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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jack gets a surprise companion and remembers an old one.


Jack set off from Keswick for the drive towards the West coast.  He was still feeling cheerful after his pleasant coffee and a sandwich in Carlisle.

The run to Whitehaven was a bit longer but I still managed to make my three thirty appointment with a branch of the same 'home store' I had visited in York.

I knew them well because they were good customers. Alan Hope the manager, was in a fine mood and I managed to get quite a good boost on the order. "Must be a lot of people with strains and arthritis" thought Jack as he pushed the new line to Alan.

As was his habit, he paused on the way out to 'oil the cogs' with Adrianne, Alan's PA.

"Looking good Alice" Jack said (on purpose) "How do you always steal my heart when I come here?"

"How come Julie at York office gets dinner? and " she coughed "breakfast then Jack, all I get is cheesy comments." She was smiling smugly at me. I held her stare thinking she'll blink in a minute. Adrianne was made of sterner stuff - she 'blinked with one eye' and said "Well?"

"I'm staying at the St Bees tonight if you want to put your money where your mouth is" parried Jack, confident that was the end of the exchange.

"Ok pick me up at seven" she said, just as my phone chimed. "That will be my address and post code. Should I bring my Pyjamas?"

After popping along to Workington, for another repeat order Jack drove down the little road to St Bees head and checked into the hotel. He booked a double room, showered and changed into his casual clothes before taking a walk on the beautiful St Bees beach. He sat on a breakwater and surveyed the scene. His mind went back to the fateful day on the grass at Seaburn sea front, opposite the Recreation field.

N N N N N Nineteen

Jack was Nineteen, he was studying business management at the University in Newcastle. It was the end of June and his course had finished for the summer. He had taken a job with Gateshead council, working on research for a new housing project.

There was plenty of work for anybody who knew their way round a spreadsheet. Jack had devised several bespoke databases and spreadsheets from scratch, it was how his brain worked. He was making quite a good living in his spare time doing what came easy to him.

It was a Friday afternoon, he had finished at dinner time, flexitime was a great idea. He was owed two days off in lieu already. So when the sun was blazing down he decided to put his shorts and Tshirt on and relax. That had involved a game of football with a group of lads he didn't know. A lot of them didn't know each other. Choose a name, get a game and play. He was the only Jack playing.

After forty five minutes he was hot and sweaty, and getting a thirst, so he decided to pop over to Alex Hastings shop next to the Seaburn Hotel, to buy a bottle of lucozade. As he walked away from the game, one of his team shouted "Hurry up Jack". Almost immediately a voice came from a cluster of girls sitting on the grass smoking, "Hurry up Jack - get yourself over here"

Jack waved, laughed and jogged toward the shop. "Mines a diet coke Brucie" came the distant shout. Jack spun round on the ball of his foot and saw the group of girls laughing and waving towards him. He gave a thumbs up and continued to the shop.

Now Jack was never going to miss an opportunity to score. He'd scored three goals in forty five minutes playing football so he thought he would take a look at the female opposition. He bought a big bottle of Lucozade and four cans of diet coke, from the chiller. "This better be worthwhile" he thought as he counted his change "Corner shop prices are outrageous."

He strolled across "looking cool" heading away from the game and towards the group of girls. A cheer went up and a couple of them stood up and did a little sexy dance. "That's my boy Brucie" came the voice from the group. He was now intrigued because nobody ever called him Brucie.

Suddenly his heart sank, "N No it can't be" he told himself.

As he reached the first girl in the group, welcoming him with a big grin he saw her

"Mary?" he said doubtfully.

"Who the f**k else would be allowed to call you Brucie" said this girl with flaming red hair, a nice figure and pretty ..... Yes she looked pretty.

She jumped up and strode over to Jack smiling at him "Give us a coke and I'll hold ya hand all afternoon" she said

Nobody else knew the significance, thought Jack "I Can't believe she remembers me" - his heart was pounding - but why?

He handed her the four cans of cola and said "Here share em out." his brain must have shifted from his head to his groin at this point because without even thinking he held out his left hand and said with a commanding tone "Now hold my hand"

Mary's eyes popped for a second then she held up the can and said "This one's mine .....and so is the coke" as she grabbed Jack's hand and kissed him hard on the lips. Then she announced "We know where that hand is going tonight Brucie - don't we?"  she shouted in front of all the other girls.  While telling all of Seaburn "We've got a play-date haven't we Brucie?"

Jack couldmt believe what happened next.  ....... He began to get a hard on!

And we did have a play date, but who was in charge this time round. - let the 'play-fight' commence!


"Got a light mate"

came a voice from behind and those lovely thoughts of Mary dispersed.

Jack Bruce reached into the pocket of his chunky cardigan and pulled out a BIC lighter holding it for the sad looking character in the worn Barbour Jacket. The cigarette he lit was little more than a Rizla paper roughly twisted into the shape of a rollie but with little more than a sniff of tobacco in it. As the lad leaned into the light the majority of the 'cigarette' disappeared, literally, in a puff of smoke.

"Sorry pal" said the lad as if he'd done something wrong. "Hold on mate" called Jack and he reached into his other pocket and pulled out a pack of Benson and Hedges. There were four or five left in the gold box, "Here take them" Jack offered, "Kill yourself in style" handing him the box.

