Chapter 3: Chapter 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 3



He ended up calling me that night and every day after for the past few weeks. We talked about everything, his life growing up, mine. Our likes and dislikes. He would make me laugh by telling me stories of how he and Axel would get into trouble as kids and I would tell him how much mom was already showing. It’s like the baby was waiting for them to tell me to make his or her presence known. 

The grand opening of the Amusement park is in two days and I can’t wait to see it, I just hope that my parents make it back in time. They had to go stay in the city for a few days because there was a problem with one of the rides and they needed Dad to fix it. He loves and trusts me but he’s super protective and didn’t want to leave Mom behind so he took her with him. He reassured me a thousand times that they would make it back in time.

I’m perfectly fine staying home alone, besides I have Jack and Tommy next door just in case I need anything. I’m having a peaceful time just laying on my bed and listening to slow relaxing music when I hear my phone ring in the kitchen where I left it. I turn off the music and head downstairs to answer before it stops ringing. As I pick it up I see that it’s Dad.

“Hey Dad, is everything okay?” He calls everyday around the same time to check up on me but he had already called earlier.

“Liam, honey, I am so sorry,” it’s Mom on the line, “I know how much you don’t like them but they’ll only be there for a few days because of the opening of the park.”

“Mom? What are you talking about?” She keeps rambling and apologizing but isn’t really making any sense to me. I hear Dad on the other end trying to calm her down and it makes me grin a little. At that moment I look out of the window facing the front of the house and I freeze as my smile dies.

“Liam? Liam, are you there?” I hear Dad on the phone this time as I try to process what I’m seeing.

“Dad? Why are Aunt Sara and the twins walking towards the house?” I finally manage to ask.

“Yes, well that is why we’re calling you, son, I’m sorry I completely forgot to tell you that Aunt Sara made your mom invite her and the boys to the grand opening.” I hear Mom smack Dad and go on about how it would be mean to not invite them since they had known that Dad was working on this project.

“Aunt Sara doesn’t even like me, plus Silas and Riley are bullies.” 

“Oh honey, everyone knows Sara and the twins are a bit hard to be around but they’re family. Besides they won’t be here long, it’s only for a few days sweetie.” Mom takes the phone from Dad and tries to make me feel better, it’s not working. I hear them start pounding on the door and I sigh in resignation.

“Well I guess there’s no use fussing about it now. Thanks for the heads up by the way.” They apologize again before we say our goodbyes and I make my way to the front of the house.

“Finally,” Aunt Sara’s squeaky voice screeches as soon as I open the door, “how long can it take you to answer the door, child? Don’t you know it’s rude to keep people waiting?” She pushes past me going into the house without a second glance at me. I watch her go up the stairs in the direction of the guest rooms.

Well, hello to you too, Aunt Sara. As I’m watching her I hear two other scratchy voices behind me. I turn to see Aunt Sarah’s twins, Silas and Riley. They are the same age as me and have been mean since we could crawl. 

“Liam,” Silas’ scratchy voice makes me cringe, “Be useful and take our luggage to our rooms.” Riley follows behind him and they both leave me by the door with their bags. 

“It’s nice to see you too.” I mutter quietly under my breath. I don’t want to be mean so I bring the bags inside and take their stuff to the rooms. Once I’m back downstairs I make my way into the living room where I can see they’ve already made themselves at home. Riley is surfing through the channels on the TV as Silas is inspecting the room with a look of disgust on his face.

“This room is hideous to look at.” Silas says as he passes by the chimney and “accidentally” drops one of our family pictures. The glass shatters loudly when it hits the floor making me gasp as I stare at him wide eyed. I can’t believe he just did that. 

“Why did you do that?” he ignores me and from behind me I hear a laugh and something else breaking. I turn quickly to see my father’s wolf statue broken at Riley’s feet. 

“Oops.” he says innocently. 

“What’s wrong with you?” I ask, shocked.

“Lighten up, Liam.” Silas walks towards me with my mom’s favorite glass dolphins in his hand. “We’re only helping you redecorate this ugly room.” 

“Please put those back before you break them.” I try to take the dolphins from him but he throws them at Riley who catches them on the other side of the room. “Stop that!” I run to where Riley is and try to get the dolphins from him. Riley runs away from me and into the curtains, tearing them down as he gets tangled in them and falls. The room is much brighter now that the curtains are on the floor and the sudden slam of the piano lid startles us all.

