Frank Poireau's Anatomy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Frank Poireau is a Brussels University student. Because of his quite special and exceptional anatomy, a medicine student comes to see him. Dirk Peetermans proposes a business deal to Frank. After some hesitation, the latter agrees to join the future doctor in his quite special venture...

Frank Poireau’s Anatomy

by Robur Quercus

When Frank Poireau studied at the Ixelles Royal Athenaeum, it soon became apparent that he had quite a bit of talent for mathematics, but not really for languages. After his secondary education, he went to the VUB, the Brussels University. He went for a Master's degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences. In this way, Poireau acquired a thorough knowledge of quantitative techniques. These are used to analyze current problems in the actuarial and financial world and to propose solutions.
But at the Free University of Brussels, Frank Poireau did more than just study. He wasn't a real clubber or a drinker at all. Nevertheless, Poireau was quite sociable and liked to get involved in student life.

One evening, Frank met a medicine student in café “Le Gauguin'' on the Chaussée de Boondael. This future doctor claimed that he had already heard of Poireau. Frank was astonished, and, of course, he asked for further explanation. Dirk Peetermans was a Flemish student from Antwerp. He answered with a laugh that he had heard from a girl he had fucked that Frank had slept a few times with a certain Vicky, a Classical Languages student who had made “a lot of publicity” for him. Frank Poireau immediately knew who that girl was, and what she had probably been telling to her friends.

Frank fucked Vicky in her room, sometimes up to three times in one day. The only position in which she wanted him to have sex with her was that of the missionary. Then Vicky could open her legs very wide so as not to be hurt as Frank stuck his heavy swollen cock into her pussy.
After all, even though Frank Poireau wasn't tall and you wouldn't hand it to him, in his pants he was "well-hung" to say the least. To put it bluntly: he had a big dick of exceptional proportions between his legs.

His fucking bouts with Vicky Tholan didn't last. Humping her became too tedious for him because she always wanted him to crawl on top of her and do it in the traditional way. Frank wanted some variety anyway, and he told Vicky. So, the sexual activity between Frank Poireau and Vicky Tholan deteriorated. It ended after they had a serious talk. He didn't mind, and neither did Vicky. In the meantime, she had already gained experience a few times with a law student who was more normal with regard to sexual organs, and who also liked dressing up...

It turned out that the meeting with the medical student in café “Le Gauguin” was no coincidence. Dirk Peetermans had been looking for Frank Poireau for days and days with the intention of meeting him and making him a business proposal.
Peetermans was the son of a janitor who, together with his wife, took care of the villa of wealthy diamond traders in Brasschaat, a suburb of Antwerp. His parents didn’t have much money. Dirk told Frank that he could pay for part of his medical studies at the VUB by showing his penis. Somewhere in a back room of a café, students, and especially female students, would gather. They had to pay Dirk five euros per person to see his cock. If there were less than ten candidates, his dick stayed in his pants. Dirk did not “perform” for less than fifty euros.

Now, Dirk would have liked him and Frank to become partners. That could be a good and profitable deal for both of them, he claimed, and a nice sideline.
It sounded exciting, and Frank was interested. That's what he said to the future doctor, but he was still hesitant. What Dirk wanted to do together made him think of a freakshow, like there were in county fairs. Dirk blew Frank’s worries away. To make sure their venture wouldn't fail, he wanted to see Frank Poireau's penis first. If it didn't live up to what he'd heard, it wasn't worth joining forces. Poireau had nothing against that, on condition that Peetermans would also show his genitals.

That happened. Like two little boys, they showed their cocks and their balls to each other. Peetermans also had an impressive cock, not as long as Poireau's, but when it was erected, its head was thicker than Frank's. In any case, the penises of the two students were completely outside the usual sizes. The Brussels one was quite long, the Antwerp one was about half an inch shorter but it had a slightly bigger diameter.

"There's one more thing I need to tell you before you make a final decision about whether to join me." said Peetermans.

