Teddy's Humiliation Part Ten

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Teddy's humiliation has been taken to a new level. He is being taken on a journey to becoming an almost
mindless sex-toy. His own father will play a part in these plans.

Teddy’s Humiliation Part Tenby dale10


(The following story is fiction and the author does not condone any of the activities involved. It is fantasy.)



Poor eighteen-year old Teddy was on a fucking machine. He was strapped to a table with his young handsome legs spread. A twelve-inch dildo affixed to a pumping machine was rhythmically fucking his hairless teenboy asshole. I find watching a teenage boy, especially one who claims to be straight, getting fucked up his tight young jock boy ass very arousing. I love watching him buck and twist, arching his young body up and twisting it from side to side, but unable dislodge the twelve-inch rubber dick which pumped in and out, deep up into his bowels. He would later learn how to take a dildo of even fourteen or fifteen inches up into his guts, but one step at a time. Just as the girth of dildos would increase so that his hole was stretched, eventually enabling him to take two fists up him at the same time. But that was still some way off. I wanted every step of the boy’s breakdown to be accompanied with extreme humiliation and degradation.  His small dick, a very laughable one on a healthy, muscular teenage boy, was the genesis of all of this, but I now had him so mentally and emotionally fuck up, that he was putty in my hands.  I also had his conservative father nearly deranged with concern over his son, and willingly participating in sexual activities in an attempt to help “straighten the boy out.” Being a therapist, I administered various drugs to both son and father to muddle their minds and weaken their resistance.


“My God, please, I can’t take it. It’s ripping me apart,” the poor boy screamed as the thick dildo fucked in and out of his ass. It wasn’t ripping him at all really, it just felt like that. I was only stretching him and perhaps tearing the skin a little.


“Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, you have to learn how to find pleasure in your boy pussy.  Your dick is far too small to ever give pleasure to a girl, or even a man, so the only hope for you is for you to become a cunt! Think about it logically. Real men will laugh at you and then use you to unload their big full manly balls. That is our purpose in life.”  I reached down and turned the knob that increased the speed of the fucking machine. Teddy let out an unbelievable howl that would really please the subscribers watching on the streaming service. What wonderful masturbation material his suffering and humiliation provided for them, and what a wonderful bonus income it provided for me.


“I… I… I can’t take it anymore. Puh… Please take it out. Please stop it!”


“Try to relax and accept it Teddy. You’ll only be on the fucking machine for nine hours!.” His beautifully young body began to spasm and twitch even more violently. I reached down, and with two fingers I masturbated the boys miniscule dick. I rubbed the head and the pisshole. The rubber dildo up his ass rubbed against his prostate, and thus, the little dick began to erect against the boy’s wishes. On a large tv screen, I showed the sobbing boy photos of him masturbating his own father’s big fat dick.


“I’ll be sending some of these photos out to your former schoolmates. I know you will never go back to the school and never graduate, but still, I think it’s only proper that your former buddies see what you really are like.” Photos of Teddy dancing naked in the gay club flashed on the screen. Photos of him masturbating in front of a huge crowd of gay men. “I sending it to all of your former teachers and any girl you had any contact with at school. And of course, your poor mother has to see them, although they may give her a nervous breakdown.” 


His beautiful sweaty naked body jumped and bucked on the table. The dildo never stopped its relentless assault on his poor eighteen-year old asshole.  An hour later, I sat down with his almost equally stressed out father.


“ I will be blunt with you because matters are critical. The only way you can help your son is for you to fuck him in the ass.”


The poor man, drugged out on tranquilizers and red eyed from crying reared up. “How can you even say something like that?”


“I’m afraid he will never be normal. His tiny dick and feeling he could never fuck a girl was the start of his breakdown. His envy of your large dick and hearing you through the walls as you fucked his mother, affected his mind.”


“But, we just had normal sex. We are a conservative couple and…”


“Not in Teddy’s mind. In his sick mind, he was his mother and you were the satyr raping her ruthlessly, fucking her cunt and mouth and ass. He wanted to be that victim. Who knows, I suspect he even peeked at you to watch you, and perhaps jerked off his peanut prick while he watched. The only way to perhaps cure him is to shock him out of this by having you actually fuck him. Surly you see the logic of it.”  Every sip he took of the drug laced water put him further in my control.


“But I can’t,” he sobbed. “I can’t ass fuck my own son! I’m not gay, and I don’t even know how to do it.” 


“You just pretend he is a young beautiful girl. He has a very attractive ass for a boy, and his asshole is almost like a young girl’s cunt.  We have him on a fucking machine, trying to get his head straight, but I’m afraid he needs the real thing. Having one of the doctors or even myself fuck him, might help a little, but do you really want a strange man to ass fuck your son?  Wouldn’t you rather be the one to help him?”


He reached out to grab my arm. “But what exactly are you trying to accomplish?”


“We are trying to get him to accept that he may find pleasure and sanity through the joys of anal sex. If he learns that, he may yet live a happy life.

He may adjust so his dick becomes as irrelevant to him, as it really is. We want him to be happy, don’t you?”


“I wouldn’t even be able to get a hard prick. Look at the trouble I had even just masturbating with him.” 


“We’ll have him suck you first, and give you stimulants. That will get it hard, and then you can fuck him and shoot your load into him. I know that will help him accept who he really is.” 


