, "Too much?" "Not at all," said Tony, "but I believe I'll have more coffee. You?"

Cliff said, "That would be nice. Aahhhh. It's nice to have some piece and quiet." He stretched full out on the couch. Tony could barely pour the coffee.

"Black, right," asked Tony. Cliff lazily asked, "can ya put some bourbon in it?"

"Sure," said Tony. He mixed Cliff's coffee and handed it to the nude man on the couch.

Cliff slurped it slowly. "This is actually kind of nice. Why don't we go in my study?"

Tony knew where this might go. "But Jimmy is here."

Cliff said, "Jimmy never comes into my study when it is LOCKED."

Cliff gathered the Times, his coffee, and his beautiful body and sauntered towards down tha hall to his study. Tony followed, marveling at Cliff's sculpted bare ass. Naked, Cliff looked astoundingly boyish. Tony could see why Bloomie's had hired him to shower in the nude.

Once inside the study, Cliff plopped himself on an easy chair. "Why don't you strip too, Tony? Might be relaxing for you to get naked too. I'd feel less self-conscious."

Tony stammered, "Uh.....I don't know....." But this was fake. Tony wanted to do it. Men being manly on the weekend!

Cliff said, "You don't have to. I just thought we could have some man time while the girls are out. Lock the door, will you?"

Tony locked the door. "At least take off your shoes and socks," Cliff suggested.

Tony did so without hesitation. "Great," said Cliff, displaying himself quite openly. Tony began to undress. Why the hell not, he thought? He had no problem being nude around other men. Hell, in the locker room, no one seemed to care, except for the guys with very little cocks. But most soccer players were well endowed, in Tony's experience. Not that he really looked, or anything. 

Cliff did not watch Tony undress, but he was aware Tony was taking his clothes off. He wondered how far Tony would go and also wondered if this impromptu suggestion had been a mistake.

Tony went all the way. He got naked.

Cliff gave him a look. He could see why Josie was pleased with her sex life. Tony had a great young bady, very little hair, and gym-toned within its an inch of its life. Cliff said not a word, but he smiled, and asked if Tony would like to smoke a joint.

Tony said yes. The two men, nude, smoked weed in Cliff's warm study, drinking spiked coffee on a snowy Sunday afternoon. They begab chuckling, looking each other up and down without shame, and then they began to laugh openly. "Well, it ain't  a hot tub, but....."

"It's  close."

They sat far apart in the large study, on long, facing leather sofas, and after a time, they were immersed in the New York Times.

Then, suddenly, Tony hesittatingly, asked Cliff if he had ever seen a film called "Women in Love."

Oh, thought Cliff. I think I know where Tony might be going here. Let me step lightly....

"Yes," Cliff replied, blandly. "I have, several times, in fact."

Tony sighed in relief. "Me too. I think it is one of the most erotic films ever made."

Cliff cleared  his throat at the word 'erotic.' "What makes you think of Women in Love right now."

Tony laughed. "The fact that we are in your study, in front of a fireplace, talking, naked together."

Cliff: "You're referring to the nude wrestling scene between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed."

Tony: "Sure am. That scene blew me away. I'd never seen two naked men wrestle on screen before. I was only around 8. My mother took me to see it. She knew all about if befforehand, said she loved the book and would explain to me later."

Cliff: "It's great to have an open-minded parent." Clif glanced at Tony's body. He wasn't touching himself, nor was he looking aroused. Maybe his nipples did look a little fuller....

Cliff looked down at his own body. Nothing. But hs could not deny that he was intrigued by this conversation and by the way Tony had introduced it so blithely. Tony was a law student, all right.

He would let Tony take the lead, if there was to be any lead to be taken.

There was silence as the fire crackled. "I remember the fire crackling in the movie. As the men undressed."

Cliff: "That was cleverly done."

Tony: "Yeah, and then when you finally saw a penis, it was done very matterr-of-fact like, introduced with taste."

Cliff: "I don't remember who got shown first, do you?"

Tony giggled. "You know, I don't. I'd have to look at it again."

Cliff: I thnk Carol had the DVD. It's in a box somewhere. I could dig it out and we could watch it sometime.

Tony: Ot we could duplicate the experience itself. Do you wrestle?

Cliff was silent. How to answer this, he thought. "Not recently. A little in college."

Tony: "I know how to wrestle. I could teach you." Tony was smiling broadly.

Cliff: "Nude?

Tony: "Why not? We're nude now."

Tony rolled over on his side. He was on a large sofa on the other side of the room. His ass gleamed in the firelight and his large penis hung to the side, touching the couch. Cliff looked him in the eyes, and Tony stared right back. No wonder Josie had fallen for him. Female juries would be at his mercy.

Cliff thought: The girls will be back, and Jimbo's just down the hall......

Tony: "Just a thought," Tony sighed and turned back over. Cliff noticed now that Tony's nipples were definitely hard, and his penis had stiffened. Cliff began to feel a little aroused himself.

"It's not an unpleasant idea, Tony," Cliff said. "I'll give it some thought. Don't you think we'd have to tell Josie?"

Tony agreed. "Yes. She will probably want to referee."

Cliff groaned. "I don't think I could handle that. And what about Elsie?"

Tony: "I don't think I could take THAT."

They both laughed, easily. Tony rubbed his balls, quite openly, and even moaned a little.

"I think we'd better change the subject for now," said Cliff, walking over and refilling Tony's glass. Tony did not stop rubbing his balls except to take the drink from Cliff, and he pointedly stared at Cliff's genitals. "OK, but think about it. We could move this furniture around. keep the fire growing, and make a mighty fine arena in here."

Cliff turned back to his own couch. "I'd like to get my arms around that tight butt of yours and hold you down," growled Tony. He laughed. "SIR."

Cliff lay back down on the couch but threw out a little fake giggle. Danger, Will Robinson. Cliff now was growing a hard-on. He used the newspaper to cover it. He heard Tony chuckling and turned to see him playing with his balls again, covertly using the newspaper.  And the boy's chest was exposed completely, his nipples looking harder than ever. Cliff remembered that he had told Josie it was fine for Tony to be shirtless in the house on hot days because Tony had never taken the opportunity or even asked if it would be OK. Josie had been adamant: "Not around Elsie. Tony's nipples are LUSCIOUS. She would paw him to death." Cliff now understand what Josie meant.

"Keep the fire growing". Hmmmm..

Suddenly Tony threw off the paper and stood up. He walked around the room, buck naked, the image of youthful manly vigor, grinning, his cock more and more visible as it expanded. He didn't seem to be the least embarrassed. Cliff tried not to look. Tony went on: "The scene in the book, to be honest, is even more erotic, but maybe that's because I read it after saw the Ken Russell film. You know that both Bates and Reed had to get a litle drunk before they filmed it. Michael Caine was considered until he just flat out told Russell to cut the scene entirely."

Cliff stammered, "Yes, I remember one of the actors--was it Reed?--was concerned he would come up short."

Tony was not sober, it was obvious. Tony laughed, almost fully erect now, "Ha ha. I don't remember any such disparity. Do you?" . 

Cliff squirmed and sat up to cover his own sudden hard-on. "Not really."

"Hey," Tony said. "You're hard too. Stand up, l saw it.soft. I want to see it hardddddd. Guy to guy. Do ya mind? I'm not gay."

Cliff: "I don't know, Tony." Could anyone hear this? Jimbo? He usually knew when the girls burst back inside the house, and he hadn't heard a peep.

Tony said don't be daft, and he came over and grabbed both of their penises. "About the same I'd say." Tony was definitely not sober. "You're a little bigger.  NOT A BIG DEAL."

Cliff had to put an end fo this incident. He liked Tony, but this was going off the rails.

Cliff "I'm gonna check on the girls, and I'd better get, uh, flaccid."

Tony, bluntly: "Need any help?"

Cliff:"NO NO!! Nah, I'll just go toss off quick in the bathroom. You had better put clothes on."

Tony: "Guess you're right. But wan't that fun, Cliff? Wasn't that fun?" I can't wait to wrestle you, man."

Tony laughed, stumbled a bit, and clumsily dressed himself, a comical sight indeed and Cliff burst into laughter more than once despite the bizarre nature of the circumstances. Tony showed not one iota of discomfort or shame. Once Tony was dressed as if he had dressed himself in the dark, Cliff left him alone, entered the bathroom and climbed into the shower and did  his business, fast, and came out flaccid and clean, if flustered as hell. He  stayed nude, that was the plan for the day, and actually he was finding it not so bad as long as he was cozy, warm, and alone. Tony had ,fallen sleep on the sofa, looking ever the image of a wicked little angel. Cliff oovered him with one of Carol'sAfghan coverlets and went to the kitchen.

In the aftermath, the scene in the study looked presentable  but Josie would have keen eyes, Cliff knew. No one was around yet, thank GODDDDDD. Cliff heard Jimbo singing happily in his room. Cliff poured himself a drink--a big one. Hd then noticed a nondescript white pill bottle near the stove, prescribed to Tony. Oxycontin. Shit. the bottle was not empty. Cliff hid the bottle. He did not want it in thr house right now but he had no clothes on to put it in! So he stuck it under sheet music in a piano bench planning to retrieve it later, Cliff returned to the study to check on Tony, who was now partially awake, mumbling.

"I'm gonna get that ass in a headlock," Tony slurred; Cliff saw one of his Tony's eyes was slighty fluttering, and he turned out the lights in the study and left Tony to sleep it off, he hoped.

Tony would have to explain his nudity on his own. Cliff would just smile and nod if Josie pursued the matter. Since Tony was stoned, Cliff did not foresee a situation here. Josie after all at alluded to the fact that Tony had a very healthy sex drive, so Cliff didn't think it was a big stretch that Tony would want to take his clothes off while he was stoned. And Cliff had admired Josie's taste. Tony was a hunk with a mind. A stoned mind, but a mind. Josie could be doing worse. She'd never complained about Tony.

Cliff walked around the apartment naked, waiting for his girls to get back. He thought about putting something on, but, emboldened by booze and pot, said  WTF and remained nude, reminding himself that this was an experiment to make his upcoming ordeal more bearable. Cliff realized he was also stoned.

He still felt a little silly, wandering around completely naked. He passed a window and saw a lady across the street in her own window. She was drinking something. She waved at him enthusiastically. He kept wandering. Oops! Cliff looked down at his pubes. They needed to be trimmed. Later, he thought, grumpily. I don't feel like it now. Still, he straightened them to make them look more groomed. I am in my hallway, naked as a jaybird, straightening my pubes, my daughter's boyfriend is naked in my study,  and at any minute, my kids are going to show up. Egads!

He eventually heard the unmistakable sounds of his daughters coming down the hall, giggling (probably about seeing Daddy naked). Cliff went to the kitchen table with another drink and sat down. No need to flaunt himself. He closed his knees.

The girls entered and their eyes lit up. Daddy was still nude! Cliff blushed and crossed his legs.

"How's it goin', shower man?" teased Josie. "Where's my boyfriend? Drunk, I suppose."

"He is taking a nap in the study," answered Cliff, chuckling. "He took off his clothes."

Josie fled to the study, telling Elsie to stay put or else. Elsie frowned.

