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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A look back at how it was in the sixties and seventies when boys met girls and cruising in cars was better than facebook. Exciting liberated days written in a certain way.


A warm balmy night in the middle of June

A warm balmy night in the middle of June

Car windows down, cassette playing a tune

The sun sinking low and teasing the night

Ben riding shotgun and keeping me right


A couple of beers from our favourite pub

We went for a ride to consider some grub

but not many customers so no atmosphere

We went cruising the sea front with Cream in our ear.


Clapton was playing a Strange kind of Brew

Adding some spice Ginger's beat drifted through

While Jack Bruce sang in his own special way

Lets just keep on cruising my shotgun would say

It was the time of our lives and we were still young

"All you need is love" was on the tips of our tongue

Our Hope's had no limits our dreams were in reach

So we drank in the warm salty smells of the beach


Through Roker and Seaburn and on to Whitburn

Passed the Jolly Sailor and Grey Horse in their turn

Picked up the pace with the Grotto not far

Then down to Beach by the Waters Edge bar

A stroll on the sands to the sounds of the sea

Then back to the car and and an al fresco pee


Flip the cassette and we're back on the way

Looking for company at the end of the day

We lived in an age when cruising was alright

Just south of Whitburn they came into sight

A pair of young ladies enjoying the craic

A honk on the horn, they smile and wave back

We stop and impress them with an offer of chips

They get in the back and attend to their lips


A drive to the car park that faces the sea

And when we swopped seats she was sat next to me.


Her name was Rose and it suited her well

Not just the looks but the sweet heady smell

She reached out and ejected the tape that I'd put in

Have yas not got no elvis she asked with a grin.


The Sunday sun came through the gap between the curtain

The Sunday sun came through the gap between the curtain

Me sister danced around the bed to wake us up for certain

Its boiling out, and the sky is blue there's not a cloud ta see

Gerrup and put ya Clothes on and come ta Shields with me

Its only nine a clock ya div what's gorrinta you a sed

Av been out clubbin half the neet - av just gorrin me bed

Why dint ya ask our Danny and his mate wots gorra car

The one that sez he fancies ya, cos it's really not that far


At half eleven me sis come back and woke us up again

She telt us our Danny and is mate said that they was game

They're Goin to the to the Westoe club to see the sunda strippas

Yav ten minnits ta get reddy, heres ya dressin gown and slippas


A washed me face a brushed me teeth and then a sprayed some scent

Pulled me hair back in a pony tail and rearranged me studs before we went

A didunt have the time ta fuss so a dragged me blue Levis on

Then topped it off with a jumper, grabbed me make up an we was gone


The drive was pretty scary as we raced alang towards Shields fair

With all the bumps an corners I got lippy on me head and foundation in me hair

The lads was losin patience- gettin desperate, cos the bars was open now

Our Danny turns arund an laffs we'll drop yas here - gerrout ya lazy cow


Av arlways luvved the fairgrounds, since a was old enough ta walk

And me sister knew the lads in there that worked the Ocean Park

Wa spent the next four hours gannin round and round the rides

At six a clock we thought we shud have a paddle and catch the tide

Some arsoles tried to pull us that we diddent fancy back

They offered to share their cans and so we hung about for the craic

The sun had took his hat off now and the night was creepin on

So we sed lets serroff walkin home, and see wot comes along


The walk past Marsden weren't too bad

From there to Whitburn kinda dragged

As a Latimers garage came into sight

A car blew its horn and gave us a fright


Our Glenda waved and flashed her toothy grin

The car turned round, come back and invited us in

Where yas goin our Glenda giggled sweet and coy

Yas want a lift home and some chips smiled the boy


He hopped from the car and opened the door ajar

Our kid got in and he joined her in the back of the car

I got into the front, with his mate who looked quite nice

At the chippy they offered us chips. No need to ask us twice.


We parked up on the promenade to eat our food

The tape was playin Beatles and a thought a'd change the mood

A reached out and ejected the tape that he'd put in

Have yous not got no Elvis? I asked him with a grin

Submitted: January 13, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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