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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group




Her name was Rose such a glorious bloom

A delicate flower and intoxicating perfume

She reached out her hand and ejected the song

Have ya not got no Elvis? Canya not purrit on 


A voice rang out from the back of beyond

She loves Elvis Presley her friend informed

she must think that you look like him too

because I can see that she fancies you


That came as a back handed compliment 

And my face must have  given away how I felt

Her eyes started widening and lit up the place

She let out a giggle, punched me, kissed my face

So began a short affair but one never to be forgotten 

Beautiful face and beautiful eyes in truth I was besotten

That night was such magic time, engaged in playful chat

I made my mind up there and then that I wanted more of that


Driving home as bold as brass I told her I wanted a date

She didn't object and she said to me, "is  tomorrow too late"

She lived within a mile of me, in a house no longer there

And when I called to pick her up her folks came out to stare


A blooming flower in chiffon dress and scarf tied in her hair 

Grinning just  like Cheshire cats, they waved till we weren't there

I took her to a trendy bar and bought us both a trendy drink

We did all the usual funny tales and made our glasses chink


I felt I was so lucky when we walked into the club we chose

sure every eye was watching me and my shining  little Rose

Those from hereabouts recall that Tavern nights were good

I got a seat next to the rail and ordered drinks and food


For two long weeks it all was fine just us two alone

I found her makem accent had made me feel at home

Then one night as we sat and drank a couple wandered in

They knew me, came straight across, sat down and joined in


Terry had gone to private school and Gwen to the Church High

And very soon I noticed the strange looks within their eye

And when Rose gave her Elvis speech it was quite clear to see

Terry and Gwen wore a spiteful smirk and raised eyebrows to me


When Rose went to the toilet my friends made me feel small

They laughed and said “where’d you find her, outside a bingo hall”

I don’t know why I didn’t say “you are no better for your wealth”

I felt as if I’d let THEM down and made a joke ‘bout Rose myself


She liked Elvis Presley and she wasn't ashamed to say

Rose was a wonderful caring girl and I regret it to this day

A girl from a working class background, spoke in a working class voice

But I decided It best to let her go, what a stupid and immature choice.




He’d parked the car in the Blockyard he sed to eat our chips

The Beatles tape was playin as he went to kiss me lips

So a reached out and took out the tape that he'd purron

Have yous not got nee Elvis a asked him wirra grin

His mate was in the back seat, slaverin with our Glen

He burst out laffin at me words, I think is name was Ben

Does she like Elvis Presley Max, Ben sez to is mate

Whats rang with Elvis I replied, Max really thinks that he’s great


We best be gettin ‘ome now lads, i’m in at work  the morn.

Our Glenda wern’t too appy, cos they'd hirrit off a storm.

Ok says Max, just one last kiss and we’ll get on our way

He torned the engine on and sez can a see ya on Tuesday


Our Glenda went arl quiet in in the back just Neckin Ben

Max and me kept tarkin, we was gerrin alang good by then

A thought al have a laff and sez tomorra if yud like ta meet

Burral afta bring the bairn alang, the cot al fit the back seat


Ower Glenda spat poor Ben out wen shu herd worr ad just sed

And a tried ta keep me face strite burra had to laff insted

It cudda been a crackin joke cos Max's face  wus goin white

Instead he just looked very cool and carmly sed arl right.


Al pick you up tomorra, at Seven, at your house if you like

Ad nivver been picked up afore, except for on a bike

Daft Glenda was egsited, and ran ta tell me mam and dad

Our Rosie and me scored the neet, shas gorra posh new lad 


At work nex day a got the nerves, wot wos a ganna wear

He sez we’ll go night clubbin, how shudda wear me hair

Will a wear me Jeans or skirt, a wished a had a nice dress

Jackie on the next machine sed al loan ya a dress to impress.


At seven on the dot his car pulled up at our ‘ouse and arl me famly saw

Rose he’s dressed up all smarty pants, Glenda shouted from the door

Av gorra say that Max looked scared when arl me folk come out

He telt us later that he though me Da might give im a clout

I floated out in Jackie dress, arl shiffonny and femeneen

A felt like one a them models wot ya see in a magazine

Me Mam ad dun me make up and our kid had dun me hair

Shad tied a little scarf in it and sprayed sum Charlie wot we share 

Max gorrout and held the door, and whispers you look stunnin

As he walked back to the drivers seat our Glenda came out runnin

She gived Max a greet big cuddle and kissed his face and sed

If yous two  divnt gerra lang  ya  can tak me clubbin insted


Av gorra say that Max knew how ta mak a lass feel really good

Lots a kisses and cuddles lots a drink and loads a lovelly food

‘E didn't mind just how a dressed, he picked us up from work

He knowed just wot ta tell a lass, and how to mak sweet talk

We did things that ad niver done, like sleeping naked

He took us places that was nice, let me xhare his bed

A met some of his snooty mates they dint impress me much

They thought that they was really class, and berrer by far than us


All to soon the weeks flew past and college beckoned Max 

He sed he’d write us evry week and see us when he's back.

We tarked about the times us had and both agreed to be discreet

If one of us saw someone else, then that would be alreet


Our final date was canny crap cos gudbyes made us  sad

He gorra hug off Glen and me Mam and shook hands wi me Dad

Afore he drove away that neet we snuggled in is car real tite

We didnt even have a phone and it felt like it was our last nite.


BUT WAS IT? Remember Liverpool?





Submitted: January 14, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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Harriet-Jacqui xx

You really are a natural erotic storyteller - and a great one at that. I love your period imagery, too - so original!

Sat, January 15th, 2022 5:00pm


You are so kind Harriet, I must put some time aside to visit you next time you are in Tobermory and treat you , Bonnie and Isla to some Fesh and Cheps. Aye?

Sat, January 15th, 2022 4:04pm

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