Elsie sat down next to Cliff, after removing her coat. She made no attempt to conceal her interest in her father's nudity. Cliff held his legs tightly together.

"Are you feeling more comfortable now about being naked, Daddy?" Elsie inquired, rubbing his back a bit too close to his buttocks. 

Josie returned. "He's out cold. No one is to go in there until I say so."

"I was just asking Daddy if he was comfortable," Elsie sweetly said, still rubbing her father's back and getting real close to the top of his asscrack. Josie arched an eyebrow. Two naked men in the apartment at once. And both of them were stoned. And a horny little sister with no boundaries.

"I guess so, honey," Cliff replied, flinching, which prompted Josie to tell Elsie not to touch Cliff while he was naked. Elsie scowled, but got up and stormed to the fridge for a soda.

Eventually the weirdness of it all prompted Cliff to leave the kitchen and go to his bedroom for a nap of his own. The girls watched as he walked away in the nude. They smiled at each other, and then lit up a joint. They knew Daddy was gonna be out for a bit when they heard his door close, gently, and then a groan as he climbed into his bed. It was a comforting sound to them.

Josie announced she was going to "check on Tony." Elsie smirked, went to her room, and put on her DVD of "The Blue Lagoon" which showed Christopher Atkins in the nude, extensively. Josie wasn't the only person in this family who liked dick, Elsie huffed.


Joel jerked off to Cliff Marks' Central Park photo. He imagined licking Cliff's sweaty armpits and sucking on them as well. He also had a thing for Cliff's shirt-concealed nipples, his face, and his legs.

Joel then re-read the list he'd made of "Ways to Humiliate Cliff Marks." Then he jerked off again.


Lara Jennings had three intimate photos of Cliff Marks. One was of his gorgeous back, asshole and scrotum, and she'd had to jump through hoops to convince Cliff to spread himself and let her take such a graphic photo. But after she'd promised he could keep his face buried in a pillow, she'd gotten him high enough to get this highly erotic photo, and now she found herself using her vibrator on herself, staring at the blown-up pic she'd framed above her bed. She had a loud, frenzied orgasm that startled her poodle, who barked, watching her mistress from the foot of the frilly four-poster bed.

Lara had promised Cliff never to show this VERY explicit photo to anyone, and she had kept her vow. This photo was for her and her alone. No one had been in her bed since she'd mounted the photo, and if she had to explain the photo, she'd just say it was an ex. Which sadly was true. Lara regretted not forcing Cliff to push his penis back past his splayed balls from underneath himself, towards the camera. Lara turned the vibrator back on, remembering how Cliff's penis tasted and looked and felt. She moaned, staring at Cliff's masculine anus and scrotum in living color, right above her.

GREAT, thought Melissa, the poodle. She's at it again. I'll never get fed today until dark. My mistress is a whore, thought the dog. Melissa yelped. "Shut UP, Missy," hissed Lara. Missy barked snippily and decided to take a poo in the foyer to exhibit both her stress and her loathing deep down of her drunk, slatternly mistress. Missy hadn't been walked in two days, so her poo would be easy to produce, and Missy thought she might take a big piss in front of the TV on her mistress' new rug. Don't fuck with me, bitch, thought Missy, as she heard Lara moan touching herself. Missy rolled her doggie eyes and proceeded to poo. It was quite satisfying, as it coincided with another hysterical "CLIFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" from Missy's mistress. Let it go, thought Missy. He is just not into you. Missy pooed again and felt better, then she went to her basket and curled up for sleep, awaiting food, probably Chinese leftovers, which would be served with a drunken swagger from a titless bitch in a nightgown. Fuck it. Missy hoped Lara would have the nightgown on, becuase when Lara did not have the nightgown on, she emitted unpleasant odors which made Missy gag.

Missy dreamed of Buster, that terrier in the park who'd humped her on occasion. Missy hated her mistress for not letting her have more fun with Buster, screeching "The vet bills are off he charts, you pampered bitch!" Really? Missy did not feel pampered. Primly, Missy got up and went for her piss, and she tried to squirt on Lara's Downton Abbey collection. Bullseye! Missy realized she would be yelled at but she did not care. She'd just bark her head off. Mrs. Cowan, in the apartment next door, knew Missy was an abused animal (kind of), so Missy would just make Lara look bad again if she had to (this was not difficult). Mrs. Cowan did not like Lara to begin with, but she loved Missy, and had offered to walk "the poor dog" many times. Missy enjoyed Mrs. Cowan's walks, as she allowed Missy to frolic, not only with Buster, but with Mikhail, the boxer dog with the two daddies always clad in tight-fitting clothing and friendly. But Mrs. Cowan drew the line at Jaja, the demented female Greyhound with the two mommies. Mrs. Cowan admonished Missy continually, "Do Not get near that." The two mommies grumbled a lot, and they threw their beers into the grass, Missy noticed, and she wasn't into girl dogs anyway.. But she felt a degree of sympathy for Jaja, who  always looked thin, agitated,  and had trouble doing her shits, especially when her mommies screamed at her to get iit over with so they could go home and watch the TV and make pasta.

Missy envied Jaja if the sleek, larger but weirdly friendly Jaja got leftover pasta, as Missy was really over sweet and sour chicken especially after it had been left out overnight and wasn't even reheated when it was dumped into her bowl, accompanied by her mistress' foul odors and then having to eat while her mistress retched in the bathroom. Talk about an appetite suppressant. Missy made do with snacks her mistress dropped on the floor for sustained sustenance. Occasionally there was even a cheeseburger. Usually it was Chinese crap. Once Missy got a whole slice of pizza, and it was still warm. This was the night her mistress fell down in a business suit, this time hard. Ice cream fekk all over the floor, but it was still in a container, damn it. Missy just ate the pizza. She was over it. Her mistressed moaned and crawled towards the bathroom, so Missy detected she would not have to bark.

She'd just shit again to show this drunk slut who's boss. Maybe Missy would throw up, to sock her point home . If Missy got a whiff of her mistress' body smells, this would be quite simple. Missy wondered why her mistress did not utilize the broken perfume bottles strewn over the apartment. Mrs. Cowan had cleaned those up, and she was not pleased. "Miss Leonard, you have a dog that could injure herself by stepping in glass. Not to mention, yourself. Please be careful."

Missy's mistress had scoffed, "Busybody," and poured herself a glass of wine, then on the phone had  summoned someone called "Clifford," over. Missy had liked Clifford instantly. HE smelled like the beach. Clifford brought over a steak and shared it with all of them. Missy grew to look forward to Clifford's visits, but they became infrequent. But Clifford always brought food and treats. And he always smelled like the beach. Missy thought he was cute, too, and he had a nice voice and laugh. Missy noticed that her mistress was always on her best behavior when Clifford appeared, and her odiferous body smells were not as gagging. But, sigh, she'd get drunk, and clingly, and Clifford would get confused and either fuck her, or just leave. Then Missy's mistress would sob and not walk Missy, because the bottle of wine was more important. Missy would just sigh and go to sleep, awaiting Clifford's next visit, but Missy suspected there would not be many more of those. Missy would go and piss in a corner of the apartment. She knew this would drive her mistress insane. It wasn't a far journey anyway. Sometimes Missy considered suicide, until she learned if she could store Clifford's treats, that would get her through the day.

One of Missy's favorite habits became this: Her drunken mistress would begin wailing and emitting her awful smells, and Missy would locate one of Clifford's hidden treats, and Missy would eat it, listening to the drunk bitch moan and groan incoherently. Then Missy would go and piss again in a corner, enjoying her mistress' caterwauling. Occasionally, Mrs. Cowan would bang on the wall and exclaim, "I will call 911 if you don't shut up!" Missy would bark to let Mrs. Cowan she was still alive, and then Mrs. Cowan (who had a key) would come over, ask the mistress if she needed medical assistance,scoff at the non-answer, and take Missy into her apartment and let her sleep in peace. Mrs. Cowan wore a nice gingham dress and she had no offensive body smells. Missy did detect the odor or marijuana on Mrs. Cowan. Fine by me, thought Missy. The next day Missy would get a walk, and a nice breakfast. Sometimes, Mrs. Cowan would give Missy a nice sponge bath. Missy adored Mrs. Cowan and tried to convey to her that she wanted to be adopted by her.

Mrs. Cowan more than once said to Missy, "Have you been visited by that nice Mr. Marks?"

Missy would bark yes, and Mrs. Cowan woud laugh. "He is one ot the most gorgeous men I've ever seen. What he sees in your owner boggles my mind." Missy coughed.


Cliff normally slept in a T-shirt and boxers. Today, he had just climbed into his bed naked. He dreamed: Of Tony, of wrestling, Women in Love, Tony touching him so intimately, the Oxycontin, the looming showering marathon, his kids, being naked, naked, naked.

He woke up in a sweat. He had limited homosexual experience and both were decades ago from college: a clumsy mutual masturbation drunken episode with a roommate, which they both never mentioned again, and an even worse blowjob from a fellow whose name he could not remember mostly because the guy had bitten more than he had blown. Cliff got out of bed; he needed to talk to his daughter. He threw on a robe.

He found her in clear afterglow sitting in the kitchen. Tony was "in the shower," she said. Cliff retrieved the Oxycontin from the piano bench and gave the bottle to Josie. "He left this on the stove while he was making that excellent breakfast," Cliff said. "I'll let you handle this. He can't leave this lying around with two kids in the house, OK?"

Josie blanched. "Oh, he must have been distracted. It won't happen again. I'll handle it. Thanks, Dad."

Cliff sighed and sat down. "You're sure of Tony, right, Josie? I mean that he's even keel."

Josie laughed, "He is almost too even keel. What's up?"

Cliff did not press furtther. "I just want to make sure. The pill bottle surprised me."

Josie said, "Dad. It's a prescribed drug. He's not addicted to it, if that's what you mean. And I have never tried it."

Cliff heaved a sigh of relief. "That's all I need to hear." He hugged Josie and she hugged back. Tony appeared, fully dressed, dapper now, and looked downcast, away from Cliff. Cliff announced, "I think I'll order dinner. Who's up for diner grub?"

"Me," said Josie. "Sounds great," said Tony.

"KIDS!" Cliff yelled. "Burgers, fries, milk shakes for dinner?" Breakfast had been so late, he couldn't call this lunch. If anyone wanted anything later, it would be pizza, pizza, pizza.

"YAY!!!!!!!!!" from both Jimbo and Elsie behind the confines of their rooms.

Cliff called the corner diner. He ordered five different flavors of shakes, banana for Elsie.

"Tony, how do you like your burger?" Cliff knew the rest of the clan was strictly well done, including himself.

"Medium rare, sir," answered Tony.

"What's with this sir stuff," chided Cliff, winking at his daughter's boyfriend and remembering the touch of Tony's hand on their erect penises. Whew.

Tony grinned. "Nothing. Just being respectful." He looked at Cliff in the robe. "Had enough of being nude today?" Tony sure knew how to shift gears, Cliff mused.

Cliff tensed. "I think so. I'll try it again tomorrow."

"Good," said Tony. "I agree," said Josie. "It's a good experiment."

Experiment, thought Cliff. That's the word. Or is it? Tony is my daughter's boyfriend. She might well marry him. I know I am straight, thought Cliff.

