THE GINA YEARS 1969 - 2021 (2)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Gina featured in my life frequently but college was approaching and hopefully I would be leaving sunderland for a few year.

Prequel. August, September, October 1969 June Greaves


THE GINA YEARS 1969 - 2021


July 1969 - October 1969


My home circumstances were pretty much perfect, I had two jobs and made a good amount on the side buying old cars from large dealers and selling them on, all polishedl, valeted and touched up.  If the work needed to sell them would cost me more than a few coppers I didn't buy.  I was relatively well off in comparison to my peers.


I was always excited to meet a new girl.  Along with Soccer and cars it was mostly what I lived for.  I had a definite type that I really found attractive.  In my subconscious, which was almost as shallow as the rest of me, I was looking for girls of medium height, dark hair, firm but small breasts and shapely legs with a thigh gap.


So I had met a tall blonde Scandinavian type.  She was a proper blonde,  Gina suited her blonde hair and she carried herself bolt upright.  An impressive looking girl by any standards.


She had come across as very passionate and quite easily aroused, even though all we had done was cuddled and kissed.  I think the breathing can be a good indicator of how a lady is feeling sexually (unless they have Asthma).  But unlike the majority of girls in my limited experience she was not letting me near her boobs and certainly nowhere near her crotch.


When I say “we were all virgins” its fair to say that if a girl asked 95% percent of us weren't,  and 5% were my mate Arthur who said he wanted to be a virgin until he - ‘Found the right girl and they were married’- If a mate asked you it was more likely he knew about you so 50% were not virgins and 45% still were, or 50% if you include Arthur,


I had a couple of ‘near sex experiences’ that I was unsure about whether they counted.  Both times were with the same girl.  She was definitely not my girlfriend but was a very good girl   friend if you understand.  My parents liked to go camping and often met up with friends on the campsite.  Barry and Helen were two such friends, they had a daughter about my age, Natasha,   and a son, William,  a couple of years younger.


If the weather was good and we’d all been well behaved we might be allowed to put up our own little tent and ‘sleep out’ in it.   At the age of around ten, I had been starting to have dreams of the erotic persuasion.  I wouldn't call them wet dreams because although I experienced what I later learned was orgasm, My tender little body obviously didn't trust me with live bullets. All I got was a slightly sticky foreskin. 


On one of these occasions Natasha had been practising what she called her ‘Fanny Farts’.  She often entertained Will and I with her attempts to ’Queef’ a tune.  Of course we always told her we recognise the tune so she would try and do another one.  Thar night Will felt sick and went back to his parent’s tent to be mended. So I took advantage of the privacy to ask Natasha how she did it.  She wasn't shy that girl and immediately said Watch, removed her panties and Pyjamas and demonstrated.


It was truly a wondrous sight.  I had been of the mistaken opinion that girls peed out of their bottoms.  Well they don't as I was given a torchlit tour of a lady garden.  Your turn she said when she was finished, so I demonstrated the working parts of the male reproductive system.  It was getting late and we both decided to get some sleep.  I had the best dream I had ever had, as I dreamt I was cuddling a naked Natasha pushing my little willy in and out of her.  Picturing her genitalia, moving rhythmically to the tune emanating from her little hole.

I woke up to find Natasha in my sleeping bag with her hand gripping my rock hard cock.  She told me I had woken her up saying her name so she got into my sleeping bag to stop me being frightened.  She thought I might feel better if she got hold of my cock, she said before letting out a loud queef and we both started giggling.  I was really quite disappointed when she let go of me so I could run to the toilet for a wee.


Nothing happened for the rest of the holiday, and the year after we went to Cornwall.  I was far more in control of my wet dreams at twelve, and I could honestly think of a wet dream with the girl of my choice.  I must have screwed half of the girls school in my dreams.  My mates were all into masturbating, but I didn't see the point, I could achieve the real thing in my dreams.


When we met Natasha and Will at the campsite in Ambleside after two years apart, we were considered too old to share a tent and we had separate tents that were erected just far enough away from our parents to prevent the huffing and puffing of their love making reaching our delicate ears.  Natasha had developed breasts and pubes, I had developed pubic hair too, and my ‘little willy’ had grown a lot and developed the art of ejaculation.  One evening while we were climbing trees on the hill behind the site, Natash shouted My name,  I looked up the tree and was treated to the sight of her plump little bottom clenching as she ‘fanny farted’ a wolf whistle.


