Fox the living statue

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A young, intelligent, affable but somewhat-out-of-shape bartender in a gay bar, beloved by all his regular customers, is coerced into posing as a living nude statue for $500 in an downtown art gallery. Unbeknownst to him until it is too late, his benefactress has a strong penchant for humiliating young men.

Fox Smith (his real name) was the most well-liked employee of an old gay bar in the East Village, Clyde's. I'm faking the name of the street down the road, but not the name of the bar. You will have to do some googling, if you want to see Fox. Trust me, he is worth seeing.

The endlessly affable Fox had worked at C;lyde's without incident for over a decade and he had developed a very loyal following. Fox was one of the most sincere, friendly bartenders you'd ever meet. Litrerally, everyone liked him except for a handful he'd had to toss out for rowdiness. And Fox had a high tolerance for rowdy; if he 86'd you, you had only yourself to blame.

The handsome, easy-going, sandy-haired, green-eyed Fox was not a gym person. In fact, he made no bones about the fact he avoided gyms, but it was obvious he'd worked out off and on somewhere. However, his laid-back personality and his good looks negated his lack of buff muscle tone and made his "everyman" personae an object of desire for many of both sexes. The most often word used to describe Fox was "cuddly." He was always well-groomed and he preferred a scruff look on his face. He would be the first to admit he was "fleshy" and that his favorite food was a Big Mac, large fries and a beer, and more than once he'd been told that his "titties" were "suckable" even though he always wore a T-shirt at work, which, he knew, clung to his chest and his love handles, which he admitted without shame were considerable. "I like food, so sue me," he'd toss off.

Fox was comfortable in his own body when clothed. Fox had fans. And these guys and gals were very loyal to him. He poured heavy, gave buybacks, and made plenty of tips.

Fox was constantly hit on, so his ego was in fine fettle. He was hit on by college boys, rich old men, gym rats, all types of girls, older women, and drag queens and chubby-chasers (the latter two categories he avoided to maintain his sanity). Fox said:"I am very happily single."

He had two veru major daily fans: a sane, bookish young man named Dave, and an obsessed, overrweight social disaster named Gary. Professionally, Fox considered them equals, but he certainly preferred tjhe company of the very cute Dave over the often loud, unkempt Gary. Dave and Gary got along, mostly, Fox believed, to make Foxx's shift easier. Fox appreciated this, and furnished generous buybacks to both Dave and Gary. Dave did not always finish his buybacks, Gary did.

One day an older regular, a wealthy, reptilian, patrician iceberg named Mrs. Hart, dropped by for a martini, as was her wont. Mrx. Hart was a weird lady. Some days, she called herself "Lorna," other days she callled herself "Norma." Most people, to avoid confusion, called her "Mrs. Hart" or did not speak to her at all because they just didn't like her.Tpday she seemed to have something on her mind more than the usual complaints about her life, her maid, and election results. Usually she just ogled Fox and murmured, "Oh, you're wearing those Superman boxers" as Fox bent over to work behind his bar. Mrs. Hart wore mink and she smelled like Bloomingdale's, so this never ceased to amuse Fox that she was getting sloshed in this dingy village gay bar when she lived on Park Avenue.

Today Fox wore a well-worn but clean gray T-shirt that showed off his fleshiness with aplomb. It was a shirt he preferred because it allowed him to move around flexibly (and he knew it clung to his torso in all the right places).

He also knew that one of his regulars, Dave, loved watching him work in this shirt, because Dave could not remove his eyes from Fox' tits when Fox wore it, even though Dave tried mightily not to be so obvious. Fox was not averse to teasing his regulars. It's how you got regulars to begin with, let's face it.

Gary's approach was differemt than Dave's. It was always along the lines of "When's the last time you had your dick sucked, Foxy Fox?" Fox would always answer, "Recently."

Fox realized he had neglected Mrs. Lorna/Norma/Whatever Hart. "You seem to have something on your mind, Mrs. Hart," said Fox, with as much enthusiasm as he could muster, as he refilled the rich but boring ice queen's glass. Dave sat nearby. Dave did not like Mrs. Hart. Most of Fox' regulars felt the same. Mrs. Hart didn't care as she felt she was regaling them all with the existence of her very presence. Mrs. Hart's first husband had committed suicide and no one wondered why, only why it had taken him so long. She had since remarried, and remarried well. to an owner of a series of increasingly popular local gyms that hired strippers for theme nights.

Mrs. Hart said, "Actually, Fox, I do. I do indeed have something on my devious little mind." She giggled, like Baby Jane Hudson. Dave thought Mrs. Hart vomitous when she acted like this. He was not alone.

Fox asked, "What is it, Mrs. Hart? Now, what could be on your devious little mind?" Fox flashed his most evil-looking grin, which he knew turned on the old Fox had perfedt teeh. and he'd always known how to use them.

Fox sexily and knowlingly pulled his shirt back in the waist, which he knew showed off his big nipples and made Dave hot. He heard Dave pull in his breath, and Fox smiled to himself. Good ole safe Dave, always good for a quick ego boost. Fox actually got in a slight funk when Dave didn't come in. Today, he decided to give Dave a little extra.

"Fox," said Mrs. Hart, suddenly tartly, "have you ever posed nude? I mean, artistically." Fox heard Dave gasp. He smiled. Good old Dave.

Fox had been expecting this question from Mrs. Hart for quite some time so he had his answer ready. "Uh, no. Never been asked, this old chassis? My ass is a saddle bag."

Dave shifted in his seat, imagining Fox naked. Dave thought, Fox puts himself down too much. If that is a saddle bag, giddyup. He smiled at Fox and Fox winked at him. Dave got hard. Dave listened to the awful Mrs. Hart's every word.

Dave was glad Gary had left the bar for one of his blissfully long smokes. And so was Fox. Fox preferred to be ogled by Dave, who knew how to do it with class and get Fox aroused..

"Well," said Mrs. Hart, grandly. "I have a proposition for you, Fox. I have an art gallery, AS YOU KNOW, and we are having a show next month with LIVING STATUES, male and female. I need ALL body types. The statues will be covered with white body paint, but they will have to be nude. YOU, FOX, will BE MY PRIZE SPECIMEN."

Fox laughed, "What, a FAT guy who lives at McDonald's?"

Mrs. Hart tittered. "Fox, we both know you're not fat. A bit fleshy, but no one considers you fat.  And your ass is not a saddlebag..You underestimate your APPEAL."

Dave said, "Fox, you are not fat. I consider you voluptuous. and sexy." Dave hoped his words did not sound stupid. Mrs. Hart glared at Dave for daring to even LISTEN to her pitch!

Fox genuinely liked Dave and looked out for him because Dave, a well-behaved, good-looking customer,  tipped well, wore rickety-looking, wire-rimmed  glasses that could be damaged easily and Dave often had one more for the road than he should have. Most of the regulars made sure the popular Dave got home without incident, in one way or the other. He did not live far away and he had never created a scene. In a bar like Clyde's, this was kind of rare.

And Dave had refused Fox' buybacks when he himself finally knew he'd reached his limit, so Fox cut Dave major slack. Most of the other regulars did not do that. Dave had never given Fox any type of hassle, merely respectful adulation, a trait any bartender appreciated. And Dave was a big tipper to boot. And Dave was very cute if you were into nerds. If Dave had asked to simply see Fox naked in one of their apartments, Fox would probably have agreed and even brought over food and a movie. Biut Dave wasm't brazen with Fox, only with safe Harry Potter/Peter Parker types who Fox never saw Dave with more than once.

