Beneficial massage.

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It was unethical, I could be fired at best but even further I could lose my nursing license and possibly my husband.

Charlie had a great reason for being here, a very heroic one, saving a girls life by throwing her from a track just before being struck himself. The fact that he survived is a miracle. He did not go unscathed though. He was missing the majority of his right leg.

Charlie was laying in his bed, covered with a sheet, sporting a tent full of morning wood. It was time to wake him with PT in 30 minutes.

He's not unattractive but he's not perfect, his ears are big, his front tooth has a chip and his hair needs a decent cut. As I look at him though I can see the beauty that he does have, his charisma, silly jokes and good nature. He would make a woman happy if she could see past the exterior quirks.

He had a girl before his accident. Charlie says he let her go, so he wouldn't be a burden to her in this state. I never met the woman but I have to say good riddance, if she couldn't stay for his worse then she doesn't deserve his best.

Charlie has no support, even his elderly parents can't come see him and that just adds to my heartbreak. His grandparents adopted him late in life and he calls to check on them daily. He repeatedly comments that he needs to get out of here to take care of them. The guy with one leg and a whole soup of problems is in a hurry to heal, to go home and care for his elderly parents!

So maybe I'm justifying my actions?

Let me just get to the point, Charlie is lying in bed with a full tent, breathing heavy and a little moan escapes his lips. His hand suddenly moves, roughly gripping his stiffness through the sheet. It was in that moment that I knew it would be best to walk out and knock to wake him but as I looked to his face I realize I'm too late. His groggy look is focused on me and my cheeks start to burn. My eyes flickered to his hand with a tight grip on his shaft. Dawning sinks in and his eyes grow wide as he pulls his hand away and sucks a deep breath.

"Sorry. I came to wake you for PT." I explain shyly.

His lips thinned and formed a smirk. "So you didn't come to help me with this." His hand went back to his tent not denying what I've seen.

I chuckled, his quip humor had been consistent during his stay. "I suppose that would be considered therapeutic for your healing."

"God yes!" He groaned in frustration. 

"As much as I would love to see you healed and ready for home, I believe that might be pushing the boundaries of acceptable nursing practice."

After his breakfast and morning PT he requested a shower. In his private bath we started the usual routine. I set out the shower chair and started the water, waiting for it to warm as I helped to remove his clothing, my position giving me an excellent view of his flaccid penis.

He shifted his weight, balancing on his only leg as he used his walker to move into position and settled in the shower chair.

We worked in silence as I spent the whole time averting my eyes. He wasn't sporting that morning wood but my mind couldn't unsee it. Knowing it's full potential.

"How did it go today?" I asked knowing he was working on getting his prosthetic soon.

He offered a tight smile as he rinsed the suds down his limber body. "I am getting better. And Jack says once I am fitted properly for my new leg things will be even easier."

I hummed an agreement.

His eyes lifted to mine. "I just don't know what I'm going to do when I finally get home. My parents can't help me." He shook his head and anger flared in his eyes. "Fuck if Stephanie will be any help."

I knew all about his ex-girlfriend back home, the same one he was planning to propose to before his accident. "You're far from home right now. People will be there to help, you have plenty of friends rooting for you."

He huffed. "They only want to know when I'll be back to my old self. The old me died in the accident. I can't hang with the guys. I sure as hell can't dance with the girls."

"Thats not true." I was perplexed by his sudden depressive mood. He'd rarely shown a negative attitude since coming here. "You're a great guy. That ex of yours isn't worth having if she leaves when the times get tough. She doesn't deserve someone as good as you."

"She's dating fucking Derek Sullivan." He huffed.

"And who's he? Your ex best friend?" I was only teasing but the look on his face said I wasn't wrong.

"He's only the best at everything. He stole my position as quarterback in high school when I broke my wrist during practice after HE pulled a shit move blocking me. He stole my girl in high school. I bought a car with my own money and he showed up with the same one only newer. He's been a prick all my life."

"Good then, he deserves a prick for a girlfriend and it sounds like he got one."

Charlie huffed and then laughed. "You're so fucking right!" His full lips spread wide and I wondered if they were as soft as they looked. 

"Of course I am." I answered smugly ignoring the fact that my brain was suddenly wondering things it shouldn't as my nipples seemed to react to the question of his pliable lips.

