Wrapped Around My Little Finger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A woman always gets what she wants, and her man comes to understand this.
A slut wife, her husband and the nanny.

A woman always gets what she wants, and her man comes to understand this.

I had done the young motherhood part of my life.

Where I had juggled part-time work with day care.

My sassy self, demanded its launch again, up the corporate ladder.

I wanted to return to full-time work.

Mike, my husband, agreed.

After a great blow job, he nodded at anything, I said.


I didn't visualise my Mikey as house husband.

My plan was already formulated.

" Darlin’," I said, " Let's get a live-in nanny."

 I caught him off guard, he was packing his meat back in his pants.

 Mike had that careful look.

The ones guys give to hide their obvious sexual interest.

God, guys are so easy to read.

"Oh, if you want one, sure."

I saw his open mind, thinking; blonde and big boobs, already.


I had done my homework.

"Come," I said, leading him by his balls.

Figurative speaking here.

Oh, if he concentrated for ten minutes, I'd suck em.

"Here," I said, opening my laptop and clicking on a fav link.

Dutch Au Pairs.

Mikey saw a page of blondes.

I said, "Focus."

I gave him the FYI fast.

Dutch girls had an excellent reputation as nannies.

Educated, English as a second or third language, and hot looks.


"Hell, Mikey, we want, a worthwhile talking piece at dinner parties."

This later comment raised Mike’s eyebrows; he wasn’t used to me talking about other women as hot.

Still, if that was what I wanted:  he said; it was fine.

"Let's select one, go hot, honey."

Nothing like extending your man's chain under your watchful eyes.


Mike was self-conscious viewing good looking women right in front of me.

I eased his mind, if not his stirring balls," It's a job site sweetie, not Tinder.

He went cute, homely and dour, as he selected one.

I rubbed his crotch.

"Pick again," I said.

He went blonde, tall, big boobs.

I knew it.

We clicked select, we did an on-line submission.


Then we talked about our four-year-old, Tanya, and what the nanny's role would be.

Home help with Tanya, a chaperone to her, to pre-kinder music and dance.

"Well done, Mikey," I said.

He got up ready to go to the bedroom, and bed.

I caught his pants by the back of his belt.

I spun my man

His belt unbuckled, his pants flopped, his boxers yanked down.

His balls lifted and sucked.

Yep, and his cute balloon knot, rimmed.

And that just my sexual hors d'oeuvre.


As it turned out, we got our choice.

Her name was Ingrid.

She had long fair hair and light blue eyes.

We needed to wait about a month until the approval of her work visa.

The day arrived soon enough; she flew from Amsterdam to Melbourne.

I collected her from the airport with Tanya.

Suffice it to say, Ingrid was great.

Tanya was happy.

I was glad to be back at work, full-time.

Yes, I saw Mike, eyeing off Ingrid’s fulsome breasts and cute butt package.

She had an arse to be jealous of in jeans.

But Mikey only looked in a general male way.

He was as faithful as the Labrador puppy I had as a kid.

You know, one of those rare guys who are actually happy with his wife and besides I kept his cock very, very contented.


It was me.

I had hit thirty and realised, I hadn’t been as filthy as I needed to be in life.

I hadn’t trespassed into the reality of my daytime fitful pussy moistening fantasies.

The ones women have as they commute to and from work.

The rocking of the aging but graceful Melbourne tram network suggesting bonking!

I hope not!

I had the thought: I was missing something in sex; and I suspected it was something dirty.


Catalysts are strange.

I overheard one evening going home on the tram, two young women.

Well, on a packed tram, there are no private conversations or private spaces.

A brunette with a high ponytail was talking to her shorter, dark textured bob styled friend.

I was not eavesdropping to start.

I liked the bob cut and got it myself soon after.

I was a power woman, and it was a statement cut for the boardroom


Anyway, I heard the pony tailed lass state the dirt.

She said: “My boyfriend fucked me like crazy after he saw me lick out the girl we picked up at the nightclub. You must get an extra girl in your sex life; so frickin hot; hot. My Tony went ballistic in my pussy after he saw me lick out another gal. And the tart, she face sat me, while he screwed my arse, like he hadn’t in ages. We are doing it again!”


They got off the tram.

Lucky, because I was wet between my thighs from listening.

I was day-dreaming of a threesome feel up on the tram.