Well that was all it took to break the ice and in no time we were behind some bushes playing show and tell, just like we had two years before.  This time we were more aware of being ‘rude’ as we discussed the changes in our bodies and Tasha was kind enough to suggest we should lie next to each other and masturbate.


All started well and soon Tasha was giving it everything as her fingers disappeared in and out.  She was jumping and her legs were shaking when suddenly her hand shot across the gap between us and grabbed my erection. It took about ten seconds for her to finish me off.  I flooded her hand, her arm and my belly.  Tasha was delighted with her handiwork as we both shuddered into a silent calm.

There you go she said we’re not virgins anymore, pulled up her knickers and grabbed my sticky hand with her sticky hand, pulling me up and kissing me on the lips, as she made a really loud “fanny fart”.  I still fantasise about that afternoon, but now here I was coming up to eighteen and still a virgin.  I’d done my share of touching, and dry humping but still hadn’t had a proper shag.


Gina was lovely, I took her out a few times, wined and dined her, danced with her and oh the talks we had.  On one occasion we sat outside her house all night, talking, cuddling, reaching a level of arousal and then.  Then nothing.  Back to the chat, the hand holding, cuddles and sexy kisses, a hand on the outside of her jumper, both breathing heavily but as soon as I put a hand under her jumper she would ever so pleasantly remind me she wasn't ready yet.

Of course we were not a bony fido item, just casual dates so it was only natural that I would continue to spend time with other girls.  And Gina was popular with lots of other boys, but if that old telephone in the hall rang and it was Gina, I made the effort and we’d meet up.  As fate would have it, September was fast disappearing and the first Sunday in October I was off to College.  I had three offers subject to results.


The problem I had was my results did not live up to the requirements of any of the colleges I applied to.  So September involved applying through ‘clearing’.  The process by which colleges and Universities offer  spaces to students who did not get their first choice, giving them the chance to apply for one of the spare places.


By a lucky coincidence, I was at a party out of town on a Saturday night and Mam and Dad were still on Holiday.  My friends kept saying June Greaves is here, have you seen June Greaves? She's got a rich Norwegian Boy friend.


A lot of Norwegians came to the Polytechnic for their engineering qualifications, and tended to get the pick of the good looking girls at the popular Poly Dances.


Anyways I was chatting away to this bonny lass who was medium height, dark hair, firm but small breasts and shapely legs with a thigh gap.  Well I assumed her legs were shapely, she was wearing a green jumper and grey Levi cords, so I guessed they would be.

I bought her a couple of drinks and danced a bit, then bought her another drink and kept chatting.  One thing people have always told me is that I’m easy to talk to and I was certainly proving the point that night.


As the night wore on we were really enjoying each other's company, let's sit down, she said.  I didn't take any persuading, grabbed some drinks and we chose a table.  She excused herself to go to the toilet, and as soon as I was on my own my perfect cousin came over to inform me who I was talking to. 


 “You do know that's June Greaves, she's the footballer's cousin, all my mates are talking about you monopolising her.  She’s supposed to be the best looking girl at the school.  Watch your back, our kid.


My cousin was a couple of years older than me, and I knew most of his mates, most of them were home for the holidays. I was surprised to find out this vision that they called June Greaves was held in such high esteem.  She seemed like a normal pretty girl.  Her story was interesting but not for this account.


When the final record played we danced cheek to cheek, and held each other tight, a lovely feeling that I didn't want to end.  “Mam and Dads away this week, do you want to come round my house for a while?”  My brain was on autopilot, the schmoozing was oozing from my lips.

“I could listen to your voice all night “ she said “It’s really reassuring and that” (Whats and that I thought).


Could this be the night, had I struck gold, she wants to stay the night.  I think.  My heart was in fact beating fast and when she sat on my knee with her arms around my neck in the packed minibus - well it was a van with extra seats - I got that warm feeling.  Gina was knowhere in my head, my aim was true.  I wanted June Greaves.