Tony surveyed the situation and decided not to say much more until absolutely necessary. He still felt the sensation of holding Cliff's erection in his hand along with his own. Intense. He did sincerely love Josie, but he was beginning to wonder if he was falling in love with her father! Tony needed to go to Confession, he decided. Or no, that was crazy. Tony was NOT GAY. He wanted to make babies with Josie, not fondle her 40 year old hot daddy. Right?

Cliff returned to his room and smoked another joint. He took off his robe once he was in his room, and looked at his naked body in the mirror. I'm doing this way too often, he thought. But he had to admit, he liked what he saw. I should maybe pump up a bit more before Tuesday. My abs look wanting. They need to be perfect for this.

But really would everybody else even really care? Ultimately I'm just another naked man. Cliff smoked and craved another drink. So he had one, since he was alone, stoned, and naked, and in perfect shape, and he missed his wife, who knew him well. and would counsel him through a situation like this.

Cliff Marks zoned out for a bit.

"DADDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" Jimbo yelled. "The food's here!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cliff put his robe on again. He was hungry. The imagery of the afternoon with the naked young Tony, his daughter's lover, was not leaving his head very easily. He finished the joint, and lit another one. CONTROL, HE SAID. CONTROL.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad," repeated Jimbo.

Cliff fastened the robe tightly and left for the kitchen. His cock felt unusually full. He went back to his room, peed,  and put on boxer shorts. Under the robe.

"Dad!" exclaimed Jimmy. "They sent complimentary ONION RINGS!"

The magnificent Cliff Marks couldn't resist complimentary onion rings. Or the burgers, fries, and the chocolate and strawberry milk shakes that awaited him and his son. Fuck his abs.

On her way to dinner, Elsie Marks thought, Christopher Atkins' dick has NOTHING on Daddy's. And I'd better have me a banana milk shake waiting.



A few days before Cliff starts his new job:

The family watched the DVD of the 1969 Oscar-winning film "Women in Love." Cliff (in the nude), was seated in a wingback chair with his legs carefully crossed, Everyone else was clothed, of course. Tony and JosIe were cuddled on a couch, and Elsie and Jimmy on another. Cliff had allowed his kids to view R-rated movies as early as the age of 5; his parents had done so, and he believed it was healthy.

Carol had agreed with this policy and none of the kids had been scarred. THe parents had approval ot the titles, of course. Cliff drew the line at torture porn, like "Saw."

Cliff, Tony, and Josie had previously seen the film. Elsie and Jimmy had not. Jimmy was bored but tried to focus on it. Elsie was fascinated, and when the nude male wrestling scene began, she was captvated. She continually glanced at her father, who kept his legs tightly crrossed and his hands in his lap. Cliff's genitals were concealed. Tony chuckled, watching them Cliff and Elsie, and the movie, and Josie smiled, doing the same. She was proud of her father's adherence to the nude "experiment."

When the film was over, Clif stood up, boldly. He looked magnificent, having pumped up earlier in his room. "We have a surprise," he anounced to the kids. Tony began moving around furniture in the study, to create a space in the middle of the large study.

"Tony and I are going to wrestle here in the study, just like in the film," Cliff said. "Tony thinks it will help me prepare for next week."

Tony took his shirt off with confidence, becoming bare-chested, and moved more furniture. Elsie gasped. Josie frowned, until Cliff winked at her. She knew that wink; be patient, I know what I'm doing.

"Youre going to wrestle NAKED?!: exclaimed Elsie. "WOW!" shouted Jimmy. "I've never seen TONY naked!" Tony justt smiled. He took off his shoes and soccks, and then his pants, leaving him clad in only white briefss which hugged him wonderfully.

"No, I won't be naked," said Tony. "I'll be wearing these. We thought...."

"Change of plans," announced Cliff. "Tony will also be naked."

"BB-b-b-b-b--butttt you said you didnt' think...." Tony stammered. He did not want to be naked in front of the children. Cliff had initially agreed with this request.

"Why should I be nude and you get to wear something?" asked Cliff, playfully.

"Wrestling matches often have one wrestler wearing more than the other," Tony stuttered, his anxiety mounting. He had not counted on Cliff pulling this stunt on him.

"Not this one," said Cliff approaching Tony, clutching and unclutching his hands. "I agree," Josie trilled, "Tony should be naked too. The kids are old enough."

"Josie!" Tony exclaimed. "Jimmy is six!"

Josie laughed. "He's seen Dad naked for over a week now. Does he look traumatized? What's so special about YOUR nudity?" She mocked Tony's timidity.

Tony blushed. "Josie, I---"

Cliff told Tony to take off his briefs, or laughingly, that he would do it for him,.

"Take thm off him, Daddy," Elsie urged. "Tony doesn't want to strip. He doesn't want to be naked for us."

"Just hold on, kids," Tony stalled, putting out his hands in protest. "I really don't think....."

Elsie was THRILLED at Tony's very real embarrassment and fear. Keep this going, she thought. Strip him. Strip him NAKED. She said nothing. Jimbo was also enthralled as he had never seen Tony afraid of anything before.

Cliff went over behind the half-naked Tony and in a flash yanked Tony's briefs down to his feet. In true disbelief, Tony yelped, "Sir!" and bent over to cover himself with his hands. Cliff lifted Tony up and shook the briefs off the young lad's ankles. He threw the briefs to Josie, who balled them up and stuffed them under her seat cushion. Cliff pulled Tony's hands behind his back, leaving nothing of the young man's charms to the imagination.

Elsie loved it when Daddy's penis did a big flop-upwards as he yanked Tony's clothes off him, and also when Tony's penis bobbled around when he was stripped, along with his balls, which swayed lazily and bumped against Tony's thighs. Jimmy had to make a comment: "Daddy's stripped Tony NAKED! And lookit, Tony's dick is not as big as Dad's! Look at it! I thought it would be bigger since he's Italian!" Jimmy laughed in glee, and pointed. Josie said, "Size isn't everything, Jimbo." "Well, maybe not, but Tony has big balls for sure," Jimbo teased. He was enjoying watching Tony turn red, naked in the study.

Elsie couldn't believe she could see Tony's dark pubic hair. It stood out starkly below Tony's perfect white skin. "I like your pubic hair, Tony," Elsie said, matter-of-factly.

"Oh my God, oh my God," Tony repeated over and over. "This can't be happening to me."

Josie iiked Tony's pubes as well. They were luxuriant and soft to the touch. Tony had commented to her, "No girl has ever shown this much interest in my manhair," a comment Josie found quite funny.

Cliff got them down on the rug, both naked as hell, and began to grapple with Tony, not caring who was showing what. He was a little stoned.

Tony couldn't believe his situation. He had flirted with disaster. This was disaster. He was stark naked, flopping around, showing every inch  of himself to the entire Marks family. Cliff's naked body was warm and firm, and it was beginning to arouse Tony due to its proximity to his own nude body. This worried Tony. Being naked was bad anough. He did not need the ultimate humiliation that could follow.. Tony tried to focus on wrestling and concealing himself at the same time.

This was impossible, as it was beginning to dawn on Tony that Cliff was enjoying his embarrassment and was intent on showing him off to the maximum. Tony was surprised at Cliff's sudden brazen behavior. Tony thought Cliff must be high. Tony wished he himself was high. Tony gasped as he felt Cliff's hands pull open his buttocks. His buttocks! His buttocks were facing the little girl and her brother. Tony heard Elsie giggle and Jimbo said, "Wow. Look at that." Tony knew exactly what they were seeing. How could Josie allow this?

Tony could not allow this type of total exposure. By sheer force of will, he managed to upright himself, squirm out of Cliff's grasp, and stand up straight. This did not last very long. Cliff laughed at Tony. Cliff could already tell that Tony was not a very good wrestler.

Cliff tripped Tony and the naked law student collapsed on the rug. Cliff threw himself on top of Tony. Tony was flat on his back. Cliff felt his own penis collide with the horrified young man's.

"Dad, pull on his pubes. He loves it," Josie exclaimed. "If you pull on his pubes we may be able to see more of his dick." You go girl, thought Elsie.

"Oh my GODDDDD, Josie, NO!"

Cliff grabbed a few tufts of Tony's pubic hair and pulled, chuckling. Tony yelled, "Motherfudker!" Cliff pulled harder. No cursing in front of the children. Tony whimpered because he heard all the kids laughing at him.

"Wuss," teased JImbo. 

"Oh my God!" said Tony, mortified, and wounded by the child's stinging observations and Josie's crude, sly jab at his manhood. Tony couldn't believe he was stark naked in front of these kids. It was nightmarish!. And he had stripped himself for the most part. What a terrible mistake!

Cliff calmly commenced the wrestling match., enjoying the heat and physicality of Tony's young, fit, trembling body, not to mention Tony's palpable mortification. Tony was stuck. He had no choice but to participate in this planned wrestling exhibition, naked or not  Josie had collected all his clothes and he had no idea where she'd put them. Tony worried that his anus would be seen by the children. Oh my God.

The kids were enthralled with Tony's sudden nudity. He did have a fantastic physique, and now they were seeing all of it. True, his penis was not as large as Daddy's, but it was big enough, and he also "manscaped", it appeared. His well-toned body was mostly smooth, and he had big nipples and big manly balls that hung low and swayed as he moved around, which amused the children greatly. They giggled about it, and Tony knew they were making fun of him and also enjoying his twentysomething nakedness.

Cliff had watered down his degree of wrestling expertise when discussing the topic with Tony. Cliff had actually wrestled extensively both in high school and in college, a member of teams in both instances, and he had excelled.

This was obviously taking Tony by surprise, as the older man got him in one graphic,  embarrassing hold after another. Cliff was also not reticent about touching Tony's intimate areas, grabbing his balls, pulling on his cock, exploring his buttocks and crack, and at one  point, very nearly fingering him, which produced a startled "SIR, REALLY!" from Tony and laughter from everyone else. 

Oohs and aaahs came from every corner as the children were treated to very intimate views of young Tony's vibrant masculinity. And of course, they were looking at Cliff's various charms as they were exposed as well. The novelty of Daddy's nude body had  never wavered. But Tony was closer to their age, so they would relate to his obvious embarrasssment--and his mounting humiliation, as his penis and balls flopped round, and his asshole was continually, explicitly spread open in the middle of the fully-lit living room.

"Cliff......Josie......the kids......please don't expose me this way......they're seeing......they're seeing......"

Elsie answered for him. "We're seeing EVERYthing!!!!!" Everyone laughed at the naked Tony, thrashing about, reluctantly showing his nubile male goods and gonads in front of three young people. Cliff laughed too.

Josie quietly noticed that Tony's nipples, which she knew well, were turgid. She knew what usually followed and couldn't wait to see the reaction to that.

Cliff wasn't deliberately trying to arouse his opponent, but he too noticed Tony's nipple protrusions, and had previously seen the kid with a hard-on,  so he wasn't  granting Tony any favors or allowing his a shred of modesty. He touched him everywhere possible and enjoyed Tony's protests and grunts of indignation. He pulled on Tony's pubic hair, which got a big laugh from Jimmy. "SIR!" Tony yelled. "That's NOT WRESTLING!" Cliff pulled harder. "YAY!" cheered Jimmy, enjoying Tony's ashen face and bulging eyes and floppy penis and bouncing balls and gyrating butthole. And Tony's nipples were as big as Daddy's were sometimes.