The cool autumn air, on the walk between the tram and home, should have calmed me down.

It didn't.

I was sexual mulling.

Sex with another girl and my husband too; was that me?

Was it Mike?

I wanted it.

I wanted to experience another girl’s body; but not alone.

I could set Mike up.

I could wrap him around my little finger as per usual, but he wouldn’t like a random woman.

He wasn’t like that.


I was in through the front door.

My heels were off.

The carpet was soft between my toes.

I thought I had left my fantasising about bringing another woman home on the porch.

There was Ingrid telling me about Tanya’s day and dinner and bedtime.

It hit me like a super-duper, slam dunk orgasm — the girl for my fantasy, was already under my roof!

Still, I had the age-old problem; propositioning?

Not that I was that old, but how does a thirty-year-old, good-looking woman proposition?

In my case, a twenty-two-year-old gorgeous female au pair!

And not for lesbian sex, but a bisexual tryst.

It's as easy as being in the laundry together.

God, I could never have approached her in a club.

And life is full of firsts.

There’s a first for everything; sharing the laundry and hitting on another girl.

It was Saturday morning and Ingrid was finishing; she was pulling her stuff out of the drier.

I was about to load the washing machine.


The fair-haired nanny took me by surprise with:

“Wow, Siobhan; cute knickers."

Yes, they were; they were my favourite lacey thong panties, in lush light pink.

Ingrid added, "love the cut and colour.”

She was spot on.

The sassy cut made me feel sexy, and they always drive Mike to a hard on.

I had them in my hand.

I was sorting out our washing.

“Thanks," I said, " but your black V string panties are so sexy,”

Ingrid was folding them, well, what you can fold of miniscule panty cloth.

“I’ll have to get some for myself” I added.

“Oh, it’s okay, we are both about size six; let's swap and enjoy ourselves;” said the blonde.

“Yeah; sounds perfect. Can I grab your panties out of your draw?”

“Sure; but let’s try them out; here and now; more immediate.”

Ingrid said this: like a girl who spent her evening in Amsterdam's famous red- light district.


I wondered if my underdeveloped tryst agenda was being high jacked.

Was I about to have it off with our nanny in the laundry without Mike?

I steadied my response: “But my knickers are dirty; yours are clean.”

That should stop it; I thought; but I wasn’t convincing in my tone and my look gave away my true feelings.

“Mmm, I’ll get your smell,” Ingrid added matter of fact; “and you’ll miss mine.”

Our nanny said this while easing down her jeans.

And with a light touch on my cheek: added, “Drop your skirt: Oh, don’t be shy; have fun.”


I didn’t need any persuasion.

I dropped my skirt.

At the same time our young au pair was skin revealed from her waist down.

The over-heated tart was wearing no knickers under her jeans today.

I caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy.

Cute puffy lips.

I saw her wriggling her thighs, as she eased my favourite pink knickers up her legs

Ingrid wasn’t shy and her stunning shaved slit was on full display.

I marvelled at her twisty spiralled fleshy hood and her flaps.

Twin ruffles clasping over one another.

Reclining together on the puffy curve of her pouty vulva skin.

So attractive!


My red knickers were off, like my skirt.

My shapely legs and shaved coochie were on close display for the first time in my life.

For a girl!

And I was so excited.

So much, so I couldn’t hide my immediate sexual wetness.

I watched too as Ingrid watched me put on her black lacey panties.

The temptation to turn her on, I accepted.

I eased her panties, up, slow.

Very slow.

I liked how she was looking at my pussy.

My cute shaved cunny!

Which for all the recent years of my life, had been Mike’s and my private playground.


There we both were in the laundry in each other’s panties.

A perfect fit.


Thank God, he had said, he would mind Tanya, of course, while he watched a basketball replay.

I was admiring how well Ingrid's sweet young body filled up my underwear.

Ingrid strutted into my private intimate space.

She was kissing me, full tongue and I responded back, lush and spit sloppy.

The minx, she put her fingers inside her own panties; well, her panties which were on me.

I could only coo in pleasure as she slid her fingers through my moisture, laden private parts.


My hand too went inside my own panties; my dirty pink knickers covering Ingrid’s luscious pussy.

Her cunt felt as good as it had looked.

Fingering her created a sensational energetic follow of dirty sensuality in my mind.

We frigged each other something wicked, from that point.

Speed pussy mating!