And as a rule, Fox did not date customers. But Dave could be an exception, he thought. One day Dave had strolled in wearing a tank top, and Fox was startled at how much muscle tone Dave possessed. Fox had jerked off to this image of Dave that night. 

One weekend Dave met and disappeared with a gorgeous youmg Irish actor who'd just been nominated for a featured role in a play. Since said role had a lenghty nude scene for the Irish actor, Dave bought a ticket, saw the show,and brought thr actor to Clyde's.where they carried on to closing and left to carry there weekend well into Monday. Fox got littlle sleep this weekend. Dave and the sctor painted the town red. Fox was concerned even more when Dave did not show up on schedule at the bar. It was now Tuesday.

Fox knew the reputation of the Irish actor, who'd won an Emmy, and wished Dave had made a better choice for a pick-up. Dave usually always had good taste and street smarts. But Dave did love someone who could match him drink for drink. Fox would not be able to function if something happened to Dave, especially over a wrong trick.

Fox wasn't initially sexually attracted to Dave's small, boyish Daniel Radcliffe frame, although he could see and had seen those who were and Fox was often intimidated by Dave's effortlessly extensive vocabulary, which often exhausted Fox by listening to it.

One of the other regulars had said, "Dave speaks like an encyclopedia."

But Dave was regarded as the brainly little cute little mascot of the bar, and he occassionally scored with like-minded little nerds who Fox always made sure he knew who they were if Dave took them home, or vice versa  Fox made a habit to keep track of these type of encounters. He felt it was part of his job.. But you couldn't stop Dave if he ran into a redhead. Redheads were Dave's weakness. He flipped a switch and usually scored. He never pushed things. If it was going nowhere, he'd shrug, smile at Fox and order another drink. And then, this was when the redhead would pounce. Dave had a system, which Fox admired.

Mrs. Hart had said of Dave, "God. He certainly likes to show off that he VISITS LIBRARIES." Fox knew Dave's opinion of Mrs. Hart. He smiled.

In response, Fox had said, quite icily, "I don't thnk he's showing off, Mrs. Hart. He reads a lot. He writes as well. He taught himself to write a screenplay. I read it. It's good. He's trying to sell it." Mrs. Hart never mentioned Dave again to Fox.

Just then Dave wamdered in, eftortless, his usual self, which relieved Fos. My bud, my Davey Dave.

Fox then considered Mrs. Hart's "offer." "I dunno, Mrs. Hart, that's a lot of bread, but I have never posed in the nude," he said. "I think it would absolutely embarrass me. Maybe 20 years ago (Fox was 40), but not now."

Another regular, a war vet and an old man named Wally, entered, and picked up on the tail end of the conversation.

"I've posed nekkid," said Wally, after Fox served him a Bud LIte. 'Nothin' to it, just turn off your mind and think of payin' the phone bill. Or alimony."

Mrs. Hart adjusted her mink. "Yes," she drank, ignoring the old man deigning to sit next to her and dousing herself with Chanel. She heard Dave snicker. Fox just continued to monitor the bar.

When Fox got back to Dave, Dave said, "You have a beautiful body, Fox. I think you should do this, Fox."

Fox said, touched, "I KNOW YOU DO, DAVE" and laughed.  "Sounds like she's gonna have 20 year olds in there, with ME. I don't think I could keep a straight face, Dave."

Dave, who had quick wit, said, "No one's gonna be looking at your face. And it's $500." Dave stared at Fox' chest, trying not to do so.

Fox's chest frame was massive, it was just his sagging pectorals that concerned Fox.  To Dave, they didn't sag. To Dave, they looked like nice little island to suck and fall asleep on.

Fox poured Dave's drink, and pondered the possibilities. For one thing, he knew Dave would be in the front row, and that gave Fox a fleetingly warm tingle. He did like the way Dave shyly looked at him in the bar.

But then the bar began to get very busy and Fox dismissed the idea entirely as he watched a drunken Mrs. Lorna Hart hail a cab outside the window of Clyde's. At least this time, she had her purse.

Fox' eventual replacement for the night, Rufus, appeared, on time as always. "Woosh. Glad I missed HER. Hey Dave," Rufus made his greetings. Fox suspected Rufus and Dave had hooked up at least once, but Fox had never asked any questions. But he did  wonderr. They had an easy reparteee, but then, both of them had that with most of the regulars at Clyde's.

Dave grinned. Rufus was a sweetie. But he was no Fox. Dave gazed at Fox' T-shirt clad chest and he got hard at the bar.

The very thought of shy Fox, naked, in front of a group.......yummmmmm.

Mrs. Hart returned the very next day, which was not unusual, but which annoyed the regulars as they preferred her in small doses, like once a week  for ten or wo minutes tops.

But here she was again, dressed to the nines, overly perfumed, full of dahlings and airs. She barely acknowedged anyone but Fox, which bothered abtolutely no one. One regular said the word "cathouse" and moved to another seat.

Dave sat at his usual seat. Today Foz wore a white shirt that showed him off as effectively as yesterday's gray, and even added some spice by clearly outlining Fox' dark nipples, which were large.

Fox poured Mrs. Hart a martini, which she downed and ordered another.

Dave was there, attentive as usual. Dave appreciated that Fox did not tease him for Dave's staring, because that is indeed what Dave did--stare. He couldn't help it. If Fox had been a jerk, Dave wouldn't have had any interest. But Fox was adorable.

Sometimes Dave believed Fox would do a few extra things to turn him (and others) on, like remain bent over a few extra minutes, showing the top of his boxers (or even one time, the top of his crack!), or reaching up to grab a bottle, showing off his armpits or a nipple through the shirt, or arching his back so his tits stood out, or simply just moving about sexily and carefree so the shirt hugged him in just the right places.

Mrs. Hart again brought up the art gallery. "Fox, have you considered my offer?" she trilled. "I am prepared to write the check to-day."

Fox served Mrs. Hart her second martini. This one, she sipped.

Dave sat on the edge of his seat. Fox glanced at Dave, arched an eyebrow,and smiled. Just then his phone rang. It was his landlord so he picked up immedately. "Smith, I didn't get the rent for this month,"  Mr. Vargas complained. "What's up, you're never late." It was the last week of the month!!!

"Shit," thought Fox. "I completely forgot." Fox knew he didn't have quite enough in the bank. either, to cover it.

"I'm so sorrry, Mr. Vargas. You'll have it tonight, I promise. I've had a lot on my mind."

"No worries," said Mr. Vargas. Fox was an excellent tenant. "Just slip it under the door."

Fox hung up. "I can't believe I'm so absent-minded these days." He looked at Mrs. Hart and the solution was right there in front of him.

"OK, Mrs. Hart, I'll do it," Fox sighed. He had no choice!

Dave heaved a sigh of relief knowing he had plenty of imagery to stimulate himself for the evening (he was not in the mood for a pickup after the Irish lad and was bored with porn).Mrs. Hart similarly heaved satisfaction. 

"Splendid," the rich woman tittered, writing a check and handing it to Fox. "You can cash that immediately." Which Fox would be doing as soon as Rufus came on at 1:00; they were double-teaming it on a Friday. With this check and the tips he'd make in the next few hours, plus what was already in his account, the rent would easily be cleared by tomorrow.

Fox tried to calm down. He hadn't even totally gotten the bar ready so he set about to do that. He told Dave to watch the bar and he went out for a smoke to calm himself down and consider what he ha just agreed to do--pose in the nude, in body paint, in a fucking art gallery. All 200 pounds of him, and from the sounds of it, probably next to Idris Elba.

Rufus came in a little early, much to Fox' relief, and Fox explained his bank snafu, and Rufus whisked him out to the door so Fox could go handle it.

