Teddy's Humiliation Part Nine

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Teddy is finally forced to appear in public at a gay club, showing off his small endowment to over a hundred men.


This is a work of fiction and the author does not condone any of the activities herein. All characterrs are 18 or over.

Note; the Novels of dale10 may be found on Amazon under the author name D.H. Gutzman. They are "Agitato" a novel of horror and love and "Debauched Genius." 


Part Nine

“And now, gentlemen, the special attraction of the evening,” the throaty male voice said over the loudspeakers. “You’ll have to move in close for this, guys. A freak of Nature, a joke of God, an eighteen-year old high school senior coming to dance for you!”  The guys of the club moved in, hoping to see a hot young high school teen jock with a fat dick and a perfect ass.

Teddy had a hot teen boy ass all right, but elsewhere he was about to give the gay bar packed audience a real treat of another kind. “Here he is direct from Hillside High School, the dickless dude, Tiny Teddy!”


Teddy’s dance music started. A follow spot swing its beam around the room while the half-drunken, half hard guys in the audience groped themselves or the dude next to them. Finally, the spotlight hit Teddy on his platform. He wore a pink silk shorty robe, under which he was totally naked.  The audience began to applaud, whistle and shout.


Teddy wanted to die. He really wanted to die. His young life was ruined. Totally ruined. He had been kicked out of school, ridiculed on the internet, taken away from his family, made to masturbate his own father, forced to unsuccessfully try to fuck a woman in front of an audience of jeering men, and now, made to expose himself in a gay nightclub. He was so fucking desperate that he actually prayed to God to create a disaster like a blackout or a tornado or something to save him. NO SUCH LUCK, TEDDY.  Everybody in the room was going to see what a freakishly small dick you have. You may be an extremely handsome, muscular well-built eighteen-year old, but you have the dick of a four-year old boy!


“Dance, you stupid cunt!” I screamed at Ted. “This is a fucking gay dance club, so fucking dance!”  Ted humiliation was heightened of course by the face that he was not gay.  He was a totally healthy, normal teenage boy in every way but one.


He looked damned hot in the pink silk shortie. Every guy in the club wanted to have sex with him. Soon that would all change. Soon they would be laughing hysterically at the freak!


Teddy began to sway his hips. Because he was a straight jock and not a faggot, he was not particularly graceful. He lifted one large teen foot and then the other in some semblance of a dance step. When he did this, the bottom of the robe parted revealing just a hint of genital flesh. The guys in the audience strained for a better look. I had shaved Teddy’s body completely. Not a hair remained beneath his neck. I had even totally shaved and bleached his teenage asshole, so it would be particularly enticing. I put the videos of his shaving up on the internet and got hundreds, maybe thousands of “likes.”  I would make the hairless condition permanent so he could never grow manly hair again.


Teddy had closed his eyes and was dancing better now, seeking solace in the music. He was in his own world, and we needed to bring him out of that and into the glare of the real word, which would destroy him.


I began the clapping and the chanting of “Take It Off!”  which soon filled the nightclub. The over one hundred customers pressed in closer. Tv cameras also shot live footage of Teddy onto the twenty large screens all over the club.


As always, Teddy began to cry, which sent the dudes in the club wild. Did any of the guys there feel sorry for him? I sincerely doubt it. With trembling hands, he undid the sash of the robe and let the garment fall open. The gasp in the audience at the sight of his tiny teenage dick was one of the most thrilling sounds I had ever heard. Gasps, silence and then, wild, almost uncontrollable cheers and laughter.

The short robe flapped open as Teddy danced and his peanut sized dick and small  nuts were on full display. The drunken men in the club screamed with joy.


“Off with the robe, Cunt,” I shouted from the floor behind Teddy’s platform.

Sobbing full out now, Teddy brought trembling fingers to the pink garment and stripped it off.  So distraught was he, that snot ran from his nose and tears dripped from his chin. The guys watching adored it. Teddy was not totally naked.

“Dance, you fucking Twat!” I shouted, and the boy began to move. I had forced him to put a little rouge on the head of his tiny dick knob so that it stood out from the surround groin flesh. It caught the light and accented how he was hung like a young child. Teddy danced, his small nugget nuts bobbing and his baby dick protruding from his groin.


