A Willing Wet Nurse

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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A young man has to take care of his cousin's child sometimes. The small boy has a foreign wet nurse who breastfeeds him several times a day. After a while, the wet nurse and the young man start a sexual relationship...

A Willing Wet Nurse

by Robur Quercus

One of the first adult women I fucked was called Nadya. She was nine years older than me. Although she wasn’t very tall and quite stocky, she was rather pretty.
Nadya received unemployment benefits, but she was also a wet nurse. Before I met her, I had no idea what a wet nurse was. I didn't even know there was such an occupation. Nadya had come from Romania and lived with her whole family, her widowed father, her husband, her three brothers and Daria, another sister, all together in the same house on Old Tungerine Road, near St-George cemetery. People in the neighborhood said that they were gypsies and that Nadya's husband, her father and three brothers took turns making love to her and her sister Daria, but this was not true. Nadya told me it was purely gossip. She claimed that only her husband fucked her, but not often enough for her liking. Whatever people in the Saint-George parish said about these so-called “gypsies”, I didn't care at the time…

How did I meet Nadya? The year before, Tessy, a cousin of mine, fell pregnant. She had to marry an English teacher from St-Troyan because this man had fucked her in the back seat of his car without a condom, and she hadn't protected herself either. They got married in a hurry and moved into a house in Hove Mount that my parents had bought a few years before.

When my cousin Tessy had her child, a little boy they named Cyrus, she wanted to breastfeed him with her own breasts, but she wasn’t producing enough milk. In addition, she had to go to Alking four days a week to work there as an administrative employee for the Wallbury Real Estate Company. So, Tessy called on Nadya because she had a daughter who was only five months older than Cyrus. Nadya was getting paid to breastfeed children other than her own. My cousin dropped off her child at the Old Tungerine Road four mornings a week. She and her husband didn’t return home until about six in the evening. So, she asked me to pick up her baby from Nadya's and keep it at our home until she or her husband came to pick it up. That's what I did. I went to pick up little Cyrus daily after half-past four.

When I first came to get Cyrus, Nadya was breastfeeding him for the last time that day. She wasn't embarrassed and didn't hide her tit because I watched her do it. She had released one of her breasts from her special nursing bra. This breast was really impressive, not too big, but all smooth, round, and with a nipple all pink. Maybe it was so beautiful because it was full of milk, I thought at the time. I had a huge erection when I saw this beautiful nipple. Nadya had noticed it, but she didn't say anything about it the first time. The next day, she hadn't put on her special bra. Instead, she had put on a loose blouse in which she had cut holes with scissors and from which her tits were sticking out. Did she do this on purpose, to turn me on? Anyway, it was still the same thing: I had a huge erection. I tried to hide my hard cock between my tight thighs. I didn't really know how to do it the way I wanted. Nadya had seen what I was trying to do and she laughed. She got up and put Cyrus in his stroller. Then she took her naked breasts out of her blouse and presented them to me.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked, a smile on her face.

I was stunned and didn't know what to say to her. She came towards me and without being shy she grabbed my stiff cock between my legs.

“Go ahead, don't be shy,” she laughed. “I also want a good fuck from a charming young man like you. I'm sure it will do me good. I have a good husband, but he doesn't spend enough time fucking me. In addition, this can now be done without problems. As long as I am breastfeeding, I cannot get pregnant."

The first time Nadya and I had sex, we were standing, she with her back leaning against the wall. Before starting to fuck, Nadya warned me:

“Don't try to get me wet by playing with my breasts. Now that I am breastfeeding, they are extremely sensitive. You can suck my nipples if you want, like your little nephew, but take it easy, please."

I was at least four inches taller than her and had to bend my knees every time I pushed my cock into her fuckhole. Her pussy gradually swelled and Nadya got very wet between her legs. Her wet snatch was all soft inside and very hot. She wasn't really squeezing my stiff cock. It looked as if I was moving with my tail in a semblance of soft dough while fucking the wet nurse.

Nadya told me later that she already had three children, so she no longer had a “young kitten” between her legs. It never bothered me, I must say. I was glad that she allowed me to screw her. The first time I humped Nadya, after only a few minutes, I squirted my cum into her hot and wet pussy. She wasn't disappointed that I didn't bring her to orgasm. That did happen the next few times, but not every time. In order to make Nadya come, we didn't fuck standing anymore, but we sat on a chair, she on my lap facing me, or we lay down on the small sofa. This last position was a bit difficult, as my legs actually found little support when I lay down on Nadya while I banged her. I couldn't stick my cock hard enough and deep enough into her puss. And hard, she liked it, the more I hit passionately and deep in her pussy with my cock, the better she liked it.

After that first time when I had come too quickly, I controlled myself so well that I knew how to give Nadya an orgasm, almost every time. It was remarkable that the closer Nadya got to her orgasm, the more she sweated. Sometimes sweat ran down her breasts. I don’t know why. As I slowly rubbed the G-spot in Nadya's pussy with my swollen and hard penis, she moaned in pure pleasure. It didn't take long for her to orgasm.

One day, Nadya asked me if I wanted to suck her nipples. It really made her extremely horny and caused a crazy need to be fucked, she said. I did suck her nipples for a few minutes, but it disappointed me. I had this lukewarm breast milk in my mouth, a dense, slightly sweet, sticky liquid that I didn't really like. Sucking on Nadya’s nipples only happened once. For the remaining time of our relationship, I was allowed to gently caress her tits and massage them a little. It had the effect on Nadya that it has on the majority of women: she got quite wet after a while and wanted me to stick my cock into her gaping snatch.

After about five weeks of breastfeeding by Nadya, Cyrus suddenly had unstoppable diarrhea. Carrot juice didn’t help, and the child started losing weight. My cousin panicked. She took little Cyrus to a pediatrician. This doctor's diagnosis was that the diarrhea was probably caused by breastfeeding. As a result, my cousin no longer deemed it appropriate to nurse her baby on Nadya's breasts.

Nadya didn't like it when she heard why she was no longer allowed to breastfeed Cyrus. It even annoyed her so much that the situation completely cut her off from me. When I met her when she was going shopping or picking up her children from school, Nadya didn't even look at me anymore.....

© Robur Quercus 2019

Submitted: February 06, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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A very lucky young man!

Mon, February 21st, 2022 7:25pm


Such things happen.

Mon, February 21st, 2022 11:28am

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