Dave decided not to clue in Rufus on Fox' decision to pose nude. He wanted to see how Fox phrased it himself to his co-worker. Rufus had an acid-tongue, so this could be funny.

Mrs. Hart was disappointed Fox had to make an errand. She didn't like Rufus because he did not defer to her at all.

Rufus asked Mrs. Hart if she wanted her "fourth", since it was "almost noon."

Mrs. Hart informed Rufus she was fine with her second, thank you.

Rufus: "I guess you'll be with us for a while until Fox returns so you can have him pour your sixth."

Dave laughed at the sour, startled expression on Mrs. Hart's face.

Dave loved Clyde's, such a unique bar. He'd written about it!

Other regulars filed in: Jeff and Ben, Suzanne, Ophelia, Gary (an admitted loudmouth and not a bar favorite). They all knew each other. No one spoke to Mrs. Hart, nor she to them. Ophelia made choking sounds as she walked behind Mrs. Hart. "Lawdy," Ophelia said, waving her hands.

Fox returned, later, a little out of breath. "Long line. Sorry to do that to you, Rufe. I'm not quite totally set up. Let me get to that."

Rufus waved  a hand. "I'm on it. Watch out for the old lady. She's knocking 'em back."

Fox raced behind the bar and was set up on his left corner in minutes. Rufus was also good to go, on his usual right corner near the coat racks.

Clyde's was ready for business. Let the games begin.

Mrs. Hart announced to Fox, producing a cell phone, that she would need a picture of his face "FOR THE FLYERS."

"Flyers for what" asked Fox. Rufus cocked an ear.

"FOR THE SHOW," slurred Mrs. Hart. "They will say FOX IN THE NUDE. Then your picture underneath, and all the relevant directions and de-de-details."

"Is this necessary?" asked For. "For an art gallery?"

Rufus' eyes widened. "You're posing nude for her art gallery?"

"And Fox," Mrs. Hart blurted, "I want you to shave your underarms. for the exhibition. Most of our models shave their underarms".

Fox said nothing yet.

"And I would like you to remove your shirt for this picture," demanded Mrs. Hart.

"No," said Fox. "I do not remove my shirt in the bar." And he'd been asked many times.

"Very well, just your handsome face," and Mrs. Hart managed to snap a pic of Fox, who was not smiling.

Rufus giggled, "I can see you posing nude for Popular Mechanics, but for Lorna/Norma Hart's art gallery? Are you crazy?

"I need the money," Fox said. Rufus shrugged. Didn't have to explain THAT in THIS businss.

Lorna (or Norma, depending on which day it was) Hart was saying, "Yes. We want all types for this show. We'll have muscle boys of course but we want OLDER MEN with BULGES, CREVICES, VALLEYS AND FLESH....."

Fox said, "They get it. Mrs.Hart. You may want to tone it down. You've had six martinis."

"Seven," smirked Rufus.

Mrs. Hart, "Six, seven, who cares! That's nothing!"

"When is this event?" Rufus asked. 

Fox said, "next Friday. You're working that night."

"Fuck I am," said Rufus. "I'll get Ron to sub. I ain't missing this. Remember when Allen called you a hot roast beef sandwich with gravy and how he'd like to eat all of it off you to see you NAKED?"

"Shut the fuck up," said Fox, smiling despite himself. "He also called me 'burly', which I prefer." Fox was frazzled that Rufus would see him naked. Rufus had never seen him naked, and Fox was in no rush for this to occur. Fox did not mix business with pleasure. He liked working with Rufus, and did not want to confuse matters.

"Count us in!" chimed in Jeff and Bob. "Me too," said Ophelia. "We'll be there!" said Suzanne and Gary. Bob said, "I will be there wwith bells on."

OH FUCK, thought Fox. He hadn't counted on THIS. All his customers, seeing him in the nude.

Dave was grinning at him. Fox just shook his head.

As fond of Fox as was of his regulars, and they of him, they weren't above teasing him mercilessly about his upcoming "gig". especially when Mrs. Hart arrived the next day with dozens of white flyers headed by "FOX IN THE NUDE" in large type overr a pic of a rather scowling Fox on one side and a pic of Michelangelo's David on the other. Underneath the pics was this admonition: "SEE YOUR FAVORITE BURRRLY BUBBBLY BARTENDER IN THE BUFFF, 7-11PM, $5 SUGGESTED DONATION, 77 RIVERSIDE GALLERY #3RD FLOOR (212) 432-4422, "Then, in the same large type as above, "FRI AUG 15."

"Where the fuck did this 'burly" take on new life?" Fox complained. "You said you liked it," teased Rufus. "Not on a DAILY FUCKING BASIS," retorted Fox, wishing he'd wore a more substantial shirt instead of a very revealing Liza Minnelli tank top which completely revealed his armpits and almost did the same for his boobs. Dave was there and Fox knew Dave was fixated on his boobs, which distracted Fox from his duties. Fox was very aware that his nipples could be seen, because he heard Dave say to someone, "look at those cherry beauties." Fox blushed, since Dave had told him once before that Fox's nipples were 'cherry beauties.' And today, the owner had the AC all the way up, which made Fox's nipples quite obvious to all. Rufus slyly commented as he refilled the ice, "Gee, Fox, it must be cold in here. It's never polite to point, man." And then Rufus actually tweaked a nipple, and Fox scolded him. Rufus laughed, quite heartily, and customers chuckled. Fox wondered if he had a shirt somewhere in the back but realized he did not, and that he and his hard nipples were stuck. Dave gazed at them longingly, which made Fox's situation worse. Fox's nipples began to throb. Fox knew Dave wanted to touch them, and if they'd been alone, Fox would have allowed it. One of Dave's nerd tricks came in, which at first gave Fox relief, then Fox got resentful as Dave chatted with the nerd. Fox liked Dave's attention, even though it was making him aroused. Maybe that was WHY he liked Dave's attention. When the nerd left, Fox relaxed and even adjusted his Liza shirt so that Dave could get a good look at his right nipple and armpit. And Dave did look, and he ordered another drink, smiling.

"When is the wedding?" Rufus sashayed by, snickering. Rufus did not miss a trick. Rufus then put on Liza Minnelli songs. Fox adjusted the straps of his tank top, which turned everybody on. Dave swallowed hard. 

Mrs. Hart took it open herself to put the flyers everyhere in the bar, on the walls, in the rest rooms, even in the cloak rooms and on the windows outside. Fox was forced to put three of them on the windows behind the bar by the owner, Mr. Toms, who thought the whole idea was a hoot and had told Fox he was going to attend with his wife.

"I love it that she put three R's amd B's in "burrly and bubbbly," laughed Jeff. "LIke she's making fun of your cute gut, or something." "And the third f IN BUFF, DON'T MISS THAT," giggled Rufus.

Fox did not find it amusing. None of it.

In fact, he was having serious second thoughts. But Mrs. Lorna/Norma's Hart's check had cleared and he'd spent it. He was stuck.

He wne going to the gym and lifting weights but not seriously doing much else. He cut down on fast food. It was unrealistic to think he could drop 50 pounds in a week and he was determined to wear his bulk with dignity anyway. He'd seen pictures of overweight people posing as figure models. No one was laughing at them. This was a high-end respected gallery and Fox expected to be treated with respect himself.

A few days before the event, Mrs. Hart was having one of her many martinis and she informed the bar: "Fox, my husband runs a gym, you know, and he wants the models to demonstrate certain pieces of new equipment during the show. Keep that in mind, it won't be anything too arduous."

Fox did not like the implications of this, but said nothing. He thought, she expects me to work out naked?