“What's going on down there?” I hear Aunt Sara yell as she’s walking down the stairs towards us. “Oh, merciful heavens!” she yells as she sees the disaster in the living room. “My darlings! My precious babies!” I turn to look at the twins and Riley is on the floor tangled in the curtains and Silas is trying to help his brother up. 

“Mom, he was being mean and pushed Riles.” I hear Silas say to his mother.

“Oh. Oh, you wicked boy. Attacking my poor, innocent little angels.” 

“What? That’s not true. I didn’t…” I try to defend myself.

“Listen to me, boy,” Aunt Sarah grabs my arm really hard and yanks me toward the stairs as I try not to cry out from the pain, she’s a big woman and her grip is painful. “I knew you were going to be trouble so I came prepared.” I don’t understand what she means and I feel her wrap something cold tightly around my right wrist. “I don’t want you anywhere near my babies, now you are to go to your room and you are to stay there for the rest of the night even if I have to cuff you to your bed.” I begin struggling and manage to yank my arm out of her grip. I ignore the pain as much as I can but that’s definitely going to leave a mark.

“No, I’m not!” she seems startled at my outburst and honestly so do I. I look down and see a pair of handcuffs dangling from my wrist. Seriously? I was raised to respect my elders but this is going too far and I’m not going to take this anymore. “I have done nothing wrong.” I don’t say anything else, just turn away from her and walk toward the front door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she screeches at me as I open the door and leave. I don’t answer her. I just rush out of the house as fast as I can with tears streaming down my face. “Get back here you rude boy!” I hear her yelling after me but I ignore her.

I walk until I can’t see my neighborhood anymore. I try going in the direction of the city and after wandering around for a while I stop in a cute little park. My feet are aching and in my rush to get out of the house I didn’t grab my keys or my phone. So I sit on one of the benches as I try to think about what I’m going to do next. I’m so lost in my thoughts that before I know it the sun has almost completely gone down and it’s going to get dark really soon. As that realization sets in I hear a noise behind me.

“Well hello there, ” Says a deep raspy voice and I turn to see three large men walking towards me. 

“Need some company?” another one says. I don’t answer them and I get up and walk away trying to put some distance between us.

“Aww c’mon sugar, we was just talking to you.” One of them gets closer to me and he quickly grabs the same arm that Aunt Sara hurt earlier today. A small whimper escapes me when pain shoots up my arm. I pull away as fast as I can and start running. I turn a corner only to realize my mistake. I’ve run into a dead end. I look back at them, panic is starting to set in and I can feel tears running down my cheeks again. I don’t know how to defend myself out here.

“Hey,” The biggest of the three men gets closer to me, invading my space. I back up as much as I can until the wall hits my back and his face is a few inches from mine. “We just wanna play a little. Would have preferred a girl tonight but you look prettier than any girl I’ve ever seen.” He shoves his nose on my throat and inhales, causing me to tremble in fear. “You smell good enough to eat.” His buddies are behind him laughing.

“Don’t touch me!” I somehow find my voice and bring my leg up to knee him in the balls. He lets out a painful groan and doubles over. 

“You son of a bitch!” He snarls up at me a few seconds later and starts to get up. I must not have hit him hard enough. I don’t notice his big fist hurling towards my face before it’s too late. I cry out and bring my hand up to cradle the side my face where he punched me. Damn that really hurt. My ear is ringing and as much as I shake my head it doesn’t help me regain my focus.

“What the fuck?” I hear one of them yell and I just close my eyes and crouch down hugging my knees, waiting for it to be over. Panic really starts to set in. I should have just stayed home. I look to my right and as I wait for the spinning to stop I see a small space I can crawl through to try to hide while they’re distracted. 

Oh, I wish Travis was here. I really need him right now. I calm down enough to notice that it’s quiet now but someone is standing in front of my hiding spot. I slowly look up and fresh tears of relief roll down my face.




I glanced at my phone for the hundredth time today. Still nothing. I last heard from him earlier in the afternoon when he said he was just on his bed listening to music. I sent him a message after that but I got no reply. I figured he had fallen asleep, it wouldn’t be the first time.

It’s getting dark already and I’m too distracted to concentrate so I decide to leave work early and check on him. I knew that his parents were going to be in the city for a few days and it made me restless knowing he was in that house alone.

“Patty, I’m heading out and you should do the same. Go home and get some rest and take tomorrow off as well. I’ll see you on Saturday at the grand opening.” I pass by her desk and make my way to the elevator.

