The Test

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Jake's dad is only trying to help him by not letting him date girls and by controlling his orgasms.

The Test by dale10


(This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older. The author does not condone the activities in this fantasy.)




Jake stood at attention. The 18-year old was naked. He had a beautifully formed, athletic teenage body. He was on the swim team at high school, and all the exercise had given him a flat tummy, nicely developed pecs with two large pink nipples, great shoulders, and a fucking magnificent ass. At his father’s insistence, Jake had very little body hair for a boy his age. He was allowed a tiny triangular patch of pubic hair and sprouts of hair beneath his armpits, that was all. The rest of his beautiful young body had to remain totally hairless. It was inspected by his dad weekly.


Jake had a very large penis for a boy of 18.  It was quite thick and hung six inches even in its flaccid state. Erect, it stood out proudly at eight inches over big loose hanging hairless balls. Jake knew these measurements because his father measured the teenage cock every few weeks.


Jake’s father was quite unusual. Well more than that, he was crazy. Jake had decided this some time ago. When Jake’s mom had died, his dad had gone bonkers. He displayed a kind of contempt for women.  He had developed strange habits and hobbies and sexual interests. He hung around with a weird group of guys and never dated girls, even though his wife had passed eight years ago, when Jake was ten.


The worst thing was he had forbidden Jake to date girls. He told the handsome kid that he had to concentrate on school and sports. That wasn’t so bad when the boy was ten, but as he grew older and his buddies all began to date girls and then kiss and pet and eventually fuck, Jake felt really left out. He was never allowed to go to school dances or mixed school functions. His dad told him it was for his own good.


“The last thing you need, Jake is for you to shove your dick into some cunt and get the bitch pregnant! It would ruin your whole life. I don’t believe you are mature enough to control your dick. When you can prove to me you are mature enough and have discipline over your dick, then you can date girls.”


And so, the tests had begun. The tests were humiliating affairs, especially since Jake’s dad allowed his buddies to attend and watch and even participate. At first the test was done only once every six months, but then once a month, and now every few weeks. But today’s test was special. It was for Jake’s eighteenth birthday. If Jake passed the test, he would be allowed to date girls “occasionally,” his father had said. The test would prove that Jake was adult enough to be responsible with a “young bitch,” and not ruin his whole life by “breeding the cunt.”


Jake wanted to be a good son, and in many ways, his dad was great. Yes, he had some really odd ideas, like he wanted Jake to be naked when the boy was home around the house. He said it was healthy for a growing boy. Jake had to do his homework, play video games, watch tv, even eat his meals totally nude. His father said he had to keep an eye on the boy. Yes, Jake felt embarrassed, especially when his dad had buddies over to play poker or watch games on the tv.

His dad’s buddies all seemed to take a great interest in how the teen’s body was developing. They would feel his muscles and comment on things like how nice the boy’s nipples looked.


Being a normal teenage boy, Jake would get aroused at times, without much control of where or when. When this happened in front of his dad or his dad’s buddies, he felt so ashamed. The guys just laughed it off as normal teen horniness.


There were other odd rules, like for instance, Jake was not allowed to close the bathroom door when he had to use the toilet. His father would often stand and watch the boy piss or have a bowel movement.  I should explain that Jake’s dad was adamant that the kid not masturbate except under controlled conditions.  He said, excessive emptying of the balls was harmful to a boy and showed lack of control of the dick. This is why he could not allow Jake to date, he might lose control and fuck a girl.


All of this seemed insane to Jake and as he got older, it became more and more disturbing. He had normal sexual drives, even higher it seemed than some boys. His father began to feel Jake’s ball sack when he returned from school to check if the boy had masturbated during the school day. If it seemed as if young Jake had masturbated, he was punished. Right in front of his dad’s buddies, Jake was whipped with a rod on his ass and dick and balls. How humiliating and horrible for a boy of 18. Not only were his ass cheeks whipped until they were a dark red or even purple, but he had to hold his ass cheeks open so he could be whipped in the ass crack and right on the asshole itself. Sometimes, he hadn’t jerked off at all, and he swore to his dad that he was innocent, but his dad punished him anyway. His ass was so sore at times, he had trouble sitting at his desk at school.


