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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Max and Ben offer a lift to and Rose with her younger sister Glenda. The girls accept the lift and a 'chippy supper' from the boys. We know about Rose and Max. This is their passengers view of the days events.


The weekend leaked the lazy hours of Sunday

The weekend leaked the lazy hours of Sunday

For me it never rushes but gently fades away

Reading Sunday papers, Mother cooks with care

talking to my brother in the room that we both share


Beef with all the trimmings, apple pie and cream

Listen to the Radio with the latest from John Peel

Nothing to watch on the telly but a fifties family show

Wander to the shop and call in Dave's to say hello


Home at five and tea is served, in our front room you see

Salmon, ham and hard boiled egg in sandwiches on our knee

Tea of course in china cups poured from the best teapot

Always put the milk in first and drink it while it's hot.


By Six I was in bubble bath and washing all my parts

I did my hair with Vosene and watched my bubbly farts

Pulled the plug and watched the soapy water drain

Then thought about the noise it made as I dried myself again.


Aremis or Brut tonight the challenger or the champ

Splashed it on and MUM to stop my armpits getting damp

Fitted shirt by Sherman and Jean's by Levi Strauss

Favourite pair of platform shoes and ready to leave the house


Max arrived round eightish looking chipper cool and neat

His shiny Ford Cortina parked gleaming in the street.

He wandered up the path and entered round the back

Pinched a sandwich off me Mam and gave our Neil a friendly slap


My Dad said where you off then, I'm going up the club

Max said maybe down the town if we find a busy pub

Whose car I asked - mine said Max cos Maxie dont fit a Mini

I'tl leave your fancy car for dead! - Max said don't talk silly


The Rosedene had the tables out, so we enjoyed a pint outside

Merlins Cave was empty so we had one in the Chesters before going for a ride

A cruise down to the sea front and we popped in the Bay Hotel

Another pint went down a treat, had crisps and played darts as well


With the warm sunny weather I thought we should cruise along to Shields

We wound down all the windows, turned the tape player up as we passed the fields

Disraeli gears was blasting Jack Bruce, Slow hand and Bakers drum

As we scanned the roads for company to enjoy our summer evening fun

We passed Boy Racers at the Grotto feeling so carefree

Max drove down to the Waters Edge, and we skimmed stones on the sea

Walking back to the car we had a wee against a wall, beneath the stars above

Then we set off back toward Sunderland, playing Sunshine of Your Love.

When we reached the Whitburn Garage, two girls came into sight

It looked as though they want a lift, as Max slowed down I thought he's right

I reached across and blew the horn. As we passed, I saw they'd waved

Max played it cool and turned into the lay-by to see how they behaved


I jumped out first to check them out and I thought them worth a punt

Dya fancy coming for a drive and some chips on the sea front.

They did the girlie giggle thing and whispered as they checked out Max

Ok the smaller one smiled as I opened the door, so I followed her into the back


We stopped outside the chippy, She wanted chips and a patty

She told me that her name was Glen and she was really chatty

Max was schmoozing his usual crap as he asked if his girl liked sausages

Not tonight she sighed, but I'll enjoy the ride, not been in a Cortina for ages.


As we sat on the seafront we were now in two pairs as we ate the last of our food

She said they were sisters. Rose is in the front- and just call us Glen she cooed

Then suddenly all went quiet as Rose removed the cassette from the slot

Have yous not got nee Elvis Presley or is this crap the best tunes yav got

Glenda spluttered with laughter, spoiling our steamy embrace,

She arlways dis that our Rosie- Max just stared at Rose innocent face

Eyes that sparkled like diamonds, cassette tape in front his nose.

She loves Elvis our Rosie does said Glen with a knowing pose


It looks as though she's into Max, and Max is well impressed

I thought it seems the same for me as I inwardly confessed

Time flew by and Rose said that they'd best be making tracks.