Elsie enjoyed watching Daddy's naked flesh mesh against Tony's naked flesh, especially when Daddy's penis grazed against Tony's slightly smaller penis or when Daddy's penis landed between Tony's amazingly formed buttocks or when Daddy deliberately got Tony in a position where Tony's butthole was completely exposed and you could see the little black hairs around his the rims of his hole and almost see deep inside Tony's dark crack, because then when any of these things occurred, Tony freaked and thrashed around even more violently. "Your little STARING at me....." Tony whispered to Cliff. "Do you realize......what you are SHOWING HER?"

"Oh of course she is staring at you, Tony. Why wouldn't she? You're nude.," Cliff calmly replied. Cliff was naked on top of Tony, crotch to crotch, and uh oh,  he felt Tony stiffening. He said nothing, but he saw in Tony's eyes Tony realizied it as well. Cliff playfully tweaked Tony's hard nipples.

Another "YAY" from Jimmy. Josie giggled loudly. "Oh wow," said Elsie. "His nipples are bigger. Daddy's made Tony's nipples bigger. Look. They're all red, like Tony's face."

Yes, poor Tony's face had changed color again. Tony screamed in Italian in frustration. It sounded profane. No one knew how to translate Italian. Josie looked at Cliff and just shrugged.

Cliff rolled off his weaker opponent to get a look at the ccollateral damage of Tony's groin. Oops. Tony's penis was stiffeening, definitely. Since Tony manscaped, this was even more apparent. Tony made it more obvious by trying to cover it with his hands, which severely limited his wrestling capabilities, but created a very sight because this movement gave Tony enticing man-cleavage and made his erect nipples stand noticeably tall and firm against his muscular upper arms, Josie and Elsie looked at each other, and grinned.



Jimmy thought: TONY IS REALLY EMBARRASSED. I'VE NEVER SEEN HIM SO EMBARRASSED. He had to comment. Jimmy yellled, "HIS TITTIES ARE STICKING SO FAR UP!!!" Everyone laughed. Tony fumed and got redder. Jimmy was on a roll. "TONY'S  NIPPLES ARE BIGGER THAN MADONNA'S!!!"

"STOP TALKING ABOUT MY TITS, YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!" the very naked Tony yelled. Cliff tweaked Tony's nipples to punish him for insulting Jimbo. Tony screamed and his dick and balls flopped around. Elsie loved watching Tony''s dick and balls flop around, and she also enjoyed looking at Tony's hard nipples jutting out like a woman's.

Josie knew how to get Tony's hands off his manhood in a flash. She said to Cliff, "Dad, you do know that Tony is EXTREMELY ticklish."

"Is he now?" Cliff feigned ignorance. "Let's find out."

"Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!" moaned Tony. "Don't do that to me, please."

Tony's hands remained clutched over his privates, which Tony knew were beginning to bulge. This was until Cliff, from behind, crosed his own arms over Tony's well-built upper chest, and dug his left hand into Tony's available right armpit and dug his right hand into Tony's available left armpit. Both armpts were sweaty and clecnched against Tony's torso, but there was enough wiggle foom for Cliff to insert his fingers and....DIG.

Tony yelled in Italian and his hands flew up to pull Cliff off his armpits. BOING! Tony's penis, semi-erect, sprang out to greet the room. Everyone laughed. Tony cursed in English this time, and hissed, "Cliff, you can't do this to me. These are your children, seeing me excited and nude!"

"I don't care," said Cliff. "That's your problem. I didn't know my body turned you on so much."

"It's the wrestling, not your body," protested Tony. "It's a natural thing. I am not gay."

"Then just go with it," Cliff laughed, as now Tony's  wet armpits were more openly exposed and Cliff could REALLY go to town on both of them. Cliff also attacked Tony's alluring rib cage, which provoked Tony to writhe, dance (or try to dance) around like a fool, all the while wobbling for his audience's delighted amusement. The laughter never stopped. Josie particularly liked watching Tony's pecs jiggle. As firm as they were, Dad's tickling of Tony's excellent body made them move up, down and around. "Baby, you got bouncing boobies!" she couldn't resist yelling at Tony. "Better get back to that gym, Tony!" Tony glared at her and Josie just smiled. Josie had never insulted Tony's nude body like this before. Tony did not like it. It was making a bad situation worse, but it did not alleviate Tony's increasing public arousal, which concerned and confused poor naked Tony.

All three of Cliff's kids noticed that Tony was so uncomfortable being naked that he tried many things to cover himself, especially frontally. He would hop on Cliff's back and stretch out, or roll over on the floor and try to stay there face down. The kids were thrilled when Cliff put a stop to any chance Tony had for modesty. One time, Cliff, on his back, had Tony, face up, on top of him and Cliff had Tony in a full nelson, and Cliff used his feet to push Tony's ankles apart as WIDE as possible, exposing Tony's delectable perineum and making his asshole gape open farther than ever before in his history, ,much less in public on a rug in the study of an apartment. Elsie exclaimed, "Look, you can see the pinkness in Tony's butthole. Look at Tony's pinkness!" With this, Tony died a million deaths in the course of a few seconds.

Tony yelled in fury, "Cliff, tell Elsie not to say these things about me! I beg you! It's unseemly! I cannot bear it!"

Cliff merely laughed in poor Tony's ear. "So she can the pinkness in your butthole. Everyone has a butthole. Elsie is simply admiring yours openly."

Tony sputttered and squirmed, making his pinkness more visible. "I see the pinkness!" exclaimed Jimbo. "That's supposed to be so private but I see inside Tony's butt!"

Elsie giggled. "Tony is mad at us, that we can see inside him. Men don't like that."

Tony wriggled, writhed, moaned, squirmed, and did everything to get out of Cliff's fiendish maneuvers, but was stymied continually. Cliff was having fun playing with Tony's large Italian balls, as he could feel Tony's muscles clinch every time Cliff went there. Tony's balls had slight hairs on them, and Cliff teased Tony by tugging on them. Total humiliation. "Mr. Marks, your kids are in the room," Tony moaned. Cliff, dryly, whispered into Tony's red ear, "So they are. And so are you. And you are naked. You wanted me to be naked. Now you are naked." In the interim, Tony's penis just got harder and harder until....

Jimmy said, "WHY IS Tony's dick so long and purple now?"

"I'M FREAKING OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This was from poor, nude Tony.

Josie put her head in her hands and laughed hysterically.

Tony tried another tactic. He murmured to Cliff as they grappled, "Your daughter is watching you fondle me."

Cliff laughed, "I'm not fondling you. You flatter yourself. You wanted to wrestle. That's what were doing." Cliff rubbed Tony's penis knob and twisted. Tony grunted, writhed, and spat, "You're a bastard."

"Keep talking," said Cliff, twisting Tony's red-hot cockhead and rubbing a thumb into Tony's soaking urethra. "Oh fuck," said Tony. "No, I'm only going to wrestle you," laughed Cliff, feeling Tony's young naked body shiver with shame.

Elsie explained, "Tony  has an erection, Jimmy. He is sexually aroused by wrestling with Daddy. It's because Daddy is so hot. I'm not really surprised that Tony is sexually aroused by wrestling with Daddy naked."

Jimmy asked in awe, "Is"

Josie spoke up. "No, Jimmy. It just mens the skin-on-skin aspect of the wrestling match can cause arousal in .....certain men. Dad isn't aroused, but that's because he probably has more.....self-control. And is clearly a better wrestler than Tony."

Tony muttered, "bitch." He had tried to help this family, and what we he now getting in retirm? Highly personal digs about his BODY, his TEMPLE, and his ATHLETIC ABILITY. By kids! His ego was being shredded by the minute. The damn kids wouldn't stop giggling and pointing at his nakedness. Tony wailed in frustration, which Tony instantly regretted as it only produced more laughter from virtually everyone else.

Actually Cliff felt a stirring in his own crotch, but he had smoked a joint and was prepped not to get hard, andt he was trying mightily to control this by thinking about bills, dead fish, laundry, etc. He didn't want to get erect in front of the kids. He wanted the puffed-up Tony to get a taste of humiliation. Cliff's nipples were hard, though, but he just let that fly. Cliff also felt that being soft in front of the hard Tony would humiliate Tony more. And it was humiliating Tony more, making him feel the weaker man, something he was not accustomed to at all. Tony now had a full, throbbing erection, sticking straight up towards his face, which now resembled a cartoon tomato with bulging eyes and a gaping, screaming mouth full of perfect white teeth and an undulating tongue.

Cliff had a sudden amusing realization: I am humiliating my daughter's probable fiance in the nude. Cliff filed this away and continued his fun.

Josie thought, Tony would lose it if he saw himeself looking like this naked blabberring idiot. So she skillfully took a pic with her phone. No one noticed, except Elsie, and Josie knew she'd be begging her for the pic. NOT A CHANCE, little sis.

Tony'a mind:

A full erection in front of a six year old kid!!!!!!!!! And his 13 year old sister!!!!!!!! My ASSHOLE HAS BEEN SEEN!!!! I'M NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY ASSHOLE HAS BEEN SEEN BY ELSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! JIMBO HAS SEEN MY INSIDES!!!!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Cliff is touching my balls, my cock, in front of my girlfriend and I'm hard and the kids are watching!!!!!

Tony yelled, "Cover me up, cover me up!!! This is obscene!!!" Gone was the swaggering naked young man of last Sunday morning, drugged up and woozily horny. Here was the real Tony, a stone-cold sober, brilliant law student being stripped naked and humiliated to an almost unbearable degree.

Cliff knew all it would take to send Tony over the edge would be to continue to get anywhere near the boy's ACHING penis. So Cliff began to inch one hand on top of Tony's left hard left nipple, squeezing it gently, and placing his other hand on Tony's naturally smooth hard chest, moving the hand down slowly, slowly, teasingly approaching the promised land, in a more gentle, exploratory manner this time. Cliff teased Tony's dark tresure trail, which meant the back of Cliff's hand graazed the underside of Tony's pulsating cock shaft. Cliff followed the trail to the stimulated naked law student's small, trimmed pubic bush.

Tony gasped, "Cliff....Cliff, don't. Don't do this to me......Cliff...Mr. Marks..... please, I beg you...." Tony knew what Cliff was doing. He was appalled. "Please....Cliff....I....Oh my God. NOOOO!!"

Cliff chuckled. "Don't beg. I'm only going to wrestle you." Cliff grabbed Tony's balls and squeezed. Tony couldn't believe Cliff was squeezing his balls, so he tried to squeeze Cliff's balls. He succeeded in touching them faintly. Cliff laughed and squeezed Tony's balls harder, even managing to snag a few hairs on Tony's now swollen scrotum. Tony groaned, "SIR, please."

Josie felt wet and knew ehe was close to orgasm. The kids just stared at two sweaty naked men. Tony had more perspiration than Dad. Dad was, under the circumstances, cool, calm, and collected. Tony's face was sweating, and he was drizzling sweat under his arms. Cliff had a small sprinkling of perspiration on his forehead. His armpits were completely dry. Josie explained to her siblings, "Daddy wrestled in college. Tony does not know how to wrestle Daddy."