Dave was sorry that Fox' normally upbeat mood darkened as the night of his exxhibttion approached. He decided not to mention it but kept reminding Fox of how good he looked, and how good he looked in the photo, and that he could tell he'd been working out. Fox was grateful for Dave's comments, because other customers had been teasing him relentlessly.

The night before the event, a Thursday, was the worst of these evenings.


"Tomorrow night! Fox Smith in the ALL TOGETHER!!!!"
""We'll see those TITTIES UNLEASHED!!!!!!!!"

"I'll see Fox's COCK!!! Wonder how big it is?"

"I can't believe Fox will be COMPLETELY NAKED!"

"Tomorrow is NUDE BARTENDER NIGHT, and we ALL KNOW THE BARTENDER!!!! Here's to NUDE FOX SMITH ON FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!""""""""""""


Fox took it all in stride as best he could. He and Dave did minor shots of cheap vodka. Fox had to take Fireball shots behind the bar as the night progressed and the comments got cruder. He did this to calm his nerves, something he rarely did, but was allowed by Mr. Toms, with discretion.

Finally Fox did yell for them all to SHUP UP about the gallery, he had had ENOUGH and he would close down the bar EARLY IF HE GOT MORE IRRITATED..

And the regulars pretty much clammed up for the most part, but  but they did keep murmuring about it. Fox was a sex object for many. Antiicipation was just too high.

Dave drank with Ophelia, a Black girl his age (She said, "I don't believe he'll go through with it."  Dave: "He will. He has commtted and he is a man of his word. And he's been PAID." Ophelia asked Dave what time he'd be going to the gallery. Dave: "6:00." He wants me front and center. I WANT FRONT AND CENTER. Ophelia: "I don't know why you two JUST don't hook up."

Dave thought that an astutute observation, but just ordered another drink from Fox, and smiled at him. Fox poured heavy, looking sexier than ever. Dave touched Fox' boyish, hairless wrist, and held it for a minute, something he rarely did. Fox allowed it. Ophelia observed.

The day of the event, Fox had fhe day off. He showered for two hours and wore his clean gray T-shirt and jeans over boxers. It was a warm day with no need for a jacket. He received a few good luck calls, including one from Rufus, and one from Dave who promised him it would all be over by midnight and that Dave would go out with him for drinks--on him---afterwards. Fox agreed to this and knew it would be fun.

Mrs. Hart rang to ensure Fox would attend and be there thirty minutes early, to be "body-painted."

Fox assured her he would not pull out and would be there at LORNA/NORMA by 6:30.

Fox had no appettite, but he allowed himself a few drinks, and a Valium.

Fox arrived at the gallery at 6:25 and went inside, as it was unlocked. A few tables were set up with flyers of upcoming exhibiitions, and someone was setting up a wine and cheese table. Fox' own flyer was blown up on a back wall, which made him wince.

Mrs. Hart, dressed elegantly, floated over with her new husband, Don Fielding of Fielding Gyms, a seedy, weasilly looking middle-aged man with a bad toupee. Introductions were kind of made. Mrs. Hart and her husband were coked-up..

Fox as yet saw no other models. "Where are the other models, Mrs. Hart?" Fox asked.

"Oh, they're in the back getting painted by Maxine," explained Mrs. Hart. "Fox meet Donnie, my husband. He owns Fielding Gyms. Tonight he wants you to demonstrate a machine. Won't be right away, it'll be at the end of the show, and he hasn't decided on which one yet, but I assure you it will be absolutely painless. Of course, keep in mind, you will be WONDERFULLY NAKED ON IT IN PAINT."

"Sure will," Don Fielding looked Fox up and down. "Hmmmmmmm. I have an idea for this one. Let me see if it works properly." And Don walked away to a colllection of exercise equipment shoved to a side of the gallery wall. Fox did NOT like where this was going already and he still had his clothes on.

"Won't the paint get on the machine?" Fox asked Mrs. Hart.

"Don't worry about that," Mrs. Hart drank.

She sprang to sudden alertness. "Well, Fox, unless you want a glass of wine, I guess you can go back and get ready," said Mrs. Hart. "Soon you will be delightfully naked."

Fox gulped.

Fox declined wine, so Mrs. Lorna/Norma Hart led him by the arm through two folding doors to what appeared to be a dressing room. There were about seven nude models, four women, three men--all young, all physically fit, none overweight as Fox. The nude models looked at him quizzically but made no effort to cover themselves. They just stood there like mannequins as various minions painted their entire perfect bodies in white paint.

One female and one male were almost completely covered and they stood peerfectly still. A woman, who appeared to be "Maxine", told them, "Perfect. Just try not to move until it dries. Should take about five minutes in this room."

Maxine had several assistants, but she made a bee-line for Fox. She recognized him. "Little Fox Smith!!! Do you remember me? I used to babysit you, about tthirty years ago!"" She giggled.

Fox did recognize her and he wanted to evaporate on the spot. Maxine was one of his motherr's old bridge partners. OH FUCK.

"Well, let's get to it," Maxine said. "Shuck off all those clothes. My you got big. Come on now."

Mrs. Hart watched all of this. "Don't I get any privacy, Mrs. Hart, when I undress?" Fox asked, as this seemed perfectly logical to him. 

Mrs. Hart arched an eyebrow. "What ever for? You''l be nude in five minutes for four hours. Strip, please. You've been paid to be naked."

Maxine nodded at Fox. "Go ahead, honey, it's OK. Let me run this. She's tanked." Mrs. Hart scowled.

Fox took off his shirt and hated how his flab didn't allow a quick shuck-off but that he had to struggle. He imagined one of the fit male models giggling at the sight of Fox's flab wriggling in the room.

"Yes, yes," said Mrs. Hart. "He is wonderfully fleshy."

Continuing, Fox sat on a chair and took off his shoes and socks. "Look how his boobies hang down. This is gorgeous," cackled Mrs. Hart.

Fox wasn't liking these ongoing cringe-inducing appraisals of his increasing esposure. He hesitated with the jeans until Maxine whispered, "just get 'em off, honey, just get 'em off." So Fox removed the jeans which left him only in brown boxer shorts. His gut hung over the shorts, he knew; he stood back up and held up his gut in the middle.

"I love it that he SAGS so, everyehere, don't you Maxine," giggled Mrs. Hart. "OK, let's get to the meat and the potatoes."

The other models wandered over to watch Fox stripping, which made Fos feel as big as a house. The other models had blank faces and were basically already all made up in the white paint.

One of the male models came behind Fox and shucked down Fox' boxers. "Time and money, honey," he said, laughing.

Fox covered his genitals with his hands, but not before everyone got a look.

The female models tittlered. The male models just snickered. Maxine just shook her head. Mrs. Waters poured herself some wine. 'Just what I expected---nothing," she laughed.

Mrs. Hart told Maxine, "Obviously do his ample torso first as that will take up most of your time. Below the belly should only take seconds." She laughed again, but noted that her barb fell kind of flat, since Fox's penis, while not big, possessed an unually large head on it. He was obviously circumcised, and hie urethra was, to Mrs. Har's eyes, unusual. Mrs. Hart stared at Fox's urethra, unblinkingly. She'd never seen anything like it.

Mrs. Hart pulled up a chair, sat down, drank and lit up a smoke. She was going to watch the entire process

'OK Fox," cooed Maxine as she approached his now naked body. She wore  a white lab coat and had a bedside manner, considering. "The paint is cool, be warned. I'm gonna do your arms, then I'll do your chest, and Mrs. Hart wants your underarms as well. I see you shaved them already. Thank you for that. So let's get started."