Rose had to be up for work next day, and so did my mate Max


Do you fancy coming back to mine I softly whispered to Glen

Wait here on the corner and I'll be straight back, It'll only take me ten

I'll get my car and pick you up and we can have a beer

I really like it being with you please say that you'll be here.


So Max and Rosie said goodbye, both the girls got out,

Aal just nip in and gerra slash I heard Glenda shout

I asked Max if he could hurry as I rearranged my hair

Jumped from his car into mine, so pleased when she was there


I drove her back to my house and offered her a can of beer

My Mam and Dad had gone to bed so the living room was clear

I got two cans of Watneys and sat down on the sofa

Glenda leapt on top of me and I knocked my beer can over

She stayed until the early hours and I thought I like this girl a lot

When I took her back to hers, we said we'd meet again and named a spot

Who was that with you last night, Mam asked, she seemed a little wild

And what was all that noise she made, you'd think she was having a child


Oh we were just play-wrestling and she had got on top of me

I couldn't move and so I had to tickle her to knock her off you see

The words had barely left me when I realised what I'd said

Mam just looked at me straight faced, as my cheeks turned red


When Glenda laughed the world joined in infected by her joy

She wasn't the most graceful, and she'd rough and tumble like a boy

But her sense of humour and her razor wit increased her beauty times ten

My heart jumped when I saw her, we'd laugh and play. I couldn't wait to meet again





At three a clock on a Sunda morn a shudda been asleep

When our Rose came stumbling in I didn't make a peep

If a can just pretend I'm sound asleep she'll go to bed

But naa, she sits on me foot and taps me on the head


Are yooo asleep she whispers loud in case am deaf ya know

Tryin not ta move much, despite the fact shas sittin on me toe

Why? O Why do sistas arlways say "are you asleep" untill you're not

A stirred a bit, but Rose decides I've woke and slaps me on me bot


Once she's seen I've woke, she smiles the nicest smile and say

Am effin knackerd Glen, am goin ta bed, at least tomorras Sunday

I watched her as she stands and hangs her clothes up on the floor

Then with just her knickers on gorrinta her bed and began to snore

I wakened up at half past eight. The sun shine on the wall.

Had a stretch and scratched me head, I wasn't tired at all.

Rose was wrapped up in a sheet, the covers all in a heap

She looked so sweet and peaceful that I thought I'd let her sleep


Ma and da was in their bed, havin some tea and some toast

Ma had gone down earlier to get the paper and sort the roast

On such a topping day a wanna be going down by the sea

Made meself look gawjus, put on glad rags and drank me tea.


By ten a clock a thought a better get our Rosie from her pit,

Off I went upstairs to coax her to come out with me for a bit

Down to the fair or at the beach was sometimes borin by mysel

Our Rosie's funny, full a life and like my bestest friend as well


Rose said she'd come if I'd sort out a lift over to South Shields

So I tapped me big brother and Ian, his mate, cos Ian's got wheels

Danny's mate Ian was easy coaxed, cos he fancied me ta bits

Wearin tight Jean's and T-shirt, that showed off me nice arse and tits

Now Ian wasn't the sharpest, might have got the wrong idea.

Thought it was a double date. But our Rose and our Dan?- oh dear

So they said they'd go and watch the strippers at the club

While we got dropped off first outside the New Crown pub.


