Employee Ethics

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Lady_Lynette a disposed member of European Royalty is confronted with the problem of a slave/ employee in serious need of direction, discipline, and motivation.


Timothy  arrived at work late, which was not all that uncommon for him. Tossing a few Good mornings and some half hearted apologies for his tardiness.


The job was a good one: personal assistant to Lady_Lynette , a very attractive, disposed Lynettel lInwardly Timothy winced. He knew he would have to shape up but he did not want to lose this job. 


He still remembered he, of his own free will, had chosen Lady_ Lynette as his Mistress and Queen. The polished silver band around his neck was more than a collar. The silver represented he had priority over her other submissive and slaves. ?.


He should conform, he truly needed to follow her rules and honor the contract he signed with her and her manor. He knew it, yes, but actually doing so was the problem. 


In previous jobs he had been able to slide by in certain areas because of tolerant Superiors who also did a lot of frowning but never took action.Lady_ Lynette he was coming to believe, was not such a boss. She was  pleased with the quality of his work, which was generally very good; she mentioned several times her displeasure with tardiness, procrastination, and general untidiness. He had only had the job for a few months and had already received three such warnings and a note in his file.


He really did want to change, particularly since he needed this job to support himself, a jack of all trades,  now, he figured that he'd better get in line before he was an unemployed shifter moving from day job to day job.rather than an employed domestic male maid and a home health aide.


As he strolled past Christy, the 35 -year-old blond and beautiful submissive who assisted them, she smiled only slightly and nervously before scurrying off to run some errand. As he watched her leave, a nervous flutter hit his stomach and his attention turned away from Christy's fine bottom  and returned to his lateness. I'm in trouble today and she knows something, he thought. Oh shit.


Sitting down he felt a slight weakness of knees and dryness of mouth. Fired? No, he could not be getting fired because he would change, Lady Lynette wouldn't terminate him. He really would change his ways. Please, please, please. He would beg and plead as he had to receive his collar from his Goddess Queen and Mistress.


"Timothy," she said with that slight Celtic  accent which he normally found so alluring. "We need to talk about some issues. I have to make a phone call and then I'll call you in so don't go anywhere." With that she strode into her own office and closed the door.


The fluttering in Timothy's stomach suddenly turned into a cold sinking feeling that settled somewhere between his balls and his behind. Damn. Even if he got to keep his job, he had the feeling that Judgment Day had arrived and he would either have to shape up or ship out.


After ten minutes of pretending to review his workload, the intercom on his phone beeped and Lynette  summoned him in. Aware that his hands were slightly trembling, he headed in to find his boss leaning back in her chair looking thoughtful.


"Please have a seat," she said. As he sat, she paused to answer her own intercom. As she discussed something with a colleague, Timothy took in the situation and it scared him. For one thing, she had him dead to rights and he knew it. For another, her striking good looks were matched by equally striking attitudes. The athletic 66 year old Widow was known to be very nice but very firm, particularly with men. She often said (according to office rumors) that "I love them dearly, but most of them need direction."


The phone conversation was over. The eyes, a mixture of will and compassion, turned on him.


"Several times now I've spoken to you about problems with your work ethic," she began. "And now it's to the point where I have to take action." It is time you were introduced to the Board of Ethics.


He cleared his voice to speak but she raised a strong, slender hand to cut him off.Steven, I don't want to hear your excuses, and your lies.


"No Timothy, " she said. "You're going to say you're sorry and I'm sure you are. You'll say that you will change and I'm sure you want to." She paused. "But you've said those things before and they never  happen, do they?"


Timothy shook his head glumly.


"Okay then," she continued, leaning forward. "Now at this point I should probably let you go but I don't want to do that. I like you Timothy and I think you have terrific potential but you need discipline in your life. You need it here and you need it for your personal life. you'll never get anywhere."


He nodded. This was a speech he'd heard before from numerous sources.


"The problem being, Timothy, that you don't seem able to apply that discipline yourself and the types that I can give through the company haven't worked either. So if you want to continue in  this job your discipline will come from me and it will be unofficial but I imagine quite effective. I will teach you how to conduct yourself and when you fail I will deal with you myself. I'm willing to do this because I understand that young men sometimes need to be led by the hand and occasionally put over a matronly knee.


Uh oh. Timothy hadn't heard that speech for a good number of years.


"I am not making this offer because I enjoy hurting people or want to abuse you, Timothy. But the fact is that my only other recourse is to replace you " 


Well, that pretty much laid it out in the open. Timothy flashed through several emotions at once: fear of being fired, fear of being spanked, and fear of the fact that the idea of his  boss spanking him had already sparked an impressive erection. As he had many times in the past, Timothy found himself submitting to a strong female will and placing himself in her hands.


"Okay," he answered in barely a whisper.


"Good," Lynette said. "Now get back to work. Finish today's projects as well as yesterday's. By the time you get that done it should be around...seven? Yes. Seven is when we'll get started. I'll be in meetings all day so I won't be around, but I expect the work to be done. At seven I'll be here and so will you. You'll get what you deserve for your behavior so far and we'll set some ground rules and a plan for the future. Okay?"


