Hickeys and Dickeys

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


“What the hell happened to you Noel? You look like you got choked out!” Eddy shouted loudly as I stepped off the elevator and made my way towards my desk. 


“Shut up and mind your own business!” I hissed at him, flashing him a death stare. I had done my best to cover up the insane amount of hickeys that Wyatt had left on my neck and throat, but makeup only did so much. I readjusted my scarf, gave Eddy the finger, and slumped down into my seat.


Leaning forward with a groan I pressed my head to my desk. I closed my eyes. I was so tired I could have fallen asleep right then and there. I was exhausted and not ready to deal with Monday’s workload. I’d barely gotten any sleep this weekend because of Wyatt. I’d spent the entire weekend with him from Friday evening up until the early hours of this morning when I’d left him to go home and get ready for work. I rarely wore makeup, but it was required today to cover up the dark circles under my eyes. 


“So I know how your weekend went. What does the guy look like?” Eddy asked, leaning against my desk. Eddy was the resident asshole of the office. Always in everyone’s business and a total womanizer and dick in general. 


“How about minding your own fucking business for once?” I suggested. 


“Back with the ex?” he inquired, completely ignoring me. 


Ignoring him, I logged onto my computer and began to check my email. 


“Good morning Noel, Eddy,” Wyatt greeted. 


I looked up at him. He was looking as pristine as ever. No signs of tiredness at all. Eddy slunk off under his intense gaze. One thing that Wyatt hated was lounging around and idleness at work. 


“Good morning, Mr. Agard,” I greeted, attempting my usual greeting. He noticed my failed attempt to cover the hickeys and the corner of his mouth lifted in the smallest of smiles as he walked past me into his office, shutting the door behind him. 


From across the office I saw Eddy peer at me over his cubicle. He made a dick sucking motion and I flipped him off again.


“Good morning Noel!” Lisa called walking past my desk. She didn’t look up from her stack of papers as she made her way towards Wyatt's office. 


I watched as she set the stack of papers on his desk and they conversed for a few moments. Lisa was a beautiful woman. She was naturally blond, curvy and busty both in the tits and ass department. 

I was skinnier and barely a C cup with mahogany brown hair and green eyes. Lisa also had an air of confidence about her and that was attractive to men. She was older and more experienced than I. I was twenty-four and she was around thirty-two, two years older than Wyatt. She was what every man wanted. Bitterly, I turned back to my computer and replied to a few emails. 


“Package for you,” Nick stated, placing a brown parcel in front of me. I looked up at Nick and smiled. Not too long ago I had pictured myself dating him. He was handsome in a subtle way with brown hair and brown eyes, about 5’11”. He was closer to my age and somewhat reserved. I was quite fond of him. He was easy to be around. 


“Thanks Nick,” I replied. 


“Busy weekend?” he asked knowingly as he leaned forward and readjusted my scarf. I lowered my head as my cheeks flushed. 


“Something like that,” I finally replied. 


“Lucky man,” he commented before walking off towards his cubicle. 


After regaining my composure I opened the package. Inside was a USB drive. I plugged it into my computer and opened a file named Magnifique. It was a manuscript I had been trying to get my hands on for months. 



“Yes!” I shouted as I jumped up from my chair in excitement. I saw a couple faces peer at me curiously over their cubicles. 


“Nosey,” I mumbled to myself as I sat back down. I closed the file, unplugged the USB drive and approached Wyatt’s office with the USB. I knocked on his door and he beckoned for me to enter. 


I pulled the glass door open and entered, rushing over to him excitedly. “I have good news!” I nearly shouted, unable to control my joy. I rushed over to his desk and leaning over, I plugged the USB into his computer and opened the file. 


“I got it! I got the manuscript! You remember the author I was telling you about? The one on the fence about whether to go with us or a different publishing company? Well somehow I was able to convince him to go with us and he sent his manuscript,” I informed excitedly pointing at the computer. 


He wasn’t looking at the computer, he was looking at me. Without thinking I grabbed his head and turned it to face the screen. “Look,” I beckoned. 


He briefly examined it and then turned back to me. “What are you looking at?” I questioned, trying not to blush. 

“You,” he replied without skipping a beat. His hand came up over my ass and it took all my self control not to jump or make a sound. People could still see us through the glass doors and walls. Luckily my ass wasn’t visible. 


“That skirt is a little too short,” he murmured, sliding his hand up the inside of my thigh. My hand came up over his and he paused. 


“Didn’t you get enough this weekend?” I inquired, closing the file and unplugging the USB. As I moved to step away from him, his grip tightened. 


“Meet me for lunch.” He wasn’t asking. 


“I can’t. I was able to squeeze in an appointment with my doctor about birth control. I might be back from lunch a little later. Is that alright?” I asked. 


“Yes, that’s fine,” he replied shortly, releasing me. Had I upset him?


“Do you have plans this evening?” I asked, slipping off my shoe as I trailed my foot up his leg. He caught my foot and began to rub it. I wanted to stop what I was doing and let him give me a foot massage. He applied just the right amount of pressure and it was heavenly. 


“I have early dinner plans with a business associate. Later, I have business with you. Pack a bag so you can get ready at my place in the morning,” he stated.


“Just let me get a decent amount of sleep tonight, please?” I begged. 


“Never,” he replied with a grin. He released my foot and then smacked my ass. “Get back to work. You’re distracting and I already have an erection,” he informed. 


I smiled, grabbed the USB drive and exited his office and went back to my desk. 


A few hours later...


“Did you read the pamphlet about birth control options?” Dr. Lewis asked, sitting down in front of me. 


“Yes,” I replied. 


“And which would you prefer?” she inquired.


“Something long term, like the Nexplanon or an IUD,” I informed. 


