Chocolate Sauce

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

“Noel, what is this chocolate sauce? It is délicieux!” Wyatt exclaimed with excitement sprinting into the bedroom with a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate sauce in one hand and the profiteroles in the other. He was naked except for a pair of boxers.


I lifted my head from the pillow and gazed at him, still halfway asleep. 


“You must try!” he stated squeezing some of the chocolate onto the profiterole and offering it to me. I took a small bite. 


“Open your mouth bigger. I know you can. Eat the entire thing,” he commanded, shoving it into my mouth. 


It tastes good, I thought as I chewed and swallowed it. 


“You are an angel, Noel. I did not expect to find a taste of France here in this city. The chocolate sauce is different, but it’s still tasty,” he admitted. 


“Just don’t eat them all. You’ll ruin supper,” I stated lowering my head back into the pillow.


“We are past supper. You have slept for two hours and it’s after nine o’clock. Are you going to sleep the whole night?” he inquired.


“Can I stay here tonight?” I asked. 


“Oh Mademoiselle, if you make desserts like this then you may stay forever. I have a sweet tooth,” he admitted. 


I smiled and took the bottle of chocolate sauce from him. Rolling onto my back I squirted some of it on my body, leaving a trail from my breasts to my snatch. He smiled and set the box of desserts down on the nightstand. 


“This is a first, I have not tried sex with food before,” he admitted climbing on top of me and straddling me. Lowering his head, he licked the chocolate sauce off my nipple. He sucked on it and nibbled it before moving on to the other one. 


He licked away the sauce and stopped, his head between my legs. At that moment my stomach growled and he laughed. “Viens avec moi, Noel,” He stated rising and holding out his hand. 


“Um, I took Spanish in High School,” I informed.


He smiled, amused. “I said: Come with me, Noel,” he repeated in English. 


I rose from the bed and he tossed a silk robe to me. “Put that on,” he commanded as he dressed in a black v-neck t-shirt. I did as told and followed him to the kitchen. 

His place was nice. The furniture and appliances were the best that money could buy. I felt that my place was quite dingy in comparison. Although it did help to come from money. His family owned several vineyards in France. 


“What are you going to make?” I asked curiously as he rummaged through the fridge. 


“I am going to make you an omelet, French style,” he replied as he set down eggs, butter, milk, and some fresh fruit onto the countertop. 


I watched with fascination as he cracked two eggs into a bowl and whisked it together with milk, and a little salt and pepper. Placing some butter in a pan he let it melt down a bit before pouring the eggs in there. Once they were nearly cooked all the way, he folded the eggs like a business letter and let them cook for a moment longer before plating it. Cutting a slit in the top he began to fill it with strawberries and blueberries. He topped it with cream and passed the plate to me. 


“A fruit omelet?” I inquired as he handed me a fork. 


“Yes, you will like it. Now eat,” he commanded, watching me intensely. 


I took a bite and was thoroughly surprised. I thought fruit and eggs would be a weird combination, but it was actually pretty good. A man had never cooked for me before. 


“This is delicious,” I admitted as he began to put the leftover ingredients away. 


“I know it is,” he replied with a cocky grin. 


“You’re not going to eat?” I asked as he began to wash the frying pan. 


“I’m afraid you were right. I ate too many of the profiteroles and now I have no appetite,” he informed. 


“Here, try some. Just a bite,” I stated placing the fork in front of his mouth. Never taking his eyes off me, he took the fork into his mouth and chewed. Even the way he ate was sexy. 


“Délicieuse,” he murmured and I got the feeling he wasn’t talking about the eggs. 


I sheepishly continued to eat as he dried the frying pan off and put it away.


“You must eat it all,” he stated coming to stand behind me. His presence overwhelmed me and I nearly choked on the food. 


Lowering his head, he slid his hand under the collar of the robe and pulled it open just a bit as he began to kiss my collarbone. “You still taste like chocolate,” he murmured, pulling the robe open more. He slid his hand down my shoulder and began to massage my breasts. 

I finished the last bite of food and turned my head to look up at him. Taking my chin between his thumb and fingers he roughly tilted my head up and back. His intense gaze caught mine and I felt as if he were staring into my soul. 


His other hand slid to the back of my neck as he held me firmly in his grasp. “I must be honest with you,” he confessed. 


“Okay,” I replied.


“I have wanted you since the first day you started working at our publishing company. Tell me you do not have a boyfriend. And if you do, I strongly urge you to end it with him because I don’t like to share. I won’t share,” he stated. 


“So, do you find me attractive?” I inquired. 


“Tu es une très belle femme,” he replied.


“What?” I questioned.


“Yes, I do,” he answered simply. “Now tell me, do you have a boyfriend?”