"Yes ma'am," he replied while standing and turning to leave. She followed, then hurried off to a meeting with a notebook in her hand.


The day passed. Timothy poured himself into his work like a madman while his thoughts raced around in his head. Over and over he tried to put his mind in order and forget about what was coming but to no avail. After five pm the place began to thin out as people went home. By seven the second floor was completely empty.


Lynette entered the room, looking haggard from a day of meetings. At the sight of her, Timothy's heart began beating more rapidly and that cold sinking feeling returned.


"Just give me a moment, Timothy," she said as she headed for her door. "And please lock our door."


Like a shamefaced, nervous schoolboy, he moved to the outer office door and turned the lock. From Lynette's office he could hear her making dinner plans with someone. Then there was silence.


"All right, come in."


Trying to get a handle on his nerves, Timothy took a few deep breaths and walked into her office. She pointed at the door and he closed and then locked it.


She was still wearing the snug-fitting gray skirt down to her knees along with black pantyhose, Timothy was experiencing another erection as he imagined himself kneeling before her kissing and licking her hosed feet.  but had removed her jacket leaving only a white blouse. She looked, in no uncertain terms, stunning, and Timothy once again felt the pulse of an erection mounting.


At her direction he took a seat. She explained to him then the new rules. From now on he would be on time to work and would complete his projects promptly. He would report to her regularly about what, how, and when he was doing so that she could properly instruct and correct him. If he failed to do these things she would decide upon and dish out the appropriate punishment. "Do you understand?" she asked.


He nodded.


"All right then, let's do this." She stood and made her way around the desk. She had removed her pumps and now stood only on her stocking-clad slim feet. She had also picked up a large flat brush from the desk. "Take your shoes and socks off," she ordered.


As he complied she went to an antique wooden chair which she kept in a corner as decoration. It was tall, had no arms, and creaked slightly as she placed it near the center of the room.


"Now take off your pants and underwear", she ordered. Her demeanor was growing more and more serious by the moment.


He undid his slacks, slid them to the floor, and stepped out of them. The gray athletic boxer shorts followed them. Timothy stood there now, feeling more exposed and nervous than perhaps ever before, particularly since his organ was still partially erect and free from it's cage. His testicles were free of their collar as well.


Lynette, however, did not seem to notice this as she sat down on the chair after pulling her skirt up until he could see a hint of white panty beneath.


"Come here," she commanded as she brandished the brush.


He did as he was told. She spread her legs apart and indicated that he should kneel down between them which he also did. Then she patted her left leg suggestively.


"All right, over you go."


Timothy then found himself being led over her knee, which was warm, muscular, and due to the stocking felt strangely erotic  against his skin. His penis was now causing some discomfort and he wiggled a bit to adjust himself.


"Hold still"


He was supporting himself with his hands against the floor, his legs extended out on the other side of her leg: all in all a very embarrassing  position. His heart began to jump a bit and his breathing got heavier.


"Just relax," she told him firmly, "and hold position while I'm spanking. The more you struggle and the louder you are, the worse I'll make it" Then she draped her right leg over his, effectively pinning him in place. She rubbed his buttocks for a few moments and then began slapping lightly with the brush.


Just when he had gotten used to the slight stinging, Timothy heard a loud SMACK as she delivered a healthy swing. The sound was immediately followed by a flash of hot pain on his left buttock and he gasped. A similar blow to the right cheek did the same.


She kept up that intensity for about five more strokes and then began to spank very hard and very quickly. Unable to remain silent any longer, Timothy began to cry openly. His entire bottom felt like it was on fire and the spanks kept coming. Sobs escaped from his lips and his legs began to twitch.


"Hold still," she said firmly. "You deserve this and more and you'll get more." As if to emphasize her point she began to hit harder, making her way across both of his buns in a methodical pattern. His crying grew louder and he winced at the harder blows.


"Please," he choked. "I'm sorry."


"Good," she said without ceasing. "You need to be, now be quiet and take it."


Eventually he began to relax. The pain was still almost unbearable, but struggling wouldn't help him so he simply laid there and sobbed while she administered the punishment.


The spanks became less frequent, then lighter. Finally she stopped, letting him relax and cry for a few moments. Her hands massaged his rump soothingly and when she finally spoke there was some kindness mixed with the stern.


"That's it, Timothy, you're all done," she said. "Don't get up just yet, though. Rest a bit. She removed her leg from around his and he tried to calm down while his tears subsided.


"Are you going to work with me the way we agreed?"


"Yes ma'am."


"And you understand that we'll do this again whenever you don't?'


"Yes ma'am."


"All right, then up you go."


He stood up slowly, every motion bringing a fresh round of hot pain below. He put his boxers and pants back on, another painful process. Lynette allowed him time in silence to clean his face in the sink of her small washroom. When he had finished they left the office together. She headed off in her BMW to dinner with one companion or another, while he took his less impressive Beretta back to an apartment where he could hastily assemble a much-needed icepack. Before putting his shock collar and chastity device back where Lady_Lynette had placed them during the collar ceremony.


 If this kind of motivation couldn't get him to change, he thought, then he really had problems.


Submitted: February 03, 2022

© Copyright 2023 M. L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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