A young. cute blonde fallow westing overalls and apparently nothing else appeared with a brush. "I am Toby," he said. "I assist Maxine. Pleased to meet you, Fox." Fox nodded. The blonde fellow was not judgmental and was completely professional, Fox thought.

Maxine knew Fox was humiliated and she didn't want to make that worse; she knew her kinky boss would take over for that. She set to paint Fox gently, praising his bravery, admiring how much he'd grown up, etc. etc. Maxine, due to Fox' cooperation, had Fox' arms painted fairly quickly, even his hands, once she convinced him to remove them from his crotch. Maxine noted that for a 40 year old man, Fox did not have much of a penis in terms of size, but he had fairly pendulous balls. Maxine would have to paint all of that soon, and while some of that turned her on, it weirded her out that this was a kid she had baby-sitted for (and bathed).

Toby mainly did brush-ups. He was as silent as a church mouse. but his touch was light and his eyes sparkled when he looked at Fox and worked on his nude body. Toby, like most people, found the shy Fox to be simply adorablle in his way. Maxine noted in amusement that Toby took pains to paint each of Fox' ass cheeks slowly, carefully, and individuslly. Watching Fox squirm, she knew Fox was aware orf this specialized "treatment."

Fox just stood there in disbelief that he'd agreed to be embarrassed so spectacularly. And this was only the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE HAD TO GO THERE ON A PODIUM LIKE THIS, NAKED IN WHITE PAINT.

Maxine painted Fox' legs and the tops of his feet. Fox stood perfectly still, what could he do?

It as time to paint Fox' big chest and Maxine found her juices flowing in her loins. Fox had a firm upper frame indeed, but his pectorals drooped with chewylooking, sandy-haired nipples He had three sets of love handlees: a very small rround one right under the saggy nipples, a more pronounced one underneath that one, and a large one, by far the firmest, rright on his waist, right above his less-than-impressive groin area.

"Paint his breasts more, Maxine, please," purred Mrs. Hart. Maxine did as she was asked and Fox reddened. Toby chuckled when he saw Fox blushing.

Maxine found herself enjoying painting Fox' armpits as he ws clearly ticklish. Ditto his nipples, as he squirmed and moaned  a bit. "Sorry," he'd say. "Don't worry about it," sad Maxine, although the kept painting them long after she needed to, since Norma wanted it and Maxine found it supremely erotic having the handsome Fox at her mercy this way. She also got off at toby's increasing excitement about painting Fox. She noticed Toby had a hard-on.

Maxine had to lift the breasts to paint underneath ithem which made Fox wince and Toby and Norma coo. "Do you have to do that?" Fox asked. Maxine ignored the question.

Maxine told Fox to stand up because it was time for her to paint his ass "to completion." "And I will be brushing against your butthole, so don't flinch.," said Maxine.

"Make him turn around to me," barked Mrs. Hart..

"Yes Mrs. Hart," said Maxine. 

"Bend him over," croaked Norma or whatever her name was. The rich drunk woman, that was her name.

"Fox? Do you mind?" asked Maxine.

 "I will do the anus," said Toby. "A man should do Fox's anus."

Fox winced but bent over, slowly. This was bad. This was very embarrassing. He was naked.

"Fox? Do you mind?" repeated Maxine, a tad urgently. Any minute, she thought, Fox was going to bolt screaming from the room.

Fox did mind all this, but he did it anyway, feeling quite humiliated. He felt the cold paintbtrush go up his asscrack and thrash around. He shuddered, realizing what a sight that was.

Toby rummaged around for a good four or five minutess. "Look at that BIG ASS JIGGLE," said Norma. "That BIGGGGGGGGGGG ASS JIGGLE. I can even see the hole a bit. Even his hole is BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. All of his holes are BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. The hole in his ass, the hole in his dickhead, did you notice that? BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG."

The other male models glanced at their piss slits to make sure they were for the most part ordinary. They'd never heard such commentary from the likes of the drunk woman before. All the models decided then and there never to work for this banshee again.

One of the male models whispered to another, "The flabby guy does have a weird penis. Look at the head. It dwarfs his shaft. Look at his slit. It is circular and dark."

The second model said in a hushed voice, "I feel bad for him. It isn't his fault his junk is odd. I give him credit for doing this to begin with. I mean, he weighs probably 200 pounds. Look at his waistline."

The first model tut-tutted. "Which one? There's three of them."

Both models laughed. Fox mercifully could not near their comments, but he heard them laughing, which was bad enough.

Maxine and Toby had Fox close his buttocks and gave them a second coat of paint individually. While large, Fox had a gorgeous rump. And Toby had to say so, out loud.

"Turn him back around. Manscape him and do his little gonads," caterwauled Mrs. Hart. Toby did that as quickly he could be because he felt Fox begin to hypderventilate.  Maxine, painting Fox' balls, also detected a slight stirring in the lower shaft of Fox' small cock. Maxiine suddenly remembered that THIS was the small boy would could ejaculate out of the blue without wanking, without masturbating his penis. How could should have forgotten this boy's special "ability"? It had happened once when she gave the boy a bath and he had been distressed for a week. She wondered if things had changed for him in those areas.................

Then all that was left was Fox' face.

"You can turn back around, Fox," she told him gently. Whe he turned she was touched to see he had slight tears in the corners of his eyes. She took a tissue and wiped them dry.

"Oh honey," she whsipered. 'You'll be covered in white paint. Only a few will know......." Fox knew this just wasn't going to be the case. He was nervous and he was nauseous. And he was stark naked.

 "Do his face, Maxine. You've spent double time on Fox. Let's get him out there. He's the star attraction!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BIG OLE STAR ATTRACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""

Maxine made up Fox' handsome face quickly as per Norma's drunken demands and she hoped this was the minute Fox would begin to show he might lose some of his anxiety. She took him to the edge of the stage and told Toby, "newbie, Fox Smith" and Toby said "finally, they've been beginning to chant,' Toby snickered at Fox' nude body. It was rare to see an overweight man pose nude at this gallery. Toby thought Fox sexy in his way, but Fox was not in the best of shape, and he had a definitely small penis, but Fox did possess a delectable ass. "Courage, baby," said Maxine aand she patted him on the back. Fox steeled himself, and nodded. Toby patted Fox on his rump, and caressed it. and ran a finger up and down his asscrack

Maxine threw back the curtain, Toby led out Fox, and the crowd roared.. Maxine and Toby left the stage. Fox was alone, nude in white paint. It was happening to him. I am a living statue..A living nude statue.


Fox was naked, painted head to toe in white body paint. He was ttying to smile but he was clearly embarrassed and humiliated. And he felt stupid. Hie large male breasts jugggled as he walked forward, and his large painted nipples looked to be rigid.

His love handles jiggled sensually and Fox kept trying to hold them down, which brought forth laughter. "Lay off the milk shakes!" one of his spectators shouted. A few people laughed.

Fox' penis was an object of derision, but this was only whispered by the few that did not like him or know him. 

His regulars felt bad for the size off the penis but they were delighted by the size of Fox' balls and everything else. Fox was NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He looked more than sexy to THEM.

Regulars predicably filled the first row, Dave was front and center, wearing a T-rhirt made ouf ot the flyer, waving, Rufus, Mr. Toms and his wife, Bob, Opehilia, Susanne, Gary, Larry, Ron (who's working for Ron tonight, Fox wondered), Mr Lazarus (his landlord)! Many other regulars!

Fox was now finally naked in front of his friend Dave. He felt very shy all of a sudden. And large. And naked.