Sometimes, at night, Jake cried. His buddies all had girlfriends and were fucking them and getting their dicks sucked, and Jake, who was horny as hell all the time, had no release. Recently Jake had started to rub himself off in his sleep, turning his strong young body onto his belly and rubbing the sheets until he leaked and eventually shot in his sleep. For his own good, his father had begun to tie Jake into his bed at night on his back, with no cover over his young body to rub on his teenage prick. Jake felt like a prisoner. His dad was always very kind in his punishments and discipline, assuring the boy it was for his own good.


What young Jake almost hated the most about being naked around the house, was not even the almost nightly visits by his dad’s friends. It was when he was forced to answer the door naked. He never knew who would be there. Jake’s dad would order pizza and make Jake go to the door when it was delivered. And he knew full well that some of the boys from Jake’s school worked at the pizza parlor and delivered the food. Jake almost cried, he did cry in fact, when one of the jocks from his school was there holding the pizza box and soft drink, staring open mouthed at the totally naked 18-year old.  Jake was not allowed to cover his dick and balls with his hands. His dad said sissy boys did that, and an athlete should be proud of his body. Jake just trembled and felt sick to his stomach when the doorbell rang. His dad has stuff delivered all the time. The UPS drivers saw him totally naked, and the mailman, and all kinds of people.


But the worst were the tests. Those fucking tests that now happened weekly or even twice a week. Stupid, senseless tests, that not only totally degraded Jake but almost drove him sexually nuts.  The main test was that Jake had to maintain a full leaking hardon for six or eight hours at a time without shooting his load. That meant he had to edge, constantly pumping and fingering his young fucker without reaching a climax. It was painful… his dick ached and his balls throbbed. His Dad and friends would check his penis to make sure there was some dick leak on the head. He had to keep it wet. The feeling in his fucker and nuts almost drove him nuts, to the point that he wished he had no sexual drive at all. But it got worse.

Jake’s Dad had the boy watch really filthy porno videos and masturbate, but he was not allowed to cum. Long strings of cock slime hung from his swollen dickhead, and the guys took photos of him that way and sent them out to their friends. Jake wanted to object, but his father said he had to treat the men with respect. The videos were obscenely filthy. Ten guys shooting their loads into the mouths of teenage girls and covering their faces with sperm. Guys double fucking girls, and girls taking dude’s hands up their pussies and assholes.


Privately, Jake sobbed to his father, begging him to be allowed to cum. But his dad became even more strict. He put a plastic cock cage on Jake’s dick to wear to school. When Jake changed in and out of his sports gear, he had to make sure the other boys didn’t see the chastity device. He wouldn’t shower with the other boys and began to feel like a freak. His dick leaked almost constantly, even in his jeans at school. His dad wouldn’t let him wear underwear with the cock cage, so when his dick leaked, large stains would form on his jeans.


His father stepped up the tests. Every day, as soon as Jake got home from school, the cage was removed and he had to begin masturbating. He would have to masturbate until bedtime. His father issued a strict warning that until he could learn to control his dick, he would not be allowed to date cunt.


The guys at school, seeing how weird Jake was acting, began to hang with him less and less, and the poor boy avoided even talking to girls, cause his cock in the cage hurt so badly when it tried to erect.


His father replaced the cock cage with an even smaller one, this one only two inches long. The boys big meaty dick had to be stuffed into the contraption. His father also began to put a device on the boy’s nut sack, forcing his big balls painfully down into the bottom of the ball bag. He told the boy it was so his nuts couldn’t rise and he couldn’t inadvertently lose a load. The dad’s buddies took great interest in looking at and handling Jake’s various chastity devices. The loved to fondly the boy’s and see if they could cause the dick to try to erect in the cage by flicking and pinching the young jock’s nipples.


Jake found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything. When the cage was off and he was leaking, he was terrified to even touch his swollen dick for fear he would have an orgasm. His dad warned the boy that if he shot a load without permission, not only would he not be allowed to date for another year, but he would be forbidden to go away to college.


And then came the night when his dad and six of his buddies told Jake they were concerned about Jake’s prostate. They told the boy that if the prostate was stimulated, it could cause a boy to shoot his load, and this worried them. They felt Jake had to also learn how to manage and keep control of his prostate. Jake cried and told them that he had no problem with that, and to please not make his situation any worse. But they insisted on “helping” him.


They put a bedsheet on the dining room table, and set up video cameras around it. They made the naked and humiliated teenage boy lie on his back on the table. The kid felt like he was in an operating room in a hospital.


“Dad, what are all the cameras for?” the terrified boy asked with a trembling voice.


“We are taping and also live streaming your training to several other groups who are also interested in the control and discipline of the pricks of young men and boys. You may be contributing valuable scientific information, so you should be proud, Jake.”


The teenager was told to keep has hands away from his dick. The cage and ball restraints were removed, and jock prick lengthened and thickened almost at once. The boy’s shaved balls felt heavy and swollen. They began to ache.


“All right, Son, spread your legs and bring your knees up to your chest.”  Jake knew that this would completely reveal his eighteen-year old asshole to the cameras and the men standing around the table. He protested and was soundly slapped by his dad. “Don’t embarrass me in front of my friends, and all the men watching!” 


Then, Jake’s father set a jar of lube on the table and also set down a nine-inch long, horrifically thick rubber dildo. “This first time, we will allow you to use lube, but eventually you will have to learn to stimulate your prostate dry, or using only your own natural juices. Remember, the object here is to arouse you through your prostate, but to keep control of your dirty horny teenage pecker. Look at that big fucking thing. It’s hard and leaking already! How can you ever date a cunt?”


“But Dad, it’s hard and leaking because you keep me aroused, but I haven’t been allowed to cum for months,” the boy cried, tears welling up in his beautiful eyes. 


“Just relax and do as you’re told. Remember this is for your own good. Zack, Arnie, can you maybe help my son relax a bit, so he can do this?” 


Openly chuckling, Zack and Arnie stepped up and began to play with Jake’s nipples. This sent jolts of sensation through the teen and his whole body bucked on the table. They tugged, twisted, pinched and flicked the boy tits.


“Please… please don’t… please don’t!” Jake cried.  Meanwhile his father began to finger the kid’s asshole. Jake began to bring his legs together, and in response, his balls were soundly smacked. He groaned and spread his knees wider.


“Now Jake, I’ll help you get started, but you have to learn to help yourself. You have to learn to do these things yourself. I can’t baby you all the time.”  The teen’s father pinched the boy’s ass lips, squeezing and feeling the flesh of the puckered hole. He had of course been making the boy shave his asshole daily, and now he took a close look to make sure there were not stray hole hairs.


“The cameras may want to get a good close look at your asshole, Jake, so be very still.”  It was not easy since the two other men were still playing with his teen boy tits. Jake’s prick was rock hard and leaking like crazy… stings and puddles of pre-fuck coating his hard, young stomach.


Making sure the cameras could catch everything, Jake’s dad began to insert one forefinger into the kid’s asshole. Jake began to grunt and groan and his teen body bucked even harder. “I’m proud of you son…” the man said, drilling his finger as deep as possible up his son’s ass.


“It hurts, Dad. It hurts,” Jake groaned.


“Nonsense, you’ve shit turds larger than my finger. Don’t be a baby. I am going to add a second finger now. Keep those knees spread wide.”  Jake’s toes curled, and it was lovingly caught by cameras, as his dad drilled a second finger in and out of the asshole.


Time stood still for the poor boy. Everything blurred, as cameras were brought in close to catch pictures and videos of his sobbing face. One of the watching men leaned in and flicked the wet head of the boy’s dick. It vibrated and a squirt of pre-fuck shot out. Much laughter ensued. A third finger up his ass followed the previous two, and his father could now begin to stretch the anal canal.


“You feel this, Son? This is your prostate. If we rub that, it will make your dick want to shoot, so that is what we have to learn to control. Well, I think your asspussy is loose enough, so now we are going to put you to work.” 

The man pulled out of his son’s fuckhole, wiped his fingers on the bedsheet, and handed Jake the jar of lube and the dildo.


“Lube it up good son, the first time is always the most painful.” 


“Dad, Please, do I have to?” the boy half asked, half begged, totally broken by the humiliation and the pain.


“Yes, Son, you have to. Remember, I love you, and this is for your own good.”


Jake began to lower his legs, but a short sharp slap made him keep them up against his chest and spread. They began to throb from the strain. He spread the lube up and down the huge rubber dick. He would never be able to get such a large object up his ass. They were all insane!


“Dad, I can’t do this. I just can’t!”  the teen jock protested.


“You can, and you will. Otherwise you will never be allowed to date girls.”

Everyone in the room except for Jake laughed. ”Just place the head of the big rubber cock at your asshole opening and work it in.”


It was a fucking nightmare. The dildo head was as big as a plumb. How could the boy’s tight teenage asshole accommodate it?


“Push, Son! Don’t be a fucking pussy! Don’t be a little faggot! Show us you can take it!”  The cameras watched the eighteen-year old jock trying to push the rubber cock up his tight boy asshole. He groaned and wheezed and cried.”


“Please, Dad, it’s not fair!” the boy sobbed.


“Life’s not fair, Son. Now, push that fucker inside of you!” 


All at once there was an audible ‘pop’ and the head of the dildo broke into the ass pucker. The head went into the hole! Jake screamed. He felt as if his asshole were torn. “It’s too thick. It’s ripping me!”


“It’s just fine. Push that fucker in deep. Shove it as deep as you can!”  Some men applauded as the rubber dick entered the boy’s ass. It was fucking him. The boy was being ass fucked by a dildo. What was even more humiliating for Jake, was that he was being made to fuck himself.  On the cameras, it would look as if he were doing this for his own pleasure, like he was some perverted faggot.


He wanted it to be over. He just wanted it to be over, so he slammed as much of the rubber dick up into his guts as he could. The pain was blinding.


“Good boy, Son. Harder, deeper, that’s the way!  We’ll be working on your prostate and hold three times a week from now on. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Your mother used to scream that my dick was too big for her cunt, but after a while, she got used to it. Same with her asshole!  Now begin to fuck yourself, so it rubs on your prostate. This is the test. We want you to excite your prostate but control it enough so you don’t cum.”


The boy was out of his head with pain and humiliation. He fucked the dildo up into his bowels, not even caring any longer if his anal passage was ripped to shreds. And it was true, there was something like a knot down deep inside of him that when rubbed but the rubber cock, made his dick respond. His teen cock thumped on his belly, splashing the lake of pre-fuck. Zack and Arnie had stepped back to allow the cameras better access, but not before they had placed two strong metal clamps on the boy’s titty-buds.


“Deeper, harder, Son!  You’ve got to conquer this. We’ve got a long way to go. This is the smallest of six dildos we’ve got. Every few days, as your pussy accommodates, we’ll move on to a larger size.”


His pussy?  Did Jake have a pussy?  Would he ever be allowed to date girls? Would he ever be allowed to cum? Would he go out of his mind and have to be institutionalized?Jake hated sex. He hated girls. He hated the feelings and longings in his teenage body. He just wanted it all to stop!


And then a terrible thing happened. His young, strong body bucked once more, and a great stream of cum shot from the pisshole of his dick. He screamed in agony and ecstasy.  Two, three, four, huge gushes of cum shot up into the air and landed back on his stomach and chest and face. He roared like a wild animal, and twisted on the table, the large rubber cock lodged up his ass. His body jerked and twitched. Eventually, after many more twitches and jerks, he lay still spent and exhausted.


“You see, Son, you failed. You are not ready to date. Now we have to start all over again, only this time, I will have to be much stricter with you. But we have discovered something useful. You respond strongly to anal stimulation, so we need to work on anal discipline as well as penis discipline. You may, in fact, be a faggot and never even knew it. Don’t worry, I still love you, and will work with you to conquer this. I think you should keep the dildo up your asscunt for the rest of the day. And we’ll start you masturbating without spending your load once again. You have lots of fans now, Jake, who are in your corner, and they will pitch in and offer suggestions on how to help you. One already suggested a smaller, one inch cock cage when you are at school.  And another offered the idea that you might wear a butt plug up your asspussy in school. I think that is a splendid idea, don’t you? Just put all of this silly nonsense about girls out of your head. Tell me son, have you ever thought about sucking cock?” 

Submitted: February 03, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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