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Sonny was not happy when his father said that he signed him up for the local soccer club. He would be on a team with boys ages 10-15.

He trudged himself upstairs and stripped off his dark plus pj's, down to his bright yellow bumblebee briefs from the movie transformers. He had a quick shower and then changed into his black shorts and blue muscle shirt. 

His dad dropped him off at the community center and said he be back from him in 4 hours.


Sonny walked inside and met up with the team. He felt anxious to be on the team. 2 10yr Olds, 1 boy the same age as Sonny, 4 12s and 3 13s.

Introductions were made and they all went to the same school so gathering for practice will be easy. The group moved off to the changing rooms and he tried to be quick and get into the uniform but he heard snickers and hushed whispers when he changed out of his shorts. 


The boys practiced for 2 hours but it had to be cut short from the 3hr sesh. The coach had to leave early but encouraged us to do. The oldest boy left as fast as he could but the rest had their eyes on Sonny.

Once the coach was gone Sonny ensured that his waistband was showing above his pants.

He hadn't noticed that his team was circling around him as he chat with the youngest boy Tyler who had a front row seat.

Hands grabbed Sonny and dragged him out into the open space. Tyler and the youngest boys got to work removing his shoes and socks, slipped off his shirt, then ripping down his pants and throwing it all across the room. The oldest boys continued to hold him by the arms and covered his mouth.


"Still a little kid I see, even I don't wear stupid undies like u." Tyler mocked as he flashed his plain black boxers.

"Does ur mommy buy u them?" Another boy teased.

They took Sonny to the showers and hung him up by his undies on a hook. They turned the shower on full blast, his undies were soaking and added to his wedgie torture. 

Billy (12) pulled down on his legs, furthering his pain and delight of the others. Most of the boys took photos with their phones and Kolby (14) was filming it all, saying he was gonna upload it to YouTube.


They left him hanging there as half of them got dressed into their regular clothes and the other half practiced kicking a ball to each other in various amounts of clothing, 3 boys just down to their boxers.


Sonny had no idea how long they left him up there but most of the boys had gone already. Except for the smallest boy Xavier (13) who stayed behind.

He shyly walked upto Sonny and switched off the water and tried his best to get Sonny down. He needed to get a stool too reach and unhook the back of Sonny's briefs.

He dropped to the ground and fixed his undies. He thanked Xavier. 

"Why are u helping me?" Sonny asked.

"Those boys did the same thing to me last season. They pick on the new boy every time or the nerdy one. They took ur clothes with them. I live pretty close by if u want to hang at my place until you can get picked up, u can borrow my clothes?" Xavier said as he took off and handed his shirt to Sonny. His short brown hair that was styled like Justin Beiber flipped over and so he fixed it immediately.

Sonny noticed that Xavier had more hair under his pits than he currently had. He gladly took the shirt and slipped it on. It just fit but didn't cover his tummy all the way.

Xavier finished gathering his belongings and the two of them set off. Sonny was embarrassed to be walking out in public with only a shirt and briefs on. He heard a whistle from a passing car and he blushed.

Sonny occasionally took glances at his new friend. Enjoying the view of his smooth body and developing muscles. 

The boys made it to Xaviers house and in they went. No one was home for now so they went to Xavier room. 

Xavier fished out a pair of pants and tossed them to Sonny who immediately put them on. They were tight but OK for now.

They hung out for the next hour as Sonny waited for his dad. They played games together and Sonny noticed that Xavier was wearing tightly whites when he knelt down to switch out the game. 

"So the soccer group picked on u because u wore tightly whites?" Xavier jumped up in surprise and hiked up his pants a little bit.

"No I don't!" Xavier said defensively.

"Are u sure? I saw a pair in ur laundry."

"That's um, my younger brothers." Xavier said. said and Sonny lunged forward and pulled Xavier pants all the way down to his ankles.

Xavier was too shocked and just stood their exposed.

"OK I do wear them. I don't have a choice, my mum makes me wear them."

"I think they are great on u. We're in this together OK?" Sonny hugged him and Xavier wrapped his arms around him before sliding them down, gripping Sonny's pants and yanking them down.

Sonny laughed and they continued to play games in just their undies. 

Submitted: March 06, 2023

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Robert Brooks

Lovely chapter, Smol. I really enjoyed this one!

Tue, March 7th, 2023 10:28am

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