Dave thought the naked Fox was simply beautiful. Fox made eye contact with Dave and he realized Dave had lust in his eyes. Fox blinked.

Dave thought this: Remove the stupid paint. I want to see nothing but skin. Dave stared in disbelief at Fox's cockhead. It was enormous and almost obscured the rest of Fox's penis. And the urethra was amazingly exposed and, frankly, obscenely large. Dave had often wondered if Fox was circumcised. Now, he, and the rest of the city eventually, could confirm that yes indded he was. Dave tried to stop staring at Fox's sexy, unusual penis, but he had to struggle to do so. Dave thought, sucking on that would be so much fun.

Fox fidgeted. Dave enjoyed this, a lot. All those teasy moments at the bar, and here was his bartender Fox, naked and humiliated. Dave was hard. Someone loudly commented, "He's kind of fat," there was laughter, and Dave made sure that Fox saw him chuckling. Fox looked even more humiliated and Dave got even harder. His Fox was not fat. His Fox was naked, handsome, and naked with a remarkably unique penis. Dave stared at Fox's naked body and he made sure that Fox saw him doing it. Dave noted that Fox had prettty good muscle tone underneath his flab. "Fox!!!" Dave yelled. Fox blinked. Fox was embarrassed. The paint was beginning to drip and Fox knew his flesh was going to be more revealed. Fox also realized that Dave was turned on by Fox's situation. Fox wasn't sure about how he felt about that. Fox felt his penis move around, and someone commented about that. Fox was mortified. He decided he would never do anything like this again.

Dave blurted, loudly, "Fox is the sexiest guy in New York City!!!" Many cheered. Fox blushed and waved a hand at Dave as if to say, OK, stop.


Interspersed in the audience, unfortunately, were some of the rowdies Fox had had to throw our of Clyde's Bar. They weret there to mock him, and they were laughing hard. Fortunately, they were outnumbered. But they defiantly stayed, drinking wine,  and gave Fox disapproving looks and smirks.

Fox was also taken aback to see kids running back and forrh unaccompanied.


She went on to say, "Feel free to come up and touch any of the models, but you may get paint on you, so beware. You can touch the models anywhere. Chilrden 12 and younger may not touch the models or take pictures but they can look and have their parents take pictures.. Anyone over 12 can take pictures. But be sure to take  a picture of our FATBOY FOX, he has never posed before, well you can see why he'd be hesitant, but there's more to love, and,  anyway, we have a NICE SURPRISE FOR FATTY FOXX IN JUST AN HOUR. Have yourslves much refreshment, walk around and look at all the beautiful naked peop/e, and poor fat Fox of course.

Larry was one of the first to spproach Fox. He stared at Fox' package and played with it, giggling, "How much are they paying you for this? It can't be enough."

Fox said, "One thousand."

Larry knew he was lying, but said nothing, pincing an inch or two from Fox' waist. Larrry grinned as Fox tried to pull away.

Larry spewed, "Lay off the candy bars, my friend."

Fox retorted, "I do not eat candy."

"Well," said Larry, "you don't eat salads either."

Fox glared at Larry with anger.

Gary came over "Are you fondling the nude man, Larry?

Larry slurred: "Join me, there's plenty to go around. Breast, thigh, leg, whatever you want."

"Don't mind if I do,' said Gary, and began to play with Fox's balls, and then Fox's penis.

"Guys, thiis is humiliating enough, why not be my mates, and stop fiddling about with my bits," protested Fox, naked but trying to come off as stoic.

"Sorry," laughed  Gary. "We don't see zavtig blokes show themselves off this way very often."

Dave came over. "How you holdin' up, Fox? You look great. Really."

Fox grinned down as his little loyal horny regular and replied, "I'm managing. I am embarrassed, Dave, Gary juar deemed me xaftig.'"

Not missing a beat, Dave said, "well that makes Gary THE HINDENBURG."


Dave loooked up and down Fox' body, almost drooling. Fox looked delicious to Dave. Gary rolled his eyes.

"Is the paint cool?" Dave asked. "It looks really nice on you, Fox. Is it cold?" Dave would love to have the assignment of removing the paint from Fox's naked body, whether by showering him or tonguing it off.

"Not as it dries," replied Fox. Dave was having a calming effect on Fox. The pose he was in was a standard stand up straight ahead rigid stance. He hadn't been told to do otherwise. Patrons were able to circle him and see his backside as welll as his full frontal. Using their fingers, someeone had traced Fox's asscrack at least twice. Fox was amazed at how raunchy art gallery patrons could be. It must be the wine.

"I just feel so naked, Dave," Fox confided to his friend. Dave replied, "You look terrific, Fox. You are the sexiest guy in town."

Fox's heart was warmed, but it was short-lived.

Just then, much to Fox' horror, three girls from his nighttime accounting class, Arlene, Beth and Sara, raced to the podium..

"It's really you," exclaimed Arlene. "We coulbn/t believe it." Fox was horrified. This was not what he needed right now.

"How'd you find out" asked Fox, feeling spectacularly naked in front of his female classmates, all of whom had big grins on their faces.

"There's flyers all over the campus, they went up this afternoon," said Beth.

Fox groaned. Mrs. Hart at work.

Sara tweated a nipple.. "Wow. Your nipple is hard." She laughed. She looked him up and down. "Clyde's wiill never be the same."

Thr three girls found wine and cheese, giggled at their naked classmate, and they then began to check out to the more fit models. Fox felt tossed aside like yesterday's news. The girls eventually did return and stood there to ogle only Fox, smiling at him.

'The drunk woman at the front desk told us that we could pinch your ass," Beth warned Foz. "I'd like to. Is that really OK with you?"

"I guess it won't kill me," Fox said, wifhouf enfhusiasm. "Go ahead. There's enough for all, I keep hearing."

Within seconds, Fox's answer had spread and his nude ass had dozehs of female and male devotees touching ir all ovee, even inside. Fox said nofhing, but he was inwardly destroyed. Where was Dave? What Fox did not process was that Dave's finger was inside Fox's asshole.

And a  steady stream of curious onlookers filed by the nude bartender all night. Many touched his genitals and cock. Many grabbed handfulls of tit, or nipple, or any other flesh they pleased. Many played with one, two , or all of Fox' love handles. Yet another younger man fingered his asshole--all the way in, but not as far as the previous violation. Fox was a living nude statute, up for grabs, rudely being touched all over his exposed body against his will, humiliated.

After exploring Fox's anus, Dave was having a very hard time restraining from joining in the fondling of his friend further. But Dave knew Fox was in a hard place, and that it would be best to refrain from making it worse. Besides, Dave could just watch, and he realized Fox not only needed him there, but that even Fox might be wondering why Dave hadn't yet touched him intimately, even though Dave had shoved his finger all the way into Fox's plush asshole and played with his gland without Fox realizing it was him. Dave licked his finger. Yum, clean, soapy, but unmistakably male. Unmistakably his friend Fox. His NAKED friend Fox.

Dave thought that the illusion of teasing Fox front and center was a wise move. No one had tattled on Dave that Dave had violated Fox's supremely masculine cavern but Dave did not want to push his luck. He had fingerfucked his Fox, it was overwhelmingly nice, and Dave was hard and very satisifed with the lavish texture of Fox's hole. Fox may never know my finger probed him, thought Dave, and he grinned. "You're very cute," a young man told Dave. "Thank you," Dave responded, and noticed that Fox was scowling at the young man and also that Fox's nipples were cherry red and almost bereft of paint. It was a sexy look, but embarrasing for Fox. Fox knew his tits were obscenely aroused, and that people were commenting. Dave wanted to hop on the stage and suck Fox's titties, but he maintained self-control. I will do that in private, Dave told himself.

