The white rose

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He couldn't remember having been so excited before. The woman had looked at him, just looked at him, not invitingly, not lovingly, not even amiably. She had just appraised him coldly and went on nursing her drink. Her glass shone strangely in her hand, a hand with long fingers and manicured nails. 


He imagined what her hand could do to him and felt himself harden slowly. When she smiled, an enigmatic smile with no teeth and some sparkle in her violet eyes he had reached a full erection and was eager for release. 


It was then that she approached him and without a word unzipped his trousers and took his bulging cock out only to kneel before him and suck him hungrily. He came violently, his pleasure was too intense and he abandoned himself to her ardent ministrations.


When she stood up there was a gleam in her eyes and her arms went around him. Although there were other people in the room, it was a vernissage, after all, no one had seemed to notice. He felt she was his guide and so he surrendered to her, eager to see where she would lead him.


She took his hand and they ended up in a small room, away and hidden from the public. And it was there where she undressed, standing proudly before him. He savoured the sight of her big breasts, her small waist, her rounded hips and her delicately hairy triangle and when she turned around he could marvel at the roundness of her firm buttocks. 


Something in her arose his lust and yet curbed it. He stood there feeling strange until she came near him and smiled again. He felt his desire returning and grabbed her breasts, twisting her nipples from time to time. She uttered no sound but her excitement was visible.  Emboldened he moved his hands to her sweet triangle, separated her lips and inserted two fingers into her while he also played with her erect clitoris. She shook with pleasure and convulsed under his hands.


He gave her no respite and made her rest on all fours on the white rug that made the room look luxurious.  Once she was open to him he lunged into her, working himself to a frenzy. Determined to reach even higher peaks of pleasure he withdrew suddenly and entered her anus, finding no resistance. Excited beyond his wildest expectations he kept ramming his member into her tight rosebud till he exploded into her.


She collapsed with the fury of his passion and remained on the rug for a while. Then she stood up and smiled. At that moment he felt a strong urge to leave so he put on his clothes hurriedly while she watched him silently. He didn´t want to appear rude or callous, not after so much pleasure so he said goodbye to her almost tenderly.


She took a white rose from a vase nearby and gave it to him. He took it and its aroma engulfed him, rendering him unconscious.


When he came to his senses he was all alone, she was gone. He thought he had been tricked so he checked his pockets, nothing was missing, everything was intact. The rose seemed dead and he put it back in the vase.


Once out of the room he tried to find her again to no avail. She was gone and he only had the memory of the passionate madness they had shared.


A year later the old building was put on sale and out of curiosity, he asked a friend of his, a renowned artist, about the possible reasons for this. The artist said the reasons were unknown to him but he knew something that could have prompted that decision


He beseeched his friend to tell him and this one, unable to keep the secret any longer, relented. It seemed the owner´s daughter had died of a broken heart over some sad love affair and she sometimes came back to take comfort in the arms of any man she sensed could give her pleasure.


February 7th,2022.


Submitted: February 07, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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That pleasure obviously swings both ways!

Tue, February 8th, 2022 9:39am


Haha, if someone fancies the dead or shall I say the "undead"...

Tue, February 8th, 2022 3:14am

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