“You haven’t been on birth control before, have you?” she questioned, examining my chart. 


“No,” I replied. 


“Well your urine came back negative, so you’re not pregnant. Do you have any plans for kids anytime soon?” she inquired. 


“No, not for several years,” I admitted. 


“Well the nexplanon is a little small device that is inserted in your arm, the IUD looks like a little anchor and is inserted where the sun doesn’t shine. Either option is available. The Nexplanon lasts for about three years, the IUD is more long term, lasting for about five years but up to ten. We offer the Kylenna IUD here. There are risks with both birth control options. Small chance of pregnancy or the device moving. Every year or so, we’ll check and make sure it’s still in the right position, but you’ll be able to feel for yourself too. You’re actually lucky. Today is a relatively slow day, so you could get whichever option you choose to be put in today,” she informed.


“I think I’d prefer the IUD,” I stated.


“That’s a great choice. You might be sore after we insert it, but that’s normal. You will have to wait a week before having any unprotected sex though. Also, it shouldn’t bother your partner. He might be able to feel it, but that is very unlikely and it won’t cause any pain. I’ll go get some paperwork for you to sign and give your insurance a quick call.”


Two Hours later 


I quickly ran into the building and towards the elevators. I was so so late. I was over an hour late coming back from my lunch. The appointment had run longer than I’d expected. I had sent Wyatt a text, but he hadn’t seen it yet.


“Mrs. Arden, the elevator is out of order!” one of the security officers called as I ran past. 


I groaned in frustration and headed towards the stairwell. Taking off my heels I prepared myself to run up five flights of stairs. At some point I tripped and fell going up the steps. I picked myself up and ignored the pain as I continued going up. By the time I reached the fifth floor I was out of breath and my legs were on fire. I slipped my heels back on and attempting to regain my composure, made my way unnoticed back to my desk. 


Wyatt looked up at me over the top of his computer screen and quickly stood. 


“Hey Noel, you missed it. There was a blackout during lunch. The elevators are still down,” Nick informed, stopping in front of my desk. I quickly spun around to face him.


“I didn’t miss it. I just ran up five flights of stairs,” I informed, still struggling to breathe. 


“I can see that. Well look, the computer system might take some time to get up and running again. If you need any help recovering any files or anything, let me know,” he offered. Nick was very good with computers. 


“Yeah, sure. I’ll let you know,” I replied. 


“Hey, you know your leg is bleeding right?” he asked.


I looked down. I had torn my hose and scraped my leg on the stairs. “Oh yeah, it’s nothing. I’ll go wash up.” I rose and quickly walked towards the bathroom. 


I was surprised when I didn’t hear the door close behind me. I turned around and Wyatt was standing there. He quickly shut the door behind him and locked it. I hated our unisex bathrooms. 


“Are you trying to cause a scand---?” I was cut off as he strode over to me and pulled me into a hard hug, crushing me against his chest. 


“Did I miss something?” I asked, confused. 


“I was worried you may have been on the elevators when the power went out,” he replied.


“Oh no, I’m fine. My appointment with my gynecologist ran over. I sent you a text message, but I guess you didn't see it. I was worried you were going to be mad that I was late,” I stated, feeling relieved. 


He pulled away and released me. “You are sure you’re fine?” he asked, looking me over from head to toe. “What is this?” he asked, pointing towards my torn panty hose and scraped knee.


“I was in such a rush that I tripped going up the stairs,” I informed. 


“This will not do.” He got down on one knee and lifted my skirt. My face turned red and I closed my eyes as I felt the softest of touches as he pulled my panty hose down from my waist. I was wearing a pair of black panties underneath. Lifting my leg he pulled the panty hose off one foot and then the other. Rising to his feet, he tossed them in the trash can and then wet a paper towel and began to wipe the blood away from my scraped leg. It had already stopped bleeding and it didn’t hurt much. It was just a little scraped with a bruise around it. 


He threw the bloody paper towel into the trashcan and washed his hands. “Now that that’s done.” He suddenly flipped me around and pushed me face first into the wall. Coming up behind me he pulled my skirt up and my panties down. 


I heard him undo the zipper of his pants and felt him guide his hard cock between my legs. “Will you have me?” he asked, his lips at my ear. 


“Yes,” I breathed in response. 


He pushed himself into me with a little groan and lifted my shirt and unhooked my bra. He buried one hand into my hair as he yanked my head back with every thrust. His other hand was focused on my nipples, squeezing and pinching them. It took all my willpower to keep from screaming out in ectasy. 


Pulling out, he turned me around and took hold of my thighs lifting me into his arms. He crammed me up against the wall and kissed me as he continued to ram into me. Suddenly he stopped as there was a knock on the door. 


“Are you okay in there, Noel?” Nick called with concern. 


“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be out in a minute,” I called back. 


Wyatt’s hand came over my mouth as he continued to pound into me. Just as I felt myself about to come, he pulled out and set me down on the floor. 


“What?” I asked confusedly. 


“Your little friend is waiting for you. Fix yourself up and go out first,” he commanded as he fixed his pants. 


I pulled up my underwear and readjusted my skirt. I peered in the mirror, fixed my hair and then walked out of the bathroom, careful not to open the door too wide. 


Nick was standing off to the side. “Were you waiting for me?” I asked with a smile. 


“I just wanted to make sure you were okay,” he replied, following me back to my desk. 


“I’m fine, thank you. I’m going to get back to my work, so I’ll talk to you later Nick,” I stated logging back onto my computer. That was his cue to leave and he did, walking off with a wave. 


Ten minutes later, Wyatt walked past my desk towards his office. He shot me a glare and I turned away. It was clear that he didn’t like Nick.


Submitted: January 26, 2022

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