In this manner, I slowly broke Teddy’s dad down until he agreed to fuck his own son. I could already manage the sales of those photos and videos, and once I had that material, imagine how I could black mail Teddy’s highly respected father.

And then, I could force father and son to do every manner of disgusting and filthy acts with each other.  I couldn’t wait to see them forced into the most obscene toilet games.


I went back to check on Teddy. He was delirious with not only discomfort but also sexual stimulation with the dildo rubbing his prostate. His body was covered with sweat and I could see his muscles straining beneath his skin. His toes curled and his chest heaved each time the twelve-inch rubber cock plowed into his stretched asshole. “How are we doing, Teddy?” I asked.  His eyes looked wild and frantic. He tried to speak to beg me for mercy, but he could not even get words out. I noticed he had taken to chewing his nice full lower cocksucker lip, and I didn’t want that or his tongue damaged. “I’m going to put something in your mouth for you to bite down on so that you don’t chew through your lip or tongue.  You see, you can’t say I don’t take good care of you.”


I produced a large jar in which a five-inch cock shaped rubber mouth gag rested in a thick yellow-white mucous liquid. I grabbed the boy’s nose until he had to open his mouth to breath, and then pulled the cock shaped plug from the jar and slid it in his mouth, quickly lashing the leather straps around his head. He tried to resist, but could do little. “There we are. Now when the sensation gets too much for you, you just bite down on this. Oh, in case you wonder about the taste, I’ve been soaking the plug in a jar filled with dog cum!”  He heaved and began to vomit, but of course with the plug half way down his throat there was nowhere for the puke to go but back down into his stomach again.  He couldn’t even choke on it.


“Be strong, Teddy, only six and a half hours left to go for today’s session. Of course on subsequent days the dildo will be thirteen and then fourteen and then fifteen inches long and your time on the table will be extended to sixteen hour sessions. I know you must be worried that your insides will be fucked raw, but we’ll have a doctor check you from time to time to make sure you are being opened up nicely, not just fucked raw. With a dick as small and grotesque as yours is, you need other assets for a healthy sex life. So tomorrow we will begin to work seriously on your nipples as well. I’ve had some success with this. You young navel cadet we picked up had a nicely developed chest but really flat disc like nipples, I’m sure you’ve seen that kind on some of the boys at your former school. Well, I am proud to say that when we finished with him, his nipples stood our three inches permanently. It was a bit freakish, and the poor things were so sensitive that the kid couldn’t even wear a shirt, but what fun we had. Now. We might not have that kind of success with your titties, but I am sure we can get a good two inch permanent nipple erection out of them. That way, you can always say to a potential sexual partner, “ I have a pathetic dick, Sir, but hey, look at my prize winning titties!” 


Teddy was still crying and snorting from the dog cum dripping from the plug in his mouth. The dildo was also filled with dog sperm, so when he bit down on it, it ejected fresh doggie fucksnot into his mouth. Well, he had to get used to the taste if he was ever going to be a true dog lover, which was also part of my plan for his future. I’d become interested in boy animal sex when I read an article on a new trend. It seems that lots of straight young men got a great thrill out of convincing their girlfriends to suck and be fucked by the dude’s pet dogs. It was a new trend just like straights ass fucking had become a big thing in high schools because the girl could not get pregnant. Apparently, this new trend involved the girl proving she really loved the boy by sucking off his dog and letting the dog ass and cunt fuck her. I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander or vice versa, so why shouldn’t faggot boys be fucked by and suck dog dick as well.


I’d started experimenting with this with young drug addicts I found living off the streets. These boys had gotten bad drug habits and were selling their bodies to earn enough for drugs, but the more wretched they became, the less they  made with their mouths and asses. Also their habits became worse and worse.  I’d pick up one of these boys, one who still had some looks about him, take him home, wash and feed him and help him recover somewhat. Of course, the kid still needed his drugs. As I said, I don’t deal directly with drugs, but I had some friends give him the doses the boy needed. And as always the need for more returned.  I then gave the boy his ultimatum. I would have the drugs provided for him free from my friends, if he would do one simple thing for me. Allow me to film him sucking the dick and getting ass fucked by a Great Dane hound in heat.


Well naturally the boy refused. At first. He gave me all the same reason’s Teddy threw at me over masturbating his dad. He was straight not gay. He didn’t have sex with dicks, and especially not animal dicks. It was disgusting, perverse, sick,

Obscene. But we kept him locked in a room and the need for the drugs overwhelmed him. We gave him just enough of a taste every now and then to actually increase his need. Eventually, he did his doggie show for us. My friends loved the show and we sold thousands of videos of it. That was the first of twenty  animal films the boy did for me. Yes, of course, it had its effect on his mind, and the drug habit only got worse, but what fun it was for us.


I could see all of this in eighteen-year old Teddy’s future.  But first, he had to be ass fucked by his own daddy. I looked at his heaving body strapped to the table with the twelve-inch rubber fucker steadily plowing into him. I moved in and turned the knobs on the machine, so it fucked deeper and faster, noting that that was rather how the big dogs fucked… really fast hard humping fucks. Teddy’s body now looked like he was getting electric shocks. He had screamed himself hoarse into the rubber plug.


Teddy’s humiliation had progressed into something else, something even more delightful and depraved.

Submitted: February 15, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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