Elsie observed, "This is obvious." She watched her father squeeze Tony's balls. She watched Tony try to retaliate by squeezing Daddy's balls. Daddy did not allow it. Elsie was proud of Daddy. She did not want Tony squeezing Daddy's balls, because she would not be able to behold tthem in their fleshiness. She watched her father naked. She REALLY watched Tony naked, because she knew it annoyed her sister. "Does Tony always make these pleading sounds?" Elsie asked Josie. Jimbo giggled, "He sounds like one of your old dolls, Elsie." Josie said, "Shut up, you two." 

"Don't bitch at us," responded Elsie. "Your boyfriend can't even get near Daddy's testicles."

:"Elsie, you are pushing my envelope," warned Josie. Ant then to her amazement, watching the naked men, Josie orgasmed in her seat. She squealed suddenly.

Elsie said, "What the hell was that?" Josie said, "Nothing." She went back to watching, embarrassed. 

Jimmy shouted to all, 'TONY'S DICK IS ABOUT TO PEE. LOOK HOW WET IT IS!!!!"

Elaie had to document:  'Tony's little black ass hairs are dancing!" She loved seeing Daddy squeeze Tony's big balls, and watching Tony fail to squeeze Daddy's big balls. Daddy was a better wrestler than Tony, although Tony was very cute. Elsie was very proud of Daddy. "Squeeze harder, Daddy!" she yelled. Tony grimaced, muttered, "little bitch," and Cliff, not amused by this insult, squeezed Tony's flapping balls MUCH harder. "OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" Tony yelled. Josie thought, "Oh My God."

"Pull on his little butt hairs too, Daddy!" squealed Elsie. Cliff though ot if, but declined. Tony's butt hairs were just TOO little, and it would look life Cliff was trying to finger Tony's anus.

Josie  said, "OH GOD ELSIE.' She knew Tony was suffering naked, and she was enjoying it all. She was particularly eroticized by her father's nude involvement. But to point out Tony's little black ass hairs, that was SO ELSIE. And to urge Cliff to torture Tony's balls, that was just disturbing.

No one laughed, but they certainly murmured. It wasn't peeing that Tony was about to do. Even Elsie knew. She kept her eyes peeled. She would not miss the first drop.

Tony wailed. "'t wrestle me...down't touch me down't....can't you see....I'm....(weak) ..wet"

Cliff's hand grazed OVER the head of Tony's pulsating WET cock. And that was that.

Tony ejaculated in anguish and exuberance. Ever muscle pulsated in protest and embarrassment. The naked handsome law student shot straight up in the air, convulsing and splattering himsself all over his gorrgeous naked body, the gorgeous naked Cliff, and the gorgeous rug. Tony's dignity was shot to hell. Cliff held Tony tight until he was spent, and the heaving young man collapsed in his arms, humiliated and finally speechless.


Josie  "Good job, Dad. Nice orgasm, Tony."

Elsie: "I will nevef forget this for as long as I live. Thanks, Daddy. Thanks, Tony, for your orgasm. You're my first one!"

Jimmy: "Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. He shot his load. Loser."

Cliff gently dropped a ruined Tony to the floor. Tony culed up in a naked, shivering ball. Josie walked over to him with his underwear and shoved it on him, then took him away to get cleaned up. He had sperm all over him. Josie had her arm around his naked, sturdy shoulders. Tony's head was down, he said not a word, but he whimpered in humiliation JosIe murmured something to him that didn't seem to help..

Cliff stretched his frame, naked, triumphant. The kids viewed him now as a warrior, not a naked daddy. He poured himself a drink. He supposed he should put on the robe for awhile. He didn't want to overload the kids' heads.

"That was great, Daddy," beamed Elsie. She touched her father's sperm-covered upper arm. "I thought it was funny," agreed Jimmy.

"DId you enjoy that, kidz?" Cliff chuckled. He sat down in his chair with his drink. "I'm glad. Why don't you kids go have some icr cream in the kitchen? I'll see you later. Daddy needs to think."

"OK, DADDY!!" the kids fled. On the way out, Jimmy giggled, "Tony's cum is on Daddy's chest." "I know," said Elsie, dreamily. In the kitchen, Elsie deposited Tony's sperm on a napkin and inserted it into a cocktail glass, which she then hid in her bedroom. Then she joined Jimmy for banana ice cream!

Cliff sighed, Alone at last. And still naked. He wondered what Tony's ultimate reaction would be to what just went down. Cliff wondered so much that he found he had a throbbing erection. Cliff also found himself obsessing over the texture of Tony's erect nipples; they reminded him of how Carol's throbbed and stuck out when she was in the throes of ecstasy. Cliff had enjoyed playing with Tony's slightly hairy balls, as this was new to him, and Cliff also liked the grunting noises Tony emitted as Cliff would fondle a particular sac. Cliff also liked Tony's ridiculous attempts to grab Cliff's balls, as Tony failed spectaculary and merely sweated profusely in frustration. Cliff excused himself to the bathroom and took care of his arousal. Then he showered, removing Tony's rather thick cum and more of Tony's sweat then his own, put on a robe and smoked  a joint. He was very satisfied with the screening of "WOMEN IN LOVE.'

He regretted, however, not sticking his finger in Tony's tight ass. Decorum and Tony's pathetic mewling sounds of terror had stopped him. Dammit. Probably a wise decisiion in the long run. Cliff hoped Tony would remain his friend after today. But he was dubious; he'd really humiliated the fuck out of the naked law student--in front of a rapt audience.

But Cliff was soon to be just as naked as Tony, and for far longer periods of  time. So he felt justified letting off some steam about it. Cliff had bravado, but it was evaporating.

He smoked and drank.

Tomorow morning Cliff had to call back Joel Shapiro from the store, who wanted to set up a "trial run" at Bloomie's tomorrow night after closing hours. The morning call was to finalize this. Cliff didn't like the sound of that, or Joel's smarmy voice. "We can't wait to see ALL of you!" Shapiro had gushed, and Cliff was certain he had heard Lara cackling in the background.

Josie  appearred. She looked blank. Cliff asked, "How is he?"

Josie sighed. "He is asleep. I gave him, yes, an Oxycontin."

"Is he OK?" Cliff pressed. "I mean, he knew it was all in fun."

"Dad," Josie rasped, "You humiliated him. In front of all of us."

Cliff stood his ground. "You seemed to be enjoying it."

Josie: "That's not the point. We'll just have to see how he is tomorrow."

Cliff: "Maybe I overdid it."

Josie shifted gears: "Why didn't you finger him? He would have wailed like a banshee. If you wanted to violate his manhood, you should have fingered him."

Cliff grinned and joked, "I dunno, sweetheart. I just can't seem to put my finger on it. Really, honey. I have never fingered a man's asshole."

Josie giggled, "You're missing out. Tony is a clean freak. His butt is always pristine."

Cliff chuckled, "I will just take your word for it. I will say, he is in very good shape. I enjoyed wrestling with him. And yeah, I know he's clean, even his armpits smelled like Irish Spring."

Josie mused. "It's his favorite soap. He buys it by the case."

They both laghed, shared a joint, and Josie poured herself a drink.

"Where are the kids?" asked Cliff.

"Elsie is watching Women in Love," laughed Jose, "and pausing it during certain sceness."

"And Jimbo?"

"Jimmy is waiitng outside Tony's room because he wants to apologize to him for calling him a loser."

"How out is Tony?"

"Jimmy will be in bed long before Tony wakes up."

"We'll sort all this out at breakfast. I'll make a big one," said Cliff.

"I'll help," said Josie.

"Had dinner?" aked Cliff.

"Nope, you?" asked his daughter.

They grinned. LEFTOVERS!!!! There had to be something......and Josie had been to the DELI so you could be sure there were cold cuts!!!

"I KNOW no one finished that lo mein," burbled Josie. "Let's hurry, though."

They fled to the kitchen. 

In the kitchen, they found Elsie. She explained Jimmy had gone to his room to watch TV. Elsie was tired of TV for today, she said. She was eating a ham sandwich.

Cliff and Josie took seats at the kitchen table next to Elsie, after they had made sandwiches for themselves and Josie had re-heated the pork lo mein.

To everyone's surprise, Tony appeared, dressed. He had showered, his hair was wet. He looked chagrined and embarrassed. He did not speak. As he approached the Marks family, he still felt naked.

Elsie said, "Tony, that mole on your upper right thigh probably needs ointment. Your balls kept slapping against it and it was turning red. Oh, and that little blemish underneath your right tit should be looked at, I think. It's most likely hard to see when your nipples are hard, you probably haven't noticed it."

Tony huffed, grabbed his coat and left the apartment without saying a word, slamming the door behind him, enraged that children knew about his naked body and were even making crude jokes about it. Josie laughed. "Elsie," she said, "you do have a way with words."

Elsie looked innocent. "Well? Didn't you notice it? It was as plain as day." She giggled.

Cliff dreaded the next week. He sympathized with Tony, even though he had been the architect of the young man's utter humiliation. To have your MOLES scrutinized!!! Crazy. Cliff was grateful he'd have suds.

The next morning:

JOSIE AND TONY ON THE PHONE in their apartments;

Tony: I didn't taje the pill unril I got home. i hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Josie: (laughing) You KNOW we did. Dad's making a killer breakfast, aren't you coming--I meqn, coming over?

Tony; Ia Cliff still naked? I can't face Elsie.

.Josie: This morning she told me you were the dreamiest boy ever and she would be honored to be your :lillte, bratty" sister-in-law. SHE ADORES YOU, tony. Not one word about your body, or......

Tony: NOT ONE WORD? HMPPH. He laughed at himself.  I  guess I could eat,,,,unless my titties are getting too big.....

Josie, HUSH. Breakfast is almost ready. I made the coffee, so yoo're safe. And your titties can get as big as they want. Theree will just be more to love and lick and...bite.

Tony shuddered. Josie knew how to turn him on with her sultry voice. Tony was already showered and dressed in clean sweats. He was getting hard. And not a little of this was due to his flashbacks of his naked display wrestling with Cliff Marks. His tawdry ejaculation in front of Cliff's family while in the nude. The nude! Despite a bit of misgivings, Tony responded to Josie, 'ten minutes.' He decided the best way to counteract his humiliation was to shrug it off, if that was possible. And he WAS hungry.

Tony and Josie hung up. Tony went out in search for a cab. At least a cab driver had never seen him naked and shooting a load against his will. Tony decided if Josie joked about this, he would let her know who was boss. Tony didn't think Josie would joke about it. In fact, he realized that Josie was stimulated by the whole thing, which in turn stimulated Tony. What a crazy situation, thought Tony, as he flagged his cab and got in, shaking his head.

"IS HE COMING (PAUSE) FOR BREAKFAST?!?"  Cliff yelled from his kitchen, wearing a robe to shield himself from hot bacon grease.


"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!". screeched the kids. They hoped Tony would take his clothes off again. Jimbo was interested in seeing the usually reserved Tony lose control of himself. Elsie just wanted to see him naked and make fun of him. Tony was very handsome almost like a movie star Elsie thought Tony a bit pompous, actually. But Elsie knew she had seen Tony utterly brought down a notch, naked, and sperming himself to boot, and she knew she would always kind of possess an upper hand, a hand she would be careful not to overplay, because she really did want to see Tony naked again if she could and even touch him while he was naked. . Elsie wondered if she could make this request of Josie. She doubted it and fretted.