"You don't expect anything perverse from me, do you?" Poireau asked. “And no bestialities either, I hope? In that case, look for someone else.”

"No, that's not it!" said Dirk indignantly. “It concerns private performances.”

“What do those private performances mean then?” Frank wanted to know.

“Well, there are girls who don't like to show their interest in my dick in public. Why? Mostly from a psychological point of view. They don't like to show others that a man's dick interests and excites them. They're too ashamed for that, even if it's hypocritical. Sometimes there is also a religious reason, usually with immigrant students. Anyway, after our public show, you will probably be contacted to show your anatomy to one girl, sometimes to two or three if they are best friends. Please stick to my rate: per girl, ten euros to look at your dick privately for five minutes, and after that, there is one euro per added minute. If they want to caress your willy to make it stand up, it costs another twenty euros per girl. Even if there are two or three of them, you ask twenty euros from each, regardless of whether one or all of them stick their warm hands to your penis and your balls. Again, there is a time limit: five minutes and no longer, even if they want to pay a supplement. And then there's something a little more delicate..."

“What might that be?” Frank Poireau wanted to know.

“Well, sometimes after looking and feeling it goes a little further. Then, the girl may want to masturbate you. That is possible with me, but whether you want that is up to you to decide.”

“How much are you asking to let a girl masturbate you?” Poireau asked curiously.

“Thirty euros, but not from everyone. If I like the girl she can jerk me off for less, but fifteen euros is the minimum.”

"Tell me, Dirk, at such a private screening, does it happen that a girl wants to be fucked by you?"

“Yes, Frank. It happens in about one third of the cases. After some have seen what I have to offer, they want to try the merchandise.”

“And how much does that cost them?”

"Nothing. I don't ask for money for that. I'm not a gigolo, I assure you. You should know that I only go down on a girl I like. If that's not the case, I'll carrément say “no”, even if she's hot and would like me to bang her."

Frank Poireau agreed in principle with Dirk Peetermans’ proposal. Together, Frank and Dirk caused a bushfire in the student community in Brussels when they were still studying at the VUB. Poireau had never really kept statistics but by his own estimate, there were about five hundred students, more than half of them girls, who had come to look at his dick in back rooms of student cafes, for a fee. It didn't stop there, just as his companion Dirk Peetermans had predicted. Through his performances, over the years he had studied to be an actuary, he had gotten to know a fairly large number of female students 'better', whether he allowed them to masturbate him for money, or he got into bed with them, free of charge. ...
His lucrative, hedonistic and very special student life couldn’t last. One day in June, the time had come: Frank Poireau got his university degree as an actuary, and against all odds, with distinction.
Frank Poireau fairly easily found a job once he had his degree, almost eleven years ago now. In his mother's hometown of Ghent, he was recruited at the consultancy agency “Vandermeeren, Straetemans & Partners”.
But after six months, Frank found out that the work he had to do there offered too little variety, and was even mind-numbing at times. That was one reason he resigned from VS&P. Another reason certainly was at least as important: Poireau again longed for the atmosphere of freedom and carelessness that he had known in Brussels during his studies.
Frank Poireau ended up as an actuary at “Matrix Life Insurance”. That was an American company specializing in life insurance. They had a Belgian branch in the European quarter of the city, on the Rue Archimède, not far from the Berlaymont building. These life insurance policies were only intended for very wealthy people who could pay astronomically high premiums every year. These were usually ex-pats, senior European officials, diplomats from foreign embassies, and foreign businessmen who had chosen Brussels as their base of operations. Some Belgians were also insured with Matrix Life Insurance, but there weren’t many. Most also belonged to wealthy families, active in the business world.
Frank Poireau had finally found his destination at Matrix Life Insurance. As a member of the executive staff, he would now be doing important work, gradually slipping, like so many other students who were rebels and night owls in their prime, into a quiet bourgeois existence. At least, that's what Frank Poireau thought, but that turned out a bit differently…

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Submitted: February 08, 2022

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