“I-I don’t have a boyfriend,” I admitted, slightly shocked at his admission. I’d been working at the company for just over a year now and had never gotten the slightest impression that he felt that way about me until just a few hours ago. 


“That is good to know. And another thing, are you on birth control?” he inquired caressing my cheek with his thumb. 


I shook my head, suddenly feeling embarrassed. “We will go in the morning to buy a Plan B pill. After that, you should look into a more reliable birth control,” he informed. 


“Okay,” I replied, unsure of what else to say. 


“So we are in agreement then?” he asked with a smile. 


“I think so? I mean, are we just like fuck buddies or---” he placed his hand over my mouth and cut me off. 


“No, not fuck buddies. We are lovers,” he replied, removing his hand from my mouth. 


“They’re the same thing,” I countered. 


“No, fuck buddies implies that there are no emotions or strings attached. I have emotions and there are strings. You are not free to be with others and I do not take things lightly. I feel desire, rage... tenderness,” he replied, his expression softening.


“And will you be free to be with others?” I inquired. 


“Not while I’m with you,” he replied. 


“I thought French people were loose. That’s how they’re always depicted in movies,” I admitted. 


“There is nothing loose about me, I assure you,” he replied, lowering his mouth to mine. The kiss was soft at first, but then he took my face in his hands and deepened it, plunging his tongue into my mouth. 


I pulled away and hopped down from the barstool. His arms immediately engulfed me as he pulled me taut against his body. “Let’s go wash off,” he murmured as he pulled away from me, slightly out of breath. I nodded in agreement and followed him into the bathroom.


He turned the water on in the jetted tub. Coming to stand before me, he untied the robe and slid it down my shoulders. It fell to the floor in a discarded heap. 


“My turn,” I murmured, pulling his shirt over his head. I dropped it and let it fall to the floor. Hooking my finger under the waistband of his boxers, I teased him for a moment before sliding them down. His cock was already rock hard. Lowering to my knees, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began to pump him. He leaned his head back and groaned.


Lowering my head, I wrapped my lips around his penis and took it into my mouth. “That feels good,” he moaned as I began to suck him off. I massaged his balls as I took him deeper into my mouth. Before long I felt him begin to tremble. He attempted to pull away, but I held him steady as he came into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, rose to my feet and climbed into the tub. 


He stared at me in disbelief for a moment and then smiled and joined me in the tub. Taking the loofah, he lathered it with soap and began to wash my back, shoulders, and arms. 


“Can’t forget here,” he murmured in my ear as he began to scrub my breasts. I leaned my head back against his shoulders and closed my eyes. “That feels nice,” I stated. 


“Good,” he replied, lowering his head and kissing the tip of my nose. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. Lifting my head I kissed him on the lips and he smiled against my mouth. Pulling away momentarily, I turned around to face him and climbed into his lap. 


I took the loofah from him and began to wash his chest and shoulders. He never took his eyes off me as he watched intently. 


“I think that is enough of that,” he finally said, taking the loofah from me. 


“Why?” I asked. 


“I am impatient,” he answered simply, dropping the loofah into the water. Taking hold of my thighs he pulled me tight against him. I felt his erection between my thighs and smiled. 


He wrapped his fingers around my neck and leaned forward. “Why do you have this effect on me?” he asked, his lips at my ear. I shrugged. I didn’t know either. I certainly wasn’t the prettiest woman. There were prettier women that worked with us. 


He nuzzled his head into my shoulder and surprised me with his sudden tenderness. I buried my fingers into his hair and kissed the top of his head. “Are you okay?” I asked, feeling concerned. 


He lifted his head and smiled. “Yes, I am fantastique,” he replied, pressing his mouth to mine. My arms tightened around his neck and I pulled at his hair roughly. He deepened the kiss and reached between us, guiding his erection into me. I moaned as he thrust into me. Lifting me out of the water, he pushed my back up against the cold tile of the wall. I draped my legs around his waist as he pounded into me, his head buried in my breasts as he licked, sucked, and bit my flesh. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, moaning at the sensation. 


Stepping out of the tub, he set me down on the cold floor and lifted my legs to his shoulders as he continued to drive in and out of me. My back arched and he pressed his hand to my stomach and pushed me back to the floor roughly. 


He slipped his hand between my legs and began to stroke my clit. It was all too much. The kissing, biting, sucking, stroking, and fucking. I quickly lost control and found myself climaxing. 


“Wyatt,” I moaned. 


“I’m right there with you, Noel,” he groaned sexily, sucking at my throat. He let out a moan and collapsed against me as he finished. 


“Let’s go to sleep,” he said after a while as he picked me up and carried me to his bed.


Submitted: January 24, 2022

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