When Tony sheepishly arrived, he could not look Elsie in the eye. Elsie was amused. She ran her eyes up and down Tony's body, smirking. Tony squirmed. He knew what Elsie had seen and he knew what Elsie was thinking. Josie told Elsie to control herself and stop. Elsie just giggled. Jimbo was a little befuddled by it all, but he did observe Tony's sweats really hid how firm Tony's naked body underweath really was. Tony caught Jimbo's eye and was reminded that the boy had seen him nakedly ejaculate, and he had seen his damn asshole. Tony blushed, realizing thatt the kids would always rememeber his nakedness and his ladk of self-control.. Tony bemoaned that he had been reduced in the kids' perception of him. He did not want to be a sex object for a precocious thirteen-year-old girl.

"Are you going to get nude like Tony, Daddy?" Elsie blurted. Elsie enjoyed watching Tony almost jump out of his beautiful skin. Tony's skin was paler than Daddy's, but it was lovely, thought Elsie. She's like to see it bared again. It wasn't fair that Josie got to see Tony's bare skin on a regular basis and even touch it. Elsie couldn't wait to grow up and get her own version of Tony, but in the meeantime, she's persist any way she could to get Tony naked again.

"After breakfast, Elsie. I'm in no hurry," Cliff laconically answered, wondering if this continued casual nudity thing was a smart move. I guess that horse is out of the barn, he sighed.

Everyone laughed except Tony. He sure wasn't going to get nude in this house again except with Josie in her bedroom and even then he would be locking the door from now on.




Present: A jittery, pumped-up Cliff Marks, clutching and  wearing  a long white terrydloth robe (and nothing else), Joel Shapiro WITH BELLS ON, LARA (ditto), For support,Josie and Tony (all was forgiven), and the very curious clening crew of two middle-aged ladies and two men, one old, the other very young.

Tensions were high. So was Joel Shapiro. To Cliff's chagrin, so were all available lighting fixtures.

Tony stepped in. "Can we at least lower the blinds? i mean, you're closed anyway.'

Joel grimaced as Josie lowered the blinds. Lara huffed, 'Didn'r know SHE was an employee."

Suddenly Joel said to Cliff, "Mr. Marks, before we begin, please follow me to my office. It's just down the hall."

Cliff, startled, glanced at Tony and Josie who just shrugged. Shapiro was clad in a business suit, and Joel in his robe meekly followed the manager down a hallway, admist tittering from the cleaning crew. Cliff felt uacutely ncomfortable. At least no one was in the hallway, as it was past business hours.

Abruptly, Joel turned to Cliff and said, "Give me the robe."

Cliff balked. "Why? Here?"

Joel said, "It will get you more used to being nude. Please give me the robe, Mr. Marks. My office is two doors down, no one is around."

Cliff stood his ground. "Why can''t I wait until we get into your office?"

Joel, annoyned, responded: "Because I want the robe NOW. I want to see how you react to being NAKED IN PUBLIC. Give me the robe, I have a bottle of scotch in my office."

Cliff sighed, and slowly removed the robe and handed it to his "boss". Cliff was buck naked. In a hallway. In front of this young "manager" in a suit.

Joel gasped in admiration. "Lara wasn't kidding. What a physique. Those abs! Those nipples! That cock!"

"Please don't shout that," Cliff gasped. He heard Lara's laughter down the hallway.

Cliff kind of crouched and somewhat timidly overed himself, blushing. Joel laughed. He said,' You'll have to get over THAT, Mr. Marks. Come on, let's have a shot."

The naked Cliff Marks, standing up defiantly straight, arms by his sides, followed the suited, grinning and horny Joel Shapiro into Joel's office. Cliff hoped it was good scotch.

Upon enterting Joel Shapiro's very plush office, Cliff was dismayed to see all the walls were covered with mirrors, so there would be no refuge from Cliff's utter nakedness. Shapiro caught Cliff's jaw dropping when he saw this, and he turned the lights all the way up so Cliff Marks could see just WHO WAS IN CHARGE and WHO WAS NAKED.

True to his word, Shapiro poured two hefty tumblers of Jameson and slid one to the nude Cliff Marks, who downed it in one gulp. Amused, Joel refilled the hunk's glass and patted him on the rump. "Thirsty, are we?" giggled Joel.

Cliff was getting annoyed.. He did not see why he had to be nude in an office. But the scotch was giving him vibes. It was beyond obvious that the nerdy Shapiro was enthrallled with having Cliff naked in his office, so Cliff decided to toy with the asshole's head a bit, even though he was in fact deeply embarrassed at the situation.

Cliff drank half of the scotch and sat it down. He then stood facing Joel and put his hands on his hips and spread his feet apart. "Is THIS what you want to see, Shapiro?" Cliff semi-jeered.

Shapiro stmmered at the sight of this slab of naked beef displaying his wares so lewdly and openly. "Uh.....well....yes...." he rasped, and drank his own drink straight down. "Can you turn around, please?"

Cliff smirked, sighed, and turned around and heard Shapiro gasp. "Oh my God."

Clifff could not help but blush. This was embarrassing. Cliff watched his nude body in the mirror. He looked great, but the expression on his face was faltering. Shapiro was perspiring. He removed his suit jacket. Uh-oh, thought Cliff.

Shapiro then produced a bar of unwrapped soap. He unwrapped it. and walked over to Cliff, taking him all in. He handed tthe soap to Cliff.

"I want you to mime taking a shower with this soap, Marks," Shapiro blurted, trying to reassert his control.

"What?" Cliff barked. "Are you kidding? Here?"

"It is what I want. Please proceed. Do it realistically or I'll have you do it until I am satisfied."

Shapiro crossed his arms over his chest and took a step back, surveying his "prize." Cliff felt more naked tthan ever. He also realiized this was sexual harrassment. But he did not want the hassle of dealing with that.

Shapiro looked Cliff up and down. "Well?" he leered. "I'm waiting. The demo is in thirtty minutes."

Cliff was getting paid by the hour including this "preview reheaarsal" whatever, so he begrudgingly began to mime washing himself with a bar of dry soap. He felt utterly foolish. And nude. He tried to avoid the mirrors, but it was fruitless. They were surrounding him. He would not look at the drooling Joel Shapiro. Cliff stared into space, at a painting, at a lamp, anything but himself nude in these floor-to-ceiling mirrors. He was so, so naked. The fact that he had a perfect body meant nothing to him now. He felt violated.

Joel Shapiro stared openly at Cliff Marks'  absurdly flawless naked body. Joel had never been in the presence of such physical male beauty. Joel was hard and tenting, and he didn't care Cliff could see. He WANTED Cliff to see, because he thought it would humiliate Cliff further. Joel loved humiliating the naked, genuinely bashful man Cliff Marks. Joel wanted to lick evey inch of the gorgeous, humiliated Cliff Marks down to his toes. Repeatedly.

Cliff had literally never felt more naked in his life. The combination of the unusual office setting, the overwhelming amount of mirrors showing him off from every angle (Cliff thought his pale ass looked absolutely HUGE), and the all-but-salivating geeky Bloomingdale's manager staring at his every pore made Cliff very unsettled, all but erasing  the extensive preparation Cliff had done in his naked week at home with his supportive family and friend Tony, who Cliff had unjustly humiliated on Sunday.

Cliff "mimed" showering with the fresh dry bar of soap, concentrating first on his face, which made him feel stupid, then on his belly and abs, which made Joel gasp openly.

But the greedy Shapiro wanted more. He demanded, "do your armpits. And put some vigor into it. You look lobotomized." Shapiro giggled. "I can see you are very embarrassed, and I like it. Big tough guy like you, naked in my office, miming taking a shower. It's hilarious."

"Give me another shot, Shapiro," Cliff requested, in a monotone.

"No, Marks. I can't have you drunk. You're already dazed."

"Who the fuck wouldn't be?"

Shapiro had to laugh. "Do those gorgeous armpits. I can't wait to see you do them with the water on. I see you manscape them as well. I manscape myself, you know. I see nothing vain about manscaping."

Cliff knew the scotch was beginning to hit Shapiro between his beady little eyes. Cliff mimed washing his armpits. He felt like a moron.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," said Joel. "That is incredibly sexy, Marks."

Joel watched a miserable Cliff mime soaping his armpits for what seemed like an eternity, then he said, "Cool. Now wash your genitals."

Cliff knew this was coming, but he didn't like it. Gingerly, he mimed washing his genitals with the dry soap. He was mortified that he was doing this.

"Put the soap down, and pretend you're soaped up, and continue washing your genitals," commanded Joel.

"Shapiro, I'm not going to play with myself in your office."

"Yes, you are. Do it. Or you don't get paid, Marks."

Grimacing, Cliff played with himself in Shapiro's office, hating every second of it. He willed himself not to get hard, and was successful. Watching Shapiro was distasteful enough to keep him flaccid. Shapiro stared at Cliff's movements, tenting even more. Cliff fondled his balls and his cock, blushing like a fire engine. He began to wonder if the money was wortth this awful humiliation.. 

Joel loosened his tie and rolled up his shirtsleeves. "I want to lick your armpits. I'll give you $100 right now."

OH MY GOD, thought Cliff. I'm a whore. But at leest he didn't ask to suck my cock.

So, then, Cliff thought: WHAT THE HELL. "Let me see the money."

Joel pulled out a $100 bill, in a flourish.

Cliff examined it and walked over to the robe, which had pockets. He deposited the bill in the robe. He could not believe what he was doing. He returned to his original location, where Joel's tongue was hanging out.

"I'm not gay," said Cliff. "I don't care," said Joel. "Put your hands behind your head.."

Cliff, a bit buzzed, followed orders. He did NOT look in the mirror(s). Joel attacked his left armpit first, like it was a dinner entree. SLURRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

Eewwwwwwwwww, thought Cliff, initially.

I feel degraded, thought Cliff. This is what degradation is. Cliff suddenly felt guilty for humiliating Tony on Sunday. Karma's a bitch!

Joel grabbed Cliff's bare shoulders and buried his face in Cliff's perfectly sculpted armpits, one by one. Cliff finally had to admit it to himself that it wasn't entirely unbearable.

Then Joel, emboldened, went for Cliff's alarmingly turgid nipples. "These tits are erect," Joel said. "So I know you don't mind."

Cliff stammered, "Don't bite. You can lick, but don't bite. I don't like that." Cliff's voice raised an octave, and he hated himself for it, because it made Shapiro chuckle..

"Got it," Joel slurred. SLURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Left tit, right tit, then back again and again. Joel's tent was almost bursting through his pants.

Joel suddenly grabbed Cliff's buttocks. Cliff said "Hey, wait a minute...." Joel said, "Shut up."

Joel went back to slurping Cliff's firm pecs and licking his hard nipples. Joel pulled Cliff's buttocks open. Cliff could see his own asshole in the mirrors, gaping obscenely. Joel stopped slurping and looked in the mirrors as well. "Look at that hole," he jeered. "You'll have to wash that butthole in the shower, you know. I mean, it looks clean now and all, but I will want to see you wash your anus in the shower with a lot of soap and water. EZSpray has benches. You can put one foot up and spread yourself and show off your hole quite nicely to all the customers." Joel went back to slurping on Cliff's tits.

