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Kolby stood in his room alone and frustrated. Sonny had finally left so he could throw away his diaper and get on his proper clothes. Back in his usual plain dark blue boxers and street clothes. He was very worried about Sonny showing everyone those photos, his reputation would be destroyed and he'd lose his friends. 

He got a text from Sonny, saying to meet him at his house and to change in a pair of briefs. Annoyed but he did as he was told. Kolby changed from boxers to a pair of green briefs.

Sonny lead Kolby inside to his room, walked him over to the window and wrapped his arms around him from behind. He was told to do nothing as Sonny felt up Kolby. His warm hands sliding under his shirt and caressing his chest. His shirt came off and with one hand still toying with his nipple, the other dove into Kolbys pants and tucked them down. They fell down around his ankles. Kolby stepped out of them as instructed.

Right on time, Xavier was outside the house looking up into the window. Kolby winced as Sonny gave him the strongest wedgie he could, in full view of the world. 

Xavier rushed inside and met up with them. He had the biggest smile seeing his bully in bright green briefs and getting a well deserved wedgie. He swapped places with Sonny. Sonny stood in front of them and watched as he stroked Kolbys boner.

Sonny felt it up and down through the material  stroked it quickly then back to slow. Kolby groaned.

As his last punishment for the day, Kolby was bent over the bed while Xavier wedgied him and Sonny spanked his ass hard 15 times before stopping. They swapped places so Xavier could spank him, he grinned wickedly as he slipped those briefs to his ankles, laughed at his erection. Xavier spanked him hard and fast, never giving up as Payback for all the times he was humiliated as soccer. 

Satisfied, they let him up and as Kolby pulled up his briefs, Xavier tossed his pants out of the window. Kolby stormed out and they watched him chase after his pants. He was seen by a few older girls before getting dressed and running away. 

Submitted: May 08, 2023

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Book / Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica

Book / Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica