Molly the New Secretary

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

This story is loosely based on true events with some embellishments to add to the fun!

was happy in my new job. Fancy being a senior executive with my own secretary, or personal assistant as she preferred to be called; and Molly was a good looking girl, in her mid-twenties with a strong and, he had to admit it, rather sexy personality.


If she had a fault though it was a tendency to dash off at precisely 4.29 to go to the hairdressers, the gym or wherever girls spent their time these days. I never knew. And when she dashed off she invariably failed to log off her computer properly. Didn't she know the security rules! I sighed yet again and went to log off for her. The computer was even open at her e-mail in-box. I would never have opened one of her mails, but I couldn't help noticing that the latest one was titled 'Man of the Month'. Was this some new monthly company award I’d never heard of? I decided to tackle Molly about it the next day when I told her off yet again for leaving her computer on.


'And what's this Man of the Month thing I've never heard of?' I asked her next morning, 'some kind of monthly award?'


Molly burst out laughing.


'In a manner of speaking you could say that. If you promise, promise, promise not to let anyone know I've let you in on the secret, I'll forward it on to you'.


'I promise', I said how could I do otherwise I was so intrigued.


Molly pressed the key to forward it.


'And don't open it till I've gone' she added.


I couldn't wait until 4.29 when Molly with a knowing grin departed leaving me to open the e-mail. It consisted of a single attachment and it was circulated to all the secretaries in the office. The attachment was labelled 'My Man' and was sent by Trixie, one of the young secretaries in the Finance Department. I opened it up and gasped. It was headed by a large full frontal picture of a naked man captioned 'My BF' and it was accompanied by a little story about him, his manly attributes and Trixie that left little to the imagination.


I tackled Molly about it the next day.


'Oh', she said, evidently embarrassed at having sent it at all, 'it's a little thing the girls do. A bit of fun you know, every month we take it in turns to circulate a picture of a man and a story about him. He doesn't have to be in the nuddy she added, but somehow it's got so he usually is. You know what girls are like'


Somehow I decided I didn't really know what girls were like.


'And what do the boyfriends, husbands or whatever think about it?' I asked.


'Good God, nobody tells them' said Molly, 'and you mustn't let on I've told you about it!'


Not for the first time, I wondered at the double standards between men and women. If men had circulated pictures like that they'd have been sacked for misuse of the e-mail system. But even the MD's hallowed PA's name was on the circulation list!


Molly smiled to herself as if she had just had an idea who would make a good subject for the next man of the month.  I wondered who it would be.


I  had to go to Berlin on business. It was not a good trip. The flight was late, so late that I didn't get to the hotel until eleven o'clock. I was so shattered I just tore my clothes off and jumped in the shower. I jumped again when I came out of the shower stark naked, as did the two girls just coming in through the door into my room.


‘Was machst du?’ A rather formidable looking girl with Teutonic blonde hair stared at me with her hands on her hips.


‘Sorry…. I er…. I mean…’


Oh heck.  I had nothing on and the girls were rather intimidating.


‘You are English?’ It sounded more like an accusation than a question.


‘Er… yes… but…’. I had no clothes on.  They could see my penis and I just couldn’t think what to say.


‘Helga!  Fetch the management.’


‘Jawohl Fräulein Schwanzgucker,’ and Helga scurried out.


‘Can I ask what you are doing in my room?’


‘I… I er…. I’ve got no clothes on…’ it was the only thing I could think about, and Fräulein Schwanzgucker with her German accent was so intimidating.


‘That is hardly an adequate explanation.’


‘But… you can see my penis.’  Why did I say that!  Why did I draw attention to my penis.  It was the only thing I could think about and I was standing in the door of the bathroom stark naked with my penis on display.


‘That I can hardly avoid as you appear intent on showing it to me.  Ah!  Helga.’


Helga had returned towing a mousy girl in her wake.  Evidently the receptionist.


Fräulein Schwanzgucker looked at her in disdain.


‘Please to remove this person from my room.’


The receptionist looked abashed


‘Sorry Sir but it appears your assistant failed to guarantee your room for late arrival and it had been given to this lady.’


‘But… but…’


‘I must ask you to remove this person immediately.’


“Yes Fräulein Schwanzgucker.  Immediately Fräulein Schwanzgucker.  Please Sir this way Sir.”


‘But I’ve got no clothes on.’


‘Indeed Sir. That is not a problem Sir.  I suggest you may wait in reception Sir.  I will fetch your clothes down Sir.’


And the next thing I knew I was out in the corridor stark naked and the door slammed behind me.  Raised voices came from within the room.  What was I to do?  Oh yes.  I scurried down to reception.  Fortunately it was now past midnight and very few people were about.  The best I could do was stand at the desk so only my rear was visible quaking with embarrassment.  Five minutes later the receptionist returned and threw my things on the floor.


‘Get out my hotel,’ she yelled.  No more ‘Sir’.  It appeared that she blamed me entirely for the débâcle.


I picked up my clothes and ran out into the street.  I could get dressed at last.


Bloody Molly, she hadn't confirmed my room for late arrival. And I’d been thrown out on the street stark naked.


Ensconced after much difficulty in a new hotel.  Molly would have to be reprimanded- but how. I thought I’d better explain what had happened.  When she knew the embarrassment she had caused she would be mortified. So I e-mailed an account of my travails to Molly. I didn't like to scold, so I made it humorous, but at the same time pointed out that my room should have been confirmed.  I felt that to press the point home I had to explain in detail the entirety of my embarrassment.


Molly replied that she just fell about laughing at hearing of the nude encounter. She finished by regretting that she hadn’t got an illustrated version! 


In retrospect I don’t know why I did it. I knew her comment was just her sense of humour, but it seemed a funny idea at the time, and Molly was such a good sport. Using my laptop I took a photo of myself naked in the doorway of the bathroom, and out of discretion and for decency's sake of course I put big black squares over my face and naughty bits. I smiled to myself as I sent it off. She'd never recognise me. She'd just think it was some picture off the internet! How she'd laugh!





Molly was amazed to receive the document. And Joe had been right. How she laughed at what was revealed when she went into Edit Picture and removed the black squares to restore the picture to its original glory.  Bosses, she thought, bless them, they never really knew how these programs worked.



There he was completely starkers.  Of course she’d recognised him immediately.  She’d presumed he would have kept his underpants on, but no, he’d taken the picture completely nude. 


She looked at the picture for a full ten minutes. Full frontal! Nice willy! Yes, very nice. She was a lucky girl. Not many secretaries got to know what their boss's willy looked like.


She e-mailed back making sure to include the now restored picture.  And included for his benefit a few compliments about it.




Oh my gosh!  She’d returned the picture with no black squares and oh no! What was that she said ‘…you’ve got a lovely willy and a fine figure.  And here’s me thinking you were so shy.  I would say you should get a professional nude portrait done, but I know you’d be too embarrassed.’


A professional nude portrait!  Too embarrassed.  I couldn’t have her thinking that. I had had a nude portrait done on a recent trip to Paris (as described in the story The Nude Model).  All thoughts of reprimanding Molly gone, I wrote the story The Nude Model, and sent it to her.  And to my eternal embarrassment, because flattery had got her everywhere, I attached the nude portrait,






Molly stared at the reply in disbelief.  He had described his experience as a ‘’Nude Model’ in graphic detail.  She howled with laughter.  Professional portrait indeed!  The magazine with the advert pointed out had clearly been left in the hotel room by the ‘lady photographer’ on purpose to trap some naive and gullible idiot into stripping naked and cavorting round her living room in the nude.  And he had fallen for it.  Still, it was a nice picture and he did have a nice willy.  There were thirty other pictures, some of which apparently were well worth seeing.  She had to get her hands on them.  She started to write.




I received a reply from Molly the next day.  She included a little story of her own. I started to read it. My God! I stared at the words.


Boss - hotel room - secretary - knocks - no reply - goes in - boss naked - balls - cock - mouth - climax.


I looked in more detail at the final paragraph.


'His balls were big and manly, to tease him I took each one in my mouth in turn and sucked it gently. Then it was the turn of his big, manly cock. My lips closed round it and I took it right in.'


And so it went on. I went hot, cold and sweaty in turns. Was this a true story.  She was coming out to Berlin tomorrow.  Is this what she was expecting?  What was I to do? . And tempting thought it was a sexual encounter with Molly would have been just too complicated.


With some trepidation I met Molly at the hotel the next day.


'Did you enjoy my story?' She asked.


'Er... Yes' 


'It was just well…' said Molly quickly,  'I mean I wasn't suggesting I wanted to do that to you. I mean it's not that I wouldn't enjoy it. I mean I did enjoy doing it. I mean... '. Her voice tailed off. I reassured her I had enjoyed it as a work of fiction.


We went up to Molly’s room to go over some documents. Molly opened up her laptop and switched on. I gasped - there on the screen as screen saver was my nude portrait.


'Nice isn't it' said Molly grinning from ear to ear, 'it makes a really nice screen saver.’


‘Yes but… I really don’t think.’


'Well show me the rest of the pictures then' said Molly 'you said you keep them on your laptop'


'Oh, I don't think I should do that' 


'Well in that case who's going to be Man of the Month next month?' said Molly pointing at her screen.


I was in a quandary. I knew Molly.  She would do it. There was no doubt she would do it. Why had I sent that stupid picture. Why had I told her the story.  Well, I could just show her the 'artistic' pictures. She needn't know about the others. I opened up the file containing the pictures and my naked image sprang up on the screen. I was standing side on to the camera my cock in profile. Molly gasped her face suffused with pink.  I went scarlet with embarrassment. I had forgotten how big my cock looked on that one. And I had forgotten that I had captioned it 'My big cock'.




I moved quickly on to the next picture. My cock looked big in that one too. I had forgotten how much my cock featured in them. That girl photographer had really liked my cock. I tried to move on through them quickly.


'Hold on' said Molly 'you've got a nice willy. Give me a chance to get a good look at it.'


I blushed even more. I had forgotten how modern girls would talk about cocks as freely as they would talk about hands or feet.


A picture of me sitting came up. It was the first where my balls were clearly visible.


'Oh that's lovely' said Molly 'how sexy. Your balls look really sweet.'


Another profile came up. I winced. He hadn't meant to show that one.


'Ooh!' Said Molly 'were you getting a bit aroused on that one?'


I was forced to admit I was. The evidence was plain to see.


'I thought so. Your cock's half up' said Molly. She paused as if she had had a sudden thought.


'Are there any with you - well you know.  I’d just have to see those ones.


‘These are nice,’ I said hurrying quickly on.


'Aw that's really sexy' she said ' how did she persuade you to let her take that one?' 


I moved on through the pictures. Molly containing herself with some difficulty.


'Sorry, I'm going to wet my pants' she said bluntly 'and disappeared to the bathroom.


I  just fled. The thought of Molly returning minus her knickers was just to scary.




When Molly came back Joe had gone. He'd left in a hurry apparently as he'd left his laptop behind. Molly took out her memory stick. Bloody bosses, she thought, he hadn't even password protected the file.


She opened up the file again. She should have left her panties off. Yes - she'd definitely have to do something to herself. And, well, now she had the pictures, all the pictures, including the ones he hadn’t wanted her to see.  She went through them all.  What a gullible fool, he had been made to crawl about on all fours stark naked and photographed from all angles.  There he was was on hands and knees, completely nude as ever facing the camera. His erect cock and balls clearly visible between his legs. The expression on his face was one of such totally sexy embarrassment that Molly could contain herself no longer. She pulled her panties down again.


Relieved once more she copied all the pictures and realised what a position of power she was in. Now she could get her boss to do anything, anything she liked. What, she wondered, should she start with?


But first of Man of the Month.  Which picture?  There was really only one choice.  She started  an email and typed in the name of the MD’s personal secretary.







Oh no!  I’d rushed off so quickly I’d left my laptop behind with those ‘other’ pictures on it.  Molly wouldn’t look at them would she?  I scurried back to her room and stopped outside.  There were strange noises coming from within.  Noise like a faint vibration and then moans and gasps until…. Oh heck!  She had looked at those pictures. 



Submitted: January 29, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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