“Sure thing, boss, see you then. Good night.” she waves at me as she starts putting her things away. I finally make it to my car and I’m getting anxious to see him so I decide to take a shortcut through a darker part of the city. I grew up around there so I know it like the back of my hand. There’s a park nearby that I loved going to as a kid. It’s one of the hidden treasures of this shit hole neighborhood. I glance towards the park as I pass it and something catches my eye. I do a double take and hit the breaks as hard as I can. There’s no way that was Liam I just saw run through the park but I have to see if my mind isn’t playing tricks on me.

I start driving towards where I saw him go and I have to get out of the car to follow on foot. As I turn around the corner into an alley I see three large guys with their backs to me. The sound of someone being hit and a cry register in my mind. I don’t know how but I know that the cry of pain I heard belongs to the one person that owns my heart. My vision turns red as I move forward and grab the two men closest to me by the back of their shirt and toss them out of my way. They’re big guys but I’m bigger. The motherfucker who dared to touch what’s mine turns to look back and sees his friends groaning on the floor. 

“What the fuck?” he looks at me as I grab him by the neck and squeeze. His eyes start to bulge and panic sets in when he can’t get air into his lungs. I hear his buddies start to get up but I don’t let go of him. They messed with the wrong man. The one to my right rushes towards me but I quickly draw my gun out from behind my pants. I turn quickly to shoot him in the knee and do the same to the other one before he can get up. It’s a good thing I don’t go anywhere without my silencer.

“Do you have any idea who I am?” I snarl in the face of the man I’m still holding and point the gun under his chin. “I own these streets.” His eyes widen even more the moment he understands who he’s fucking with. I ease up my hold on his neck when he looks like he wants to say something.

“Y-you’re the T.. T… Tramp.” The fear is strong in his voice and I ignore his use of my infamous nickname.

“That boy over there is mine and you dared to strike what's mine?” I'm livid, I should end this fucker right here but I have a better plan for him.

“No man, it wasn’t even like that,” he’s trying desperately to pry my fingers from around his neck. “Come on man, we was just messing around, we wasn’t gunna hurt him or nothing.” I don’t want to hear his bullshit anymore so I knock him out and pull out my phone.

“Get the Vet to come to the alley behind Eden Park. There are three rabid strays that need to be transported to the kennel. All three are currently sedated.” I say quickly and hang up, Axel will handle this while I take care of my little red.

I manage to find his hiding spot and I stand in front of him while I wait for him to notice me. My baby is curled up in a ball with his eyes shut tight as he clutches one side of his face. He finally looks up and blinks at me a few times. I see the look of relief on his face when he recognises me and he begins to cry. I crouch down and pull him to me. “My poor little Red, what are you doing in this neighborhood? It’s not safe for you here.” he pulls back to look at me and I notice a bruise start to form on his face. I gently wipe his tears and he winces when I brush a finger over his red cheek. I can't handle seeing him in pain and I kissed him gently where that asshole struck him. 

“Oh, Travis…” he sobs as I continue peppering him with light kisses.

“Let’s get you out of here, little red.” I grab his arm to steady him on his feet and he hisses out in pain pulling away from me. “What’s wrong, baby?” he’s rubbing his upper arm and I slowly lift his shirt sleeve. The sight of the purple bruise marring his lightly freckled skin infuriates me. “Who did this to you?” I can’t contain the anger in my voice as I look down at his wrist noticing the handcuffs for the first time. 

“Aunt Sara...” he whispers softly, I almost don’t hear him. He's told me all about that bitch Sara before and her demon spawn twins. “And…” he looks towards the three guys lying on the ground.

“Hey, it’s ok, baby, they can’t hurt you anymore. Come, I’ll take you home.” I put my arm around him but he pulls away. 

“No, please, I don’t want to go back there. My parents are out of town and Aunt Sara and the twins are at the house and I…” he can't seem to finish the sentence and his stomach takes the opportunity to complain at that moment. 

“Ok, baby, you can tell me about it in the car but I’m taking you out to get something to eat.” I reply as I usher him to walk out of the alley. A black van pulls up and my main Vet, Logan, steps out along with Zane, another one of my “Vets” that specialize in making my troubles disappear. I don't say anything, just tilt my head back towards the alley and lead Liam to my car. As soon as I have him buckled in I get in as well and start driving to the other side of the city. “Are you going to tell me what exactly you were doing in this part of the city at this time of night?” he's looking down at his hands.