When he turned, the guys cheered for his hot, tight, smooth teenage boy ass, so damned fuckable. Teddy felt some comfort with his back to the room, hiding his freakish fuckmeat, but the guys always screamed for him to turn around again.


In a master stroke of showmanship, I had had installed on the platform, a huge magnifying glass on a stand…just dick height, and I now ordered the tormented teen to dance behind it. This gave the audience a close-up view of the boy’s dick and balls. I ordered Ted to spread his legs and thrust his groin out at the magnifying glass. Waves of laughter rolled over the room.


“Wank it!’ some young dude in the audience yelled.


“Yeah, beat your clit meat!” Another guy yelled to more laughter.


More yells filled the space more and more demanding. Poor teenage Teddy put one hand down to his dicklet and with thumb and forefinger he began to frig his fucking useless boy dick. For some reason his other hand went up to his chest and he started to pull at his puffy nipples. It must be the way he had masturbated at home. Everything about him except for his dick was fucking beautiful. His young high school athletic body was perfection, and his ass was to die for. I knew then that I had to make sure that young ass was well fucked. Not only well fucked but totally and completely ruined by huge dicks endlessly ramming up it. Since the boy had almost no dick, he might as well use his boy pussy, right?  He had been expelled from his high school as you know, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could

arrange for as many of his former high school jock mates to brutally fuck him up the ass?  After all, the dudes must be incensed that they had been buddies and teammates for years with a tiny-dicked faggot pervert! You and I know that Teddy is really not a faggot…yet. But they don’t know that. They do know he can’t fuck girls and that he shit in a diaper at the school dance. They think he is a fucking freak, just like these hundred gay patrons think he is a freak.


Well, he is a freak, and he just has to accept it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the senior jock boys at his former school would use his ass to empty their horny balls? And wouldn’t it be even greater if I could get Teddy’s own father to fuck him up the ass?  Just imagine Paul’s huge, thick cock stretching and tearing and ruining his own son’s asshole.


Imagine Teddy being fist fucked so much that the insides of his asshole hung our permanently and he could no longer control his bowels and had to wear diapers full time. I had to make sure that happened before he was nineteen. Then, not only would no girl ever want him sexually because of his tiny dick, but

No gay dude would want him either because his ass would be too sloppy and useless. That’s how I wanted him, totally fucked up and useless!

He looked pretty pathetic already. There he stood on the stage platform, fingering his fucking tiny clit dick and sobbing before a cheer crowd of men. His eyes were red from crying and tears ran down his beautiful cheeks and dripped from his chin. Snot ran from his nose and clung to his lips. What a fucking disaster of a teenage boy!


“SHOOT! SHOOT!  SHOOT!” The crowd began to chant. Some dudes in the audience were openly masturbating their own dicks, and it warmed my heart. I love how men and boys are pre-occupied with their own dicks. I have a healthy normal heterosexual teenage boy about Teddy’s age living right next door to me. I call him “hub cap boy” because he is forever working on his car and polishing the

hub caps. Well, from a certain window in my house, I can see right into his bedroom. He is forever sitting on his bed and playing with his dick. Now, he has a girlfriend, and I assume he fucks her. I have seen them heavy petting in the driveway between our houses. Still, he constantly sits naked and plays with his  nice, hefty teenage dick and balls. He lifts the balls and rubs them. He rolls the nuts in his hand. He studies the pisshole of his dick, like he is rediscovering it  every night. Sometimes a finger slides down to his asshole or rubs his tight flat smooth tummy. He shoots gobs all over himself, and uses an old pair of underpants he keeps under his mattress to clean up the mess.


I’d love to get my hands on him, or get him over to my institute, and I have set some plans in motion. But right now, for the present, I need to concentrate on sexually and mentally destroying Teddy.


There he stood, finger frigging his cock nub with a hundred men watching. I  have no idea what he was thinking. He was just one hunky pathetic mess. Finally, his hips bucked back and forth, he groaned and gritted his teeth, and his tiny pisser short forth with a huge load of cum, splattering the surface of the large magnifying glass. The crowd went nuts!  Four huge sprays of fuck hit the magnifying glass and ran down the lens. Teddy, still sobbing hysterically, sank to  his knees and hung his head in total defeat. He thought he had endured the ultimate humiliation.  Poor boy, how naïve. I was just getting started with him.