Our kissing was a sensuous riot, tongues rolling and tangling with tongue.

The deeper I stuffed my fingers in her slit, the deeper she gouged her digits into my slut hole.

It was mutual cunt lust!

We were two finger fucking machines.

And our palms were pressing onto each other’s clits to maximise our satisfaction.

Our tongues couldn’t escape each other’s mouth’s.

Our cunts didn’t want to escape the growing heights of pleasure now spreading through and beyond our wet slutty slits.

God; touching another woman felt great.

But another woman fingering me, to my own orgasm was bloody sensational.

In my new experience excitement. I came first and struggled to stifle my full rich orgasm.

I found an energy burst from the super happiness spreading through me.

So, I jolted and jammed my fingers, now three, into Ingrid and made her cum.

I felt her mini gush over my hand.


We did the girly after sex talk while doing some extra washing.

Ingrid was more than happy to set up Mike for the surprise of his life; tomorrow.

It all happened after Ingrid returned from dropping Tanya off.

A kid birthday party, early Sunday afternoon.

Mike was relaxing; he was watching his team kick arse in the footy.

I was pretending to browse a magazine.

Ingrid was about to give me the pick-up details.

But to plan I said, accusing and loud,

“How dare you knick my panties?”

Well Mike didn’t care anymore about a one-sided game and took full interest in our animated exchange.

“Your knickers. I don’t think so; fat arse; maybe the same colour and style but not the same size.”

“Well let me see. I’ll rip them bloody well off you; you skank.”

“Now hold on,” said Ingrid, “You are way over tense; let Mike check; he’s calm.”

“Oh Okay,” I agreed way too easy, “Let Mike do it.”


“Check her panties for me; sweetie.”

“Well, I don’t think that’s right; even here with you. Siobhan: What’s going on?”

Talk about a plan coming undone.

Mike was just too nice.

I let the fantasy of having it off with a girl in front of my husband and letting my guy screw the nanny while I watched; fade.

The set up was too complex.

Not complex for Ingrid though

She started dropping her jeans low; right in front of Mike; still seated on the sofa.

“Maybe, I’ve hidden your wife’s undies up my pussy? Could you check and see Mr Jones?”

“Yes honey, “I urged, “Open the slut right up. NOW!”


My husband looked at me.

I took control and guided his fingers right towards Ingrid’s shaved majesty.

One layer away under her panties.

Her jeans were already off.

With my help, Mike edged her panties to her ankles.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph; the bitch did have my panties up her cunt!

I could see the scrunched pink.

Well, the lace edge, against her crinkled, primped; puffy gorgeousness.

I hooked my husband’s finger into the strand of my panty material.

Enough to loop a finger through, dangling between the nanny’s legs.

Mike eased my panties out of Ingrid’s pussy hole.

I loved his fascinated, stunned, but eager look.

I watched as the blonde’s pussy flexed open.

For a second her deeper inner near speculum self-paraded.

There was a final spiralling pop, of my panties, as her held vaginal tightness, finally let go.

So sexy.


Mike was captive male to two girls.

He was then fingering our young nanny.

Even with my permission he had a guilty look.

I ramped up his drive as I swept my knickers, full of Ingrid’s pungent musky inner secretions over his face.

Ingrid meantime: took off her own top and bra.

Mike kept touching her: again, near shamefaced; as I got my dress and my under clothes off quick.

Mike was then in heaven as the two women of his house were kissing and petting each other’s breasts.

I felt for his erection in his pants.

He was super hard.

He was deep into this now.

The lure of two hot women; one his wife; who was kissing and sucking another woman’s breasts, right in front of him.


Ingrid spread her legs wide on the sofa.

I was licking her sweet young juicy opening.

My only pause, was to instruct Mike to lick me out at the same time.

He understood that job.

I slurped and sucked and re-investigated Ingrid’s cunt.

God was it only yesterday I had made a private visit!

Mike was giving my pussy a sensational rapid work over.

His tongue was an agitated slurry of probing and sweeping moisture.

He kept working hard to build my juicy wet excitement.

I found our nanny’s clitty and sucked it up between my lips.

Then I let my fingers trace everywhere in and through and around her tunnel of girly joy.

I urged Mike; who now needed no urging; to strip right off.

“I need your stiff honey. I want to suck your big hard cock,” I said.

Mike was ready; waiting for me to wrap my lips around his pecker; but I had tricked him.