I handed him his towel and turned to grab his walker. When I turned back around I studied his movements as he dried off. His athletic physic made my mouth water. My heart began to beat against my rib cage as I recalled yet again how his manhood stood at attention.

"You're a great guy and you shouldn't have any problems finding a gal who deserves you." I swallowed down my questionable hormones.

He smiled at the compliment as his eyes dropped to my chest. In that same instance mine dropped down to his soft member which began to grow.

"You have a red bra today Penny." His voice fell an octave.

I looked down at my shirt which wasn't soaked but held a light mist.

I placed his walker in front of him and grabbed the towel from his hand, an unfamiliar feeling sparked at his touch.

Apparently my touch affected him as well, he grew some more.

"Sorry."  He offered. "It's just been too long."

"I suppose it really would be beneficial for your recovery to relieve some stress." 

His eyes grew wide but hopeful and I knew in that moment that I wanted to help him more than anything.

"What if I gave you a massage?" I offered. "A medically necessary one."

His eyes met mine and darkened as his protruding appendage grew larger. "Don't tease me Penny." He groaned.

"No teasing." I held his gaze. "I'm serious. Maybe I can help relieve some stress, you could use the good endorphins right now."

"If you're truly offering then I'll take whatever you're giving." His eyes held that hope.

I nodded as I ignored the pooling desire soaking my panties. 

He let go of his walker and held himself up with the bars on the back and side wall.

"Would you like to sit?"

He shook his head. "No, I need to stand, I'll feel more whole if I stand."

I quickly moved the shower chair giving him more room to stand. The prospect had him hard, his long thick shaft was standing at full attention and my vagina was screaming to help him. 

I was uncertain at first, I couldn't believe I was actually doing this. I wrapped my fingers around his girth and he let out a hiss as I gently stroked his length. I knew what needed to be done but this wasn't my husband so doubt easily crept in.

I closed my eyes and imagined my husband. That helped a bit, giving me a little more courage as I tightened my fingers. I soon realized lubrication was needed and without a second thought I slipped out my tongue and licked the underside, wrapping my lips around his mushroom head, he groaned as I took him in a bit further.

"Fuck Penny!" His voiced groaned out.

I did everything right, gripping and stroking with my mouth and fingers, letting my tongue lick the protruding veins, the silk like hardness between my lips as I started to bob my head, steadily gaining speed.

He stifled a few moans and his ragged breathing made my ego soar as I realized I had this man at my mercy in this instant.

A short peek at his arms, his taut muscles bulging as he held onto the bars. I felt diligent in my quest to please him, sucking hard as his hips began to thrust.

I couldn't help the devilish thought of teasing him, why rush something he'd been lacking for months. I slowed my pace as I looked up through hooded eyes while passing my lips across his thick flesh. While enclosing one hand around the base and the other held his balls in a firm grip I continued slow languid strokes. 

Minutes of slow torture ticked by, Charlie had his head thrown back into the corner of the shower, his thigh bulged with his weight solely on one leg. His arms began to shake with the struggle of holding himself in position while the overwhelming feelings of release began to tighten, his body felt full of heat.

I knew the time was near, it was time to give him what he needed most. In one swift motion I released my hand from around his girth, allowing him to engorge my mouth completely. I swallowed my reflexes as I squeezed his balls. His whole body became tight as I sucked and pulled back and then slid his full length to the back of my throat yet again.

"Ahhhh...gggggg.......uh.... Fuck! Uhhhhhh. Aaaaahhhhgggg!" His drawn out grunt/groan bounced off the tiles as I continued to suck. My mouth was filling with his semen, the salty flavor filled my cheeks as I mindfully swallowed what I could to avoid any dribble on my scrub.

Without giving it a second thought I licked the white cream and mixed saliva from his penis. His body began to relax and my nursing skill kicked in as I swiftly grabbed the shower chair and slid it next to him to sit. His breathing became shallow as he sat and leaned against the tile.

I worried momentarily that I may have pushed him to far. I put two fingers on his wrist and measured his pulse.

His chuckle brought my attention to his face. A weak smile graced his lips. "I'm still alive."

I giggled. "Good thing. I don't know if I could fill out the medical card with a straight face if I had to write cause of death on it."

He chuckled. "Thank you for taking care of me."