Across the road and down a bit the fair was in full swing

We flirted with the traveller lads and didn't paid a thing

You might have thought it slutty, leading on the the fairground lads

But its only just a bit of fun and we wasn't being like slags


The Waltzer lads spun us round an round

The parachutes hoyed us up an down

The dodgem lads climbed on our poles

We charmed the shootin lad for free goes

When we'd had our fill of fun our Rose bought Hot Dogs and chips

Covered in mustard and tomata sauce that we had to wash off out lips

We'll go for a plodge, while its warm I sed as we walks across the sand

Feelin like hippy fillum stars bare foot with our shoes in our hands


While we splashed about our jeans got wet arlmost tuh the knee

And then this gang a lads came down, they must've fancied me

They asked if we would like to share some cans with them around a fire

So off we went like scouts and guides and joined their little choir


We drank their beer and laughed a lot and told some dirty jokes

But then they started tryin it on and they wasn't our type of blokes

So Rosie puts on her socks and shoes and i just purron shoes

Putting my socks in me pockets, and thankin them for the booze

By now the sun had sunk real low, no bus so we set off on foot

It dussent seem like its far in your head and we couldn't just stay put

By the time us reached the garage we'd walked until we dropped

A flashy car passed and beeped,- We smiled and waved - It stopped


A dishy lad jumped out and offered us a lift, no strings he said to Rose

Where to? said Rose as cool as Ice, Howabout the chippy up the road?

Then we can park up on the prom an watch the boats and lights

And eat our chips and have chat while we decide what to do tonight


He had me at Hi, I whispered to Rose, as we had our little huddle

His mate looks canny too, I said, we might get a kiss and a cuddle

Rose chirped in and says OK, - but you can pay, and opened the front door

I jumped in the back and Rose got in the front, cos we all knew the score


We got our chips and settled down but didn't see no lights and ships

The second my last chip was gone 'Ben' kissed my greasy lips

Well lerrus put me lippy on I said in fake suprise. "No point" he swiftly replies.

You don't need any make up, you're lovely and I could drown in your blue eyes.

Eff me blue a effin thought, wheres he get his effin slavver,

But a have ta say it turned us on and a got in a birrof a lather

The time flew past and we talked and messed around and laughed

Till our Rosie says, "It's time we went, tommoz I've gotta graft"


On the way ta our house Ben leans in and whispers in me ear

When Max drops Rose off stay here and come to mine for a beer

Now a was bustin forra piss and me jeans were still quite wet

A says gimme a minnit while I just nip in for something a need ta get


Rose and Max were both in work and kissed goodnight, Rose said "Hurry Glen"

And Ben says a just live up the road, all get me car, and said be back in ten

We ran inside and a joked with Ma "Our Rose pulled a Posh Lad"

A went upstairs ta pee and change as Ma said "POSH don't tell ya Dad".


Like a flash I'm back outside, my Ma says "where ya goin Glenda"

I'm goin round ta see me mates, Julie's havin a birthday a bender

By the time a reached the corner, a Mini came along and Ben was here

The car was nothin special but as I got in, Ben waved a can of beer.


His place was just up the road but made our house look rough

A thought it looked quite posh with a garden and trees and stuff

SHHH he says me Mams asleep, we'll go in the front room - alright

He went for some beer and put the fire coals switch on for light


The red glow was git cozy as he sat down with hjs beer on the couch

I thought I'd act real sexy so I dove across a table into his lap. OUCH!

The can went flyin over and I think a might've squashed his little man

But arl he sez was SHHH, in case the noise woke up his dad and mam

We stayed until the sun came up, we'd had a steamy night

At five I said you better get me home, cos its gettin really light

He said SHHH for the hundredth time, as he tidied up the room

As I put my jeans and jumper on he said can I see you soon

I didn't know if our Rose had made a date with Max last night

I didn't know if our Rose had made a date with Max last night

But I could tell he must've liked her because he acted so polite

no way do I want a double date, so she better not try and suggest it

Cos a just can't wait to see Ben again, the thought's got me all excited


Submitted: January 13, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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Sounds as thought they truly enjoyed themselves!

Sat, January 15th, 2022 9:57am


Thank you kindly for taking time
To make a comment on my rhyme
That really means so much to me
So here's my gratitude for all to see


Sat, January 15th, 2022 2:08am


Your answer there is very swell;
Happy rhymes you wrote so well!!!

Sat, January 15th, 2022 10:13am


I am smiling.

Sat, January 15th, 2022 2:50am

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