I held his cock but only to direct it to Ingrid’s waiting mouth.

My husband’s manhood was in the nanny’s massaging hand and between her shapely pink lips.


Mike was groaning.

Ingrid was hitting all the male cock pleasure spots.

She was licking his glans; sucking off his head and taking his shaft deep in her gob.

While also; fondling his balls.

And getting copious saliva into the pleasure mix; to maximise combined, blissful friction.


It had to happen.

I joined the blonde sharing my husband’s dick.

He had the male dream; two women in tandem licking and sucking and playing with his stiff, ready meat.

I was going the full suck along his shaft.

Ingrid was nibbling and teasing his ball bag.

I was sweeping my tongue along his shaft and drifting to taunt his areshole.

While our nanny toyed with his cock head in her mouth.

I was then above Mike; giving him my pussy, over his face; while Ingrid sucked away below.

I watched as my husband licked me out.

He groaned irregularly because his own cock was being gobbled up; ball deep; by our nanny.

I told Mike: “Fuck the nanny; fuck the nanny.”


Mike was ready to screw any pussy but Ingrid’s body and spread slit was a wonderful sexy invitation.

I watched very aroused as my husband slid his cock into the happy young woman.

He was pushing from his hips into her waiting sensuous moist cavity.

I was licking her cupped breasts.

Ingrid was flexing her thighs in a wide spread of cock acceptance.

I was kissing the blonde with passion, as my man screwed her.

Our girly tongues joined too in caressing waves of genuine exhilaration.

Then I did the raunchiest thing I had done to that point of my sex life.

I moved down her body and started licking her swollen clitty.

All the while, Mike kept up his happy delirious thrusting into our nanny.

Ingrid moaned with inner pleasure.


God; I wanted the lot; so, I took it.

“Fuck me; dog me;” I said to Mike: looking into his male sex glazed eyes.

My acquiescent; happy hubby was behind me.

He was drilling my needy pussy as I licked out Ingrid, to a now, deserved orgasm.

Mike was pumping me like he hadn’t in a long time.

So intense; as he watched his wife help another woman get herself off with shrill moans.

Where bitch Ingrid got the energy next to assist me to my orgasm. I’m happy she did.

Her fingers were working my clitty as Mike drilled my coochie into cock submission.

But it was when she joined him from behind me and guided my own fingers to my explosive clit- I hit could nine.

Then I went to the stars as Ingrid started licking my anus

While Mike kept pummelling my pussy, so that I climaxed full and exuberant.


Mike was a real trooper.

His cock still needed a finale and I gave him the treat; Ingrid’s needy arse.

I was though instant jealous of the nanny’s arsehole.

It was tight.

I eased in a finger, while Mike spat into her widening crack.

Mike had a finger crooked in her butt hole; I too had a finger joining his.

Together we were teasing her balloon knot open; a tad more.

Mike and I made a great finger team in the nanny’s willing happy starfish.

Three bodies over excited as her pinkish pucker got prodded by Mike’s excited cock.

Ingrid was sighing in delight as her sensitive constricted butt hole got filled.

I was watching my husband’s cock please a young woman.

And I was spitting on his pecker as he worked his shaft into the moaning sleaze’s expanding gape.


I eased his dick out, but only to stick my tongue in Ingrid’s happy gawp for a while before letting Mike finish her off.

I was then behind him and was mimic thrusting with him.

I pushed into his butt cheeks as he drove into her.

He drilled her like he was going to tunnel through her; he was so frickin deep in her arse.

But our nanny took his length so deep, and came with a shrill guttural scream.

Plus, plenty of unheard till now; excited dirty Dutch.

Mike jerked and jagged into her and then relaxed after a deep groan.

He withdrew.

I couldn't resist licking his sperm from her tender, raw anal pinkness.

Then we all collapsed in a flesh heap on the couch.

Three bodies connected in the moment.

Three complex beings: we had all brought our previous sexual experiences together.

Yet, we became a new trio of fusion; an innovative sensual trinity of our own.

The next time for us all, was way easier.

I crooked my little finger.

I had Mike’s and Ingrid’s sexual needs all wrapped up in my own new found hot desires.

Submitted: February 18, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Quite the hot adventure, a world-tour of sexy escapades enticed into fruition by a wonton libido!!!

Fri, February 18th, 2022 8:21pm

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