"You're welcome but this stays between us, you know I've crossed a line?"

He lifted a curious brow. "So this isn't standard practice for all your patients?"

I shook my head as I stared into his deep grey eyes, noticing for the first time that they held a slight green tint or maybe it was the lighting in the bathroom.

"Your secret is safe with me. I feel so light right now."

"That's all the blood trying to rush back to where it belongs. Let me clean you up and get you back to bed."

So now you know the story, would you tell?





Submitted: January 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Trixie. All rights reserved.

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Really good story. You may have inspired me to write over myself. Not sure I can match this.

Wed, January 19th, 2022 3:10am


Thanks. I encourage you to write a piece and enter the contest. It’s free entry and you have till May to enter. I think it would be great if we could flood the contest with entries, I usually start and story to enter a contest but never finish so I’m excited that I got this one done.
Thanks for reading and I hope to see your entry.

Wed, January 19th, 2022 4:37am


Love this! (Especially given my profession)
First, I love the fact that you've created a real story with legitimate character development intermingled with truly hot sex. Second, I love the taboo nature of the story - it's cheating for sure, but your reader is completely drawn into it. In fact, I'm so favorable that I'd almost think Penny's husband would forgive her. (Curious potential ending)

I had your same experience trimming back the words when I entered the summer contest. It's tough because you have to streamline things which you want to elaborate.

I kind of like the narrative approach...the way you address the reader directly. I mean, that's first person narrative, and it's my favorite. Still, I'm not so sure about soliciting your reader's opinion about what happened since it takes up valuable space (and words) that you could use in other ways. Look back and decide.

To me, making your characters human is huge. You've done that here. Charlie has his physical quirks. Penny has her husband and her conscience. We're dealing with a life changing injury. This is a stressful time, a devastating event. I love what you've done, and I would re-read this frequently over the next months looking for ways to emphasize that humanity. I can't tell you how many times I changed my story and meditated over the smallest details.

What am I saying? Well, just as an example - consider using more imagery to emphasize key points. Penny is cheating on her husband. Have Charlie and her suddenly focus on her ring in the middle of his hand job. Describe the impact of that vision. Charlie has lost his girlfriend, but it sounds so peripheral. Why not have a picture of her by the bedside, perhaps a 'Dear John' letter or text on his phone? Rather than having the breakup in the past, pull it into the now.

I love the dialogue. Be liberal with it as opposed to narration. It makes an impact that simple narration can't approach. Play with your paragraphs and shorten long sentences for emphasis.

It's a fantastic offering, girl. Sexy and engaging with a heart tugging story.

Wed, January 19th, 2022 5:15am


Thank you, I was very close to texting you some questions to be sure I wasn’t in the wrong on some things but since I had to condense so much I ended up just being vague about the technical stuff (like the medical card for cause of death).
Sometimes you read my mind, in the more extended version her wedding ring comes in to play, in my mind this story was just the beginning of a relationship that ends the day he leaves and I’m seriously considering a complete story down the road some day because it sounds good in my head.

Thanks for reading and the comment, the contest is open till May so I have plenty of time to make some changes.

Wed, January 19th, 2022 4:46am


This has some amazing features to it - a brief explanation of the characters and their dual situations and yet just enough to interest the reader. We wonder if she will do the inevitable, realizing that her conscience may prevent it, and yet in her heart she wants to be compassionate, a delicate line to cross. The dialogue was just right and her temptation to tease - we wonder if it was because she wanted to increase his pleasure or because she enjoyed having the power to do so?

Tue, May 31st, 2022 2:13pm


Thank you for the great review. I appreciate the read and the comment.

Thu, December 29th, 2022 7:04am


I almost wish I were your patient, so sweet of you to help him that way... An angel of mercy if you ask me!

Sun, June 5th, 2022 10:04am


Thanks for the read and the comment. She is a nurse who cares for her patients and sometimes sexual release is a great way to promote recovery. Thank a nurse, you never know how far they’ve gone for the benefit of the patient.

Thu, December 29th, 2022 7:06am

Angelica Jai

I love this! Flows very well and detailed enough that the reader can get a nice vision in their head as they read. Not over complicated but complex enough to make us know a brief back story and give your cheeks a rosy tint at the very realistic situation. Brava!

Fri, July 29th, 2022 3:18pm

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