Cliff was appalled. "I-I-I don't want to show my children," he babbled, horrified at the thought.

Joel, in mid-slurp, laughed and said, "This is New York. You're being paid."  He spread Cliff's ass cheeks open wider. Cliff winced. It was obscene to him and he dearly regretted exposing Tony in this manner on Sunday. Cliff felt this was truly karmic payback. Joel slurped on Cliff's tits and kneaded Cliff's buttocks, hungrily. Joel was maniacally into Cliff's flesh. Cliff worried that he miight get an erection in this office, in front of these fucking mirrors, in front of this horny-ass dweeb.

Then, as Joel collapsed against Cliff's naked body, hugging it, he made this utterance and he made it with abandon: "AHHHHRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" and Cliff knew Joel had ejaculated in his suit pants. THANK GOD, thought Cliff. And then, OH MY GOD. Could that have been heard down the hall? Joel was LOUD.

Joel regained his composure remarkably quickly. "Dearie me, it's time for the demo rehearsal!" he exclaimed. "Time to see you REALLY SHOWER! Leave the soap. It's a keepsake now."

Shapiro was, incredibly, suddenly all business. "Let's go," said Joel. "I'll carry the robe. You're walking out naked, Marks. You're re-entering the store NUDE."

Cliff felt utterly helpless and queasy, not to mention stark naked naked naked (those mirrors!) and stained by the nerd's saliva, but he tried to wipe off Shapiro's slobber as best as he could, smearing it on Shapiro's suit jacket draped on a chair. Joel was readjusting his shirt and tie and retrieving Cliff's robe and did not notice Cliff's initial movements, thankfully.

"Don't worry, Marks," Joel sneered as he retrieved Cliff's robe. "I'm not taking your money out of your robe, slut. You were worth it. You know you liked it. Your nipples were HARD AS ROCKS. Look, they still are!"  Joel laughed. Cliff felt cheap, and crossed his arms across his chest. Indeed, his nipples were still erect, and pulsating. Damn! He had to walk out like this? At least his cock was relatively soft, but it was not flaccid. Damn, damn, damn! What  were they gonna think about what went down in this fucking office? The little nerd had callled HIM a slut?

And Cliff still had to shower naked in front of Lara, Josie, Tony and the cleaning crew!

"Please give me a shot, Shapiro," Cliff cajoled. He didn't care HOW he sounded.

"Oh, very well," snorted Joel. "Whores do drink. I suppose I'll have one myself."

Joel poured. "You know," Joel shared, "Marks, for a slut, you taste pretty damn good, even before a shower.. Very tasty indeed. Maybe I'll have to compare later."

Cliff groaned as he drank the shot and his cannibal boss grinned at his naked body.

"iT'S SHOWTIME!" Jore; announced. "Unless you want to stay here and fuck me."

Chastened, Cliff left the room, naked, humiliated, and scared to death. Joel, rebuffed,  huffed and puffed and followed him with the robe, enjoying the view of Cliff's magnificent buttocks as they sashayed alluringly, with masculine abandon, down the hallway. Cliff's asscrack, to Joel Shapiro, was the promised land.

Cliff's stomach knotted as he approached the floor of Bathwares. He heard the cleaning crew chattering animatedly in Spanish, and laughing, and Lara joining in with their merriment, also in Spanish. Cliff didn't speak the language so he had no idea what they were saying. He did not hear Tony or Josie. He did hear some unfamiliar voices that he did not recognize from his previous time on the floor just before he bared himself in the hallway and played with himself naked in Shapiro's office. Cliff winced at those memories, and winced further when he looked down at his still=naked body, his cock and balls swaying as he walked.

He was nearrly there to the dreaded end of the hall. He hesitated, stopped walking, Shapiro chuckled. "No turning back, Marks," Shapiro taunted, fondling Clifff's tight beefy butt and running a finger up and down Cliff's hairless asscrack. "Your bell has tolled." Shapiro laughed, nastily, Cliff thought. Cliff swatted Shapiro's hand away from his ass.

"Ooh, the whore is sensititive!" cooed Joel. Then he changed tone: "Get out there naked--now."

Cliff had no choice. He swallowed hard and stepped out of the hallway.

The cleaning crew gasped and Cliff heard these words: "areola", "puta masculina," "hombre desnudo," "humiliacion," and "obsceno." The crew laughed at him. He made no effort to cover himself, except to fold hiss hands over his genitals, which prompted more laughter from the crew. Josie and Tony looked at him sympathetically. Josie's eyes were wide. She had never seen her father so bared, so embarrassed, or his nipples so prominently visible. Cliff's areoles looked spread acoss his entire pecs. Josie had never seen THAT. Tony just thought, Well, here we go. Better him than me.

There were four newcomers. A stylish woman sat with an effete older man. Two young female secretaries, mouths agape.

THe stylish woman said: "My stars, they've already got him naked."

Effete man: "I'll say. And isn't he sometthing. He looks like that actor from "F/X'."

Stylish woman: "Bryan Brown. Yes he does. But he is much hotter. Look at his body. It is flawless. Look at those areoles on those chiseled breasts. Enormous. Look at his nipples."

Effete man: "They're hard. And he seems to know it. Look how he's trying to use his forearms to cover them." The man laughed. "He is embarrassed already. I hope they're paying him well."

Stylish woman: "I can't believe I'm going to see this nude specimen wash himself in front of us."

Effete man: "I can't wait eiither."

Young secretary #1: "Holy shit."

Secretary #2: "I'll say."

Secrettary #1: "He's trying to cover his junk, but his balls hang too low." She giggled.

Secretary #2: "Look at his manboobs. Look at those nipples. I could sketch his areoles if I had my pad. I've never seen such perfectly formed areoles on a man."'

Secretary #1: "Horny, are we?"

Secretary #2: "Fuck yea, aren't you? Look att this guy. We should text Carol in the cafe. She didn't believe this was reallly going to happen."

Secretary #1: "Well, he's completely NAKED, so I guess it is!" The girl deliberately yelled the word "naked" to see if Cliff would flinch. He did. The secretary felt her panties moisten.

Cliff had heard most of the above exchanges, and it made him feel sluttier than ever. A strange woman, commenting on his "enormous" areoles, indiscreetly at that as if he were not even there hearing her. Ghastly.

Cliff took another look at the EZSpray appliance. It had a handheld showerhead/masager, handrails, and indeed, two little benches for whatever use the oocupent needed. If was oblong and glass-enclosed, and the glass was not opaque. It was cleaar as day. In fact, one of the cleaning women was spraying all of it with copious amounts of Windex, once she saw Cliff make his entrance in the nude. Cliff grimaced again. There was to be no mercy in this situation. They wanted every inch of him to be revealed.

And this was only the "dress rehearsal."

Cliff tried to stall: "Shapiro, what if I have to take a bathroom break?"

Shapiro scoffed: "Just turn the thing off, put on the robe, and take a bathroom break in the men's room. We passed it in the hall. But no longer than five minutes. And come back squeaky clean. This is not rocket science, Marks."

Cliff fumbled. "I just wanted to make sure." Everyone was looking at him, waiting for him to begin his nude shower.

Lara approached him, a beaming smile on her face. "Well, HERE YOU ARE!" she sang. "I was wondering if I should send the Cavalry." She examined Cliff's body carefully. "Why are your nipples wet?" she asked.

"Shut up, Lara," barked Joel. Laura laughed. "Have a nice snack, Joel? Let me check his ass. If that's wet, we have a problem, buddy. His ass is MINE."

Rudely, Lara whirled Cliff around, as if he were a mannequin, and opened up his plump ass cheeks, holding them apart, displaying his rectum. Cliff again heard the word "obsceno" aand fidgeted as his ex-girlfriend ran her finger up and down his crack. "Maybe a little flop sweat, but nothing serious," Lara announced. "You're good to go." Shd fingered Cliff quickly, then released his butttocks. "OBSCENO!" the older Spanish woman cried.

"Enough stalling. Get in the shower, Marks," Joel commanded. "NOW."

Cliff, resigned, walked over to the EZSpray, opened its door and got in. Interest in the room arose palpably, and Cliff was humiliated to see three other people enter the floor. Another young girl, and two obviously gay young men.

He saw there was a bottle of body wash, a bottle of shampoo, a washcloth, and a backbrush inside the cubicle, and a towel was outside. Near the towel, Cliff saw Shapiro hang his robe. "Turn it on," said Joel, motioning to Cliff, naked and exposed in the shower.

Cliff hung his head in shame, looking at his genitals, sighed, and turned on the water. It was, at least, warm.

There were multiple oohs, aahs, and gasps, and a amattering of applause, and much giggling.

Cliff was disaappointed to see still more people coming into the room. Secretaries, gay guys, executive types, at least no children--yet. Cliff had been told the damn store would be fucking closed!

Shapiro motioned to the body wash. Cliff could hear him through the shower walls. "Soap up," Shapiro commanded.

Cliff, ashamed, applied wash to his face and stayed there for a while, so at least he could not see people staring at him. Shapiro was not on board with this.

"Wash your hair, and then your armpits," Shapiro rasped, trying to be nonchalant. He was geting another hard-on and this time he knew he had to conceal it, so he buttoned his jacket.

Cliff washed his hair, exposing his gorgeous armpits. This prompted the effete man to approach the shower with a bit of bravado.

"You must be uneasy," said the effete man. "Please don't be. You are beautiful." The man looked Cliff up and down, unabashedly. "Your armpits are heavenly. My name is Gerald."

Cliff began to notice people taking pictures of him with their phones. "Shapiro, cell phones?!?" Cliff pleaded. "Please."

"It's' 2022, I can't do anything about that, Marks" Joel smirked, feeling himself stiffen further. He LOVED humiliating Cliff Marks. It was his crowning achievement in life. He would never need porn after this. Only torrid memories and pics. Oh yes, he''d sneaked in a few. And the office had  hidden cameras!

"Oh, are photos allowed?" asked Gerald. Gerald took out his phone and took several. Cliff turned back and forth but he had nowhere to hide, nothing to cover himself with The little washcloth was useless. "Wonderrful," said Gerald, enjoying watching Cliff squirm in embarrassment, his genitalia bouncing merriy about. "Marks, is it? Marks, I love your pubic hair, it is so skillfully manscaped." Cliff groaned as all eyes, of course, went straight to his soapy, wet groin.

The stylish woman approached. "I want a close up of the soapy water running off his perfectly circumcised penis and that perfectly delicate slit of his." She crouched down and took a picture. "Oh, that will go in my boudoir, right next to my Xanax."

"Obsceno." "Hombre desnudo." "Perzones." "Averganzado." "Escroto." "Pelo pubico." "Tetas." The Spanish crew were laughing, becoming derisive.

"Do you want Mr. Marks to wash his genitals?" Joel asked his customers.
"EZSpray gets every nook and cranny, you know." Cliff cursed; he hadn't want his name used so frequently, if at all.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was a cheer!

The Spanish chortled: "Pene. Erotico. Escroto. Gillapolas. Pezones."

