A Dangerous Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bob the faggot meets a man online and finds himself in deeper than he bargained for.

A Dangerous Encounter by Bobette Jane


His phone buzzed with the text he was nervously waiting for. “Get in your car faggot” the message read. “Drive to the intersection of 12th Street and 45th Avenue and wait in the parking lot at the office building there”.

Bob had responded to an ad he saw on an online hook-up site, a man who called himself ‘Discreet Dom’. The ad made it very clear that the man was very particular about remaining discreet, and unidentifiable, and since Bob was married and had a professional reputation to protect, he wanted to be discreet too. As usual on such sites they exchanged a few messages to decide if their interests matched well enough to actually meet. And it seemed they did. Bob was very submissive, looking for a dominant man who would treat him like a sissy slut, and the man was most definitely very dominant and said he wanted a faggot he could abuse. He said that bondage would be required, even on the first meeting, so he could totally control the faggot. The thought of that excited Bob enough that he decided right then that he would go through with this, and do whatever this man told him to do.

It was agreed that Bob would have to follow directions exactly to eventually reach the meeting spot. The man said he wanted to make sure no one connected him in any way with Bob, and wanted to make sure they were not seen together. The runaround was also the man’s way of toying with his sub and seeing if he would degrade himself by doing whatever he was told. So, Bob waited for the next command.

His phone buzzed again with a new text message. “Hope you’re up for a walk faggot”. Bob waited a moment for more information, but it remained silent. “Yes Sir?” Bob replied. “Good, faggot. Leave your car there and walk exactly seven blocks north on 45th avenue. Don’t talk to anyone, and don’t look at anyone. You will see an alley on the right. Walk up that alley until you get to another parking lot at the old warehouse. Wait at the edge of the parking lot, by the light pole.”

Bob followed the directions and was soon at the spot where he was told to wait. The warehouse had been closed for several years and the ally had led Bob to the parking lot in the back of the building, out of sight of the road in front. There was no one in sight and the light breeze occasionally blew some trash around. Otherwise it was quiet except for the distant sounds of cars on other streets. People busy with their lives and no idea that Bob was there, or what he was there for.

Soon another text “Are you there yet faggot?” Bob replied, “Yes Sir.”, then waited. He looked at his phone. Still nothing, so he waited more. He wondered why there was no response. “Maybe this guy just did this to make me do all this for nothing?” he thought. Then, just as he was thinking about beginning the walk back to his car, it came. “Ok, queer boy. Walk around the right side of the building and go to the old bus stop by the street. Get into the side door of the van and close the door.” Again, Bob followed instructions and walked toward the bus stop. Just as he approached, a plain looking grey van pulled up and stopped just as Bob reached it. He noticed that it had no windows, except the windshield and the two side windows in the front doors. He pulled open the side door and got in, and closed the door as instructed. As he did, the van slowly pulled onto the deserted street and drove away, and a voice came from the front seat. “Hello faggot.” The driver said. “Stay back there and take off all your clothes. You see the bucket with the trash bag in it?” “Y-yes sir.” Bob nervously responded. “Put everything in that. Phone, clothes, wallet, rings, shoes, everything.” He said. Then added, “If it’s not part of your body, it goes in the bucket. Understand faggot?” “Yes sir” Bob said, as he began taking off his clothes. Soon everything he had was in the bag, and the man told him to tie it shut and leave it in the bucket. “Sit down now. We’ll be driving for a while.” The man told Bob. He looked around and saw only the bare metal floor, and sat down on it as he was told.

With time now to think about what he was getting himself into, Bob considered the possibility that he could be getting himself into more than he was ready for, he thought about putting his clothes back on and demanding the man take him back to his car. But he had to admit to himself that this was really quite exciting. The risk, the uncertainty, the fact that an hour ago he was sitting safely and comfortably at home, and was now sitting naked on the bare metal floor of a van being driven by a total stranger, all reminded him of stories he had read and fantasized about so many times. So, he decided to stay still and see what would happen.