Jack seldom smoked but he always kept a couple of packs handy for customers who liked a smoke. "Oiling the cogs" Jack commented as the lad thanked him. "When you're rich you can give me them back"

He looked at his watch, twenty to seven. "Oops, better get my skates on, he thought, jogging to the BMW. As he started the engine he quickly tapped out a text to adrianne, *can't wait to see you in your pyjamas* was all he said, then he hurried up the road to find the house in Hensingham that he'd entered into the Sat Nav.

Adrianne looked very nice when he picked her up from her house on the outskirts of Whitehaven. He heard her shout, "Don't wait up for me" as she scurried down the path to Jack's car. "Was that your husband you were talking to" Jack joked as she slid into the passenger seat. "Yes he's such a worrier" she playfully replied.

"OK then, where do you want to be wined and dined? - you know better than me." Jack asked 

"What's your budget she asked," which Jack thought was very thoughtful and endearing

"For such a lovely young lady, the sky's the limit Adrianne" was his reply

"Do you know the Vagabond" she replied "it's lovely and by the way, all my friends just call me Ree"

Jack knew the Vagabond, it was very good and reasonably priced. "OK Ree - drinks and meal or meal and drinks?"

Neither of them had eaten so they had a meal first then drove down to St Bees and had drinks in the hotel bar

Neither of them had eaten so they had a meal first then drove down to St Bees and had drinks in the hotel bar.

At around eleven Ree said, "Lets go to your room we can watch Netflix and Chill."

"My pyjamas are in the car. - you will drop me off at work in the morning, won't you?

So they collected a backpack from the BMW, ordered a bottle of cheap fizz from the bar and retired upstairs. The room had been 'prepared' - they called it the turndown service. The corners of the bed had been peeled back , there was a chocolate on each pillow and some pleasant but unrecognisable cologne had been sprayed.

Ree disappeared into the bathroom, while Jack selected some atmospheric music channel on the TV and slipped into a pair of shorts and a T shirt. About fifteen minutes after she went into the bathroom, Ree Emerged, Jack was stunned, he thought he'd seen it all but this....... A giant Tiger came out complete with tail.

She was fully covered apart from her cute little feet - Loved her Tiger feet - and her makeup free pretty face.

"Wow I guess that limits our activities tonight" gasped Jack. "If you'd just said I would have got you a single bed or your own room. "Gotta say though, you do look sexy in those PJs"

Ree gave Jack a very naughty little smile "On the contrary Jack there's two of my favourite games we can play.

"ONE - This suit is all I'm wearing, like me it's very accommodating. You've got to get in beside me."

"And TWO:" asked Jack

"When we have done that you have to skin the tiger, I promise you won't be disappointed. "

Purred Ree the tiger 

"and then" asked Jack cheekily

"Then we change roles and you put the suit on and we start again." Said Ree as she did a little shiver and said "Ooh I can't wait, grabbed a glass of wine and lay on the bed.

"Is that all" said Jack sarcastically.

"We will see Jack" laughed Ree sexily as she pulled the zip on the onesie down far enough to show a tantalising vee of bare flesh."Oh if I haven't worn you out we start again but you have to get in the suit behind me and so on."

Six o'clock the alarm on Jacks phone interrupted the intense conversation Ree and Jack were having about the changing music scene and the impact of downloads on Live performances.

Jack had had one of the best nights of his entire life, with one of the most attractive girls he had ever met. When he thought about attractive it was not to do with looks, sex, opinions it was everything. She was magnetic he didnt want Ree to take the tiger suit off because that would mean she was leaving but she did and Jack felt a shiver of appreciation run through his body

But they showered, Ree dressed in the clothes she'd brought for work and was looking every bit the part of the PA, until she lifted her skirt, flashing Jack and breaking into a histerical giggling. Jack couldnt help but join in "Dressed to impress for work" he said and they walked out to the car hand in hand. 

As he  dropped her off at work Jack asked Ree confidently  "Can we arrange another Play Date"

"Mmmm let me think about it Jack, will I have to bring my own toys, or will  you bring  your own" she said looking serious.

"What makes you think I have any toys Ree?"  laughed Jack

"I've seen your TikToks with that Robin girl from Stranger things" smiled Ree mischeviously.  "I'll phone you when I've thought about it - thanks for a lovely meal and for being a GGRRRREAT tiger"

No kiss, no compliments, no second date. YET.

Jack felt a bit deflated and thought about Mary and the games they played fifteen years ago.

He couldn't concentrate. Was he being drawn into the trap again.

He thought of Carley and the advice that she wouldn't take. 

 "It's too easy for people like us to get drawn in" Jack said to himself as he headed to Windermere and his first call.

He barely managed to break-even on his orders for the rest of the day. He drove home, drank too much Jack Daniels and was in bed by ten o clock,

At eleven o clock his phone rang, but lack of sleep and the whiskey made sure he didn't hear it.



Submitted: January 13, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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I'd love to see & feel the fur, but even better love to make that tiger purrrr!!!

Sat, January 15th, 2022 10:26am


Stick with this little tigers tail
It tells of how to succeed and fail
There's shocks for those easily offended
And broken lives that can't be mended


Sat, January 15th, 2022 2:54am

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