Cliff died a thousand deaths. Tony came up to the shower while Josie remained seated. She couldn't watch this up close. Tony's puppy dog eyes conveyed sympathy but Cliff saw a bulge in Tony's jeans. Cliff felt tumescence in his own wet flaccid penis. This was not the time to touch himself there.

"Soap 'em up, Marks," barked Joel. "Give the people what they want. We're here to sell a product."

"Which one is the product?" Gerald teased.

Joel laughed. "Good one."

More pictures were taken as they awaited Cliff to soap up his junk.

He stallled.

"Marks," Joel admonished. "I want you to wash your crotch--now."

Tony stared at Cliff's tits. They looked different somehow. He'd seen Cliff's nipples hard, but now, Cliff's areoles looked as if they had been...stretchd. Tony couldn't resist teasing Cliff. He said, "Mr. Marks, has someone chewed on your titties? They look, uh, expanded."

Cliff glared at Tony and told him to check on Josie. Tony chuckled, and returned to Josie on the couch she was siting on. "What's up with Dad's tits?" shd asked. "They look almost deformed. Has he been near Lara?"

Tony's face darkened. "I think something happened in the office that we will NEVER know--OR ASK--about." He looked at Joel Shapiro. "That guy is a freak."

Cliff had just about reached his limit; he still had a shred of dignity. He stuck his head out of the shower door and used his natural physicality to intimidate Shapiro. "How much longer for this demo, Mr. Shapiro? You said an hour. It's gotta be close to that."

Undeterrred, and in control, Shapiro leered. "You have FIFTEEEN MORE MINUTES, Marks." Shapiro produced a new cake of unwrapped soap. "Here. Wash your ass with this, and wash it good and deep. I'll give you a shot later and $50." He winked at the crowd, some of whom regarded him with disdain. They were beginning to fall in love with Cliff, and they felt protecive. But they still wanted to look at him, so no one intervened.

Gerald and Ella, the stylish woman, heard this exchange and decided they would eat dinner a little later. They watched as Cliff, glowering, took the soap inside the shower and unwrapped it.

"I feel faint, Gerald," said Ella. "Get me a seat up close." 

Gerald grabbed her a chair so she could sit eye-level with Cliff's marvelous ass. Cliff soaped up his ass, crack and all, as Ella and Gerald stared and took pictures. He knew he was almost done, so he thought he'd go out with a bang. 

"Puta masculina," one of the Spanish guys jeered, and laughed.

People gathered around Gerald and Ella to watch Cliff's vigorous ass-washing, glimpsing Cliff's puckering anus through the soap and water, watching Cliff's face turn redder and redder, almost purple. One of the secretaries had a silent orgasm. She had to grab a chair for balance.

"Rub the soap up and down your crack, Marks," Joel admonished, chuckling. He was in control and the executives were watching and not saying anything, so he decided to go for it.

"Obsceno." "Humiliacion." "Hombre desnudo." The Spanish crew were aghast that this admittedly gorgeous naked man would display and touch himself so graphically in frront of the young girl secretaries.

Suddenly Elsie and Jimbo appeared. They approached Tony and Josie. "Is Daddy almost done? He said we'd go to McDonald.s" The children glanced at the crowd surrounding the shower. They could see Daddy's red=faced head and gistening bare shoulders, but that was all. The people sure were staring at Daddy in the shower, which made them proud.

"Kids, do NOT go over there," Josie demanded. "Daddy's wrapping up. Stay here until he is finished."

"Awwwwww," complained the children. "We wanted to see him shower."

"NO." Tony was firm. "Not tonight. Tonight is  a test run. Maybe tomorrow."

Cliff saw his kids had arrived and abruptly finished the shower, Shapiro be damned. He rinsed off, opened the door, grabbed and donned the robe and towel and disappeared down the hallway. He received a round of applause and wolf-whistles. One woman yelled, "Marry me!"

Shapiro followed Cliff, simmering.

Ella ssid to Gerald, "I need a drink." Gerald agreed. They left, chattering that they would return evey nght of Cliff's "engagement." Josie groaned when she heard that. Tony laughed. "Only the best people," he chuckled.

"Shut up, Tony," said Josie. Lara, who had made herself scarce, suddenly appeared with a martini. It obviously wasn't her first of the evening.

"Wellllllllllllll, I think that went smashingly," Lara said. "Don't you? Did you hear all the comments about Cliff's nipples? Talk about hot and bothered."

"Lara," said Josie, "fuck off."

Lara laughed. "Why are you always being a bitch? Your father's gloriously naked body will be the talk of New York. He can do skin flicks, or, with that ass, I'd suggest gay porn.."

The children stared at Lara. What did she mean? It didn't sound like something Daddy would enjoy.

 Cliff went into the men's room to take a piss. Shapiro followed. "You left five minutes EARLY," Joel hissed. "I'll have to dock you."

Cliff, now in the robe, scoffed. "Go ahead. You owe me $50 cash and I would like it right now. I did everything you asked."

Shapiro pulled out a $50, feeling stupid. Cliff grabbed it and put it in his robe. Docking Marks would only deprive Cliff of about twenty dollars. Still, rules had to be set. "Come back to the office for a shot," Joel softly asked.

Cliff thought twice and then said, "Sure." Might as well try to stay on this geek's good side.

The men entered the office, Cliff having no idea cameras were in the room. Shapiro poured shots, and then said, "Marks, you turn me on. You know that. I'll give you $100 right now if you'll let me tongue your asshole."

Cliff smiled and drank his shot. "Absolutely not."

Joel was desperate. "$200."

Cliff said, "I have to take my kids to dinner. But I'll think about it for later. I'd like the rest of my pay now, please. You said it would be cash."

Disgruntled, Joel fished through his pockets and found the appropriate amount. To appease his new boss, Cliff teased him by taking off the robe, dropping it to the floor,  and grabbing all his cash, and he left the office go to the employee's locker room to get dressed. Joel almost swooned as he watched Cliff's fabulous ass leave his eyesight. He had been so close.......

Joel sadly llocked the door, turned off the cameras and masturbated like a fiend. He then turned on the cameras and watched Cliff's naked footage of the day, on his big screen TV, and masturbated like a fiend again. Cliff's nudity looked spectacular on a big screen TV. Joel paused on the last scene: Cliff leaving his office seconds earlier, naked, cash in hand.

There was a sudden, frantic knock on the door. "Joel! Joel!" squealed Lara. "Let me in! I need a drink!"

Cursing the damn bitch, Joel finished himself off rather violently, turned off the cameras, cleaned himself up, and admitted the deceitful harpy into his office. She was plastered. Joel turned the cameras back on. He wanted to ultimately get rid of Lara, and this might help. Lara had no idea there were cameras in Joel's office. No one did.

"Make me a martini," Lara screeched. "I'm horny. I saw Cliff NAKED in the HALL! He didn't even acknowledge me!"

Joel smirked. HE'd tasted Cliff today. SHE hadn't. He made her a strong martini, getting her ready for her close-up. He performed like a perfect gentleman.

iIf anyone at Bloomingdale's Bathwares was going to conquer Cliff Marks' most intimate body part--his delectable virgin hairless anus--it would be Joel Shapiro, not this backstabbing, drunk, Sex and the City wannabe lush, decided Joel Shapiro.

Joel turned off the cameras.

"Why don't you take off your clothes, Lara?" Joel urged, recoiling as she did so without missing a beat, or spilling a drop of her martini.

Joel poured himself a big shot of Jameson, but he turned the cameras back on, just as Lara removed her bra and panties.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled, stark naked and drunk as a skunk. She had an unruly bush and small breasts, and Joel wondered whatever in the world  the godlike Cliff Marks had ever found interesting in her. 

After Lara, plopping herself on a $900 office chair, had masturbated to exaggerated orgasm in the nude using a liquor bottle without warning (I'm just so horny thinking about Cliffie, she said), Joel asked her to put her clothes on and leave, then he turned off the cameras, went to the men's room, and threw up. 

The next day, Joel Shapiro called Cliff Marks on the phone and asked him to come in early before his shift for a conference. Cliff warily agreed to show up an hour later after Joel told him he'd be paid.


Submitted: February 19, 2022

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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Amazing story! Thank you so much for posting! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! (I know, I know. Too many exclamation points. But this story is great!)

Sun, March 6th, 2022 9:19pm


Thanks for your feedback.

This story is based on an incident I actually witnessed--at a store like Bloomingdale's.

They had hired a model/actor to take an actual shower in this newfangled portable shower on display.

The man hired was strapping and handsome, and when I first saw him, he was wearing a short terry cloth robe, and a bathing suit was visible (but just barely).

He hadn't yet "performed" and was clearly agitated at the looming prospect. Female customers were unabashedly ogling this man, and one of them told a manager, "You shoulve have him do it naked--we won't mind."

The manager laughed and said "Maybe I will."

Finally the model had to take off the robe and wow. He had quite a body. The women literraly panted like dogs. (So did I.)

His swimsuit was a baggy blue affair, but at least it was short. As he RELUCTANTLY got wet, the suit clung more to him, and it was pretty apparent he had on a jock or something underneath. But the suit clung wonderfully to his well-muscled ass, which the male manager could not stop staring at.

The crowd was delighted at this exhibition and the model was clearly embarrassed and humiliated. Right up my alley.

I watched him for about 30 mins., then he was allowed a break, and he towelled off, donned the robe, and fled the room. I had to leave so I don't know what happened next, but...

I went back the next day and he wasn't there. I asked the manager about it, and the manager smirked, "He quit. He said it was too INTENSE."

I remember grinning, and I asked, quietly, "Did he get naked?"

The manager sadly shook his head. "I asked him for the last half hour to do that. I got permission from my boss because the ladies were really wanting to see him completely nude. He absolutely refused, even though I told him I'd double his fee. He said his wife would kill him if he did it. I got back at him by making him stay in the shower an extra fifteen minutes--there were two old men really giving him the once over, and it was freaking him the fuck out."

We both laughed, knowingly.

So THIS is the origin of "Bloomingdale's Shower Boy." I am glad you like it. I'll finish it up soon. It will be a lot saucier than this reply.

Mon, March 7th, 2022 9:40am


Thanks, Davey, for the back story. Also fun in its own way. But (as you say), your version is much saucier. Looking forward to more with great anticipation.

Tue, March 15th, 2022 4:08pm


It WAS fun in its own way. The guy in the robe was being mercilessly teased and I think he was getting a little scared that the manager would insist he be naked--the ladies were really trying to make a case for it! At any rate, when he finally removed the robe (to wolf whistles from women AND men) and began to shower in his skimpy swimsuit you could tell his heart just wasn't in it. He never smiled, just looked blank. He was clean-shaven, fair-skinned, gym-toned, hairless, with big nipples (that he avoided touching). A lot of comments were made about his half-naked body and he was clearly blushing. He said nothing to anyone. It was hot to watch his humiliation.. He tried to face away from us, but unfortunately the shower was a glass cubicle, and none of us had any reservations about moving around it to see his goods. After just a few minutes, he looked utterly miserable. I wasn't surprised to learn he quit. Too bad, he was a handsome fellow, like someone in a TV commercial for men's grooming.

Tue, March 15th, 2022 12:44pm

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