“Teddy…” I shouted over the din of the partying crowd. “Teddy!”  He turned his cute young face toward me. His eyes were deep red and his mouth hung open, slack. His whole naked body trembled. “Teddy, lick your cum off the magnifying glass! Go on, clean up your mess!”


Teddy had almost no fight, no resistance left. I say almost, because he had not yet become the mindless fuck animal I intended to turn him into. This was not easy for me. I had to make sure he retained enough of a mind in order to feel humiliation and degradation, otherwise it would not be any fun. But he had now lost most of his ability to fight or resist, and so he leaned in and, extending his tongue, his face and mouth huge in the glass, he began to lap up his cum slime! Dear reader, I urge you to go back to the first installment of this saga to remind yourself what a cute, normal teenager Teddy had been back then. Intelligent and friendly and with only one small shortcoming.  But that small prick was his downfall.


As he licked the long streaming trails of wallpaper paste thick sperm from the lens, the boy’s dripping nose snot mixed in with it on the glass, and he dutifully licked that up too. Good boy. Many of the crowd had been taking photos of the entire event on their phones, and I knew that now Teddy was a full-fledged social media star. If he ever escaped my clutches and tried to straighten out his life, these photos and videos would haunt him and further destroy him. He would never be able to hold a decent job, never be able to have friends or family, never be able to appear in public. How lovely. And once I had further photos and video of him having sex with his own father, and then of him having sex with animals, it would be too late for him ever, ever to redeem himself, even if his damaged mind repaired itself.


My next step of course was to get video and pics of the boy sucking the cock of his own father. The difficulty there was not to convince Teddy, he was practically my beaten slave, but to convince Paul his father to let his son do this. Thus far, Paul had offered to help with Ted’s “sex therapy” hoping to help cure him, but how far would Paul be willing to go? Teddy’s dad had such a big, beautiful, thick penis and such fine full balls that I admit I wanted to work on them myself. To go through life that beautifully hung, and then to only give it to one fucking woman…what a fucking shame. I had been giving Paul drugs for “anxiety” however, and I had begun to use hypnosis on him to help him relax. So, perhaps I could eventually get him to commit perverted acts upon his own son. Watching teddy masturbating his own dad’s fat hunk of fuckmeat had been a highlight of my sordid and perverted life. Almost dickless Teddy had seemed as fascinated with the huge hunk of fucker as I was. I am sure the boy felt even more useless and frustrated while handling his dad’s cunt buster. I had asked the teenager if he ever heard his parents fucking, and he admitted that he sometimes listened to them. I imagined Ted’s conservative mom grunting under the sheer weight, length and girth of her husband’s massive dick, painful even after all these years. Under hypsnosis, Paul had confessed that even after all these years his wife could not swallow his dick down to the balls. I was sure that we would be able to get Teddy to do that for his father. Daddy’s big dick down your slender teenage boy throat and into your gullet!  We could do that. Let the kid gag, let the kid choke, who would give a fuck? If he doesn’t suck well enough, we’ll just zap his pussy with a cattle prod.


Teddy was so fucked up, he had to crawl off stage. I made him sit in a chair in the backstage hall rather than in the dressing room he had been given…that way, the passing male strippers could all see him. I forced him to spread his legs wide, so his clitoris was on full display. Amazingly, many of the gay male dancers complimented him on his great show. They did however often squat to study better his tiny equipment. Teddy begged to go home, but I wanted to keep him on display. He could not stop crying, and his young chest just heaved.


I excitedly told him that I had already received over twenty requests from dudes who wanted to fuck his ass. “You are becoming a very popular eighteen- year old Teddy, So many dudes want your ass pussy. So, you see, there is a future sex life for you after all…as a teenage ass fuck boy!”  He began to tremble even harder, and his tongue seemed to actually hang from his mouth. “Oh Teddy, think how popular you will be, and finally not just for your useless tiny dick, but for your beautiful, faggot ass pussy.”


I am not sure what he said through gulping back his tears, but I think it might have been, “I’m not gay!”  How cute. How sweet. As if he had a fucking say in the matter!

Submitted: January 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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