“There was an altercation at home with Aunt Sara and the twins.” he never mentioned that she would be visiting. “I didn’t want to be there anymore, I was just going to clear my head but before I knew it I was in a part of the city I didn't know and it was dark. I forgot to take my phone or my keys with me before I left.” 

“Oh, say no more. I get the whole picture. Aunts, twins, destruction.” I was mad as hell that he would put himself in risk like that but I was glad he was now safe by my side. 

“Where are we going?” he asked, not taking his gaze away from the window.

“Antonio’s of course. The very place for a very special occasion.”

“Oh? What occasion is that?” he finally turns to look at me.

“The fact that you are mine and I am yours is occasion enough.” I say as I pull up into the front entrance. I throw my keys to the valet and open the door for him to step out of the car. 

“Welcome back, Mr. Greysin.” The valet greeted me and drove off with my car. Liam began to walk up towards the front entrance and I had to pull him to the side where there was a hidden gate.

“No, this way, little red. I have my own private entrance.” I stopped before opening the gate. “Wait here.” I left him there for a minute as I went past the gate and into a hallway that led all the way towards the back kitchen. I knocked on the closed door.

“Just-a one-a minute. I'm a-comin'. I'm a...” I heard Tony yell out as he opens the door and he stops what he’s about to say when he notices it’s me. “Oh, hello, Butch! Where you been so long? Hey, Joe, look who's here.” I see Joe pop out from behind Tony.

“Well, what do ya know? It's Butch!” I smile and both greet me with a hug. 

“Hey, hey, Joe. Go set up a table for Butch.” Tony said to Joe

“Okay, Tony. Okay. One table is comin' up.” Joe left to do his bidding.

“I have someone I want you to meet officially.” I say to Tony.

“What's this?” Tony asks as he follows me back towards the gate. 

“Tony, this is Liam Spaniel. Liam, this is Tony, he’s like a father to me.” As I said that I thought I saw his eyes water but he tried to cover it by yelling out to Joe. 

“Hey, Joe! Look at Butch, he's got a boyfriend.” Joe immediately came out to see.

“Well, son of a gun! He got a new love.”

“Hello, It’s very nice to meet you. Travis has told me so much about you.” Liam says as they both take turns hugging him..

“Hey, he's pretty sweet, Butch.” Tony looks at me, “You take Tony's advice and settle down with this one, eh?” 

“"This one"?” Liam looks up at me confused.

“This one. This one. Oh! Tony, you know, he's just joking.” I say quickly. I knew Tony was talking about my past but Liam doesn’t need to worry about that. I’m a changed man. 

“Now, first we fix the table in the moon room.” Tony guides us inside.

“Tony, I fixed the regular table in the main room.” Joe says.

“Yes, yes, the table…” Tony stops talking when he realizes that Joe wants to put us in the restaurant with the other guests. “What's the matter with you, Joe? Do you want me to hit you?” Tony suddenly starts yelling at Joe. “Tonight, Butch, he's got a special guest so he gets the best in the house!”

“Okay, Tony. You the boss.” Tony leads us to a secluded room made entirely out of glass. The room is entirely lit with candles and the light of the full moon shining through the glass. Hence the name Moon Room. 

“Now, tell me, what do you like to order?” Tony asks us once we are seated. “A la carte? Dinner?” I look at Liam and he simply shrugs and smiles at me.

“What do you want to eat, baby?” I pass him the menu.

“Oh, can we try spaghetti?” he says enthusiastically.

“Anything for you, Little red.” I turn back to Tony. “Bring us the Spaghetti Special, extra meatballs and your best wine, please.”

“Aha! Okay. Hey, Joe. Butch, he says he wants a two spaghetti especialle. Heavy on the meat ball.”

“Ok, Tony comin’ right up.” 

“I will be back with your wine.” We talked for several minutes after they brought us the wine. It was hard for me to hear how his cousins had mistreated him and also to see the evidence of the abuse on his arm. 

“Now, here you are, the best spaghetti in town.” Tony finally said as he placed a giant plate of spaghetti between us big enough for two. We grabbed our forks and began to dig in. As we were eating we saw a live band start to play beautiful music.

We were looking at the live performance in front of us and we didn’t notice that we had both picked up the same string of spaghetti and our lips ended up touching. Liam quickly pulled away blushing but I gently grabbed his chin and pulled his face back to mine kissing him again as we continued to listen to the lovely music

Submitted: June 22, 2022

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