Trouble was so did a dozen other people in that van, and one of them thought a young whippersnapper like ‘Maff’s lil cuz’ was an easy adversary to overcome.  “We’re having a party at my house June”  called John Miller, he was still at school because he kept failing his A levels.  “Come over here and I’ll let you come to the party.”


Now I’m not one to back down, but neither do I provoke a fight, so I whispered in June's ear you are welcome to go if you want to.  I knew that I was better looking than John, and better dressed, but did June think so?   “Thank you John but I’m comfy here and I want an early night.”  She answered politely.  John did not want to give in though as I gave June a reassuring hug, he called out for all the ‘bus’ to hear  ”Surely you're not going to let that lanky kid take you home, he's just a bairn? “


Now part of the pre-courting ritual with teenagers is always an exchange of information regarding birthdays, friends, school, hobbies, music etc. etc.  I knew I was fourteen days older than June.  So did June.

“Well that means you must be a cradle snatcher then”  June told John.  Then she kissed me. John shut up.


When we arrived at my house, I turned on the nearest thing to romantic lighting the electric fire.   I took a bottle of Bacardi from my parents' drink cabinet and made us both a Bacardi and coke.   I topped the Bacardi bottle up from the tap, to the mark I was not supposed to know about.  “Cuba Libre” I announced and we flopped onto the sofa.


We began ‘necking’ and I visualised my order of operations.  She made no effort to stop my sweaty hand caressing her breast through her woolly jumper.  The fire was doing its job and we were both sweating. I ran my hands under the back of her green jumper and felt the sweat on her bare back.  I was getting very excited, but like a duck whose legs are paddlin at a hundred miles an hour, I appeared calm and in control.

June said “I’m sweating here, stood up and peeled off the jumper. Exposing a white bra filled perfectly, with white breast,  I followed suit in an all or nothing move, and June moved to the sheepskin rug in front of the fire. And lay down arms outstretched. I smiled, swallowed my drink and lay alongside her.

She pulled me close and whispered “I've got a boyfriend, Wigo, (pronounced Vigo), he mustn't know about this.


I didnt think about Gina, I just said “Of course” in my most reassuring sexy voice.

My hand slipped behind her back and performed the manoeuvre that I had perfected practising on my sisters bras that I’d stretch over a chair back.  She was impressed “how did you manage that” she gasped.  I didn't answer, but Sean Connery did it in a James Bond film.  I had to learn.


Those boobs were perfect, and with the two of us slightly sweaty we rubbed our naked torsos together and kissed and stroked and panted and moaned.  I was in heaven. June was too hot. “Do you mind if I take my cords off - DON'T GET THE WRONG IDEA”

“That's up to you I schmoozed as she took them off, then her white socks.  In front of me an angel on a sheepskin rug.  But not my angel.

We frolicked, that's a good word, we talked, deep personal conversations,  She was going to a college in Northumberland, She would be gone in weeks.  I decided to take every pleasure I dared. I kissed her all over. I'm sure that as I teaased her hard pink nipples, she was approaching orgasm but she held back.  I stroked her mound and ran my fingers around the now moist crease in those soft white panties.  I enjoyed the sensation of stroking her smooth thighs.  I even put my tongue in between her toes and in her salty belly button.  WOW we were both edging closer to a climax.

Then I probably did the wrong thing.  I Slid my hand down that smooth white belly and my fingertips began to slip into the elastic of her panties.  She froze, pulled my hand away and apologised.  “No I can't I’ve got a boyfriend and I love him. -  Please take me home now, I might not be able to stop myself if I stay.” 

I didn't want to push the matter.  I try to be considerate, so we dressed and I drove her home at four in the morning.  She said “See you around I hope, I really really enjoyed tonight, you made me feel so good thank you”   She gave me a long sensual kiss and disappeared into her house.

But I hadn't given up. As soon as I was home, I got the college clearing house  booklet out and looked up that college in Northumberland, It still had places vacant.  I remained a virgin but not for long I thought.  I filled in the application form there and then and applied.  A bonus piece of information emerged: the ratio of males to females at that college was 1:5.





Submitted: January 15, 2022

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