Fox mostly heard snickers and comments like ""he's gotta lot of nerve showing THAT to an audience, "Must be broke," "Someone must have callled in sick," "His penis is so tiny I feel bad for him," "His cockhead looks deformed to me." "Look how embarrassed he is. You can see it in his face."

Fox steeled himself and saw the clock was 9:00pm. He would have to tough it out for two more hours.

At least the pose never changed. Until.........

Mr Don Fielding wheeled out what appeared to be two treadmill machinesl The first one had three stairs. The second was a flat one about five or six teet long. Don swiftly set up the machines and announced that the audicnce was going to witness "the overweight" model LOSE POUNDS IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES.

Maxine ran over with paint and touched up come of Fox' body parts, of which some flesh had become exposed: a little under his eyes, his dampened armpits, his nipples, which were visibly red through the paint, and areole, which were visibly brown thrugh the paint. Toby was not far behind, doing the same thing.

Maxnie also touched up the areas under the nipples and all the areas under the love handles, and she restored white point to Fox' flaccid penis and Fox' shape-shifting balls (which delighted the girls watching) And of course Fiox'a mauled ass, which had fingerprints all over both bulbous orbs. Norma Hart appeared in a new gown and  martini and snnounced it was "showtime."

Fox, unsurre of what was transpiring, was led naked by Norma to the first treadmill machine. She told him to get on the machine, that he was going to demonsstrate it.

"Uh, Mrs. Hart, I don't------"Fox turned ashen-faced when he saw camera phones at the ready. "Phones, Mss. Hart."

"I'ts 2022, Fox," Norma felt her loins growl in pleasure. She loved humiliating this snarky bartender."There's nothing we can do. You're covered in paint. Just look away. They mostly want your ASS. It'll just be photos of a big man's ass."

Don Fielding turned on the machine and Fox had no choice but to utilize it, as supremely silly as he felt and knew he must have loooked.

Anyone watching stopped talking and just stared at Fox, slightly overwekght naked Fox, using this treadmill, nude in white paint, his tittles bobbing up and down and his love handles stretching back and forth, and his little  penis mostly staying in place while his balls bibbled up and down slightly.

There was considerable merriment amongst the osbservers, and this included Fox' friends. Dave enjoyed the sight, and he had to admit, he thought this humiliation hot. Fox could tease no more, Dave thought. He was stark naked.

Don Fielding announed, "This treadmill has several speeds from Beginning to Expert. I have him on Beginning. Le't ease it to Expert, slowly."

Onlookers didn't just want "ASS", alhough they did take handfuls of it. Thy were also interested in Fox' miserable face, his upper chest, his pecs and hard tits, hs armpits, his belly, his underwhelming crotch (MANY WERE MESMERIZED), and head-to-toe. WhEn Fox got a shout-ouf for "turn around and give us a smile," he did only one, and it provoked so much laughter he vowed that would be the last one.

Fox' heart beat fast and his humuiliation was momumental. He felt the speed of the machine increase. He also felt a stirring in his cock shaft. Oh no no. It couldn't. Not here, Not in front of my customers, my classmates, these people. Dave.

The speed of the machine reached maximum and Fox was basiclaly jogging it, everything flopping for everyone's amuement. He managed to jump off it, heaving, naked, jiggling and sweating.

"Well, he's out of shape and he can't handle it," mocked Don Fielding. "Maybe the floor model is  more to his liking.".

 Mrs. Harrt swayed over to Fox, gave him a glass of water and slurred, "Use Donny's floor treadmill. Five minutes. They you can go home.This is going well. Ordinary working class bloke doing ordinary exercises at home."

:"In the altogether," mumured Dan. "That's what's keepin' them staring at him. "His sheer nakedness. I give you props, buddy, showing off your girth naked."

Fox heaved and glanced at the leering crowd. He noticed Dave had a drink and was laughing with Ophelia. "Five minutes. Deal," he ssid. 

He walked over to the ordinary looking treadmill and mounted it. The treadmill unfortunately, had  a mirror at the end of it, facing its user. So for the first time tonight, Fox could see himself, naked, in white paint, flsehy, red-eyed, and humiliated.

Dan blurted, THOSE KIDS OVER THERE, NORMA......ARE THEY 13?, even though he turned on the treadmill without waiting for a reply.

Norma pooh-poohed her husband. "Vetted. By me personally. Do you think I want us to close down, Dan? Shut up. Eerything's legal, although I wonder about their father over there. He's getting even more dip. Watch out for daddy, Fox, he's been checking you out all over." She laughed a harsh laugh and poured herself anoher glass of wine.

One of the 13 year old kids said, "Why are his boobs so big? THEY'RE JUST HUGE. I've never seen such big titties on an old man! " Someone answered, "He's just too LAZY to work out, but I guess he's got no problem showin' those tallywackers in public. Look at those nipples. You could milk a cow. Too bad his lower region isn't as full!"

"IF you could hold the boobies in place," a woman jeered. "Bouncy, bouncy. My stars, I swear, his tits are bigger than mine!"

The kid laughed and said, "He kind of looks like a cow, except for the dick."

Another kid blurted, "What dick? I just see a white little ghosty."

"Three little ghosties if you count his little balls," another kid offered.

"Why would he think anyone would want to see him NAKED?" another kid wondered.


An adult stepped in: "Kids, male models come in all shapes and sizes. This one is shall we say, nearing the PLUS size, except for his genitals."

MUCH MORE LAUGHTER, as if Fox was not even in earshot or in the room.

The treadmill had begun slowly at first but it too had "controls" and they began to increase in intensity as Don gleefully played with them. Dan was overwhelmingly enjoying Fox's humiliation and the crowd's enjoyment of it. Actually, Dan thought Fox's body to be far superior to his own, and the game, nude Fox was certainly not deserving of the audience's mockery. Sure, Fox was not possessive of zero body fat, but neither were most people, Dan mused. SHOW HIM OFF!!! Fox'd been paid.

Frankly, Dan thought, I WOULD FUCK THIS GUY IN THE ASS. There sure would be enough to hold on to!

Dave didn't like Dan's increasing exploitation of Fox, but he did nothing to stop it as he found it insanely erotic. Fox was a grown man, Dave rationalized, and he could get off this machine at any time. But Dave secretly hoped he did not. Ophelia said to Dave, "You should see your face. You are having the time of your life."

Dave responded, "I am not. I'm just moral support."

Ophelia snorted. "I see your support. It is in your pants." Dave blushed.

Soon Fox was running while holding on to the railing. In the infernal mirror, Fox saw his body bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. He saw his white penis emrge from its nest of white public hair  He knew what was next.

The gang of kids got unnervingly close to he top of the machine and they ogled poor Fox without restrait, using crude language amongst themselves. Their dip-loving father stood behind them and examined Fox's face, then would lower his face down to observe and leer at all of Fox's exposed body. Fox recognized the man as a shop owner down the street from his bar. This man had come in for a beer a few times. Fox felt woozy. Was there no one on earth not seeing him naked?

Fox's penis ddid not need manual stiuation to ejaculate. It never had. Fox could ejaculate just thiinking about things. He could masturbate normally, regularly and have sex traditionally. but this singular talent had made itself known as young as  8 years old and Fox knew it could make an appearance at any time, and it was now to going to make an appearance--any minute. Fox knew the signs and he couldn't stop it from happening.

Fos didn't see any way out.The penis would not stick out or up. It would just point down and squirt itself. Fox could just ejaculate downwards, as if he were simply taking a piss, without even touching his penis, and he did just that, naaked on the treadmill, hoping the onlocokers would think some paint had fallen off. The only sound he made was a small grunt. Fox ejaculated three loads.