Soon he was snapped out of his thoughts as the van pulled to a stop. He didn’t know where they were, but from what he could see out the front window he guessed they were and a rest area, or some other sort of roadside parking area. The engine stopped and the man turned toward Bob and climbed out of his seat and into the back of the van. He was a chubby, unremarkable man with short, thinning black hair, and sloppy clothing. He wasn’t ugly, but not what anyone would consider attractive either. He looked as if he hadn’t shaved for a day or two, and perhaps hadn’t bathed in just as long. He spoke to Bob, now face to face for the first time, and with a look on his face that was something between a satisfied smile and a glare of disgust. “Well it’s nice to finally meet you boy!” As he spoke, he pulled a set of handcuffs from his back pocket, and continued. “I told you I liked bondage, especially with queers, so we’ll need to get these on you. Put your hands behind your back.” Bob remained seated, and the thoughts of stopping all this again went through his mind, but something inside made him comply, and he put his hands behind his back as the man had ordered. During the moment it took for the man to circle behind him, kneel down, and lock the cuffs on Bob’s wrists, his mind was racing with fear, excitement, and the realization that this was the point of no return. “Once the cuffs are on, I’ll be helpless!” Bob thought to himself. But he sat obediently and let it happen, and as the cuffs clicked shut, he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop this man from doing anything he wanted to do.

As soon as that was done, the man came back around in front of Bob and began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. “We’re going to be waiting here for a while faggot, so we might as well have some fun. There’s no one around but I still don’t want you to scream or anything. If you do, I’ll have to beat you. Is that clear faggot?” Bob had a new spike of fear now. “Why would I scream? What’s this man going to do to me? I don’t want to get hurt!” Bob thought, as he replied with a weak, shaky voice. “Y-yes S-sir.” “You sound kind of scared there, you fucking queer! Are you scared boy?” “Y-yes sir, A little S-sir. I don’t want to get hurt sir. Please don’t hurt me.” The man laughed a quiet, wicked laugh. And said “Good! I like it when a faggot is scared! It makes all this more fun for me! If you don’t want to get hurt, you do exactly what I tell you, bitch.”

By now he had his pants off, revealing his large, semi erect cock, and large balls to match hanging below. He stroked his cock and massaged his balls to make himself more comfortable, after being confined in his dirty jeans. Now standing with his dick right in front of Bob’s face, he reached out with his other hand and grabbed Bob’s hair. “You’re going to suck me off now faggot. And if you bite, or pull away I’ll beat you senseless! Open your fucking mouth boy!

Bob opened his mouth and the man shoved his unwashed cock all the way in and held it there for several seconds before pulling back, and then back in again, and again, each time forcing it in so his pubic hairs were firmly against Bob’s nose. Whenever Bob choked or gagged the man just got rougher, and held his cock in Bob’s throat longer before continuing his rhythm, fucking Bob’s mouth and throat as if it were some slut’s pussy. Then, when he was rock hard, he pulled his saliva-soaked cock from Bob’s mouth and dragged him by his hair, forcing him to one side and onto the floor. “Roll over on your stomach cunt!” he snarled. “I’m gonna fuck your faggot ass!” Bob rolled over and the man knelt down between his legs, stroking his hard, slippery dick, and leaned forward over Bob’s back to invade his helpless, waiting ass. “Urggg!” Bob quietly screamed, with his teeth clenched in pain, as the man pushed his cock mercilessly inside Bob’s tight rectum. He pushed it all the way in, just as he had done with Bob’s mouth, and began a quick, pounding rhythm, brutally fucking Bob’s ass with no consideration for Bob’s pain whatsoever. Soon Bob could feel the man’s full weight on top of him, and his fat, sweaty belly lying on his back as he continued fucking Bob like an animal. Bob tried to relax, and soon the pain got better. It still hurt, and Bob was still moaning with each thrust, but it was becoming a little easier to endure. After several minutes of the relentless pounding the man began to grunt, and grind his cock inside Bob, as he emptied the sperm from his balls deep in Bob’s ass.