SPLAT......walk walk walk....SPLAT.....walk walk walk....SPLAT.....

Don cruelly increased the speed of the treadmill, to the spectators' delight as they watched a trembling, naked Fox being forced to jog in his own, fresh, increasingly smearing ejaculate. The laughing boys jeered until their father told them to hush.

 The father was blushing, but he keep looking. SPLORT.....jog jog jog......SPLORT. Fox groaned. He had to stop. His feet were wet with his own cum!

All the splats and splorts were steamy jizz, hitting the treadmil with force and sound, much akin to a furious emergency piss in an alleyway, escept for poor nude Fox, his jizz was front, loud, and center,  and the treadmill showed them ALL off as it moved,  and reappeared, evetntually smearing the entire surface with Fox's cum, as Fox was forced to tread on his smeared fresh semen over and over again..

Dave came in his pants, silently.

"Well, this is certainly a first for me," one young woman commented. "I've never seen a naked man walk around in his own semen."

"Yes, it's prettty disgusting, I admit."

"I like it that he is JOGGING in it, because all the parts of his NUDE body are wobbling around and he does look upset about that. See his boobies? Wobble, wobble, wobble (giggles) And he dick is bouncing up and down. And his balls. And his big rump. He's getting the semen all over his feet. Look how sticky he is. And he doesn't shoot like a normal guy. He jogs a few then splurts, jogs a few than SPLURTS LOVD. When he splurst LOUD, he maaks little groaning souds, like he doesn't want to show us his sperm but he can't stop if from happening. Look at his face when that heppens. He is as red as a Bloody Mary. This turrns me on. But I think he should see a doctor."

"I think he should see Weight Watchers." That line got a lot of mean-spirited laughter. Dave felt flush.

Listening to that made Fox fee like a total fool. He glanced at Dave who was blushing, which made Fox blush more. He clung to the hope that some of the increasnigly crowded onlookers watching him would mistake his seed for paint, but he did hear the comments and knew this was a pipe dream. The crowd had just seen him ejaculate on a treadmill, naked.

What he mostly heard was: "Is that......?"

"It is exacttly what you think is. Look...itt's only coming out of one section of his naked body."

"Too bad he's not in better shape."

"You can see him blushing throught the paint. He is very humiliated."

"Good. He should be, shooting wads and walking on them in front of us, NAKED."

"This is gonna be hard to unsee." MUCH LAUGHTER, RIGHT IN FOX'S FACE.

And by far the worse was these exchanges:

"Look, Daddy, the naked man is sperming all over the treadmill, and then he is jogging on it!" "Yes, son, the big lunk can't control his own junk. See it on his toes? Pathetic."

"He's crushing his future babies right in front of us. Wild." Gary's voicc! Fox hadn't even noticed Gary and he was glad. Fat Gary had earlier called Fox "zaftig" which Fox did not need tonight.

"I don't know what I'm gonna say to him. I know him from  a bar. It'll be fun to see what he thinks of my pictures.I guess I can complement him on his ejaculation skills.."

Fox was demoralized that no one was fooled. They knew it was semen, not paint, because they saw it come ouf of Fox' urethra. Repeatedly was heard: "Oh my God.," "he is shooting loads on the treadmill and walking in it,' and screams were also heard. "Sick." "Get him off the machine, cover him up," and "NO NO don't cover him. I love his embarrassment."

"I agree with Bob. His embarrassment is epic. The nudity alone is killing him, but this cumshot business has to be fucking with his mind. And we get to watch. LOOK, he just shot another load. AND LOOK, he tried not to, but he stepped right in it. LOOK how that makes his ass open up and you can his hole!"

"Oh James, you're so kinky and sick."

James replied, "That's me, baby. LOOK. He shot another one, and he just stpped right on it. I guess he doesn't want to risk showing his butthole again. Such a shy, portly fellow. What's his name?"

Bob answered, "His name is Fox Smith and he works at Clyde's down on Sutton Street."

James laughed, "I just found myself a new bar." James, Bob and pals laughed in merry tones.





Unable and unwilling to endure much more, the sublimely naked, perspiring, sperm-flecked Fox gof off the stlil moving tread mill and thanked Mrs. Hart for  a lovely evening. She was for once speechless. Without saying a word to anyone, the devastatingly humiliated Fox was given a wide berth to make his way back to the dressing area, although he had to fend off a few gropes, one from Gary of all people. In the dressing area, Fox furiously showered off all the paint, washed his genitals, and put on his clothes, most particularly, his socks.

Oh, to be clothed again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe Fox should be more attentive to Gary.

He left the gallery the way he came in, to only a smattering of cheers and applause, becausse he looked very different with clothes on and no paint. Dave followed. Fox held Dan by the hand, because Fox was still shivering with humiliation and embarrassment at being so naked and ejaculating in public and then having to walk and jog in his own intimate fluids and endure rude talk about his situation.

Fox and Dave took a cab to a bar/diner they liked. In the cab. Dan held Fox in his frail but warm firm arms. Fox was still trembling with embarrassment.

"It was nowherre near repulsive," Dan soothed his hunky buddy. Fox heaved  tears of unbridled humiliation. Dave continued, "It was great. I'm proud of you.".

."I WANT BACON " Fox wailed in the cab. "AND A DRINK!"

At the bar/diner, Fox and Dave ran into a high-wired Toby and drunk Gary, neither of whom they were overjoyed to see. Toby went into instant gush: "OH FOX, I WOULD HAVE SUCKED ALL THAT PAINT RIGHT OFF YOU ALONG WITH YOUR SPERM AND I WILL DO IT ANY TIME YOU WANT, YOU ARE SO SEXY." Fox thanked Toby and got his phone number (again?) Then he, David, and the truculent Gary found a table and ordered 3 farmer's breakfasts as Toby disappered into the night, into a cab, so no one worried.

"Toby is in love with you," David moaned. "Don't sweat it, Dave," said Fox. Gary smirked and stole some of Dave's bacon, and Fox noticed.

Business increased twofold at Clyde's, at Mrs. Hart's Gallery, and Fieldings' Gyms.

Mr Toms gave Fox more shifts, by popular demand.. Fox accepted them gratefully and just continued to do his job. He learned to process the comments he'd receive, but they always bothered him.

Swearing me to secrecy, David rold me he built a shrine to Fox in his flat that showed off ALL of Fox. David did not show the shrine to anyone, certainly not Fox, but David spent hours and hours in the shrine. When he talks on the phone to Fox while looking at the shrine David demands both men be naked. For thought this harmless, and they did not do it that often, but when they did it, Fox wondered if he should consider taking David as a lover, according to David, who is obviously infatuated with Fox.

At any rate, Fox and David began to be seen as a couple around town.

Any photos he encountered in the outside world, Fox just denied it was him and walked away. If he was with Rufus or David, they backed him up and insisted the subject in the photo was a "transient" who had moved to another town.

I havve heard these photos are online somewhere. I cannot find them, Fox's pals have zipped their lips. TOO BAD, but I hope you S&H fans like this TRUE STORY. I don't have an account, but my buddy does, so here it is. The "Davey" of this account is NOT the Dave in the story.That is just a funny coincidence.

Toby implies that he has "access" to the more graphic "sperm" treadmill photos, but he has yet to produce them, so now we just all think he's full of crap.

Fox has made it clear that anyone showing off pics like Toby describes will be 86'D ffom Clyde's for life.


Stay tuned...............................


written (and embellished) by Gary 

Submitted: January 11, 2022

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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