As the man shot stream after stream of hot semen in his ass, Bob could feel the slickness as it coated the man’s softening cock, and began to leak onto his balls as the man pulled it out and rose up on his knees. “Roll over bitch!” The man said, as he tugged Bob’s arm to help him onto his back. Bob could feel the grittiness of the dirt on the floor as it stuck to his back, that was now damp with the sweat from this fat slob lying on top of him. The man moved up Bob’s body to position his knees on either side, and straddling Bob’s face. “Time to suck again Boy!” he said. “You need to clean my dick!” he added, as he guided his slimy cock once again into Bob’s mouth. “Suck faggot!” he barked. “Get it clean all the way down.” He worked his now soft cock in and out of Bob’s mouth, giving instructions to lick more here, or there, to clean everything off. Then he pulled back and held his now clean dick out of the way. “Now the balls.” He said. “Lick them all over until they’re clean too.” And when his balls were clean, he made Bob go ahead and lick his crotch and his ass clean too. “Might as well get all that too faggot!” he laughed. His ass was sweaty, and smelled like you might expect an ass to smell after two days without a shower, and Bob gagged as he started licking the crack clean. At one point he thought he might even puke but he resigned himself to get it over with as quickly as possible. He kept licking, and probing the man’s ass hole with his tongue, until all odor was gone, and the man’s ass was as clean as his cock and balls.

When the man was satisfied with what Bob had done, and satisfied with having a great orgasm up Bob’s ass, he got up and put his pants back on without saying another word to Bob, and made his way back to the driver seat. Bob rolled over on his side to relieve the discomfort of lying on his cuffed hands and rested a few minutes before pulling himself back up to a seated position, a little dazed by what had happened. “At least that’s over!” Maybe he’ll take me back now and I can go home.” he thought, with a somewhat relieved feeling.

After sitting for a while, and Bob noticed the man checking his watch more and more often, the man got up again and pulled out some chains with ankle cuffs attached. “Let’s get these on you now. Wouldn’t want you trying to run off, now would we?” he said. The ankle cuffs secured he reached up and secured another shackle around Bob’s neck, that was connected to the chain between his ankles, long enough that when standing he would be able to walk, but would be kept in a bent over posture. He then reached back and retrieved a black penis shaped gag. “Open that fag pussy mouth again boy!” he said, and then securely buckled the strap behind Bob’s head. The relief Bob felt was again replaced with an even deeper fear. It was now obvious that his ordeal was far from over. “Well” he thought “I wanted to be treated like this, and I got myself into it, so I might as well enjoy it until he’s done with me. I really need to get home in a couple more hours though!” Finally, the man went back to his seat, started the van and started driving away. “Time to go now faggot.” He said over his shoulder. “You’re better than the last faggot I got. Mister Zim might pay better for you!”

“Mister Zim? Pay? What the fuck?” Bob thought. “Mmm Emm Ngooo Mmmn” Bob tried to protest and yell through the gag. This didn’t sound good at all! The man just laughed and shouted back “Don’t worry faggot, they’ll keep you alive.”

Bob sat, still trying to overcome the gag, and get free of the shackles, all with no success, until after a short drive Bob noticed things suddenly got darker, and he could see metal framing through the windshield. They had driven into a warehouse where they were met by three men in a cargo truck. The man got out of the van, walked around to open the rear door of the van, and pulled Bob out. Bob could now see the strange men waiting for him and he continued to struggle, and grunt in protest, as two of them came over and took him closer to the truck, where the third man, apparently Mister Zim, was standing. “This one has spirit doesn’t it?” Mr. Zim commented. “I like that in a slave! It makes it more fun to break!” Mr. Zim walked around Bob, inspecting his newest purchase, as the men held him in place. He noticed the cum smeared on Bob’s face, and still dripping down his thighs. “I see you tried it out. How was it?” Mr. Zim asked the man. “Best fuck I ever had!” he said, as he wiped his brow with his shirt sleeve. “Ha Ha, I bet so!” Mister Zim replied. “Load it in the truck.” Mr. Zim directed his men, as he handed an envelope to the man. “I trust the amount will be acceptable?” he asked. The man looked through the envelope and told Mr. Zim that it was fair, said his farewells, and drove away to dispose of Bob’s belongings, and find another faggot for Mr. Zim.

As the men got Bob into the back of the truck there was a bench in the middle of the enclosed compartment with leather straps installed, and a rounded wooden peg, about eight inches long, sticking up at each seat position. They roughly sat Bob down on one, making sure is was securely impaling his ass, and strapped him down for the long, bumpy ride to the ship that would take him to his new home, a slave camp in West Africa.

Submitted: January 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 bobette jane. All rights reserved.

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